Purpose 目的

The Purpose of the Global 40 Day Fast And Prayer:

  • to Call the Global Body of Christ in Unity
  • to Pray for the Revival of Israel.
  • to Pray that Nation of China will Walk in the Will of God,
  • to Pray that All Tribe and Tongue and Nations will all establish the family of God

Let the Global body of Christ rise up:

  • to be the blessing to the world
  • prepare the way for   the glorious King!


  • 呼召全球基督身體一起同心
  • 為以色列的復興禱告,
  • 為華夏民族行在神的旨意裏禱告,
  • 為各族各方各民建立神的家禱告,



  • 成為全地的祝福,
  • 預備榮耀君王的道路!