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Weekly Prayer (9/11)

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Editorial Special Section: James W. Goll:The Great Harvest: 40 Years of Prophetic Words Now Being Fulfilled

Message:  James W. Goll  Date: September 6, 2023  Source: Elijiah List

One Billion Soul Harvest – Especially of Youth

Three strategic, prophetic signs were predicted in 1983 by Seer Prophet Bob Jones:

…Detailed Reading

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Message: Lana Vawser Dates: September 7, 2023  Source : Lana Vawser Facebook

I heard the Lord say, “Daughters of God, do not back down, your waters are breaking as you enter through the door of 5784.”

…Detailed Reading

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Editorial Special Section: Nate Johnston: PIONEERS, DO NOT SETTLE FOR ISHMAEL!

Message:  Nate Johnston Date: August 27, 2023  Source: Nate Johnston Facebook  

For weeks now, I keep hearing the Lord say “Pioneers, do not settle for Ishmael!”

Many are feeling the pressure right now in the spirit, like there’s something that is meant to be birthed but nothing is in sight in the natural.

…Detailed Reading

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Editorial Special Section: Tim Sheets:  We Are the Cavalry

Message: Tim Sheets   Date: September 6, 2023 Source : Kingdom Alive

“‘I will now deal with the oppressors of My people. I will move swiftly and with jealous aggression. For I have heard their cries and will break the hold of the taskmaster’s rule over them. Though these oppressors bow their necks in stubborn resistance, I will lead them with nose rings to their place of destruction.

…Detailed Reading

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Editorial Special Section: David Peng: The Key Seven Years of The Global Revival: 2017 to 2024 (2)

The next three and a half years will be a critical moment for the people to come out of Egypt and for the global revival!

Message: David Peng   Date: January 27, 2021    Source:  Kingdom Alive

Editor’s note: The author Pastor David Peng is one of the core leaders of the US East Coast Homecoming team. Since receiving the anointing from God on behalf of the Chinese at the end of 2016, God has continuously led him to connect and communicate with key ethnic minorities. Revelations concerning God’s destiny and end-time plans for the Chinese and various ethnic groups continue to emerge. We will publish here to share with all intercessors. Please discern and pray together so that God’s revival plan can be fulfilled in time!

…Detailed Reading

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Declaration Prayer: For President Trump and His Team [Update]

We declare in the name of Jesus :

  • God will continue to bless and protect President Trump and his family, as well as the “scepter of justice” that God has raised up to support him in his government.
  • The blood of Jesus covers them and those close to President Trump, bind and drive away any witchcraft or spells cast on them.
  • The Holy Spirit continues to pour out and personally guide President Trump. He grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God. ( Lu 2:52 )
  • The seven spirits of God are manifested in President Trump’s life ( Isaiah 11:1-3 ), giving him keen insight and discernment, judging the situation, and resolutely continuing to fulfill his call.
  •  God will restore Trump to his rightful position at His best time and give people grace to transition.

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Declaration Prayer: The Declaration for the Month of Elul

Editor’s note: The month of Elul is the sixth month in the Jewish calendar year 5783, corresponding to August 18 to September 15, 2023 in the Western calendar.

Declare in the name of Jesus :

  1. Jehovah God is my light and salvation, He brings growth and victory. ( Psalm 27:1 )
  2. This is the month of Gad, My month of success and victory.
  3. I am a child of God, part of a family, connected to the family of God.
  4. I know how to be humble, to be rich, to be full, to be hungry, to have more than to be in need, to be in any situation, I have learned the secret. ( Philippians 4:12 )
  5. Jehovah God is visiting me, helping me in my work and ministry, changing my life.
  6. The LORD God will show mercy and lead me out of the predicament.
  7. Jehovah God desires to be close to me, and I want to draw close to God and be filled with all His fullness.
  8. I choose to enter into the rest and power of God and renew my strength.
  9. God has given me great ability to stand up in the face of conflict and become a person who can bear the burden.

(Adapted from The Blessings of the Month of Elul by Rong Sakashi )

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Pray for America: Ecclesia with Tenacity

Editor’s note: This article is an excerpt from the 9/8 prayer of “Give Him 15 Minutes” by Intercession Leader Dutch Sheets . “I invite you to join me every day in prayer for our country until the election crisis is resolved. I will read the daily 15 Minutes to Him, give a comment, and then we will pray together. As we stand for America” You can join us here as we go to Petition. – Dutch Sheets

Background:  In 1977 I heard my first sermon by John Garlock, the greatest communicator I’ve had the privilege of listening to. John, now in heaven, was one of my professors at Christ For the Nations Institute. The message was on the subject of tenacity and had 3 points, which I remember to this day, 46 years later. John was that good. Today’s post is taken from that message..…Detailed Reading

  • Romans 8:31  “If God is for us, who can be against us?” 
  • Isaiah 40:30-31 Even youths grow tired and weary, and young men stumble and fall; but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.
  • Acts 20:24  “None of these things move me” 


  • Ecclesia with Tenacity:  Father, I thank You trained the Ekklesia company of intercessors here in America and around the world for such a time, to partner with You to accomplish Your Kingdom projects and enterprises. They are the Simeon’s, Anna’s, Epaphras’s, and Cornelius’s of our day.  We pray, now, that You keep them strong and tenacious, full of faith and endurance. May they not grow weary in their doing of good, but become stronger and stronger, just as You describe in Isaiah 40:30-31. Teach them to ride the wind; remind them to wait upon You, drawing Your very strength into their souls and bodies, just as their spirits are renewed every day. Give them great focus and laser accuracy. May each one grow to the same level Paul walked in when he said, regarding the persecution he experienced, “None of these things move me” (Acts 20:24)
  • In the name of Jesus, we decrees over America:
    • America shall be saved.
    • America’s covenant of trumpeting the gospel of Jesus Christ to the ends of the Earth is alive and well.
    • America shall be divinely reset.
    • The Kingdom of God in America will survive any shaking.
    • The evil forces, systems, agencies, and leaders in our government will be dealt with by God Himself, who rules over the nations.
    • Righteousness will return to our White House, Capitol, Supreme Court, and the agencies they control.
    • The fear of the Lord will return to our land.
    • Justice will be restored.
    • Corrupt prosecutors will be exposed and removed.
    • The innocent will be vindicated.
    • Racism will be removed from our land, as will the people and organizations who foment it.
    • Revival will come to the children and youth of America. They will be saved from the evil trying to destroy them.
    • Revival will come to all ethnicities and age groups.
    • Revival will erupt in the nations of the earth.
    • The strength of all past revivals will be combined and released into the earth, destroying millennia-old strongholds, and saving 1 billion souls. This will not be stopped.

In the holy name of Christ Jesus, amen!

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Pray for Israel: (17) I have set watchmen on your walls, O Jerusalem

Editor’s note : The series of prayers in “Isaiah 62 Prayer” was written by Sandra Teplinsky, one of the founders and directors of Light of Zion in 2023. This year is to complement the excellent devotional prayer handbook “God’s Heart for Israel” published by IHOP-KC, Kansas, Missouri. In 2023, IHOP-KC initiates a 21-day global fast and prayer according to Isaiah 62 and recommends participants to use this prayer booklet. We will publish the prayers in it every week in the future.

Current event: As a prayer leader of Messianic Jewish believers in Jerusalem, Israel, it is very valuable to be able to supplement the handbook “God’s Heart for Israel”, especially for Israeli intercessors who participated in the 21-day fast. It is the main reason why I wrote “Isaiah 62-Praying for Israel” (hereinafter referred to as “Isaiah 62 Prayer”), and I also hope to help those who have been praying for Israel for many years but do not live in Israel and are not Jewish intercessor.....Detailed Reading

  • Isaiah 62:6   I have set watchmen upon thy walls, O Jerusalem, which shall never hold their peace day nor night: ye that make mention of the Lord, keep not silence


On my knees, I thank You for setting me as a watchman on the walls of Jerusalem. Thank You that in these last days, You have joined me to a global company of watchmen for Your city. Thank You for the loving stance, support and synergy of Christians in the nations who fast and pray for Jerusalem. In the Name and for the sake of Yeshua, King of Jerusalem, I ask You to add to their numbers daily. Sound a trumpet call that will awaken millions — especially the young — to fast, watch and pray. Bless them boundlessly as You set them in place and as they take their posts.

Keeper of Israel, align us on the walls of Jerusalem by the strategies of heaven. As watchmen, grace us to keep our eyes on You, for You Yourself keep watch over Jerusalem. As we watch You and what You are doing with the city, I ask that Your protection and anointing rest powerfully on each of us.

I pray especially for three groups of watchmen who watch inside the literal city of Jerusalem.
First, I lift up to You all who literally stand on the physical stone walls of Jerusalem to keep watch over her, including Israeli security forces who may or may not yet know Yeshua. Second, would You remember those watchmen in the Spirit who worship Yeshua and literally live or serve, or both, in literal Jerusalem. Third, I pray for the spiritual leaders of Your ekklesia in the literal city of Jerusalem.

Grant each of these watchmen whom You have posted physically in Jerusalem an abundance of peace as last days shakings occur. Shelter each one in Your embrace. Hide them from Your enemies. Assign watching, warring angels to them. Anoint them with power and perseverance. Grant them revelatory gifts to see what You are doing and prophetic gifts to tell others what You want them to say. Position and connect each of Your watchmen in the literal city by divine strategy.

In the name of Jesus, amen!

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Critical Event: Fatherhood Ignited in Africa

[Background: Sudanese pastor Wagdi responded to the Lord’s call. On July 8th, he will go to Egypt alone to serve the Sudanese refugees who fled there, and rescue his nephew and niece who are fleeing. Here are the latest prayer messages from him:...Detailed Reading

  • Mal 3:1 a  The LORD of hosts says, “I will send my angel to prepare the way before me.”
  • Mal 4:5-6   Behold! Before the great and dreadful day of the LORD comes, I will send to you Elijah the prophet, and he will turn the hearts of fathers to their children and the hearts of their children to their fathers, lest I come and curse the earth.


  • Impart the Father’s Heart : Heavenly Father, Wagdi has a father’s heart, he is the father of Sultan, and he will be the father of Africa in the near future! This is his destiny – he is to lead many sons and daughters back to their true father’s house. What he did in Sudan, he will do in the nations of Africa. Not only did he do it himself, but he also raised up many fathers and mothers, raised up many spiritual families, and took the Sudan and the lonely and helpless people on the land of Africa into his arms and brought them back to the home of the heavenly father. Wagdi said that he [had put life and death aside] and put only God’s concerns first. Here, we wish him the success of imparting the heart of fatherhood to African countries, reversing the curses of Africa, and becoming a home where the heavenly Father lives happily.
  • Successors to the Kingdom of God : Heavenly Father, thank You for miraculously preserving Wagdi’s nephews and nieces. Wagdi wants them to stay with him and receive spiritual equipment. Yes, Father God, Your family inheritance needs successors – there is no delay in bringing up the next generation. They are witnessing the older generation spreading love and embracing destiny. In the future, they will become the mainstay of the Kingdom of God. We declare in the name of Jesus Christ that there will be an heir to the kingdom of God! 

In the holy name of Christ Jesus, amen!

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Pray for Native Americans: Arise and Resound!

【Current Affairs: In these times, I believe the Lord is INCREASING and RELEASING His voice, with great authority, through His “first fruits” people groups of the land. He is raising up His sold out, set apart, Indigenous burning ones, and releasing HIS VOICE to set nations ablaze for Jesus. …Detailed Reading

  • Psalm 149:3-4 Let them praise his name with dancing and make music to him with timbrel and harp. For the Lord takes delight in his people;  he crowns the humble with victory.
  • Psalm 40:1-3 I waited patiently for the Lord;  he turned to me and heard my cry. He lifted me out of the slimy pit, out of the mud and mire; he set my feet on a rock  and gave me a firm place to stand. He put a new song in my mouth,  a hymn of praise to our God. Many will see and fear the Lord and put their trust in him.


First Nations people, We decree that

  •  the shackles have now been broken off of you. Arise and dance! 
  • First Nations people break forth with dancing and worship to the Lord (see Psalm 149:3-4 TPT)!
  • I decree, you have been lifted out of the pit of destruction, your feet have been set upon the rock of Jesus and He has established your goings (see Psalm 40:1-3 AMP). Arise and resound – no longer bound!
  • I decree, the Lord has put a new song of praise to the one true living God in your mouth. 
  • You have now put your trust and confident reliance in the Lord God Almighty. You see Him, you revere Him, and you worship Him alone.
  • First Nations sons and daughters, arise and shift into destiny, with a dance of deliverance and a strong song, boldly decreeing the Word of the Lord with your new voice!

In the name of Christ Jesus, amen!

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Pray For Church

Pray for Participating Churches and Pastrs on Regional 24/7 Prayer Walls

Editor’s Note: The 24/7 prayer walls listed here are especially for local churches and pastors. If you are committed to watch on the regional walls, simply click on the link listed below to connect to the local prayer wall. 】

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Related Events and Prayer Background

Editorial Special Section: James W. Goll:The Great Harvest: 40 Years of Prophetic Words Now Being Fulfilled

Message:  James W. Goll  Date: September 6, 2023  Source: Elijiah List

One Billion Soul Harvest – Especially of Youth

Three strategic, prophetic signs were predicted in 1983 by Seer Prophet Bob Jones:

  1. Abortion would be perfected and be made available by a pill.
  2. Homosexual marriage would be legalized and openly promoted in the United States.
  3. Workers in rice fields in Asia would be watching 24/7 worship and prayer on unplugged television sets on their wrists.

Have these words been fulfilled?

  1. Planned Parenthood has recently announced the abortion pill is available to order with doctors’ or parents’ consent to use at home.
  2. On December 13, 2022, the 117th Congress repealed the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and passed the Respect of Marriage Act signed by President Joseph Biden.
  3. Smart watches are available with video capabilities by which people can view 24/7/365 worship and prayer from many locations.

Super Bowls and the Kansas City Chiefs

Bob Jones told me at least ten times, “When the Chiefs win the Super Bowl, you will know that revival is about to come. God is raising up His apostolic chiefs.”

  • 1967: Super Bowl #1 – lost to the Green Bay Packers.
  • 1970: Super Bowl #4 – won over the Minnesota Vikings
  • 2020: Super Bowl #54 – won over the San Francisco 49ers.
  • 2021: Super Bowl #55 – lost to Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
  • 2023: Super Bowl #57 – won over the Philadelphia Eagles.

The date of the most recent Super Bowl, which the Chiefs won, was 2/12/23.

Asbury College and Seminary Revival

Asbury University, based in Wilmore, KY, has a history of revivals dating back to 1905, 1908, 1921, 1950, 1958, 1970, 1992, 2006, and as recent as 2023.  The 1970 revival at Asbury had far-reaching cultural effects, and remains central to the construction of Asbury’s spiritual identity.  The date the most recent Asbury revival broke out was 2/8/2023.

It was sparked by students spontaneously staying in Hughes Auditorium following a regularly scheduled chapel service. The news of the phenomenon quickly spread through social media. The revival has been compared to similar revivals at Asbury, notably one that took place in 1970, which had far-reaching consequences in the growth of the Jesus People Movement.

Participants were mainly members of Generation Z. It was attended by approximately 15,000 people every day. By its end, the revival brought 50,000-70,000 visitors to Wilmore, representing over 200 academic institutions, as well as multiple countries.

Three Recent Prophetic Dreams I Had

  1. Hot Spots – Here We Come!  The Holy Spirit is looking for places where He can bring eruptions of His presence that create an unstoppable overflow. He also is searching for people, just like you, whom He wants to settle upon. I have a word for you: “Hot spots, here we come!”
  2. The Lightings of God  I saw the lightnings of God falling upon and striking choice people who have been seeking purity within their hearts. This lightning presence of the Holy Spirit will be used to restore the fear of the Lord. One brief lightning strike of God’s power will change the trajectory of a person’s life forever.
  3. The Sounds of Heaven on Earth  In this dream, my father was in the lead role in Heaven’s band. Everyone in this “band of brothers” was dressed in gold, but it was the sound that stood out. It was a symphony of reverberations that were needed to create a revival breakthrough. It first originated in Heaven, but must be echoed on Earth by God’s band of brothers and sisters who make up the caring family of God.

An Assignment from Heaven: Ancient, Demonic Gateways Must Be Closed

  1. The Leviathan Spirit – Don’t Get Caught Up in the War of Words!  The audible word of the Lord came to me saying, “You must be careful not to get caught up in the war of words.”
  2. The Demonic Spirit of Offense  There is a spirit of offense that has been loosed in the earth. This is not a low-level type of spirit. It is very high level. God is working in the hearts and minds of Believers to be “unoffendable.”

Global Esther Moment

“For if you remain completely silent at this time, relief and deliverance will arise for the Jews from another place, but you and your father’s house will perish. Yet who knows whether you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this?” (Esther 4:14)

Preceded by the MORDECAI MANDATE:

“And Mordecai told them to answer Esther: ‘Do not think in your heart that you will escape in the king’s palace any more than all the other Jews.'” (Esther 4:13)

What Time Is It?

  • A Time of Closing Doors  “…These things says He who is holy, He who is true, He who has the Key of David, He who opens, and no one shuts, and shuts and no one opens.” (Revelation 3:7)
  • A Time of Opening Doors  “After these things I looked, and behold, a door standing open in Heaven…” (Revelation 4:1)
  • A word of wisdom: “The way you close a door will determine the way you go through your next door.”

Three Keys of Divine Cooperation

“He has told you, O man, what is good; and what does the LORD require of you but to do justice, to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God?” (Micah 6:8)

These keys are used to open the heavens, minds, and doors for revival breakthrough:

  1. Prayer and fasting
  2. Hunger for God’s manifest presence
  3. Receiving prophetic revelation

This Is That! Believing for the Great Harvest!

How can we partner with the Holy Spirit for an unprecedented harvest of souls? As Jeremiah 33:3 states, “Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know.”

What is the Great Harvest ultimately about? It is about God’s great, deep love for all those whom He has created. The Great Harvest is about His desire that no one should perish, but that everyone should have the opportunity to respond to the Gospel of the Kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ.

It’s time that we believe for the greatest harvest in Church history. Now is the time, and we are the people!

Let’s lay hold of the prophetic promises and be believing Believers! Amen and amen!

Prayer for Prophetic Fulfillment of the Harvest

Lord, we call forth in our day and in this generation the greatest harvest of souls the world has ever seen. You have done it before, now do it again – even better and bigger and more powerfully. Release Your Spirit and send Your angels to usher in one billion more souls for Your Kingdom, for Jesus Christ’s sake. Send revival! Send it now! Move quickly, Holy Spirit, and raise up the greatest prayer army of all time. We declare that these prayers agree with Your prophetic purposes for this generation, and we praise Your holy name. Amen and amen!

Praying for the Great Harvest – NOW!

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Message: Lana Vawser Dates: September 7, 2023  Source : Lana Vawser Facebook

I heard the Lord say, “Daughters of God, do not back down, your waters are breaking as you enter through the door of 5784.”

This week the Lord showed me many daughters under “intense pressure”. Those words “intense pressure” were SO loud around me. The sense when I heard those words was that many daughters of God were feeling like they were at “breaking point”. It was this intense feeling of, “I can’t take this anymore,” “things look like they are never going to shift,” “I stand in faith and when all I’ve done to stand, I stand, and the pressure has just intensified.”

I could feel this “swirl” surrounding them that was almost like a wooing of the enemy into agreement. It was a swirl of discouragement and weariness to draw many daughters into the narrative, “it is just all too hard.” When I asked the Lord about this “swirl,” the Lord spoke to me:

“Lana the enemy is attempting to weary My daughters more than ever, but it will NOT prevail, for what I am now doing in their lives is going to cause them to arise STRONGER. What I am doing in their lives right now is going to cause them to arise RESTORED. Lana, this swirl has come to steal their vision, to steal their strength and to steal their stamina: but I am turning this swirl on its head and I am releasing supernatural stability in the impartation of faith to them, supernatural strength to them, supernatural sight to them, supernatural sustenance to them in the encounters I am leading them deeper into, and supernatural restoration.”

He continued to speak:

“Lana, there are many daughters who feel like they have hit a dry and barren place, but I am breaking open the hard ground and I am releasing the greatest outpouring of My Spirit in their lives that they have ever experienced. IT IS SOVEREIGN! There are many of My daughters living in such anxiety of, ‘What do I have to do?’ ‘How do I get out of this?’ ‘What do I pray to shift all of this?’ Many are feeling ‘frantic in trying to find the formula,’ but the truth is, all they have to do is be with Me, rest in Me, and I am going to release a sovereign outpouring of My Spirit into these dry areas. They have come to the end of their strength and now they meet the SOVEREIGN MOVE and SOVEREIGN KING and what it looks like to live deeper in supernatural rest, strength, faith and dependence upon Me.”

“There has been such a fierce battle over My daughters, there has been such a fierce battle over their identity, their position, their destiny and their hearts, but I am moving in POWER in their midst, for this is the DAY OF THEIR DELIVERANCE. This swirl has come over and over and over and over to weary them and take them out. The witchcraft has attempted to silence them and steal their voice, but I am roaring over them and I am speaking over them ‘DO NOT BACK DOWN, your waters are breaking as you enter into 5784.’”

What I heard next caused every part of me to tremble at the thundering of the authority in His voice.

“The VERY AREAS where the enemy has tried to take out My daughters — especially in the last two years — as they enter through the door of 5784, there will be a RAPID DELIVERANCE of everything that has tried to silence them, hinder them, kill them and take them out: and in THOSE AREAS I will release NEW MANTLES. I am releasing NEW MANTLES. The tables are turning. As they walk through the door into and of 5784, they are going to step into NEW MANTLES. The shift that I am releasing upon them as they walk through the door is the biggest shift they will have experienced thus far. The time has come to an end where the enemy has ferociously attacked those certain areas in their lives over and over and over again. Those areas that have continued to feel like the battle is always on: in 5784 they will move into GOVERNING in these areas. It is the sound of OVERCOMING. It’s the SOUND of VICTORY and it is the SOUND of stepping into a greater FULLNESS of their destiny and over the next four years they will see the greatest establishing, outpouring and move of My Spirit in these areas like they have never seen before. They will enter into a land of possessing DOUBLE in these areas, and begin to see the very areas where the enemy has tried to take them out become the areas of their greatest ministries thus far. All they have known is darkness and battle over these areas and now as they enter through the door of 5784, they shall know GLORY in these areas of ministering to others and ministries and movements that I am birthing through them.”

“5784 will see many of My daughters step into GOVERNING WITH ME like never before. Many of My daughters have been in a place of grovelling, but I am restoring them and delivering them and awakening them afresh to their identity in Me, and leading them further into their authority in Me where the greatest shift of their lives will take place. From GROVELLING TO GOVERNING.”

“Take heart, daughters of God, for in these areas where I am releasing these new mantles upon you, you will be invited into partnering with Me and the move of My Spirit in areas you have not walked in before. These areas will require deeper dependence upon Me and in these areas — as you lean on Me and lean into Me — you will receive the deepest revelation, divine intel, wisdom and strategy in what I want to do and how I want to move in these new assignments. You will see My plans, purposes and Glory manifest on an unprecedented scale.”

The Lord showed me that as the daughters of God were moving through the door of 5784, there was the most unprecedented deliverance of the MIND and torment of the mind that I have ever seen. As they walked through, I saw it completely lift off of them and they were catapulted into a season of deep encounter to receive the divine INTEL of the Lord for their new assignments and mantles.

“As your waters are beginning to break, lean into the transition, lean into the birthing, for the NEW BIRTH is coming forth. You are stepping further into who I have created you to be. You are stepping further into your destiny. For many of you, you will see that these areas contented by the enemy, over and over again, are actually a significant part of your assignment and the call upon your life that I have given you: and NOW you will step into a season of abounding fruitfulness, in the move of My Spirit IN you and THROUGH you. These new mantles falling upon you will bring you so much joy as you partner with Me in unprecedented moves of My Spirit in the very areas that have been the most contended for in your life thus far.”

“Daughters, do not back down. Remain in expectancy and faith: for the battle has been fierce, especially over the last few weeks, because of what you are stepping out of and stepping into, as you walk through the door of 5784 with Me. Your waters are breaking, it is time for another level of birthing.”

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Editorial Special Section: Nate Johnston: PIONEERS, DO NOT SETTLE FOR ISHMAEL!

Message:  Nate Johnston Date: August 27, 2023  Source: Nate Johnston Facebook  

For weeks now, I keep hearing the Lord say “Pioneers, do not settle for Ishmael!”

Many are feeling the pressure right now in the spirit, like there’s something that is meant to be birthed but nothing is in sight in the natural.

It’s become such a paradox and deep frustration or even grief because living with that kind of pent-up expectation is tiresome.

It’s like treading water knowing land is coming but it hasn’t yet come and that’s how many have been feeling – like the breakthrough that needs to come is not coming quick enough.

Many pioneers are beginning to feel restless, hopeless, and despondent.

It’s been so long contending and warring and it’s taken a toll to stay in that continual place of believing when it feels like nothing is shifting.

But I feel this warning right now – do not settle for Ishmael!

Ishmael was the firstborn son of Abraham, conceived out of his own desire to see the promise come to pass in his timing instead of God’s.

Right now we know we’re in a season of time where fulfillment must come and we SEE what we have been contending for, but the enemy is on overdrive playing mind games and trying to lure us into entertaining ways of orchestrating the promise in our own strength and in our own timeline.

This temptation has never been greater than right now. It’s the feeling of impulsively acting upon your will and your expectations above waiting for the Lord.

The lie so many pioneers have been hearing is, “Is God even concerned about what I’m facing? Will he even perform it? Will he even do it?”

Let me say this very clearly to you right now – do not act upon this temptation to make things happen.

We are in a window of time when God is opposing the enemy’s plans and roadblocks and shifting major pieces in our lives. It’s a time of doors of major closing and God preparing new infrastructure for the days ahead. It’s an hour of the FINALIZATION of the last season’s blueprints and OUTCOMES, but they MUST BE DONE BY THE HAND OF THE LORD, not by ours.

As we enter Yom Kippur in September watch for things to begin to move and fall into place.

I believe we are entering a jubilee in the church of massive proportions.

God is restoring the;
⁃ Voice of the church
⁃ Influence of the church
⁃ Power and authority of the church
⁃ Storehouse of the church
⁃ Territory of the church.

All that has been robbed and stolen in your life is about to begin to shift because God is re-aligning us to be the head and not the tail, above only and not beneath.

That is why right now you’re feeling so restless and longing for the breakthrough more than you ever have.

That is why the enemy is trying to bombard you on all sides with weariness, frustration, and feeling like you just want to give up and settle.

Yes, you could settle. It’s so easy right now to go back. It’s so easy right now to camp in the place of second best, but is that really the path that God has for you?

Could you really be content in second best when God has been showing you his purposes and his plans for so long? Could you really settle there?

I believe we’re entering into the fulfillment era of the church and even right now as you’re reading this, I pray that all the hope deferred and the weariness that has been resting on you begins to shift.

I feel like people right now reading this are in the 11th hour in three specific areas. I know there are more, but these are the three specific areas that the Lord spoke to me about and these are the three areas where the enemy is trying to lure us into temptation because these are three areas that God is about to bust and break through in the months ahead.


The first is positioning. Many have been feeling the intense desire to be settled and positioned after all these years.

It feels like movement and migration is still upon us and we are longing to be settled and established.

The enemy has been warring for so long against this with false hopes, false foundations, and leading us to places of instability instead of the promise.

Do not settle right now for Ishmael with the location that God has for you. He’s repositioning you, but if you hustle right now and if you get ahead of God, you will set up camp in a place that is not conducive to the calling of God upon your life. Do not settle for Ishmael regarding your positioning. Wait for the Lord, wait for his timing.


The second area is provision. For so long, the pioneers have been reliant on manna from heaven to survive.

You’ve seen ridiculous miracles, faith, favor, and food coming into the mouths of ravens in the wilderness.

You’ve seen it all, but in the last six months, especially, God has been stirring your heart to believe for the impossible.

He’s been stirring your heart to believe for unfathomable provision for the vision that he’s given you.

He’s exploded your imagination and your mind and had you dreaming of land and being able to build and construct a specific blueprint that he’s placed on the inside of you.

But when you look in your bank, and when you look in your pockets, it just doesn’t match up.

And there is a temptation right now to just settle, to go backward, to do what you can manage and what you can do.

Let me make this very clear. Do not settle for Ishmael regarding provision.

Do not go backward, for I believe in the next few months we are going to see the beginning of a wave of wealth for the harvest.

If you think the wiping of debts is a huge thing, you wait and see what’s coming, for God is not only going to settle debts but He is about to flood your life with provision so that not only can you be a sower and a lender, but that you can build and construct everything that God told you that you would build.

God is right now breaking that poverty mentality off you.

I feel like there are even many who’ve been holding onto their seed and their bread, and the Lord says to you today “Release it! Release it today by faith, and watch me provide and bring in the provision!”

Do something today to break the damn walls and confront that survival mentality the enemy has tried to place upon you in the last few months.


The last area I heard was purpose. God has been increasing your spiritual and governmental capacity and He has placed a new mantle upon you for nations, but there’s been a major war on your voice, your message, and your purpose.

There’s been a war at your path and launching what God has given you to step into.

The enemy has tried to make you push down the doors that only God can open or he has wanted you to settle for a role that is far less than the role that he has for you.

Many right now are nervously trying to find some plow to put their hands to, and the Lord says, “Do not touch that plow unless I give it to you. Do not place your hands upon it unless I put it in your hands right now!”

“Do not sign that contract or agreement without me!”

Even men are seeking you out to put you to work for their devices to build the empires. But the lord says, “Do not enter into that project or role unless I command you!”

For in this hour, it is so easy to choose something that is conceived by the hands of man and that is manufactured out of your need to feel settled and stable.

“But now watch,” says the Lord, “as I bring it to pass. I want you to step in back into rest, says the Lord. I want you to step back into synergy with my heart and my promises and my purposes and my timing!” says the Lord.

“I want you to rest in me and as you rest in my faith, you’ll tap into my miracle-working power that will unleash all that is in your heart and all that is in your mind and all that you have desired”

“Sarah’s faith embraced God’s miracle power to conceive even though she was barren and was past the age of childbearing, for the authority of her faith rested in the One who made the promise, and she tapped into his faithfulness” Hebrews 11:11

“For pioneers, what is on your heart, I placed there. It is not of your own making. I put it inside you for a reason and I did not lead you on this path just for it to fail now or to return void”

“No, it shall accomplish all that I desired for it to accomplish. So right now, do not settle for second best. Do not make decisions ahead of me. Do not jump ahead of my directions. Do not step into alignments that are never ordained for you”

“Do not create messes and situations birthed out of your need and desire to help me out. I do not need help, says the Lord. I just need your yes. I do not need your networking and your orchestrating and your manufacturing. I just need your surrender now. Watch me do it, says the Lord”

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Editorial Special Section: Tim Sheets:  We Are the Cavalry

Message: Tim Sheets   Date: September 6, 2023 Source : Kingdom Alive

“I will now deal with the oppressors of My people. I will move swiftly and with jealous aggression. For I have heard their cries and will break the hold of the taskmaster’s rule over them. Though these oppressors bow their necks in stubborn resistance, I will lead them with nose rings to their place of destruction.  Like oxen to the slaughter I will pull them into stalls of disgrace. The influence of their curse will break from the hearts of My people. The disheartening crack of the taskmaster’s whip will no longer be heard by My sons and daughters. They will not carry the burdens of their oppressors. They will not toil for their enemy’s gain. They will not work as slaves of cultural brutality. They will not be forced to glean from empty fields simply because they worship Me. No, they will own the fields where once they gleaned.

The breaking sound heard by My triumphant remnant will now be the cracking sound of the oppressor’s authority shattering off of their lives. The words of their ‘pharaoh’ will be like chaff in the winds as My angels scatter their defiance. Michael and his chariots of fire have received their orders. Gabriel has communicated strategies through all angel armies. Breakthrough angels are now activated. Pharaoh will not have the final word; I will have the final word.

Ekklesia, contend in faith as I harden the hearts of your enemies to bring devastating defeat to them. Set your heart on what I say. Set your minds with ‘now faith,’ expecting to live in ‘promise places.‘ Move forward into new times and seasons I have prepared for you. Move forward into the reformation I have planned for you. Move forward into positions of authority I have ordained for you.”

The Lord says ,

“the next three months [June, July and August] will lead to a great shaking, and a reset of the nation back to its covenant roots. These will be months of great reformation and will surge rapidly, says the Lord. Know that the seeds of faith planted by My people with their decrees of faith will accelerate to fullness, producing the fruit of the seed sown. The faith decrees they’ve sown will accelerate to fullness and My people will enter new times. Embrace and move into the reset I have planned; it will now unfold. Decree your faith and activate My Kingdom’s power. Decree your faith and activate angel armies that will assist you in the supernatural reset.”

The Lord has emphasized Hebrews 12:25-28 to me, which tells us not to turn our back on heavenly warnings. The Lord is going to rock the heavens – thrones, principalities and powers of hell. There will be a shaking, a thorough house cleaning, to get rid of sin and religious compromise. The unshakeable essentials will stand, clear and uncluttered. We have been told repeatedly not to fear, for we are part of an unshakeable Kingdom and our God is not an indifferent bystander. The world is banking on His indifference, but they are about to be greatly disappointed.

Ephesians 6:10 (NKJV) says, ‘Be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. Put on the whole armor of God.’ We must be prepared in this season. A battle will rage for the soul of this nation and we must engage and win it. Prepare yourself for this fierce war season. Prepare to battle spiritual thrones of iniquity that influence government. Understand that you must fight with prayers, faith decrees, and worship warfare.

Use the weapons of your warfare; they are not carnal, but mighty through your God to the pulling down of strongholds. Prepare yourself to go into battle alongside angels by proclaiming His Word (Psalm 103:20). It is time to engage in this breakthrough battle that will lead us toward a billion-soul harvest. It is time to engage principalities and powers of darkness, and confront those they use in the natural realm. It’s time to confront the prophets of Baal in media, the education system, and government.

The hour has come to report to the battle lines. It is time to march, advance and possess the land. Though there be giants in the land, do not fear. Like David, gather stones and prepare your sling. Sharpen your spiritual swords for they will be needed to cut off the heads of spiritual giants. The Lord will go before you and empower you.

It’s time to listen and hear the pre-battle proclamations, the sounding forth of battle cries, the beating of drums. There is a call for bold passion, much like warriors have heard throughout the ages. We are not here to hold the fort until the cavalry gets here, Ekklesia. We are the cavalry!

We must advance with Holy Spirit and the angel armies. We are to follow the Breaker, King Jesus. It’s our time to awaken and arise, take the land and reset history with determined, unflinching faith.

One of the prayers of the early church has captured my attention. Acts 4:29 (NLT) ‘And now, O Lord, hear their threats, and give us, your servants, great boldness in preaching Your Word.’

The early church was part of a movement possessing unrestrained boldness; they said what God said. I am hearing that call to us now. Holy Spirit is pouring out an anointing of boldness on His Ekklesia. Power to prevail is soaking His remnant. Rise and roar with King Jesus! March into battle with confident peace, knowing He is with you!”

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Editor’s Special Section: David Peng: The Key Seven Years of The Global Revival: 2017 to 2024 (2)

The 2017 hurricane that shook the body of Christ

Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, let us be thankful, and so worship God acceptably with reverence and awe,  for our “God is a consuming fire.” (Hebrews 12:28-29)

On the second to the last day of the trip to the Aboriginal Reservation in August 2017, we planned to visit the Cherokee Aboriginal Cultural Center in Texas. When I was having breakfast that morning, I heard the news about Hurricane Harvey that was about to make landfall in Texas that night. The report mentioned that the hurricane was very strong and the landing site may be “Corpus Christi”. Although my Latin was very limited and I was not familiar with towns in Texas, when I heard “Corpus Christi”, Right away I was alerted of the meaning “the body of Christ”. I asked the teammates beside me, but they didn’t pay me attention. So, I ran to the front of the TV and confirmed that the landing place was indeed “Corpus Christi”-“The Body of Christ”. I also found out that “Harvey” means “Blazing Iron”, so Hurricane Harvey landed on “Corpus Christi”-Signify “Blazing Iron” hits the “body of Christ”, doesn’t it mean the “body of Christ” is going to receive the great shaking? !

God’s Judgment Begins with the Church

I remembered that on November 11, 2011, I attended a homecoming gathering in Vancouver. My life had not been the same since then, God convicted me. I confessed my sins to the Lord, because I really never seriously thought about the Lord Jesus may return before I die! And I really have never prepared for that! At that time, a prophetic picture caught my attention (right), like the four horses in the book of Revelation are running, the lightning across the sky is hitting the steeple of the church, and The clock above the bell tower is exactly 11 o’clock. My spirit was very stirred and now it’s the last hour, God’s judgment is like the four horses of Revelation and lightning in the sky, and it will finally come suddenly! The first person to be judged is none other than the house of God, that is the “body of Christ”! ( 1 Peter 4:17 ) At the same time, God reminded me that those who saw all the corruption around in the last days sighed in their hearts For the remnants who are weeping with the Lord, God will mark their foreheads ( תָּ֜ו ) . This is not an ordinary sign, but the last of the 22 Hebrew letters (there are also 22 chapters in Revelation). letter ת (Tav). This is the last chapter, the last hour of the last days, and the symbol of the cross worn by the remnants of the last days, as described in Ezekiel 9:4-6 : and said to him, “Go throughout the city of Jerusalem and put a mark on the foreheads of those who grieve and lament over all the detestable things that are done in it. As I listened, he said to the others, “Follow him through the city and kill, without showing pity or compassion.  Slaughter the old men, the young men and women, the mothers and children, but do not touch anyone who has the mark. Begin at my sanctuary.” So they began with the old men who were in front of the temple.

Yes, if it were not for God’s mercy, who could stand the final judgment? Yes, the body of the church – Christians will be the first group to be judged.

 “I will send my messenger, who will prepare the way before me. Then suddenly the Lord you are seeking will come to his temple; the messenger of the covenant, whom you desire, will come,” says the Lord Almighty.

2 But who can endure the day of his coming? Who can stand when he appears? For he will be like a refiner’s fire or a launderer’s soap. Malachi 3:1-2

How can I continue to feel lucky to believe that Jesus will never return before I die, even though I know that no one knows the time of the return of the Lord Jesus!

A Group of People that Made a Covenant as Family on the East Coast

I would like to introduce a group of Chinese families called by God in these last days on the East Coast. Consist of brothers and sisters from different churches, different locations, from New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland including Washington DC. Although we are a very small group of people, By God’s grace we are all very willing to align with the Lord. We might be all ignorant at the beginning, and we didn’t even know why God brought us to America, because we were not born in the United States, but God chose us as a small group and told us, don’t be afraid, just as Jesus told His disciples: Do not be afraid, little flock, for your Father has been pleased to give you the kingdom.” (Luke 12:32) I am grateful that this group of people made the covenant and made every effort to align with the heart of the Father and the Lord Jesus. We will no longer ignore ourselves and be arrogant, because we know that we are really the least of the least, but we are also clearly aware that God puts that great trust upon us…

The Birth of Kingdom Alive

I often mentioned that the East Coast family who appointed me to the Aboriginal Reservation were the family of Kingdom Alive. A group of people who have a deep longing for more of God and a desire to see the glorious restoration of God manifest in us. In 2010, Kingdom Alive was born in the home of Papa Fred (Pastor Xu Zongshi). From the Charismatic Renewal movement in the early 1990s and entered the flow of Homecoming Gathering, minister to the Lord with the praise and worship of the Tabernacle of David, establish FireWall online prayers of the East Coast, starting from  24-hour prayer on one Saturday each month, and gradually expanding to 24 hours, 7 days and 168 hours with intercessors from nations connecting from a few points, to a wall of fire on the east coast, it has become a global golden network, and a global website of 247 prayer walls. It is constantly updated with the latest developments. With only one purpose, to inspire and encourage the godly remnants of the last days to quickly align with the Lord. Because what God is looking for in the last days is those “critical masses” who can follow God alone. As Papa Fred often reminds us, for the atomic bomb can detonate, it does not depend on the quantity but on the purity; and like the Gideon 300 and 120 on the upper room, to bring forth shaking and the transformation of the great outpouring of the Holy Spirit!

The Destiny of North American Christians

The Homegathering in Vancouver on November 11, 2011 gave me a great revelation about God’s destiny for North American Christians. Such an idea has never entered into my mind. At that time I have been in the United States for exactly 20 years, the Lord asked me through Jeremiah 29:7:Also, seek the peace and prosperity of the city to which I have carried you into exile. Pray to the Lord for it, because if it prospers, you too will prosper.” If the people who were taken captive to Babylon, God ordered them to be the blessings of the locals (their enemies), then I, a person who came to the United States voluntarily and enjoyed all the benefits of the United States, should also be a blessing to the United States? God used Acts 17:26, “From one man he made all the nations, that they should inhabit the whole earth; and he marked out their appointed times in history and the boundaries of their lands. To remind me that my life and the borders I live in never depended on me, but the destiny of God in my life. After receiving this revelation, It was as if the veil before me was removed, and I was awakening from a big dream. I suddenly realized that God brought us from the Far East to the United States, definitely not to fulfill our American dream, but to fulfill God’s dream. We are not here to just enjoy all these benefits. Then when the United States no longer meets our expectation, we can pack up and return to our hometown at any time. The Lord told me very clearly that He had a special plan for  bringing us to the United States. Moreover, the place where we were born and where we live is not the final hometown, but our final home is to return to Jerusalem, the place that touches God’s heart and emotions, because that is The dream of God, the capital where Lord Jesus will return! 

God has a plan for immigrant Christians in North America, which is to be the first line of witnesses in North America. We will see that as a bow and arrow are being pulled so tight, the situation will become more and more tense, and finally the arrow will have to be released from the bow. The Hebrew text of the bow and arrow actually represents the rainbow (קושׁ). God is the God of the covenant, so God must fulfill what He promised in the last days. We will become His witnesses, and we will see the United States where there is the largest number of Jews outside the kingdom of Israel. The Jews in the United States will eventually return to Israel. We are the midwives who are aligned with God. We must help the people called by the Lord, just like helping pregnant women to give birth, into their destiny!

The Midwife Destiny of the Chinese 

Because we are not only citizens of the United States, we are also citizens of the kingdom of heaven. On the earth, we are a bridge between the United States and Asia (because we have never severed the connection with our family in our hometown), and just like the Chinese word for China is “中”, we are to be a bridge of reconciliation between Isaac and Ishmael, standing in it to fulfill God’s destiny entrusted to them. I feel that God’s strategy of putting us in the United States, because this country is the only country outside of Israel that has established a covenant with God. God wants us to learn to stand with all the oppressed Jews, blacks, and aborigines here, and encourage them like midwives. To work with them to give birth to the destiny of the Lord in them. Such anointing and testimony will eventually return to Asia and the Middle East, and finally to Jerusalem!

Looking back, the “Kingdom Aive” has been established since 2010. We saw the kingdom of heaven running among us. Since 2011, we have participated in the Homecoming gathering together year by year. In 2013, Anton Cruz prophesied to Papa Fred that he would become a father to the First Nation people. at the time we thought it would be the aborigines of Taiwan, we never realized it also included the First Nations of North America! Through countless large and small home gatherings over the years, I realized the essence of the Lord’s life and saw that the Chinese really became the midwives of many nations, just like the godly midwives in Egypt, defying the threats of all the powers of darkness, and helped God’s people to give birth to babies, and the destiny God given to their ethnic group. This is the destiny given to us by the Lord, especially the Chinese in North America !

God is Fulfilling the Call Step by Step

By now, you may be wondering, is it really so? To be honest, I don’t know how many times I have asked myself this question! Let me share my personal response to God’s experience and the experience of the homecoming team:

On the last few days of the trip to the Aboriginal Reservation, in Oklahoma, after I shared my experience, Pastor Thomas gave me an  important token of the Aboriginal people: an arrow!  there was no clearer sign than this. That night, under the witness of Native American leader Joe Donell and Pastor Heather, a native of Taiwan, with fear and trembling I accepted the covenant token! (Looking back, I realized I have accepted it on behalf of the East Coast family!)

Honestly, I was really shocked. All night, I was still pondering about the meaning of what happened. I didn’t realize God was not finished with me, another wonderful thing happened the next morning!

When we returned to the dormitory that night, due to the mess up with the key to the male dormitory, a group of us had to move to the females’ dormitory for one night. The next morning, when I was drinking coffee, I found a lot of writing on my cup (pictured on the right), ” great things happened when we Beelieve”; I was amazed, after I finished my coffee, I found there was also writing at the bottom of the cup, and it was more straightforward: “Believe you can succeed”, If it is to bee, it’s up to me”! Oh my god, I just remember telling myself, Lord, I know! This can’t be a coincidence? There has been confirmation all week long ! That day, I really believed it! The Chinese always think before we leap, slow in making decision like a camel, but I know that once the camel is activated, we can take three days and three nights without drinking water, carrying all the supplies and possessions moved by God, and we will become the supply team of the kingdom of God and the nations. To be a blessing to go back to Zion on the Silk Road!

I still remember very clearly. Just before we came back, led by the Holy Spirit. I told the aboriginal families of the West Coast with confidence: One day, Chinese people all over the world will come back here to visit you, and when I returned to the East Coast and shared my report to the family, I kept on repeating that statement.   I knew that this was a mission God gave to the Chinese in North America! 

I am confident and I am willing, and I know that when you experience the call of the Lord, you will believe it, and you will be willing!

A Good Example of Homecoming

Pastor David Demian stayed in Canada 20 years ago because of the special calling of God. Although he misses the people and land of his hometown Egypt, God has other plans. I believe that many people are familiar with his story, and it is completely beyond what Papa Damian expected. God actually gave Pastor Damian the burden for the destiny of Canada, unintentionally he established the “Watchmen for Nation” ministry. He spent a lot of money and time traveling around Canada to connect with family who are destined to bear the burden of the country. At that time, God revealed to him: The reason Canada’s cannot be fulfilled her destiny because of a past sin, that is, Anti-Semitism in Canada. He was also very surprised: “Isn’t Canada always very supportive of Israel? How could it be involved in anti-Semitism?”   

It turned out that in 1939, the St. Louis fled from Germany a few months before the Second World War. The ship was packed with 900 people, most of them Jewish. They were fortunate to be able to escape from the clutches of the Nazis (pictured on the right). They applied to many countries to land but were rejected by every country, including Canada, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and Panama, mainly because they did not dare to offend Germany, disregarding international humanity and conscience, and reject the political asylum requested by the refugees on board. As a result, the ship could only return to Europe. Unfortunately, 254 passengers on board were arrested and died in a concentration camp. Thus, even current Prime Minister Trudeau once apologized to the Jews in 2018! ( For details, click on the two articles: the kingdom of God experiment and Trudeau apologized to Israel

When Pastor Demian shared this revelation from God everywhere in Canada, and invited everyone to confess their sins and repent. Many local Canadians actually couldn’t understand or even disagreed. After all, this was in the past many years ago. Why do we have to confess for this, and there have been many mistakes in the past. Why should we plead guilty for this? What’s more, how do we confess our sins and guilt? Actually, Pastor Damian Admitted that he actually didn’t want to live in Canada at all, and had no burden for Canada’s destiny initially. However, God used two most unlikely “foreigners”: a Chinese and an Egyptian to take up the watchman of Canada and participate in this important task that was vital to the destiny of the country; in the past 20 years , God uses the small group of Zion Church, to not only overturned Canada, but also has a great impact on the world!

I present this example to show that God’s thoughts are always higher than ours, and God’s way is always higher than ours. I also hope to provide a perspective to think on: What does the revival of God have to do with me?”, “What does the offense that occurred in this land have to do with me?”, “If God really chooses me to participate in it, what can I do?”

The Experience of Han and First Nation Walking Together in Taiwan 

I believe that the journey of the Han and First Nation in Taiwan walking together can provide some clues. We all know that in the history of mankind, there have been injustices where the strong oppressed the weak. Many people even regard these evil deeds as civilization and replace the inevitable pain phenomenon. I must confess honestly, in Taiwan, I have also seen and heard about the discrimination and oppression of the indigenous people, but we have not taken any action or appeal to help the indigenous people.

The Transformation of the Heart and the Minds

Let me share my personal transformation first: I remember attending my mother’s denomination Church on Sunday, during my high school year. My Sunday school teacher took a rice liquor bottle with a label  “Reserved Special for Mountain people.” He also asked all of us, if we understood the label. This rice liquor is so strong that non-native people will not be able to handle it. That was the first time I heard the term indigenous people” and their ability to drink, therefore it was especially reserved for them? We didn’t know how to answer, Deacon Chen then said loudly, “That’s because this kind of rice liquor is a bad liquor. I am concerned that you will drink it by accident, but I am not concerned if the aborigines drink this cheap and bad liquor. After all, someone needs to buy it. Drink it! So, the government’s public sales bureau labels it for  mountain people only” ” When we looked at each other, embarrassed, the Sunday school teacher went on to say: “We call the aboriginal people uncivilized or mountain people, I thought within me, I wonder who is more uncivilized? Us or them? That was my first enlightenment. However, as a Han Chinese, I never felt any burdens and indebtedness to the aborigines. After all, our church buys mushrooms, pears, cabbage, etc., grown by the aborigines directly from the mountain people every year, without  the exploitation of middlemen, unconsciously, we have seen ourselves superior, and were still complacent, feeling we have made some contribution to the aborigines?!

True Repentance Brings True Unity

10 years ago, God led Pastor Demian to come to Taiwan from Canada. He has written many times and shared the revelation and information about the relationship between the land and the people, the destiny of the country and the blessing of God. A few years later, under the direction of the Lord, several Han’s pastors  who carried the same burden visited the aboriginal Pastor Lai Anli on Hsinchu Mountain, started the journey of Hans and First Nation walking together”. It began with pastor Lai Anli questioning the motives of these Hans pastors, until they listened intently to the sorrows and the pains, asked for forgiveness for past transgressions, and for pastor Lai Anli sincerely accepted and forgave them, to finally share the true feelings in the heart and then be able to walk together. During those times, many people had witnessed the joy and peace from the Lord come through the journey of unity. Indeed, many things have happened in the past, a long time ago. But it does not mean that it has no effect on the present, and it does not mean that we can’t do anything now. Through the redemptive blood of God, we can truly and humbly experience repentance, forgiveness, and acceptance. The cursed land will eventually be healed, and the broken and alienated relationship will be restored. The beautiful harmony is definitely not an unattainable dream. We can imagine how joyful our Creator’s heart is! I am convinced, The Father that loves us and gave us His only beloved Son, to die on the cross in our place, so that our broken relationship can be restored, so that the shackles of sin no longer threaten, curse our land and people!

The Change of a Few People Brings a Bigger Change

The transformation of a few people will also bring about a larger level and the transformation of everyone. It may seem like a small step for a few people, but it brought about a big step for many people. Here are two practical examples. One is that Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen officially apologized to the aborigines of Taiwan on behalf of the country for the first time a few years ago, just like the scriptures in II Corinthian Pastor Gideon often likes to quote. First the natural, then the  spiritual. The broken relationship between the original Chinese in the past was caused by the hurt in the spiritual world. When the spiritual relationship is restored, the natural brotherhood will also change, and it will continue to expand to other levels, the church will change, and the government will also change!

The Unity between the Hans and First Nation in Taiwan’s influence Global First Nation Revival

We saw the beautiful fruits produced not only in Taiwan but also greatly helped the aboriginal people around the world. When the global Homecoming aborigines gathered in Thailand in May 2017, we witnessed the breakthrough and blessings brought by the beautiful anointing of the unity of Taiwan. 40 countries’ representatives gathered. We all know, every aboriginal groups had experienced all kinds of hurt and killing, and endured years of suppression and ridicule, and ended up with inferiority, shutdown, sadness and resentment. Therefore, whenever they think of the past and the present situation, there is always an indescribable haze and resentment; however, it was in that gathering. When the aborigines of Taiwan came up to share, the true and beautiful testimony of the walk of unity brought a glimmer of light. We saw once again that when we obey God, to identify the strongholds of the past hurt and take the  opportunity and instruction led by the Holy Spirit, to truly repent and confess our sins and the sins of our ancestors committed on the land. Allow the grace of the Lord to restore the relationship between people, I am convinced that the land will breathe again, all things will be renewed, and the restoration will be just around the corner, just like Romans 8:22 portrays, “ All creation eagerly awaits the manifestation of the sons of God “!

God is Looking for the Remnant of the Last Days

I deeply believe that when we are willing to do the work of restoration according to  God’s leading, timing and ways, the creation itself will be liberated from its bondage to decay and brought into the freedom and glory of the children of God. ( Romans 8:21 ) This is why the Lord has been leading me to spend time before Him, looking for clues hidden in history, geography, and celestial phenomena to write this article, because I really feel the Lord’s eagerness and desire to find a group of people that He can trust and impart in the last days. The remnant of the people, before the return of the Lord Jesus, to really see the restoration of the relationship between man and man, man and land, and man and God.

The Bible verse Papa Gideon often quoted: Heaven must receive him until the time comes for God to restore everything, as he promised long ago through his holy prophets.” (Acts 3:21)  I want to thank you for your patience to keep on reading, let’s walk the last mile, let’s enter the last paragraph of what God has moved me to write, especially the overseas Chinese immigrants to discern with us, for the assignment for 2024!

(to be continued)

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Pray for America: Ecclesia with Tenacity

Editor’s note: This article is an excerpt from the 9/8 prayer of “Give Him 15 Minutes” by Intercession Leader Dutch Sheets . “I invite you to join me every day in prayer for our country until the election crisis is resolved. I will read the daily 15 Minutes to Him, give a comment, and then we will pray together. As we stand for America” You can join us here as we go to Petition. – Dutch Sheets

Background:  In 1977 I heard my first sermon by John Garlock, the greatest communicator I’ve had the privilege of listening to. John, now in heaven, was one of my professors at Christ For the Nations Institute. The message was on the subject of tenacity and had 3 points, which I remember to this day, 46 years later. John was that good. Today’s post is taken from that message.

Tenacity, of course, is the quality of persevering, refusing to quit, and holding fast – like a bulldog on a bone. I found the following synonyms in my good ole phone dictionary: courage, determination, grit, heart, resoluteness, and resolve. On the less formal, slang side of the synonym list, I found gutsiness, intestinal fortitude, stick-to-itiveness, and true grit. Pick your word or phrase, but tenacity is the determination to hang in there when the hangin’ ain’t easy. (Brother Garlock, as we called him in the day, would probably cringe at my choice of words!)

This great wordsmith illustrated tenacity, and the lack thereof, with the following poem: 

“Two frogs fell into a can of cream, or so it has been told.
The sides of the can were shiny and steep; the cream was deep and cold.
‘Oh, what’s the use?’ said number one. ‘It’s plain no help’s around.
‘Goodbye, my friend, goodbye, sad world.’ And weeping still, he drowned.
But number two, of sterner stuff, dog paddled in surprise,
The while he licked his creamy lips and blinked his creamy eyes.
‘I’ll swim at least a while.’ he thought. Not once, he stopped to mutter.
Then hopped out from the island he had made of freshly churned butter.”

(Author unknown)

Point # 1

Professor Garlock took his text that day from 2 Samuel 23:8-12, a passage about David’s Mighty Men. The first warrior mentioned is Adino the Eznite, “Who killed 800 men at one time” (verse 8). Garlock said Adino pictured “Tenacity in the face of impossible odds.”

This feat is difficult to imagine, killing 800 enemy soldiers in one battle. We are not told how Adino did it, but obviously, Yahweh made up for that which his tenacious nature couldn’t supply. He does that. Perhaps Adino backed himself against a large rock or wall, where only one or two enemies at a time could get to him, and fought them with his spear. He killed one, then a dozen…twenty…fifty…and still they came. But this warrior was tenacious and fought on. But come on – 800?

Not if God is on your side, and you refuse to give up. The odds against us become irrelevant when Yahweh fights for us. “If God is for us, who can be against us?” (Romans 8:31)

Gideon defeated 135,000 Midianites (Judges 8:10) with 300 warriors (Judges 7:6). He was facing 400 to 1 odds, but heaven fought for him. If you have the tenacity to stand for truth, even in the face of overwhelming odds, God will show up and fight for you.

Point # 2

Then there was Eleazar, son of Dodo the Ahohite. “He rose up and struck the Philistines until his hand was weary and it clung to the sword, and the Lord brought about a great victory that day; and the people returned after him only to plunder the dead” (Verse 10). Eleazar pictured “Tenacity in the face of overwhelming fatigue,” said Garlock.

True warriors sometimes have to dig a little deeper. One of the synonyms above was “heart,” and Eleazar had this second heart, located in his soul. When he could no longer hold his sword with physical strength, he held on with his heart! When the battle ended, they had to peel Eleazar’s fingers off the sword.

Sustained prayer requires this level of “stick-to-itiveness.” Warriors of intercession only quit when they’ve won. George Müller was a tenacious prayer warrior. One example of his persistence is related by Dick Eastman in his book, No Easy Road. He quotes Müller as saying:

‘The great point is never to give up until the answer comes. I have been praying for sixty-three years and eight months for one man’s conversion. He is not saved yet, but he will be. How can it be otherwise . . . I am praying.’

Eastman continues, “The day came when Müller’s friend received Christ. It did not come until Müller’s casket was lowered into the ground. There, near an open grave, this friend gave his heart to God. Prayers of perseverance had won another battle. Müller’s success may be summarized in four powerful words: He did not quit.”

Success in life, and certainly in faith and intercession, requires this intangible quality of tenacity. Without it, you cannot win; but with it, you cannot lose.


Last but not least in Garlock’s message was Shammah. He risked his life for a plot of peas. “Now after him was Shammah, the son of Agee, a Hararite. And the Philistines were gathered into an army where there was a plot of land full of lentils, and the people fled from the Philistines. But he took his stand in the midst of the plot, defended it, and struck the Philistines; and the Lord brought about a great victory” (Verses 11-12).

Professor Garlock called this “Tenacity in the face of a humble assignment.” One can almost envision the assignments being handed out for the battle that day. “Tom, you guard our leader, David. Protect him with your life! Joe, you protect the women and children. Their lives depend on you, your skill, and bravery.”

Shammah waits anxiously for his noble assignment. What will he risk his life to save? The ark of the covenant? David’s abode? Perhaps all of the livestock? Then it comes: “Shammah! Protect that pea patch over there!”

“Huh? You gotta be kidding!” would have been the response of many warriors. But not Shammah.

“Yes, sir! Only over my dead body will anyone get to the peas!”

God loved it so much He put it in His book! Three thousand years later, we are still reading about Shammah. And I suspect he has a prominent place in heaven, though he obviously won’t care where he is positioned. Tenacity in the face of a humble assignment!

We live in a world filled with people looking for success, fame, fortune, prestige, advancement, power, and glory; they are a dime a dozen, trying to make a name for themselves. Servants, not so much. But you WILL find many of them in the prayer movement. They are fine with closets, back rooms, small groups, lonely trails, and back roads. Nameless and faceless, you’ll recognize these praying servants by their broken hearts, calloused knees, red eyes, and perhaps sword imprints on their hands – not by their faces or names.

Heaven knows them well, however, as does hell. Counterparts of David’s Mighty Men, are Christ’s Mighty Women and Men, tenacious warriors and freedom fighters…in the face of impossible odds, overwhelming fatigue, and humble assignments.

Next time you see one, thank them for their service.

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Pray for Israel: (17) I have set watchmen on your walls, O Jerusalem

Editor’s note : The series of prayers in “Isaiah 62 Prayer” was written by Sandra Teplinsky, one of the founders and directors of Light of Zion in 2023. This year is to complement the excellent devotional prayer handbook “God’s Heart for Israel” published by IHOP-KC, Kansas, Missouri. In 2023, IHOP-KC initiates a 21-day global fast and prayer according to Isaiah 62 and recommends participants to use this prayer booklet. We will publish the prayers in it every week in the future.

Current event: As a prayer leader of Messianic Jewish believers in Jerusalem, Israel, it is very valuable to be able to supplement the handbook “God’s Heart for Israel”, especially for Israeli intercessors who participated in the 21-day fast. It is the main reason why I wrote “Isaiah 62-Praying for Israel” (hereinafter referred to as “Isaiah 62 Prayer”), and I also hope to help those who have been praying for Israel for many years but do not live in Israel and are not Jewish intercessor.

“Isaiah 62 Prayer” focuses on a verse or phrase in Isaiah 62 every day, and also echoes the weekly theme and daily points of “God’s Heart for Israel”. Therefore, the two booklets are compatible with each other for the purpose of the 21-day global fast. Since “The Prayer of Isaiah Chapter 62” is to supplement “God’s Will for Israel”, the content is not completely in accordance with the order of the verses in Isaiah Chapter 62. I encourage anyone who participates in the Global Fast and reads The Prayer of Isaiah 62 to also read God’s Mind for Israel. Both booklets have content of the day and echo each other.

Most of the prayers in “Isaiah 62 Prayer” use the first person. The reason is that Israeli believers do their own personal prayers first, and then enter into intercessory prayers. In addition, because I am in Jerusalem, many prayers for Jerusalem are also Use first person. To illustrate: “We and our people” is used more often than “them and their people”.

Intercessors of the nations will note that many of these prayers are confessions of the sins of the nation of Israel, because the Isaiah 62 Prayer is primarily directed to the Israelites. Please do not allow these prayers of confession to stir up anti-Israel or anti-Semitic feelings in your heart. We, as Israelites, have a special place of intercession, especially when we confess the sins of our people. Likewise, Christians of all nations should confess their nation’s sins in prayer.

For the purpose of writing “Isaiah 62 Prayer”, I use “Zion” to represent the nation of Israel, not just Jerusalem. There is no contradiction between this and “Zion” in the Bible. All scriptures quoted in this volume use the NKJV version (New King James Version).
May God bless you greatly as you read, pray, and renew in God’s Word, connected to His heart.

In Yeshua (Jesus),
Sandra Teplinsky @Lightofzion.org

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Critical Event: Fatherhood Ignited in Africa

[Background: Sudanese pastor Wagdi responded to the Lord’s call. On July 8th, he will go to Egypt alone to serve the Sudanese refugees who fled there, and rescue his nephew and niece who are fleeing. Here are the latest prayer messages from him:

I’m going to the city of Gander near the border between Ethiopia and Sudan. Please pray for the Sudan exit visa and Ethiopia entry visa; please pray for the journey between the borders that the Lord protects; please pray for the UN staff who accompany the children; as of now, I have not received the immigration file from the lawyer, please Pray for the interview at the Canadian embassy; please pray for my nephew Moy who is going through a very difficult time.

A Generation in Desperate Need of Fatherly Love

As we all know, Africa is in a desperate need of fathers. This generation is desperate for the rise of fatherhood and motherhood. It is time for the church to respond! behold! Before the great and dreadful day of the LORD comes, I will send to you Elijah the prophet, and he will turn the hearts of fathers to their children and the hearts of their children to their fathers, lest I come and curse the earth. ( Mal. 4:5-6 ) Yes, God the Father is sending messengers like Pastor Vati, full of fatherly hearts, to embrace this broken generation…

Vessels Prepared by God

Pastor Wagdi is a Sudanese Christian who was imprisoned for his faith 33 years ago. But God was determined to save him, and he was rescued in time by the rioters outside the prison who tore down the prison wall, so that he would not be hanged the next day. With the help of international organizations, Wagdi came to Canada and was connected to some wonderful spiritual resources, but his heart never left Sudan. After the Covid pandemic, the Lord called him back to Sudan and told him to visit churches across Sudan from city to city, mainly gathering young people who believed in the Lord. During this period, he discovered that there was a very strong worldly atmosphere in the Sudanese church, competition and comparison, greed for fame and fortune, hatred and unresolved grievances, many young people left the church because of this, all of which made him feel helpless.

With the Support of the Elders, Give Birth to A Father’s Heart

In the summer of 2021, the two elders of the Homecoming team were invited to Khartoum, the capital of Sudan (They encountered a coup during their stay), to serve the churches there with Wagdi, especially the young people in the Lord. The love and the fragrance of Christ, especially fatherly love, that naturally flowed from the lives of the two elders melted everyone’s hearts; their actions of affirming, accepting and honoring the local elders and pastors in Sudan not only reversed the deadlock at that time , Turning hostility into friendship, their humble and pure love was activated in Wagdi’s life, which moved him greatly and saw an example to follow. Wagdi said, from the two elders, I saw the restoration of the relationship between father and son, and I saw Noah’s hope that the curse on the descendants of “Ham” would be broken! ( Mal 4:5-6 )

In the spring and summer of 2023, another large-scale military coup and riots occurred in Khartoum. At this time, Wagdi clearly heard God say to him, “You have now changed from a messenger of the gospel to a father” and “There is already a father in you.” have the heart of a father.” Father is called “Abuna” in Arabic, and many young people called him Abuna before. God has prepared Wagdi for a long time. He once loved Sudan stubbornly. Now God has promoted him to be the father of Sudan. He is full of love for Sudan and Sudanese young people from the bottom of his heart.

Go on Mission

Due to the military rebellion and war, Khartoum has almost been razed to the ground so far this summer. Thousands of Christians have fled to Egypt, Ethiopia, South Sudan, Kenya and other countries. There are about 3 million people stranded on the borders Wagdi’s younger brother and his wife have been taken captive by the military, and the younger brother’s two children also need to be brought back by Wagdi from the Christian community in Ethiopia before they can go to Canada. Many people are asking him: Why did this happen? Is God still with us? Wagdi quoted the words from the Book of Job as saying, We receive blessings from God, but don’t we also receive disasters? ( Job 2:10a ) He firmly believes that everything happens because of God’s good intentions!

God urged Wagdi to go to Egypt quickly to visit the Christian family members who fled there, gather them, strengthen them, and pray with them for the peace of Sudan. Before that, he trained 300 elite Christian soldiers, who are now scattered in neighboring countries such as Ethiopia and Uganda. He also has to cross the border to visit them one by one, so that they can feel the care and warmth of his father’s heart. Due to his eye disease (infected right eye and blindness), during a service in Kenya, members of the Lord laughed and said that God used a blind man to open the eyes of everyone.

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Cleansing And Covering Prayer

Cleansing Prayers

Dear Heavenly Father, I ________ (put your name in it) come to the throne of grace, through the blood of Jesus Christ, the power of the Holy Spirit, to receive Your abundant grace and mercy.   Lord Jesus, ________ confess You are the Lord of my life.   I ask the resurrected power of the Holy Spirit to fill and saturate every part of my being.   I surrender all my spirit, soul and body completely to You.  Now I ask You to reveal to me, remind me of any sin that I have committed known or unknown, so that I can confess and repent of them accordingly. (Recommendation:  quiet yourself, so you can allow the Holy Spirit to reveal to you)

Cleanse me from all the defilement of the world, sanctify me and my family line of any unrighteousness with the blood of Jesus.   Now by my own will, I choose to forgive everyone that has offended me or hurt me, I release them into the freedom of my forgiveness.   I also release them from the debts they might owe me. I now cast all my burden to You .  Your yoke is easy, Your burden is light.   I now put on the armor of God that You have given me, gird myself with the belt of truth, the breastplate of righteousness, the helmet of salvation, the shield of faith, the sword of the Spirit, my feet fitted with the gospel of peace, so that I can pray and intercede in the Holy Spirit by Your mighty power, and after done all to stand firm.

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Firewall Covering Prayer

Abba Father, I thank you for watching and blessing us coming in and going out, from now and forevermore.
Abba Father, help us to hide under the shadow of the Almighty, and cover us with Your wings.   I now plead the blood of Jesus Christ of Nazareth on myself, my entire family _________

(speak names of your family, and name the people, things, items, that needs covering, such as : your work, ministries, and everyone that you minister to, your  property, finances, friends, pets, vehicles, pastors and small group leaders / members and president )

Abba Father, send the host of angels and chariots of fire, to surround and protect us, I ask that You place the power of the Cross of Jesus Christ, in between everyone and the power of darkness that we might be facing today, to block all ungodly influences and keep us from all spiritual attacks, loss of property and any evil strategy of the enemies. We declare no weapon formed against us shall prosper.   Lead us not into temptation and deliver us from evil.

In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen!

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