2023 Global 40 Days Fast & Prayer 2023年全球40天禁食禱告

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1 Global 40 Day Fasting Prayer Summary 2023全球四十天禁食禱告總結
1 Daily Prayer (2/26 – 2/28) 每日禱告文(2/26 – 2/28)
1 Daily Prayer (2/23 – 2/25) 每日禱告文(2/23 – 2/25)
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1 Daily Prayer (2/16 – 2/18) 每日禱告文(2/16 – 2/18)
1 Daily Prayer (2/10 –  2/12) 每日禱告文(2/10- 2/12)
1 Daily Prayer (2/7 –  2/9) 每日禱告文(2/7- 2/9)
1 Daily Prayer (2/4 –  2/6) 每日禱告文(2/4- 2/6)
1 Daily Prayer (2/1 – 2/3) 每日禱告文(2/1- 2/3)
1 Daily Prayer (1/29 – 1/31) 每日禱告文(1/29 – 1/31)
1 Assembly Repentance Prayer (1/29-2/5) 嚴肅會悔改禱告文(1/29-2/5)
1 Daily Prayer (1/26 – 1/28) 每日禱告文(1/26 – 1/28)
1 Daily Prayer (1/23 – 1/25) 每日禱告文(1/23 – 1/25)
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Theme 主題 Invitation to Global 40-day Prayer and Fast 全球40天禁食禱告邀請函
Dates 日期 January 21 to March 1, 2023 2023年1月21日至2023年3月1日 
URGENT PRAYER Call 紧急代祷呼召 As we are calling for 40 Days of Fast & Pray for Nations, we urge all family members to pray for the full Covering and Protection of the LORD to be upon RTOD Fathers, the Serving Team consists of Ps Daniel Tan, Ps Ruth, Ps Janey and sis Sarah Say and the Coordinators/Representatives of various nations, the Tech·Design·Website Working Teams and all their family members. Pray for the whole team to work in one heart and one spirit. Plead the Blood of Jesus to cover and nullify all attacks and obstructions of the enemies that all matters on the 40 Days Fast & Pray may be carried out as Christ Jesus, the Commander-in-Chief of the Armies of God directs, in His Shalom & Might! Thank you. 在我们将开始40天的禁食祷告之际,我们呼吁所有家人同心合一祷告,祈求万军之耶和华的全面的保护和遮盖临到 RTOD的父老、服侍团队(内中包括Daniel 陈添荣牧师、Ps Ruth、Janey许美芬牧师、Sarah Say姐妹和列国的协调员及代表)、技术·设计·网站工作组及他们的家人以及团队合一服侍。恳求耶稣的宝血遮盖和破除仇敌所有的攻击和拦阻,让 40 天禁食祷告的所有事项都可以按照主耶稣–上帝的军队的元帅的指令下,在主的Shalom平安和大能中进行!谢谢。
Why 起因 We believe that this year, 2023, is the kairos when God will begin to exercise His reign in all nations. At the same time, we are all aware that we are currently living in a critical time, seeing the changes in the political arena of nations, another wave of pandemic sweeping across the countries, unprecedented natural disasters and crisis, the possibility of financial breakdowns, gender distortion and war once again wakes us up. It’s time to call family members from the nations to join in 40 days of fasting and prayer to align with God and to align with one another. 我們相信今年2023年是神要在列國開始全面執掌王權的時刻。同時我們都意識到我們目前是生活在嚴峻時刻,政權的替換、另一波的疫情卷掃列國、前所未有的自然災害和災難、金融危機的可能性、性別扭曲以及戰爭的危機再一次喚醒我們是時候召喚列國的家人們一起來參與40天的禁食禱告, 與神對齊以及彼此對齊。
Guidelines 指南
  • Fasting: Please fix your own manner of fasting (for food and drink) for these 40 Days. Pay attention to call of your national coordinator/representative
  • Emphasis on Worship & Prayer Suggested


  • 禁食:請在這 40 天內製定您自己的禁食方式(食物和飲料)。請注意您的國家協調員/代表跟您的溝通。
  • 強調敬拜和禱告
Prayer Content 禱告內容
  1. Deeper repentance and purification of the hearts – For self and for nations
  2. Praise and Worship to welcome the King’s Presence and His Rulership
  3. Pray for Government, Economy/Marketplace, Protection against Disasters/Impending Threats face by your nation
  4. Pray for other nations – Remember “Your Breakthrough, will be my breakthrough”
  5. The Advancement of God’s Kingdom in this New Cycle of Time
    • Harvesting of souls
    • Revival upon churches
    • Dry bones come to life
    • Restoring first love for Jesus and let Jesus reign in our individual life, our family and our churches and our nation.
  1. 更深的悔改和自潔 – 爲自己也爲國家
  2. 讚美和敬拜迎接君王的臨在和祂的掌權
  3. 爲政府、經濟/職場、保護國家免受災害和災難禱告
  4. 爲其他國家禱告——記得 “你的突破,就是我的突破”
  5. 神的國度在新的時代大力拓展
    • 靈魂大豐收
    • 教會復興
    • 枯骨復活
    • 恢復對耶穌最起初的愛,讓耶穌掌管我們的個人生活、我們的家庭、我們的教會和我們的國家