Isaiah62 Fast Reference以賽亞62禁⻝禱告參考資料


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Vision and Background
Prayer Guideline 禱告指南
  • Pray as much as possible in apostolic prayer with scripture.
  • Use positive prayer language.
  • This time when pray for Israel, don’t do identification prayer of repentance for the Jews. Rather,  ask God to have mercy on His people and for the Holy Spirit to visit them and turn the Jewish people back to salvation.
  • Please follow the daily schedule in the prayer book as closely as possible, starting from this starting point and extending outward.
  • There are several directions to pray:
    • Pray for the Lord to raise up watchmen for Israel
    • The salvation of the Jews
    • The peace of Jerusalem, the care of God for Israel
    • The Outpouring of the Holy Spirit
  • 儘量用經文使徒性禱告。
  • 用積極正面的禱告語言。
  • 此次爲以色列禱告,不爲猶太人替代性的認罪。而是求神來憐憫他的百姓,聖靈造訪他們,使猶太人回轉得救。
  • 請帶領的人儘量跟隨禱告手冊上每天的安排,從這個起跳臺開始,再延伸出去。
  •  有幾個方向,都可以禱告:
    • 求主興起爲以色列的守望者
    • 猶太人的救恩
    • 耶路撒冷的平安,神對以色列的看顧保
    • 聖靈澆灌
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