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The United Arab Emirates

[Background: In the 16th century, Portuguese invaded and were expelled by the Ottoman Empire.  In 1971, the former six emirates of Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Dubai, Ajman, Fujairah and Umm al-Quwain declared independence and formulated an interim constitution to form the United Arab Emirates. In 1972, the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah joined. The UAE adopts a confederation system. The Supreme Council is composed of the chiefs of the seven emirates. The UAE has a federal court system, but all chief tribes have their own secular and Islamic laws for civil, criminal and high courts.
Although the UAE is an Islamic country with 70% of its population believes in Islam, it provides more religious freedom to immigrants than that of the other Islamic countries. The number of local Christian churches has grown from twenty-four in 2005 to forty in 2015. Thousands of believers attend legal church meetings every week.   Among these churches, St. Paul’s Church opened its door in mid-2015.  It’s located in a lot of over 4,000 square meters and offers 30 services per week.  Even so, there are still some religious restrictions.   Christians are not allowed to evangelize Muslims; printing of the Bibles or spiritual publications is banned; converts from Islam to Christianity will face severe punishment.
Social Changes because of Economic Changes
Since the discovery of oil in the United Arab Emirates in 1966, the country has undergone tremendous economic changes. Over the past 10 years in Dubai, GDP has grown by 230%, of which oil revenues account for only 6%. Its development and construction are comprehensive and diversified. Tourism has become one of Dubai’s main sources of income. With a world-class seven-star Burj Al Arab Jumeirah Hotel, large shopping malls, etc., These modernization has had a tremendous impact on the society.  For example, in the past women had to be accompanied by their husbands, and now women can go shopping and stay in shopping centers by themselves. In addition to shopping centers, satellites have also radically transformed people’s deep-rooted ideas. Almost every household has a satellite receiver. Many Arab gospel programs have been widely aired; translation has been actively carried out, and online gospel programs have also received enthusiastic responses.]
  • Pray for the believers and the Church in UAE May God send fire to the Church and raise the saints. May the Holy Spirit pour on the children of God so that they become fervent towards God and get equipped. With the help of the Holy Spirit, may they have wisdom and discernment to evangelize UAE tribes and ethnic groups, giving testimonies for Jesus with signs and wonders. May God cause large-scale spiritual revivals to occur that make people return to Christ. May God also ignite the fire of prayer, to move the leaders of the churches to join each other, to set up prayer altars in one accord to worship and pray together. May the Kingdom of God come down to the United Arab Emirates. May the knowledge of the glory of the Lord fill the seven Arab Emirates!
  • Pray for former Muslims who have received the Lord: May God’s heavenly protection fall upon them; may God strengthen their faith and permeate them with Your love every day and drive out their fear.   Make them rooted in Your truth and love.   Help them cultivate a true personal relationship with God so that they may stand strong and courageous for God and manifest Your glory.
  • Pray for the people of the United Arab Emirates: May God save the souls of UAE people. Stir up their hearts through commercial activities, the Internet or the gospel programs available through the satellite. Grant them the thirst to seek truth.   Open their eyes to see clearly and open their ears to hear clearly.   Sow the seeds in their hearts and allow them to germinate and grow.   Bring forth the miracles of the gospel and transform the UAE inside out.
  • Pray for the leaders of the United Arab Emirates: May God save the souls of these leaders.   May You stir them up in their comfort zone so that they may know You the Most High God.   Open their eyes and minds to agree with God’s mind.   Grant them wisdom to rule UAE. ift the restrictions that they have placed on the Christianity to embrace and allow their people to change their faith. Make the United Arab Emirates a blessed country.

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Central African Republic

Background: Central African Republic was a French colony before her independence, and was a major channel for the slave-trade. Population: 5.09 million; Christians: 3.77 million (predominantly Catholics); government: republic. After 30 years of political chaos under military regime, the civil government was established in 1993. The Central African Republic is true to her name, being situated in the center of the African continent. Being 500 miles above the equator, she is a beauty country with diverse climate, including the jungles of the south and the Sahara deserts in the north. Although, she is abundant in natural resources, including diamond, uranium mining, oil drilling and wood production. However, years of civil war has deeply damaged this country.

After the ensuing chaos stemming from the political coup in 2013, conflict between the Christian majority and the Muslim minority has increased dramatically.  Armed conflict in Central African Republic is rooted in the civil war of 2013, which the Muslim-majority rebel alliance Séléka fought the Christian-majority “anti-Balaka” militia. The government was not able to stop the violence inflicted upon Christian civilians, which cause defensive resistant and revenge attacks upon Muslims by Christian militia. This spurred up ethnic conflict between Christians and Muslims in the nation. “anti-Balaka” was initially a self-defense force against the Séléka, but it had since transformed into a brutal militia which attack Muslim civilians, and since then have turned into a crime syndicate which also attack churches and Christians. Escalating armed conflict within the borders have caused many to escape. Many suffer extreme fear and hunger when they reach registered refugee camps in neighboring countries. Presently, half of Central African Republic’s population are in danger of lack of food, with 2.5 million in need of humanitarian aid.

Central African Republic is one of the worst nations regarding persecution of Christians. After temporary cessation of violence against Christians, this nation’s situation is rapidly deteriorating. The North-East area of this nation is under Muslim control. Christians in that area often suffer harassment, and may even be forced to leave their homes, while Christian meeting are often subject to the threat of attack. 500 Christians have already been martyred, with over 2000 churches and Christian buildings destroyed, and over 1300 Christians were attacked.  】

  • Pray for the people of Central African Republic: Pray that God’s salvation come upon the people of Central African Republic. May God’s children experience God’s faithfulness and peace in the chaos, that they may boldly preach the gospel and be a glorious witnesses for God, and cause many unbelievers to turn to Jesus to enter into true peace and abundance in the Lord.
  • Pray for all the members of militias: May God open the eyes of the Muslim militias who attack Christians, that they may see the truth in Jesus Christ. May God save their souls, as Saul was transformed to Paul who loved the Lord, cause Your great light to shine upon them. Also pray for the nominal “Christian” militia, to truly repent for their sins, to be born again, and cease from violence in the name of religion, to stop attacking Muslim civilians and the shedding of innocent blood.
  • Pray for the church of Central African Republic: May God protect the church of Central African Republic, provide all the resources necessary for building up the saints, including oral teaching material for many illiterate believers, and sufficient funds for those who are called to fulltime ministry etc. Raise up many holy vessels for serving God. Also we ask Holy Spirit to bring down fire of prayer, to ignite the churches, and revive prayer altars, experiencing God’s provision and leadership. Increase their faith and labor for transformation of the nation.
  • Pray for the government of Central African Republic: May God raise up leaders after His own heart in Central African Republic, save the souls of the governmental officials, grant them hearts of compassion, to the plights of the people suffering the fires of war. Give them resolve to change, to humbly turn to God to seek for wisdom and strategy to govern the nation, to still the riots of the militia, rid of corruption. To develop God-given natural resources, to improve the economy and lead Central African Republic into peace and prosperity, that Central African Republic may be a nation that is blessed by God.
  • Pray for the president of Central African Republic Faustin-ArchangeTouadéra: Father God, we come before Your throne of grace to pray for the president of Central African Republic, save his soul, protect his body, soul and spirit. May he humble himself before You as Solomon did, to seek wisdom to manage his country. Grant him discernment in the spirit, to understand Your ways and Your will, in order to lead this nation from the snares of Satan – to cease slavery and the war between the militias. May Your abundant grace come upon him and his cabinet, may God have mercy on this nation, bring an end to the civil war, that the people may enjoy true peace.

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The Democratic Republic of Congo

Background:  The Democratic Republic of Congo is the second largest nation in Africa according to their acreage, and is the wealthiest nation in the world according to natural resources per square mile. There are over 200 ethnic groups in the whole nation, having over 700 local languages. After achieving independence in June 1960, Congo has become the second most industrialized nation after South Africa. However, civil war broke out due to internal struggle for natural resources and political struggle, causing ruin to the national economy and hardship to the population.   Due to continuous war, one of the main weapons of warfare is to sexually assault women of the opponents: as a result, many women and even young children were abused by soldiers and wicked men, so much that many families and societies were abandoned and many became without comfort and help.  Also stemming from war, many have died from preventable or curable diseases, such as cholera, tuberculosis, HIV etc.   Furthermore, the deadly Ebola virus is spreading in the North of the nation, and the World Health Organization is calling out for the neighboring countries to take preventative measures.  The term for president Joseph Kabila has already expired in December 2016 but he has refused to relinquish power, leading to multiple internal conflicts. This August he also declared that he shall not be taking part in the coming election in December. ]
We pray for the Democratic Republic of Congo:
Father God, we give thanks for this nation that You have granted her abundant natural resources, including 2/3 of all of the world’s tropical jungle and various natural mines. We bless this nation in the name of the Lord, and her whole population and all political and military leaders, that their lives be renewed by the word of the Lord and the Holy Spirit. That they turn to the Lord with all their hearts, to become true believers and disciples in the daily lives, hearts and minds. That the natural treasures not be looked upon as curses and reason for stealing, conflict, war and disaster anymore, but instead to be gain from trading that the population be blessed and escape from poverty. We bless this nation that has suffered so much disasters to be enlightened by the light of the Lord, to come back to live from dry bones, to grow flesh and tendon, and experience the power of the Lord and become the army of the Lord, Not only one can enjoy peace herself, but also bringing peace to neighboring nations. We bless the civilian government to gain power over the country, that political power be transferred by peaceful means and not from war. We bless this nation to have a stable government that walks in righteousness.
  • Pray against the spreading of diseases: Father God, please forgive us for the internal struggles, killing of the innocent, purposeful destruction of natural environment stemming from selfish gains and stealing, which caused numerous refugees and spreading of diseases. May You show mercy in the fires of war, and through many different channels provide food and daily needs of the refugees and survivors. Send Your angels to supernaturally eradicate various diseases, especially the deadly Ebola virus. Show Your glory that they may experience Your power and love, that they see hope in hopelessness and turn wholeheartedly toward You.
  • Pray for the sexually-abused women and children: Heavenly Father, open Your eyes and lend us Your ear, to fight against these perpetrators and save and heal the victims from violence. Embrace, comfort and encourage them with Your love. End the public silence regarding such violence, and that the government is able to enforce laws to stop such violence against women and children, that they may no longer suffer shame and pain, and no longer be abandoned by family and society.
  • Pray for the church: May the church arise and be in unity in the Lord. May the pure gospel by preached and the nominal Christians to be born again. May they respect the truth from the Bible, and magnify the Lord in their words and deeds, to be filled with power and love in leadership within the church. May the global church recognize the complexity of the Congo churches and their practical needs, to provide them timely and appropriate help. May the church stand strongly in the shaking of society, to be a light on the lampstand to bring light to surrounding people.
  • Pray for current president Joseph Kabila: Father God, we are thankful that president Kabila finally was willing to end his dictatorship after numerous protests and riots. That he no longee seek for election. May the Lord bless Kabila after he step down to live a quiet and stable life. We bless the elections at the end of the year to be able to go forward peacefully and successfully. That a leader that will be elected who is after God’s own heart, is righteous and wise, and willing to labor to serve the people, to bring peace and stability to all of the people of  the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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Pray for the Republic of the Congo

There are two nations named Congo in the world, also known as Democratic Republic of the Congo and Republic of the Congo. Separated by the Congo River, both areas used to be territory of Bantu Kingdom of Kongo, which is one of the reasons why both areas share similar ethnic group, language, and culture. In 19 century, Democratic Republic of the Congo has been colonized by Belgium while Republic of the Congo was formerly part of the French colony. In June of 1960, the Belgian Congo achieved independence under the name Democratic Republic of the Congo, and named Kinshasa as its capital city. In the same year, the former colony of French Congo also gained independence in August under the name Republic of the Congo, and named Brazzaville as its capital city. Although these two nations are geographically close, their politics, economy, resources, and people’s livelihood are different more or less.

[Background: The Republic of the Congo, one of the first oil producers in Africa, is rich in natural resources. Nevertheless, oil revenue did not provide the same degree of prosperity equally nationwide. More than half of its population live poorly on unstable jobs, such as farming, fishing, and hunting. After the civil war between 1997-2001, government tried to bring new constitution and referendum to revitalize itself, when dealing with corruption, arresting political prisoner, lack of human rights protection, and fraud on treasury. Although many declares they are Christian (including Catholics and all denominations of Protestant), they do not understand Jesus Christ is the only way for redemption and salvation. Many are confused Christianity with pantheism, idolatry and religious ritual.]

  • Pray for government of the Republic of the Congo: Father, May the power of the Holly Spirit, renew government officials’ understanding of You and Your words. May they raise up to become the true believers and apostles. May they receive heavenly wisdom and compassion when dealing with a broken nation under reconstruction. May they faithfully allocate wealth brought by oil production to bless its people and establish its community.
  • Pray for churches in the Republic of the Congo: Father, may the churches raise up again for a mission to preach the pure gospel to all citizens in the nation, helping its congregations to discern heresy and false teaching. May ministry training and equipment been carried out without hindrance. May young people dedicate to the calling of Jesus Christ for its nation. May the political situation in the Republic of the Congo remain stable in the long-term.
  • Pray for the President Denis Sassou-Nguesso: Father, we give You thanks for the peace, stability, unity, and reconciliation between people groups in the nation after President Sassou came to power in 1997 to put down riots. May President Sassou put You before him, humble himself to receive Your heavenly wisdom, strategy, and power. May he lead the country into a flourishing and peaceful future with blessings of heavenly righteousness, just, integrity, and self-control.

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[Country Profile:  Officially the Arab Republic of Egypt, this country is commonly known as Egypt. With a territory across Asia and Africa and a population of more than 90 million people, it is the most populous country in Northeast Africa. As far back as 3100 BC, the ancient Egyptians established their own splendid civilizations in the Nile Valley, including the pyramids, scripts, agriculture, religious beliefs, and a centralized political system. However, ancient Egyptian civilization and culture were not passed down after the demise of ancient Egypt; they were not known to the modern world until they were discovered by archaeologists. Egypt was conquered by Assyria, Persia, Macedonia and the Roman Empire from the 11th century BC to the 7th century AD. In the 7th century AD, the Arabs invaded and established the Arab Empire. By the 12th century, the Arabic language had been widely used, and the conversion to Islam had been prevalent. The ancient Egyptian civilization that had lasted for thousands of years was completely replaced by Arab civilization. Egypt became a British protectorate in 1914. In 1953, the army launched a coup, abolished the monarchy, established a republic and became completely independent. In 2013, after Egypt’s first democratically elected President Mursi was dismissed by the military, Egypt was disrupted by military personnel who were associated with Extreme Islamism (IS), causing national uneasiness and many social problems. The current president out of the military background, President Abdul Fatah Seyce, took office in 2014. He was re-elected in March 2018. Today Egypt has a pivotal position in the entire Muslim world and is the only Arab country that recognizes Israel.
The Muslim Brotherhood was established in 1928 as a religious social group. In addition to the Islamic faith, it also established educational and medical institutions. Since 1936, it has become the earliest political opposition group in the modern Islamic world because of its opposition to the colonial rule of the British Empire in Egypt. The political movement they promoted has formed a wave in the Islamic world, and many political opposition groups in Islamic countries have originated from the Muslim Brotherhood. They have been in conflict with the Egyptian government many times since 1948. In 2015, they were identified as a terrorist organization by several countries including Egypt and Russia.
Egypt’s religion: 90% of the population believes in Islam Sunni, and about 10% of the population believes in Christian Coptic Orthodoxy, Coptic Catholicism, Greek Orthodox, and evangelical sects. The Coptic Orthodox Church is an independent sect in the Eastern Orthodox Church, led by the Pope Alexander in Cairo. The Egyptian Coptic is the largest Christian minority in various countries in the Middle East; the estimated number is between 6 million and 11 million. Despite their numbers, the Copts are still subject to various restrictions in Egypt. There are also great theological debates and differences between the various Christian schools in Egypt.]
  • Isaiah 1:19-24: “In that day there will be an altar to the Lord in the heart of Egypt, and a monument to the Lord at its border. It will be a sign and witness to the Lord Almighty in the land of Egypt. When they cry out to the Lord because of their oppressors, He will send them a savior and defender, and He will rescue them. So the Lord will make Himself known to the Egyptians, and in that day they will acknowledge the Lord. They will worship with sacrifices and grain offerings; they will make vows to the Lord and keep them. The Lord will strike Egypt with a plague; He will strike them and heal them. They will turn to the Lord, and He will respond to their pleas and heal them. In that day there will be a highway from Egypt to Assyria. The Assyrians will go to Egypt and the Egyptians to Assyria. The Egyptians and Assyrians will worship together. In that day Israel will be the third, along with Egypt and Assyria, a blessing on the earth.” 
  • Zacharia 14:18, “If the Egyptian people do not go up and take part, they will have no rain. The Lord will bring on them the plague He inflicts on the nations that do not go up to celebrate the Festival of Tabernacles.”
We pray:
  • For salvation of the people of Egypt: We declare in the name of the Lord Jesus that the time has come. Now it is the time to save the Egyptian people. Many Egyptian Muslims have been disillusioned because of the acts of ISIS. May You appear to them supernaturally. You are the Savior sent by the Lord God to protect them, save them and heal them. In turmoil and hardship, may all the people, young and old, know You and turn to you. They will offer You sacrifices and offerings in worship. You will answer their prayers according to Your promises, to heal and help them, and lead them with Your light so that they do not receive salvation for themselves only, but also become a blessing to many.
  • For protection and supply for Egyptian believers: Father God, we have been grateful for the Egyptian churches that have been standing firm for You in the midst of persecution in the past 2000 years. We thank you for some Christians who have emerged in all walks of life even as part of a weak minority. May You send Your angels continually to protect Your people and help them renew their relationship with You. Awaken those nominal believers. Pour on them the Holy Spirit, anoint and revive them. Teach them to know the truth in the Bible. Make them bold like Joseph and Daniel to expand their influence among the people who don’t know You. For those brothers and sisters who are persecuted, in danger or in difficulty, we cry out to You. You become their shields and refuge. You do not only protect them but also supply them with everything they need to help them stand firm and see Your glory.
  • For shaking Egypt continually: Father, we ask You to ride on a swift cloud and come to Egypt. The idols of Egyptian idols will tremble before You and the hearts of the Egyptians will melt with fear (Isaiah 19:1). Now it is time for shaking! All that can be shaken will be shaken! We ask You to shake all the churches, organizations, and systems that have hindered the fulfillment of God’s will in Egypt. Revive them! Shake all the idols in all arenas throughout Egypt!
  • For the shower for revival and harvest in Egypt: Father God, according to Zechariah 14:18, Egypt will observe the Festival of Tabernacle and receive the rain. Hundreds of Egyptians will gather at Wadi el Natroun to celebrate the Festival of Tabernacles from September 27th to 29th, 2018. Let this gathering be a three-day gathering at the Mount of Transfiguration. May God’s tabernacle cover the children of  Egypt, so that God does not only visit Egypt, but also enter a new season in which God will tabernacle with the Egyptian people forever.
  • For the unity of the churches in Egypt: Father God, when the children of Egypt and the nations come to the Homecoming on October 3rd to October 6th, to worship You, praise You and cry out to You, may Your heart be satisfied and give Egypt to this small group of Egyptians to be their inheritance. May the fire of the Holy Spirit fall and refine the churches; give a greater anointing of unity to the Egyptian churches so that the various denominations are aligned with the will of God and help each other in the love of Jesus Christ. May the unity of John 17 be implemented in Egypt and the Egyptian churches be united the same way the Son is one with the Father. In the name of Jesus Christ, the Egyptian bride will rise at the end of 2018! The house of God will begin to grow in Egypt continually so that the world can see the people of God in Egypt!
  • For the Egyptian President Abdul Fatah Seyci and the government: Father God, we pray that You save the souls of the current Egyptian president and government officials and make them know the Almighty God of grace, compassion and wisdom. May You raise Christian leaders like Joseph and Daniel, giving them humility, integrity, wisdom, strategy, and ability to govern Egypt and to deal with the challenges of domestic ISIS or Muslim Brotherhood and to lead Egypt to democracy, openness, prosperity and unity. May the throne of God’s justice and righteousness be established in Egypt so that the name of Jesus is exalted in all Egypt. Lead Egypt into her destiny and become the people of the Lord God and become the blessing of the nations together with Israel and Assyria.

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[General Condition: Located on the west coast of Africa,Ghana is the closest landmark to the center of the world.  The population is 24,658,823 according to 2010 Census. Tema, an industrial city, is located on the Greenwich meridian (zero-degree warp) and is connected to Accra, the capital.

Ghana is a country with more Christians in West Africa. The missionaries laid the foundation for the Christian church in Ghana in the nineteenth century.  Today, the Ghanaian Christian population accounts for 63.4%. The south of Ghana is dominated by Christians; everyone claims to be a Christian, and churches are found everywhere. However, most of them are only nominal Christians. Except in Accra and a few other major cities, most people who live in small villages believe in traditional African religions, and in the north the Muslim population is growing.  Ghanaians have a peaceful and modest temperament, so believers of different faiths in the north and the south can coexist peacefully.

Poverty Ghana has been known for gold mining since the colonial era. Its coastline being nicknamed the “Gold Coast”is the world’s leading gold producer.  However, the local people have not benefited from it. They cannot enjoy the rich natural resources.   Instead, foreigners have been benefiting from it, resulting in more than one-quarter of the population living below the international poverty line, without access to water, electricity, basic sanitation equipment, hospitals and quality education.

Dumping Ground: According to the statistics of the United Nations Environment Program, nearly 85% of the world’s electronic waste is transported to Ghana in Africa to be disposed of, using the “direct burning” method. However, the toxic gas emission generated by burning becomes thick billowing smokes like Satan; they surround Agbogbloshie, a small town next to the capital Accra. Ironically, the poorest Ghanaians with low economic resources are forced to rely on the electronic waste for a living.

Child Labor and Slaves: There are currently about 1.2 million children between the ages of 5 and 17 in Ghana who are child laborers, accounting for about 22% of the total population of this age group. Other data show that more than 190,000 Ghanaians live in modern slavery. Many boys are sold to Ivory Coast and become forced labor in the agricultural sector. To maintain a stable source of cheap labor, the businessmen who control all of this deliberately lower the wages of farmers to prevent them from being financially able to afford education or other lifestyles.]

Heavenly Father, we pray for Ghana:

  • Pray for the Ghanaians: May God save the people of Ghana, especially the souls of Muslims and traditional elf worshipers. May God have mercy on them, care and comfort the suffering poor people of Ghana. May God appear to and soften their hearts to Jesus, to receive the riches in Jesus Christ. Set them free from the suppression of poverty and other bondage to become the people of God’s Kingdom of wonderful light and express the glory of God.
  • Pray for Christians and churches: May God breathe over Your children in Ghana, to awaken their souls and give them a hungry heart for the Word of God.   Being deeply grounded and rooted in Your truth and love, they may experience the renewal of the Holy Spirit and become fervent for You.  May God’s fire rend the heaven and come down, burning the Church and imparting the power of the Holy Spirit.   Lord, urge the church leaders to rise and establish prayer altars in one accord.  May they align themselves with God so that assuming the power in unity they can pray for Ghana. Lord, equip believers to enter the political, economic and other fields, to gain the land for You and transform the entire nation of Ghana.
  • Pray for the Ghanaian government: May God gain the souls of government officials. Raise Christian government officials who are godly and holy, to govern the country according to the wisdom and strategy given by God. Empower them to put an end to corruption, stop poverty, solve the serious problems of natural resources being controlled by international enterprises and the dumping of electronic waste.Help them also solve the social problems associated with child laborers and slavery.  May the rich natural resource that God has given to Ghana benefit all the Ghanaians throughout the country and lead Ghana into the richness of the Kingdom of God, and fulfill God’s plan and destiny for Ghana
  • Pray for the newly elected President Nana Akufu-Addo: May God bless him with the willingness to seek the well-being of the Ghanaian people. Make him righteous, humble and teachable, to rely on God’s grace and wisdom and lead the people to transform Ghana to become a real “Gold Coast.”

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[Current situation: Kenya is situated in East Africa, national population is 42.7 million (according to UN consensus of 2012). Nairobi is the capital and largest city as well as its financial center.   In 1963, Kenya gained independence from the United Kingdom, and is presently a multi-partied nation. The violence and ethnic clashes stemming from the election of 2007/2008 has produced a joint- government.   Its
corruption level is well-known globally. Kenya suffers from severe wealth inequality, and Kibera (the largest slum in Africa) is situated in Nairobi.  Nairobi consists of 60% below poverty line, and
they dwell in 200 slums occupying only 6% of the city, with many homeless children within.
45% of Kenya are Christian, with the other 33% being Roman Catholics.   However, Christians who routinely attend services do not amount to 10%.   Islam is rapidly growing, while Christians outnumber the Muslims. Nonetheless, Islam is not only active on the political arena, it is also very strong in different sectors. The Islamic extremists specifically target and kill Christians, destroying churches and cause many Christians to abandon and escape their own homes. When a Muslim convert to Christianity is exposed, harassment and fatal attacks ensue.  Feminists are often forced to marry Muslim men or even suffer rape.  Many governmental officials receive bribes from the supporter of Islamic extremists, whilst Kenya government has not taken any measures against the criminal elements who attack Christians. ]
  • Pray for Christians: May the fire of the Holy Spirit ignite the hearts of the believers, enlighten the eyes of their hearts, may they know the hope of Your calling to them and the riches of the glory of Your inheritance to them.   Especially asking God to watch over the young people, to strengthen their faith, not to be tainted by the world, to cause them to be holy vessels capable of influencing other lives. Grant holy desire, so that they may be on fire for You. Revive the church, that many can be equipped and enter into different arenas of the nation, to inherit the land and harvest souls for God.
  • Pray for the persecuted Christians: May God comfort and heal Christians who suffered sever trauma from violent attacks, grant them peace beyond understanding and boldness and courageous hearts, not to fear hostile environments, that they may have victory in the Lord by the leading of the Holy Spirit. That they may be witnesses for the Lord as in the transformation of Kiambu in Kenya, transform these persecuted regions, that it become a glorious land filled with grace of God.
  • Pray for the Islamic extremists: May God cause the Islamic extremists to repent, enlighten them with the light of truth, that they know Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life.  May Holy Spirit fill the Muslim converts, that they be strong and fearless, yet wise as serpents, yet innocent as doves – that they may avoid attacks and at the same time lead many to the Lord.
  • Pray for the poor: pray for homeless children in the slums as well as the tens of thousands of HIV-positive orphans. May God save them, that they may encounter angels, hear the gospel, and become soldiers for Christ.
  • Pray for the church: we ask the Holy Spirit to rend the heavens and come down, bring revival to the churches of Kenya, that they be one without denominational division, to establish united prayer altar and walls of prayer. That they may exercise spiritual authority of God, to tear down strongholds of darkness, not only preaching the gospel to all of Kenya, but also causing Kenya to be a missionary nation.
  • Pray for the government of Kenya: May God save the souls of the government officials of Kenya, that they may speedily come to repentance, or that they be brought to the law, bringing an end to corruption and bribery.  May God raise up God-fearing, holy and righteous Christian leaders, to lead the whole nation humbly to seek God’s wisdom and strategy, in order to improve the economy, solving the problem of wealth inequality. To lead the whole nation into abundance and wealth, and enter into the destiny God has for Kenya.

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Republic of Uganda

[Country Profile: Uganda is an inland country in eastern Africa.  It was known as the “African Pearl” during the British colonial period.  It became formally independent in 1962.   Between 1971 and 1979,  Idi Amin imposed a military dictatorship and oppressed human rights.   About 500,000 people were killed.   In 1979, Tanzania’s invasion ended Amin’s regime.   In 1986, when Yoweri Museveni came to power, the president became a real leader of the country.   Under his administration, Uganda has enjoyed the political stability.   He transformed the country towards a multi-party politics and a liberal economy.   He improved Uganda’s relationship with adjacent countries and obtained preferential trade economic assistance.   Because of the refugees from Kenya, Tanzania, Zaire, Sudan, Rwanda, and Burundi, there have been border disputes and tension with these countries.   Museveni has been re-elected for many times until now.

Spiritual Condition: The Church in Uganda experienced six transformational movements between 1775 and 1990. God transformed Uganda from an idolatry and witchcraft country to a country dominated by Jesus Christ.  The country that used to persecute Christians has now become a country where the president, government officials and citizens are proud of being Christians. The Christian population has increased from 5% to 75%, and the rate of fatal AIDS has fallen from 34% to 5%.   In the national prayer event during the celebration of the 50th anniversary of independence in 2012, Uganda President Yoweri Museveni led the people of the country to repent before God. In February 2014, a bill was passed that combats homosexual activities and punishes homosexuals. At present, the Christian population accounts for 84% (including 45.1% of Christianity and 39.3% of Catholicism), but the spiritual life of believers still needs to go deeper. There are false teachers in the Church, and corruption is present. Witchcraft is still prevalent in rural tribal areas, and the Muslim population is also increasing (13.7%).

Pray for Uganda

Luke 4:18-19’The Spirit of the Lord is on me, because He has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind, to set the oppressed free, to proclaim the y ear of the Lord’s favor.’”

  • Pray for Christians: May the Holy Spirit fill the Christians in Uganda, increase the hunger and thirst in their heart for righteousness to continue pursuing holiness. Help them keep themselves from all despicable and corrupt transgressions and become disciples of true love and holy vessels. Urge them to bring the love and truth of Christ to their neighbors, help AIDS patients, and preach the gospel with boldness to the Muslims, the people who believe in animism, and those who are bound by witchcraft. May God save the souls of the unreached people in Uganda.”
  • Pray  for Church:  that God continues to bring down the fire of the Holy Spirit to the Church, to burn and cleanse her, so that she could break away from all the confusing and false teachings of lies and completely remove false teachers and corruption in the Church.   May she rise as a holy and blameless Church.   May the churches be connected and set up a prayer altar in unity to continue the transformation of Uganda.  May this country be known in the world as one that fears God and bases herself on righteousness and justice, just as depicted in Psalm 33:12, “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord, the people He chose for his inheritance.”
  • Pray for border refugees: May God send missionaries to evangelize the refugees, to give comfort and healing, to make the true light shine on those who are suffering in the darkness of the dead, and to lead their feet to the path of peace.   May God use Uganda’s transformation to attract neighboring countries and turn to the Lord, only true God, so that the Kingdom of God may also come to and bless these countries.
  • Pray for the government: May God continue to raise up among government officials some godly leaders who love the Lord, to govern the country with God’s wisdom and justice, and to remove corruption and administrative sluggishness. May God bless all local administrative officials to be faithful and honest, actively promote public infrastructure, implement education policies, revitalize the economy, and bring people out of poverty.。
  • Pray for President Yoweri Museveni: Father God, we thank you for using President Museveni in the past years, so that people in Uganda can freely worship the true God, evangelize and transform the society. May God continue to bless him, making him to fear God and obey Your Word. May he rely on the wisdom of the Lord to settle the border refugees and lead the country out of poverty and corruption. Uganda will be set apart to become a country honoring the Lord Christ; she will enter God’s rich destiny for her.

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The Lord has done great things for Argentina and we are filled with joy. Restore the captives of Argentina, like streams in the Negev. May the living water of revival cover all of Argentina.

Background: The Spanish rule ended on July 9, 1916, and the Argentine Republic was established. In 1909 Argentina became the 7th economy in the world. During President Juan Perón’s harsh dictatorship between 1946-1955, the nation steeped deeply into idol worship, witchcraft and widespread sexual immorality. In early 1949, Pastor Edward Miller was called by God to start leading church brothers and sisters to pray. In mid-1954 the living waters of revival started to cover all over Argentina. From the northern Gran Chaco forest to most of the southern Patagonia, the glory of the Lord was hovering all over Argentina. The foremost reason of the revival was the fervent prayers of the saints that bound the strongman of Argentina. However, in July 2010, this nation with 91% Catholic population became the first country in Latin America to legalize same sex marriage. In the recent years we have seen serious crises in national debt, in finance, volatile currency as well as social and political unrest. On June 25, 2017, 50,000 Argentinian Christians gathered in the rain in Capital Buenos Aires to take part in the prayer meeting called “Revival in Argentina.”]
1 Corinithan 6:9-11 Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind, Nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God. And such were some of you: but ye are washed, but ye are sanctified, but ye are justified in the name of the Lord Jesus, and by the Spirit of our God.
Father God, we come before You to confess our sins and pray. Please forgive our pride and wickedness. Stretch out Your mighty hand to save us from darkness. We ask You to call forth the prayer warriors all over this country to rise up once again in this hour to cry out before You night and day, to reignite their faith. Through continuous prayer and repentance Argentina will become “healthy, beautiful, strong and passionate with a brand-new heart to you.
  • We pray for revival to enter on the individual and the national levels, for the church to be able to continue in prayer for great revival to positively penetrate the society on every level.
  • We pray to resist dark spiritual forces and attack the demonic, witchcraft and sin strategically. We also pray that more Catholics will receive help to understand the Truth.
  • We pray for mission organizations to be able to work with local churches, to care for the tens of thousands who are in the slums, as well as the Aboriginals, and bring the gospel to them.
  • Also pray for the return of the Jews to Israel.
[Current Affair: After Mauricio Macri became President, he tried hard to pull the country together, to rid the economic problems that were handed down by previous governments, in order that the International Monetary Fund would once again approve Argentina’s economic statistics to be up to international levels. He also worked hard to enhance trading relationships with the US, Europe, China and Southeast Asian countries, which revived Argentina’s economy and benefits Argentinians. Although he did not strongly oppose to legalization of same-sex marriage, he expressed respect for life and opposition against abortion. He also expressed that supporting aboriginal settlements was the policy of his government.]
  • Pray for President Mauricio Macri: Father, “O continue thy loving kindness unto them that know thee; and thy righteousness to the upright in heart.”(Psalms 36:10) May Argentine President Macri taste the fullness of Your love, may Your righteousness dwell in him. May he and his people seek Your face with all their strength. Lord, invigorate Argentina’s economy. May Your glory cover Argentina. May Argentina rise up and lead the Latin American nations to enter their destinies, and may Your heart be delighted with Argentina. In the name of Jesus we pray. Amen!


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[Country history: In 1500, Portuguese expedition force arrived Brazil. After the French Revolution, Portugal was conquered by Napoleon, Portuguese queen Maria and prince Don Joao fled to Brazil in 1808 where Maria died in 1816 and Joao was  made king of Portugal, and he returned to Portugal in 1821, and prince Pedro stayed in Brazil as ruler. On 7 Sept 1822, he declared independence from Portugal and became king of Brazil, called Peter I and the empire continued for 67 years until Peter II succeeded as king, which was abolished in 1889 due to revolution and the Federative Republic of Brazil was established in November of 1889. (from Kingdom prayer network 2010-02-15)
Politics: The official language of Brazil is Portuguese, adopting the separation of powers presidential system – and the president of Brazil is the national and governmental leader of the Federative Republic of Brazil, holding the highest executive power. Current president is  Michel Temer, in 2016 the previous president was impeached due to corruption and Temer took over from position of vice-president. Temer’s term is coming to an end, Brazil’s murder and gun violence cases has reached a new record high, and the people of Brazil is hoping for a leader in the coming election in October who can bring peace and stability. May God raise up an upright leader who love the people in Brazil.
Social condition: according to statistics in 2017, 7 people are murdered every hour. 42% of non-victims and families of Brazil are worried of being killed by gang violence and police action. In early February, the army entered Rio De Janeiro to clear the gangs by force, and fought against the rampant violence of the drug cartels. From April to June, shootings (including police fire-fights) increased from 2924 to 4005, an increase of 37%. From February, murder cases increase by 60% of the previous year. In some area, there is an increase of shootings of 160%. Temer’s government preventive policy has utterly failed. Police corruption, the failure of law and order, high unemployment rate and poverty is the cause of violence, child trafficking, drugs, addiction, drug-dealing, organized crime, prostitution, murder and weapon violence.
Brazil is the largest Latin American nation, rich in natural resources, developed in industry, yet the wealth inequality is staggering. In the population of 200 million, a fifth are in poverty. In large cities, a fourth to fifth of the population live in slums, and tens of thousands of children are trapped in drugs and violence or became prostitutes, with many infected by AIDS. Unemployment is high, illegal weapons are common, and drug cartels are active and gang often fight over territories, causing major problems to the safety of the Brazilian socity. In recent years, refugees from Venezuela rushed in , causing even more problems.
Spiritual condition: Brazil has the largest Catholic population of the world, according to statistics of 2010, 74% of the nation is Catholic with 16% being Protestant Christians. In recent years the prosperity theology, charismatic movement, and renewal of the Holy Spirit was caused many nominal Catholics to convert to Christianity. Whether it is the Catholic church or Christians churches, spiritually mature priests and pastors are needed, to lead the people to know, walk and continue in the truth.
City of David- Rio De Janeiro : the Cristo Redentor, as known as the Jesus statue, was built in 1931, and stood in Corcovado, (also known as Camel back Hill or Jesus Hill) of Rio De Janeiro, it overlooks the whole city of Rio De Janeirom yet  Rio De Janeiro still do not truly know Jesus Christ. Evangelical denominations have been rapidly growing in the past 20 years, and the numbers have grown from 2.9% in 1960 to 26.3% in 2010. Due to the lack of apostolic ministry, theological divisions took place among the churches, and caused personal conflicts and resulted in divisions in the churches.]
  • Deut 33:27 “The eternal God is your refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms. He will drive out your enemies before you, saying, ‘Destroy them!’
  • John10:28 “ I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish; no one will snatch them out of my hand.”
  • Heb 7:25 “Therefore he is able to save completely[c] those who come to God through him, because he always lives to intercede for them.”
Pray for Brazil
  • Pray for the people of Brazil: Father God, may Your mercy come upon Brazil and the people of Brazil, forgive their sins and unrighteousness. Brazil is established for Your greatness, yet they have not surrendered to You, but instead seek wickedness and the world, and under control of religion, tradition and culture. The leaders compromise due to fear, and become trapped by the web of ignorance and corruption. Forgive the Brazilian people for deserting You, please save the souls of the unbelievers, that they may come to know You as the great and might God, to depart from sin, and walk in Your holy light, and become blameless and pure, children of God without fault in a warped and crooked generation.
  • Pray for the church of Brazil: May the Spirit of the Lord work even more among the people of God and the churches, to continue renewal and building up. May more believers be called to preach the truth, be the example to love God and others and propagate the word of the Lord. May the light of the Lord shine upon those who are in darkness, be they rich or poor, to receive hope and purpose in life. May more people experience the truth and faithfulness of the Lord, to commit to intimacy with the Lord, to desire truth, and walk in truth. May the Lord and the church become a refuge for people’s souls, and a source of provision and help, a place of healing and comfort. May God also ignite the fire of prayer, to build joint altars of prayer, that the churches can be of one heart, to exercise spiritual authority in prayer, and declare the blood of Jesus to cleanse all wicked covenants and attacks, to close the doors of the enemy, to break evil oaths and altar, the deception of the false “book of life”, compromises to evil and violence, curses to next generation, spiritual blindness, to shatter powers of darkness, release Brazil from the hold of powers of darkness, and enter into God’s Kingdom of light.
  • Release God’s peace: In the name of Jesus Christ we declare, may peace take place of violence, law and order instead of chaos, and life in place of murder and death. In the name of Jesus we order threats and tyranny to depart from Brazil. In the name of Jesus Christ we declare, that the enemies are to go to the lake of fire. Father God by Your great name, may Your heavenly hosts bring God’s righteousness and abundance to Brazil that the Kingdom of God come upon Brazil, and the church will raise up endtime messengers, intercessors, pastors, servant, true shepherds, teachers, prophets that they do the work of ministry. Brazil shall be called “city of God” that the whole world may celebrate and worship Almighty God,
  • Pray of the coming October election: Father God, place enlighten their eyes, and help them to elect a God-fearing president who has perspective, wisdom, strategy who truly care for the people, society and nation, to bring all of Brazil to depart from poverty, violence and corruption, and enter into Your destined righteousness, peace and prosperity. In the name of Jesus Christ we declare that God’s anointed leader shall take his place. Brazil will humbly cry out before God and not to fear and escape from tyranny, death, drugs, violence, poverty and helplessness. In the name of Jesus Christ we declare, Brazil shall be released, and God’s heart shall be with the people of Brazil. In the name of Jesus Christ we declare that the church shall be restored and transformed, to do away with religion and witchcraft. May Brazil enter into God’s divine destiny.
  • Pray for the refugee problem: May the Lord grant wisdom and strategy to the future government of Brazil, to aptly handle the refugee problem from Venezuela. May the Spirit of the Lord work among the two people groups, to release fruits of love, tolerance, patience, control and kindness, help them to seek harmony and face hardship together. May the Lord grant to both people leaders with wisdom and power, to aptly handle every situation. Have mercy on the refugees who had to leave their nation. Please prepare for them places of dwelling, provide their physical and spiritual needs. May they see Your truth and faithfulness in the midst of hardship, to experience Your love, to know Your truth, to turn to You and receive Your salvation and abundant life, and to have hope in tribulation and unshakable peace.

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[Spiritual Conditions: Canada is a country founded by Christianity but today’s spiritual decline is troublesome. Many of the magnificent church buildings only have a few attendees. Some churches are closed due to having too few people and some were sold to other religions and turned into temples. The biggest reason is the Christian faith of the previous generation was not passed down to the next generation. Most young people have been deceived and plundered by the enemy. In a recent report, according to the current rate of reduction of Christian, there will only be one person remaining after sixty years.]

Curses brought about serious problems of homosexuality: The legalization of same-sex marriage in Canada was passed in 2005, and by 2012, 66.4% of Canadians agreed with legalizing same-sex marriage. The Toronto gay parade has been around for 40 years. The annual Pride Week is one of the largest gay parades in the world. The number of homosexuals involved in the parade reaches millions, and they celebrate their carnival on Church Street with nudity. It brought great smear of the human heart and brought curses. The LGBT (acronym for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) is gradually changing the entire society, city, province, and state of Canada; now the “Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity” (SOGI) diversity education, a radical aggressive Sex education, is gradually introduced to children in primary and secondary schools and kindergartens in various cities. Christian Bill Whatcott was distributing gospel tracks during the Toronto gay parade and was arrested on charges of hate crime.

Legalization of abortion: due to various abnormal sexual relationships, more and more teenagers are growing up in single-parent families, and many do not even know who their father is. Also, more than 100,000 innocent fetuses are killed each year when the government recognizes abortion as legal and the blood of the unborn covered this land.

Distorted sex education programs that seriously affect children: Sex education classes will be added as mandatory courses in more than 3,000 primary and secondary schools in Canada starting in September 2018, starting as young as age 5. From primary school to middle school, students will be taught gay marriage, masturbation, pregnancy, and contraception. They need to learn the six genders in human beings, that is, men, women, transgender, androgynous, transitioning,  and bisexual. All this has completely distorted God’s creation of two genders, and the teaching of marriage between men and women and one man and one woman.

Young people are threatened by mental depression and drugs: Canadian teenagers have serious mental depression and suicide. One-third of Canadians have experienced mental illness in their lifetime. 10% to 20% of Canadian adolescents suffer from mental illness, the highest in the world. The legalization of cannabis in Canada came into effect on October 17 this year. The proportion of Canadian youth who smoke marijuana is the highest among developed countries. Other drug problems have become one of Canada’s biggest safety and security concerns. The rising number of drugs, the level of drugs, and the number of deaths have made Canadians believe that the threat of drugs is getting more serious. There are also cases of shootings. According to a March 2017 report, almost one child or a teenager was shot or wounded every day. These are curses caused by serious homosexual problems Canada has adopted many evil laws, and it is urgent for the intercessors to stand up to watch and pray and to turn chaos back into order

  • 2 Chronicles 7:14 “If my people who are called by my name. will humble themselves and pray, and seek my face, turn away from their wicked way, I will hear from heaven, forgive their sins, and heal their land. .”
  • Ezekiel 22:30 “I looked for someone among them who would build up the wall, and stand before me in the gap on behalf of the land so that I would  not have to destroy it, but I found no one.”
  • Malachi 4:6 “He will turn the heart of the parents to their children, and the hearts of the children to their parents; or else I will come and strike the land with total destruction”

Pray for the Revival for Canada  ]

  • Identification repentance: Father God, we confess and repentfor Canada before God, asking the Lord to forgive us for allowing violence, drugs, pornography to flood the whole society, pedophilia, homosexuality, indulgence of lust; forgive us for shedding innocent human blood, Legalized abortion and marijuana, God, Please send the spirit of repentance into the country of Canada, and turn the heart of men back to God. Abba Father, our land needs the healing of God, have mercy on us, release us from the curses and to enter into Your blessings.
  • Pray for the people of Canada: Father God, may Your salvation come to the people of Canada, revive and stir the hearts of the people of Canada, open the eyes of their hearts, so that they can see the beauty of Jesus that transcend all things, the love of the Lord Jesus is better than fine wine. Restore the respect and the honorable position God should have in the culture of the country. To attract new immigrants to know Jesus through the unity of the diverse community in worshiping the Lord. May they be burned by the flaming love of God, to burn away the coldness in their hearts, and indifference. With a passionate heart, be patriotic that love the country and the people, with compassion and enthusiasm to care for all things, so the country is full of God’s love and glory.
  • God, save the soul of homosexuals of Canada and release them in the freedom of Jesus Christ.
  • Pray for the youth in Canadian: Satan tries to plunder the next generation of Canada, causing them to fall into the trap of sex, drug and depression, suicidal. God, please have mercy on the soul of the next generation,
    • Establish a family prayer altar: God, Please wake up Christian parents in Canada to build a family altar, stand firm on the marriage established by God, pray earnestly for the next generation, give wisdom to parents, and raise up the Daniel of the next generation.
    • Hinder and stop the Education courses that bring gender confusion into schools at all levels: Lord, Please rule over the Canadian Government Education Bureau, completely blocking the teaching of such courses. Equip parents to protect their children without being captured by the power of darkness.
    • Lord, please overturn the marijuana law: Lord, please send forth Your command, for the provincial and municipal governments to enact relevant laws to protect the safety of young people and nationals, to extend Your mighty arm to save the next generation, and not to become “slaves” of the LGBT community and marijuana.
    • Pray that the university campuses across Canada wouldn’t become breeding grounds for liberalism. Instead pray for the rising up of credible and articulate conservative voices who would speak the truth in God’s love and inculcate righteous values and principles for our emerging future leaders.
    • Pray for The Holy Spirit to pour out:Lord, please break down and abolish the stronghold of Satan, and pour out the Holy Spirit You promised in Joel 2, to revive the young people of this generation, to return the hearts of men to Christ, to turn their lives around to become the soldiers of the kingdom of God.
  • Pray for the Church in Canada: 
    • The spirit of God breathe into Canada: the breath of God is once again blown on Canada, and Canada is revived and stand up to become a powerful army.
    • Purify the Church of Canada:  God, bring down the holy fire, cleanse and purify the church in Canada, no longer compromise with the values ​​of the world, preach the gospel of truth, no longer draw back, no longer remain silent. Keep Canada away from the sins of Sodom and Gomorrah, and giving Canada a holy and righteous society to manifest the power of God.
    • The establishment of a united prayer altar:Give us the spirit of unity, urging all Christians to have the same mind, standing together in the true Word of Christ, aligned with the mind of God and aligned with one another, so churches and the body of Christ can establish a unified prayer altar, to be alert and pray for Canada in one heart and one mind, to take back the power and authority, to fight for Canada, so Canada can walk into her destiny .
    • Church remain alert in prayer and not to be complacent even as the Lord awaits our persevering, persistent and prevailing intercession for righteousness and justice to increase, advance and be fully restored to this nation.
    • God will rule and reign in Canada, as proclaimed in Psalm 72:8, May he rule from sea to the sea, and from the river to the ends of the earth,heal Canada, and make the nation of Canada be known for her justice, love, generosity to others. As the words in the national anthem says (God keep our land glorious and free).
    • A healing nation and peace maker:  pray that he anointing of God’s healing will flow from Canada to the nation to heal the nations and  that Canadians would be called sons of God and be peace makers more than peace keepers.
  • Pray for election:
    • pray young first time voters to vote for righteousness in the land.
    •  Pray wisdom and discernment for all Canadians as election campaigns begin to precede the call for federal elections which might take place sooner than Oct 2019.
    •  Pray for public health and safety of all Canadians against terrorism or natural disasters
  • Pray for government:
    • Pray the fear of the Lord on all elected officials especially on the newly elected mayors, city councillors and school board members.
    •  Pray for divine wisdom of righteous candidates of faith to win and assume positions of leadership whether at federal, provincial or municipal levels of government.
    • Pray that Canada would make a clear stand for the sovereignty of Israel as a nation and to prove that stand by moving the Canadian embassy to Jerusalem.
    • Pray against anti-semitism in our nation.
    • Pray for Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau: Father God, give him the spirit to fear God, save his soul, and lead Prime Minister Trudeau with wisdom and vision from God to govern the country. Raise up intercessors in Canada to watch and pray and stand in the gap for for the Prime Minister, so He and his family can rejoice and be glad in trusting in the true God, lead them not into temptation, but deliver them from evil. Pray in the name of the Lord Jesus, Amen.
  • Special Regional Prayer Points:
    • Referendum in BC: [Current event: Province BC will have a referendum vote at the end of November. This will be the 3rd time in the past few years. First time was May 17, 2005. Second time May 12, 2009. Both time was held simultaneously with the elections. The results were to maintain the original First Past First The Post FPFP. It was simple and clear, which is whoever has the most votes wins in each district as senator.
      May God continue to keep the same system for this time.
    • Healing for Canada:   [ Current Event: During November 2-10, thousands of people came to North Battleford  for the Battle for Canada gathering. They came to North Battleford to worship and pray for the nation and seek the heart of God.]     North Battleford was the birth place of the latter rain movement that impacted the whole world in 1948. Now 70 years is completed! Lord, continue to turn this nation around, forgive our sins and heal our land!
    • Pray Protection of Conservative Voices in every sphere of society whether in the church, education, business and marketplace, law and government, health, science and technology, arts and media, that the Lord would be their strong defense as they stand boldly for righteousness and justice, particularly those who speak the truth to communities and parents to inform them of liberal agenda such as SOGI (sexual orientation gender identity) that are being imposed on all BC schools.
    • Pray for the protection of Christian schools in Alberta because the government is clamping down on their freedom.
  • About legislation of marijuana:
    • Pray for  Pray for the safety of all Canadians resulting from the federal government’s Oct 17, 2018 legislation of marijuana.
    • Smoking cannabis is being treated like alcoholism, but unlike alcohol testing, there’s not yet a full proof safety level test for those who are drivers, pilots, doctors, health care workers or police officers and others who take marijuana while on duty.
    •  Food items including candy as well as cosmetic products have been produced with the words “Highly infused THL” labeled on the packaging.
    • Farms that used to grow grain and vegetables have been converted to growing marijuana plants because it is now deemed more profitable. This leads to food shortage and higher prices.
    • Pray protection over all Canadians, young and old, who might inadvertently ingest or use marijuana products or suffer secondary effects from cannabis smoking; pray also against widespread drug addiction because marijuana has been considered a gateway drug that opens up dangers to more serious drugs like fentanyl which is lethal on contact. Home mixed drugs that add fentanyl for extra kick to marijuana have killed many who were ignorant of what was in their drinks or food.
  • Pray for First Nations:
    • Pray protection for vulnerable First Nations peoples and youth who are being exploited to be adopted by LGBTQ “parents”
    • Pray protection over our Inuit peoples from Iqaluit and Arctic Canada that there would be righteous and wise leadership and infrastructure bringing peace and stability to the people and to the northern regions.
    • The rising of the First Nation :First Nation standing in their position is the key to revival, because they are the first born of the land. Please pray that the First Nation believers will come into unity and for revival. In 2019 there will be many gatherings of the First Nation in many cities.

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Republic of Chile, abbr. Chile

National Profile: a nation in South America, Chile is about 4300 km from north to south, yet only 200 km from east to west, as a result her landmass is very long and narrow which earned the nickname “ribbon nation”. Earthquake area: of the 9000 earthquakes recorded annually in the world, 21% take place in Chile. Chile is situated in the earthquake-prone Pacific Rim, being the most active earthquake region in the world and about 80% of the world’s earthquakes were recorded there. The most severe earthquakes with the most number of causalities in history were also recorded there. Respectively being 9.5 level earthquake in 1960,  8.8 level earthquake in 2010 and 8.3 level earthquake in 2015. Population: Chile has a population of 18 million, 59% claim to be descendants of European Caucasians, 25% claim to be Mestizo (mixed from marriage between European Caucasians and native Indian inter-marriages),  9% claim to be aboriginal Mapuche. Religion: 54% follow Catholic faith, 14% are Protestant or evangelical, 25% with no religion, 7% of other religions. Aboriginals: Chile’s aborigines are native Indian, in the last millenium, the Chilean government treated the natives with injustice, as a result territorial conflict and violence against the Mapuche regions persisted. Economy: Chile’s has good educational system, being democratic, human development index is high, second highest in South America, economic freedom is also high, and is a developed nation by common consensus.
Current president: Miguel Juan Sebastián Piñera Echenique is a famous Chilean politician and entrepreneur, who is of the Catholic faith. In 2010, Piñera was elected as the first right-wing president in 20 years. During the Copiapó mining accident in 2010, due to successful rescue, this mining accident suffered no causalities, reached international headlines and broke world record. President  Piñera’s term was up in 2014, and is not allowed to be continue his term by the constitution. He was re-elected president in 2018.
Spiritual condition: the influence of the Roman Catholic church has been in decline, with only 12-23% of Catholic still attending mass, and many Catholics converted to evangelicals or Pentecostals, but many also become of no religion.
Recent news regarding Catholicism: Pope Francis write a letter to the bishops of Chile April this year, apologizing for seriously mishandling the sex scandals in Chile, and hope to invite the victims to the Vatican. The victims expressed that they are considering the Pope’s offer, and still fighting for compensation and forgiveness (until the Catholic church adopt zero tolerance policy to sexual abuse in the church and the cover ups).
In 1909 Pentecostal renewal came upon the Methodist church and brought about lively local movement. Almost all denominations experienced growth, including evangelicals. Evangelical church has the opportunity to influence all sectors of society. Chile’s Pentecostal movement is the most divided movement in the world. Churches and denominations continued division, and resulted in a few independent Pentecostal groups.
Mark13:8 “Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be earthquakes in various places, and famines. These are the beginning of birth pains.”
Abba Father
  • Give thanks for the economy: we give thanks for Chile’s economy being developed with good security in the midst of many South American countries suffering from poverty and crises. God’s grace protected Chile from the invasion and stealing of the enemy. We declare: “Glory to God in the highest heaven, and on earth peace to those on whom His favor rests”, being the people of Chile.
  • Pray for the aborigines: May God save the souls of the aborigines of Chile. We give thanks that the Chilean government was willing to confess and repent of all the injustice visited upon the aborigines in the past. Thank You for Your mercy upon the aborigines and avenging them against oppression and exploitation. Please grant a humble and gentle heart of justice and righteousness to the president and government, not only swiftly compensating for the losses, but also improve their living conditions and provide all their needs. Release healing, forgiveness and love to the aborigines, that they may enjoy freedom and abundance.
  • Pray for the church: Please bring the spirit of unity to the churches of Chile, that the many denominations and churches can align with God and each other, to help and walk with each other, to establish the saints in the work of ministry, to build up the body of Christ in love, to be one in the truth, growing to the full stature of Christ. May the Lord light the fire of prayer among the churches, to build united altar of prayer, to cry out night and day for revival to come upon Chile, to transform the whole nation. Raise up the children of God, that they be like lighthouses in the darkness, to bring the true light of the gospel to the dark places of the world, especially the aboriginal regions, save lost souls and bring great revival!
  • Pray for the Catholic church: Give thanks to God for exposing the hidden crimes of many years in the Catholic church, may God forgive the sins of the clergy, save the souls of Catholics who are still in sin. We declare God’s judgment will come upon the unrepentant, God shall save all the innocent victims, heal their traumas, that they may forgive those who harmed them. May God bring the spirit of truth to all the Catholics, that their faiths may be renewed, release them from all the bondage of religion, to enter into the freedom of Jesus Christ and His abundant grace.
  • Pray regarding the earthquakes: we ask Father God to reduce the causalities of each earthquake to the lowest, and also shake and awake the souls that are asleep, that they watch and pray for their cities and nation, to cry out for repentance, until God’s mercy come forth from the throne of grace.
  • Pray for president Piñera and the government: may God’s salvation come upon president Piñera and the governmental officials. Lord, give a humble heart to president Piñera, that he may know his wisdom and power come from the Lord and to give glory to God. May he and the government officials lead the government and rule the nation with God’s mercy and love, justice and righteousness, wisdom and understanding, and to be a blessing to other South American nations.

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Republic of Colombia

[Background: Located in northwestern South America, the Republic of Colombia is a member of the Union of South American Nations. On July 20, 1810, it declared independence from Spain and established the Great Republic of Colombia. The territory includes the current Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru and Panama. After these countries became independent one by one until Panama announced its independence on November 3, 1903, the territory of the country was finalized. The country is located in a geopolitically important pivot at the hub of Central American and South America. It actively participates in the activities of the Third World and the non-aligned group, earning it a high international status. It was elected as a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council in 2001. Its official language is Spanish. The main and fastest growing religion is Christianity. Regarding economy, oil, coal and cocaine are the main export products. Colombia supplies 90% of the cocaine in the United States, so poor farmers want to grow cocaine. Drug trafficking is often dominated by the private army of guerrillas or drug dealers. The gap between the rich and the poor is very large.
The civil war lasted for 52 years: In Colombia in South America, the government and the communist resistance army “Revolutionary Armed Forces of the Republic of Colombia” (FARC) have been in civil war for 52 years, making this country with abundant natural resources on the verge of collapse and causing substantial fatalities. The civil war in Colombia began in 1964. At that time in South America, with huge disparities between the rich and the poor and corruption in prevalence, a wave of leftist revolution started to surface. The FARC relied on drug trafficking and kidnapping for funds. At the end of the last century, it occupied a large territory of Colombia, with 17,000 members. It is considered to be one of the richest rebel organizations in the world. The two sides negotiated for nearly four years under the mediation of Cuba. At the end of August 2016, a historic final version of the peace agreement was reached, ending the bloody conflict that killed 260,000 people and caused 6.8 million people to lose their homes in the past half century. In October 2016, the then Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos won the Nobel Peace Prize.
Current Situation: On April 7, 2016, the Supreme Court of Colombia legalized the same sex marriage in the country. Since then, Colombia has become the sixth country that legalized the same sex marriage in the Americas. In June 2018, the conservative Ivan Duke was elected as the new president of Colombia. His resolute opposition to same-sex marriage, euthanasia and drug decriminalization gained him support from extreme right-wing sector as well as the increasingly influential evangelical Catholic groups.
Social Profile – The four major social problems in Colombia are (1) the disparity between the rich and the poor: the highest and lowest 10% household income gap is about 47 times. The general public lacks incentives to work hard, which hinders social development. (2) Social unrest: looting, kidnapping for extortion, and street gun battles are frequent, and social mechanisms cannot function properly. In the past, fighting groups have become gangs that rely on cocaine and kidnapping for profit. (3) Orphans and widows: Thousands have died from drug-related violence, leaving many orphans and widows. The number of street children in the capital Bogota is the highest in Latin America. The number of displaced people in the country is the second highest in the world (three million). (4) Intimidation, loss of property and assassination: Facing these problems, dozens of Christian pastors and priests are killed every year. All of these have caused the entire country to sink to a low point. The number of displaced people ranks second in the world (three million). The incidents of murders, kidnapping and crimes have decreased in recent years. During the peace talks, thousands of guerrillas and militiamen laid down their weapons, yet various problems have remained, but the whole progress has made many people feel gratified.
Spiritual Conditions: The Roman Catholic Church has lost its members and influence. The revision of the Constitution in 1991 ensured religious freedom and many Catholics joined the evangelical community. Catholics generally follow traditional values, but only about 25% of people lead a life according to their beliefs, and the strong charismatic movement is growing among active Catholics. Although Colombia is full of criminal terror and murder, the Church continues to grow, with 7.5% of the population Evangelical and nearly 18% Charismatics. The local churches grow the fastest, and the local and the nationwide outreach operations produce many churches and new believers. Bellavista Prison in Medellin was once known as hell on earth. Christians pray for the prison and testify there and bring many former criminals to Christ. They pray, fast and evangelize. There is already a Christian radio station and a Bible school in this prison. The vision of Amamnacer Columbia, which encompasses the entire Colombia, is to build more than 18,000 churches in Colombia.
Minorities have not been evangelized: American Indians in Colombia have suffered persecution and discrimination. Most of them are poor with low levels of education and are often hurt by violent conflicts. Among the 94 settlements, some of the settlements have prosperous and wealthy churches that can send missionaries to other tribes. Thirty-seven American Indian languages do not yet have a New Testament translation, and twenty-five of them have no Bible translations whatsoever. Violent groups have kidnapped and killed some Bible translators. Some groups will force American Indian Christians to return to their past religions. There are currently fifteen American Indian groups that have never heard of the gospel.]
Jeremiah 33:6, 9, “’Nevertheless, I will bring health and healing to it; I will heal my people and will let them enjoy abundant peace and security…. Then this city will bring me renown, joy, praise and honor before all nations on earth that hear of all the good things I do for it; and they will be in awe and will tremble at the abundant prosperity and peace I provide for it.’”
Pray for Colombia
  • Pray for Colombian believers: May God’s protection come to Christians who are threatened by violence, so that their bodies and minds are preserved. Give grace and wisdom to the Bible translation team and use them to pass the gospel of God to the isolated American Indian community. May God help the believers grow spiritually, and give them the heart of loving God and loving souls, to be enthusiastic for the Lord and become living examples for God. Help them lead people to know Jesus and truly experience Jesus. Make them strong and courageous, not being afraid of the threat of violent death but spreading the gospel to the unreached people, continue to harvest the precious soul.
  • Pray for the Colombian Church: Thank God that many Catholic churches are experiencing spiritual renewals. We pray that God will continue to release the spirit of truth and the fire of renewal and transform the entire Catholic Church system. We pray that the Lord will continue to give the fire of prayer and the spirit of unity, so that the churches can establish a united prayer altar. They will worship day and night, praising, praying and declaring God’s destiny for Colombia. They will pray for the government and so that the government policies are made according to God’s will. We declare that God reigns in the Colombian government and in every arena to glorify God throughout Colombia!
  • Pray for the unreached people of Colombia: May God’s mercy and salvation come to these unreached people in Colombia, especially the orphans and widows who are victims of drug abuse and violence. Also God’s mercy and salvation fall upon the displaced migrants, Indians who have suffered persecution and discrimination And a small number of Muslims. May God keep them safe, supply all their needs, and use various channels to evangelize them. May the true light of Jesus enter these people. Let them know and experience Jesus and them peace that surpasses knowledge, so that they see hope, return to God and receive the abundant grace of God. May God’s salvation come to the gangs and drug smugglers. Transform their lives like Saul who become Paul. Set them free from the bondages of violent darkness and make them holy vessels for God’s gospel to lead other gangs and drug lords to Jesus and the kingdom of God’s light. In the name of Jesus Christ, the light of Jesus Christ is to be illuminated in all corners of Colombia, and the name of Jesus Christ is to be exalted in all of Colombia!
  • Pray for the new Colombian President Iván Duque Márquez and government officials: Father God, we thank you for raising a godly leader for Colombia who loves God. We pray that he will know more about God and give him true wisdom, so that he can rely on you, and in all things he that does. We pray that You save the souls of the government officials who have not yet believed in the Lord. Give President Duke aides who are after God’s heart. Keep them and their families safe and healthy. No weapon forged against them will prevail. Enable them to achieve Your plan for Colombia. Help them collaborate with the church and lead the whole nation to God, so that the transformation that happened to the city of Cali would spread to the entire nation. Colombia will sever itself from drugs, violence, death, fear, and break away from the control of Satan, so that Colombia will become a blessed nation as described in Jeremiah 33:6, to show God’s abundant peace and faithfulness in a country of joy. The nations will hear the blessings and graces that Colombia gives to Colombia, and they will fear and surrender to the great and fearful God who performs miraculous signs and wonders. All glory and praise be to You!
In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!

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Republic of Colombia

[Background: Located in northwestern South America, the Republic of Colombia is a member of the Union of South American Nations. On July 20, 1810, it declared independence from Spain and established the Great Republic of Colombia. The territory includes the current Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru and Panama. After these countries became independent one by one until Panama announced its independence on November 3, 1903, the territory of the country was finalized. The country is located in a geopolitically important pivot at the hub of Central American and South America. It actively participates in the activities of the Third World and the non-aligned group, earning it a high international status. It was elected as a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council in 2001. Its official language is Spanish. The main and fastest growing religion is Christianity. Regarding economy, oil, coal and cocaine are the main export products. Colombia supplies 90% of the cocaine in the United States, so poor farmers want to grow cocaine. Drug trafficking is often dominated by the private army of guerrillas or drug dealers. The gap between the rich and the poor is very large.
The civil war lasted for 52 years: In Colombia in South America, the government and the communist resistance army “Revolutionary Armed Forces of the Republic of Colombia” (FARC) have been in civil war for 52 years, making this country with abundant natural resources on the verge of collapse and causing substantial fatalities. The civil war in Colombia began in 1964. At that time in South America, with huge disparities between the rich and the poor and corruption in prevalence, a wave of leftist revolution started to surface. The FARC relied on drug trafficking and kidnapping for funds. At the end of the last century, it occupied a large territory of Colombia, with 17,000 members. It is considered to be one of the richest rebel organizations in the world. The two sides negotiated for nearly four years under the mediation of Cuba. At the end of August 2016, a historic final version of the peace agreement was reached, ending the bloody conflict that killed 260,000 people and caused 6.8 million people to lose their homes in the past half century. In October 2016, the then Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos won the Nobel Peace Prize.
Current Situation: On April 7, 2016, the Supreme Court of Colombia legalized the same sex marriage in the country. Since then, Colombia has become the sixth country that legalized the same sex marriage in the Americas. In June 2018, the conservative Ivan Duke was elected as the new president of Colombia. His resolute opposition to same-sex marriage, euthanasia and drug decriminalization gained him support from extreme right-wing sector as well as the increasingly influential evangelical Catholic groups.
Social Profile – The four major social problems in Colombia are (1) the disparity between the rich and the poor: the highest and lowest 10% household income gap is about 47 times. The general public lacks incentives to work hard, which hinders social development. (2) Social unrest: looting, kidnapping for extortion, and street gun battles are frequent, and social mechanisms cannot function properly. In the past, fighting groups have become gangs that rely on cocaine and kidnapping for profit. (3) Orphans and widows: Thousands have died from drug-related violence, leaving many orphans and widows. The number of street children in the capital Bogota is the highest in Latin America. The number of displaced people in the country is the second highest in the world (three million). (4) Intimidation, loss of property and assassination: Facing these problems, dozens of Christian pastors and priests are killed every year. All of these have caused the entire country to sink to a low point. The number of displaced people ranks second in the world (three million). The incidents of murders, kidnapping and crimes have decreased in recent years. During the peace talks, thousands of guerrillas and militiamen laid down their weapons, yet various problems have remained, but the whole progress has made many people feel gratified.
Spiritual Conditions: The Roman Catholic Church has lost its members and influence. The revision of the Constitution in 1991 ensured religious freedom and many Catholics joined the evangelical community. Catholics generally follow traditional values, but only about 25% of people lead a life according to their beliefs, and the strong charismatic movement is growing among active Catholics. Although Colombia is full of criminal terror and murder, the Church continues to grow, with 7.5% of the population Evangelical and nearly 18% Charismatics. The local churches grow the fastest, and the local and the nationwide outreach operations produce many churches and new believers. Bellavista Prison in Medellin was once known as hell on earth. Christians pray for the prison and testify there and bring many former criminals to Christ. They pray, fast and evangelize. There is already a Christian radio station and a Bible school in this prison. The vision of Amamnacer Columbia, which encompasses the entire Colombia, is to build more than 18,000 churches in Colombia.
Minorities have not been evangelized: American Indians in Colombia have suffered persecution and discrimination. Most of them are poor with low levels of education and are often hurt by violent conflicts. Among the 94 settlements, some of the settlements have prosperous and wealthy churches that can send missionaries to other tribes. Thirty-seven American Indian languages do not yet have a New Testament translation, and twenty-five of them have no Bible translations whatsoever. Violent groups have kidnapped and killed some Bible translators. Some groups will force American Indian Christians to return to their past religions. There are currently fifteen American Indian groups that have never heard of the gospel.]
Jeremiah 33:6, 9, “’Nevertheless, I will bring health and healing to it; I will heal my people and will let them enjoy abundant peace and security…. Then this city will bring me renown, joy, praise and honor before all nations on earth that hear of all the good things I do for it; and they will be in awe and will tremble at the abundant prosperity and peace I provide for it.’”
Pray for Colombia
  • Pray for Colombian believers: May God’s protection come to Christians who are threatened by violence, so that their bodies and minds are preserved. Give grace and wisdom to the Bible translation team and use them to pass the gospel of God to the isolated American Indian community. May God help the believers grow spiritually, and give them the heart of loving God and loving souls, to be enthusiastic for the Lord and become living examples for God. Help them lead people to know Jesus and truly experience Jesus. Make them strong and courageous, not being afraid of the threat of violent death but spreading the gospel to the unreached people, continue to harvest the precious soul.
  • Pray for the Colombian Church: Thank God that many Catholic churches are experiencing spiritual renewals. We pray that God will continue to release the spirit of truth and the fire of renewal and transform the entire Catholic Church system. We pray that the Lord will continue to give the fire of prayer and the spirit of unity, so that the churches can establish a united prayer altar. They will worship day and night, praising, praying and declaring God’s destiny for Colombia. They will pray for the government and so that the government policies are made according to God’s will. We declare that God reigns in the Colombian government and in every arena to glorify God throughout Colombia!
  • Pray for the unreached people of Colombia: May God’s mercy and salvation come to these unreached people in Colombia, especially the orphans and widows who are victims of drug abuse and violence. Also God’s mercy and salvation fall upon the displaced migrants, Indians who have suffered persecution and discrimination And a small number of Muslims. May God keep them safe, supply all their needs, and use various channels to evangelize them. May the true light of Jesus enter these people. Let them know and experience Jesus and them peace that surpasses knowledge, so that they see hope, return to God and receive the abundant grace of God. May God’s salvation come to the gangs and drug smugglers. Transform their lives like Saul who become Paul. Set them free from the bondages of violent darkness and make them holy vessels for God’s gospel to lead other gangs and drug lords to Jesus and the kingdom of God’s light. In the name of Jesus Christ, the light of Jesus Christ is to be illuminated in all corners of Colombia, and the name of Jesus Christ is to be exalted in all of Colombia!
  • Pray for the new Colombian President Iván Duque Márquez and government officials: Father God, we thank you for raising a godly leader for Colombia who loves God. We pray that he will know more about God and give him true wisdom, so that he can rely on you, and in all things he that does. We pray that You save the souls of the government officials who have not yet believed in the Lord. Give President Duke aides who are after God’s heart. Keep them and their families safe and healthy. No weapon forged against them will prevail. Enable them to achieve Your plan for Colombia. Help them collaborate with the church and lead the whole nation to God, so that the transformation that happened to the city of Cali would spread to the entire nation. Colombia will sever itself from drugs, violence, death, fear, and break away from the control of Satan, so that Colombia will become a blessed nation as described in Jeremiah 33:6, to show God’s abundant peace and faithfulness in a country of joy. The nations will hear the blessings and graces that Colombia gives to Colombia, and they will fear and surrender to the great and fearful God who performs miraculous signs and wonders. All glory and praise be to You!
In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!

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Dominican Republic

National Profile: National/Government, Presidential System, Separation of Three Branches. Heads of State: Leonel Fernandez Reyna Capital: Santo Domingo. Size: 48,730 square kilometers. Population: 9.63 million. Major religions: Catholicism 95%. Official language: Spanish. Literacy rate 84.7%.

Founding history: After Columbus first discovered the island of Hispaniola in the 1492 (where the Dominican Republic and Haiti are now located), the Spaniards began to conquer the indigenous peoples and establish a colonial government. In 1795, France conquered the whole island. In 1804, Haiti was separated from France. In 1809 the Spaniards expelled the French in the Santo Domingo region and resumed colonial rule. In 1821, Dominica declared independence for the first time. In less than a few months, Haiti sent troops to occupy multiple territories and ruled for 22 years. On February 27, 1844, the Dominica declared independence for the second time. The name of the country was designated Dominican Republic.

Government: Due to the rapid economic development in recent years, the infrastructure in Dominica has not been updated for a long time. Power supply is especially a serious problem, causing high electricity costs that lead to households stealing electricity illegally. It’s common that people install power generators at home. Power supply in the capital is still good, and power outages in other places still exist. Despite the development of expatriate foreign exchange and tourism, Dominica still has to rely on the World Bank and other countries for economic lending. The corruption of many government officials has caused the public budget to be wasted, resulting in the stagnation of local infrastructure upgrades over the years and the low wages of school and hospital staff. The continuous strikes of various sizes and struggles every year has become one of the hidden concerns of Dominican society. The inequality between the rich and the poor in Dominica has also caused economic development restrictions. The richest 10% of the population makes 40% of the country’s income, and the poorest 50% produces only 25% of the gross output. In 2008 the unemployment rate was 15.4%, and 42.2% of the population lived under the poverty line. In terms of public health, there are often contagious diseases such as conjunctivitis and dengue fever in Dominica. Although the conditions in the capital are better, the garbage is often piled up and untreated. After a rain shower, the road is flooded up to few feet that make it prone to diseases. In general, health conditions in Dominica are still good and there are no serious infectious diseases. Dominica implements separation of pharmaceutics and medicine; drugs are imported and are so expensive that the poor cannot afford them. In Dominica water contains high amounts of minerals and impurities and is used for bathing; it’s not suitable for drinking or washing of the eyes, face and mouth. People buy filtered water separately.

Drugs and human trafficking: Dominica is famous for drug transshipment stations in Europe and Central and South America. Because drug trafficking corners are often entangled with local government officials, and government anti-drug projects are never effective. Drug trafficking robberies and murders appear on the news headlines. Poor security, thieves and pickpockets prevail around Christmas and New Year and the March Holy Day was the peak of crime.

The Dominican Republic is a major tourist destination for Europeans, Americans and Asians. Young and poor Dominican and Haitian women are often forced to provide exotic entertainment and sexual services. Women and children are also trafficked to Latin America and Europe. The governmAnti-abortion: Although some international abortion groups have recently appealed to the Dominican Republic, the country’s legislature has responded by permanently confirming the right to life of unborn babies. The wording of the Constitution has been revised: “The right to life, from pregnancy to death, is inviolable.” The country defended the right to human survival with a vote of 167 to 32 in the afternoon of April 23rd, 2018.

Spiritual condition: Columbus and Spanish missionaries left a legacy. The Bible is a compulsory course in schools. 95% of Dominicans believe in Catholicism, 88.6% of them are Roman Catholics. Because they are adjacent to Haiti, the Haitians in Dominica practice own unique voodoo. Most Dominican churches lack funds. Although Dominicans do not go to church on a regular basis, people can often feel the influence of religion daily life and spoken conversations.   ]

 Pray for Dominican Republic

Isaiah 29:13-14: “The Lord says, ‘These people come near to me with their mouth and honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me. Their worship of me is based on merely human rules they have been taught. Therefore once more I will astound these people with wonder upon wonder; the wisdom of the wise will perish, the intelligence of the intelligent will vanish.’”

  • Pray for government officials and management: May the Lord save the souls of these government officials. Forgive them for satisfying their own lusts in greed and ignoring the safety of the people. Lord, set them free from this injustice and lead them to know that You are a living God, so that they fear You, act justly and love mercy. Give them wisdom and capability to improve people’s lives and improve the country’s public construction.
  • Pray for the economy: Lord, we are grateful to You for the beautiful beach that can be used for tourism and sightseeing that help increases the country’s economic income. However, the leaders are corrupt, and the domestic economic problems are serious. People live in poverty. May the Lord forgive the greed and corruption of the leaders. Save them from their sins. Give them conscience and love and help the people of the country to escape from poverty and enter into a healthy life.
  • Protecting the right to life of the baby: We praise You for the protection of the right to life of the baby in Dominica. Continue to help them adhere to this decree and never waver no matter what the situation will be. May God also forgives many women who have done abortion because they are poor. Save them so that they would know You more and know that children are the heritage from the Lord and offspring a reward from You, so that they will save the child’s life no matter what the situation is.
  • Pray for human trafficking: Women are forced to provide exotic sex services and human trafficking. May the Lord forgive all those who participate in forcing women benefiting themselves. May God intervene directly in such unjust situations and transform them. Cut off all of their connections. Set the women free and bring these people to justice. May God save the souls of human traffickers and those who are sold for pornography. Make them meet You the righteous God. You shake them with Your thunder and nullify all such human trafficking transactions.
  • Pray for social unrest and drug trafficking, etc.: Lord, we pray that You bring them to justice. May the Lord give a repentant heart to those who participate, like those who repented and returned to Christ when John the Baptist came out to preach. We pray that You have mercy on those in bondage Cut off all their chains and set them free so that they may live a life that loves God and loves others.
  • Pray for the church: May God breathe to the Church that is like dry bones. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, they will come alive again. Lord, release the Spirit of truth and cause them to be hunger for the Word of God and practice the teachings of the Word and live out the glory of Christ. We pray the Lord have mercy on the Church and save her. Cleanse the church with Your holy fire to prepare her for the Revival.
  • Pray for President Fernandez: We pray for the Lord’s salvation to come to President Fernandez, and bless him with the love for the people, wisdom, and strategy to lead the country to be a true Christian country. May God give him the eye to see that only Jesus Christ can save the country and lead it to prosperity and stability, to be blessed greatly by God.


Country Profile: Mexico is situated in northern South America, neighboring America, with the Pacific Ocean to the West, and the bay of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea to the east. Mexico is the site to the three great ancient civilizations – Maya, Toltec and Aztec.
In the 14th century, the Mayans built the Aztec empire, which was conquered and colonized by the Spanish empire in 1521. In 1821, Mexico declared independence after the Mexican War of Independence. In 1910, the dictatorship was overthrown, and 1917 new constitution was established as a presidential and federal nation. Mexico’s is endowed with much historical heritage, holding top 5 in number in the Americas and top 6 in the world for UNESCO world heritage sites.
Economy: Mexico’s economic index is the 15th in the world, and hold close relationship with NAFTA partners, especially the US. In 1994, Mexico became the first Latin American nation to become a member of OECD, and the World Bank counted her as a high-income nation, as well as a new developing industrial nation. It is estimated that by 2050, Mexico will become the 5th or 7th largest economic entity in the world, and is recognized as a middle-tiered nation in strength. Mexican immigrants to the US is around 12 million, of which 6.6 million are illegal workers, and they send back USD21.3 million, being one of the greatest sources of Mexico’s external funds.
Politics: In the recent decade, Mexico’s politics and economy has been stable, but there are still long-term social problems that cannot be easily solved such as: the rich taking control of the politics and economy in the long-term, the wealth inequality. It is estimated that the aboriginals which accounts for 10% of the population dwell in resource-scares regions, and their rights have been neglected for a long time. Race, religion and economic resources cause serious conflicts. Serious culture of corruption in the government. Gang fighting, gambling syndicates, violent crime, lack of police discipline and worsening of crime-rates.
On July 1st 2018, the largest multi-level election was held, including for president, senate and house of representatives, governors and mayors. Since the election affects small-time criminal organizations expanding in power and position, 145 politicians were murdered in the process. In the end the 3rd most powerful party left-wing candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador became president, and this is called the “bloodiest election in Mexican history”.
Although Mexico have over 90% Christians, it is 39th most dangerous nation for Christians in Open Doors’ global watch-list. The main 3 reason for persecution of Christians in Mexico being: 1) hostility from different peoples, 2) organized crime and drug cartels, 3) intolerance from the secular world.
A fifth of Mexico’s population are native Indians living in villages, they respect ancestral customs and rituals deeply. If they become Protestant Christians and not follow those traditions and rituals, they will be fined and their families deprived of basic social services, and might even be imprisoned or beaten to death. Destruction of churches, residential building, believing communities being driven out of native tribes, harassment during evangelism are commonplace. Drug cartels often persecute pastors and priest who open drug rehab centers and preach gospel to drug addicts, they threaten and extort churches, and many church leaders are even murdered. In the society, secularization reigns, and Christians who openly express their faith and beliefs are often mocked and ridiculed.
  • Pray for the souls of the aboriginals: Father God, please have mercy on the poor and backward native Indian and forgive their sins of worshiping idols and their bondage by powers of darkness. May the Holy Spirit open the eyes of their hearts, so that they may experience God’s love and salvation, to be born again in the spirit and be saved, and enter into the Kingdom of the beloved Son of God. May Father God protect, comfort the native Indian Christians and missionaries who are persecuted for the sake of Christ, give
  • Pray for repentance of the drug cartels and to cease violence: Father God, You love righteousness and hate wickedness, Your will is to “Give up your violence and oppression and do what is just and right. Stop dispossessing my people” (Ezek45:9). Please listen to our cry, that Your holy light shine upon the drug-dealers, smugglers, criminals of extortion, kidnapping, gambling and violence, that they may have a broken and contrite heart and confess their sins before God, and the hidden sins of darkness will be shown in the light. Save them by  knowing the grace of salvation from Jesus, that their lives be transformed. By righteous enforcement by the government, to stop the crimes and shedding of innocent blood, and bring Your peace to the people.
  • Pray for the revival of the church and Christians: we ask Father God to forgive the legalization of abortion and same-sex marriage law by the majority of the Catholic population, as well as the crimes of the drug-lords, as they have abandoned God’s will. May Holy Spirit stir up God’s children to gather as a prayer army, and lift up their holy hands in fervent prayer, revive the church and the leaders, to pastor the flock, and be rooted in truth, to live out true religion, and loving one another and living out external display of love towards neighbors and street children, lost students and youth, to bring back the lost souls. That they may boldly express Christ’s value on sanctity of life and against same-sex marriage, to transformation the heart of society.
  • Pray for the persecuted Christians: Father God, “Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” (Matt 5:10) May You have mercy on the believers and leaders and family members who suffered in soul and body for the sake of the gospel and holding onto the word of the Lord. Send angels to protect them, save them from all evil. Strengthen their faith by Your promises to continue to hold onto the faith they hold, and warn and teach all by all wisdom and to bring everyone completely before God in Christ.
  • Pray for newly-elected President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador and his cabinet: Abba Father God, please forgive the long-established culture of corruption and bribery in the Mexican government, they were unable to help the weak and poor, to extend justice, but on the other hand is complicate to increase unlawful and righteous violent crimes, abusing the governmental powers granted by You. May God help the newly-elected President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador to do justly, love mercy and walk humbly with God, to fear God in all things, to rely on Your wisdom and strategy to govern the nation. May the power of Holy Spirit awaken the Christian officials, to build joint prayer altars, to successfully implement anti-corruption policies, to revitalize the economy, and help the people to escape poverty and crime, and establish a safe and happy society. In the name of Jesus Christ we pray. Amen.

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 [Background: Panama is the southernmost country in Central America, with an area of 75,500 square kilometers (about twice the size of Taiwan) and a population of 3.93 million. It is mainly made up of long-term mixed blood of Indians, whites and blacks. The Panama Canal connecting the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean, which divides South America and North America, is in the center of the country. As such it holds an important strategic position. The motto of this country is “Panama is the bridge of the world and the center of the universe.” The Head of State is the current President Varela, who took office on July 1, 2014. Its capital is Panama City.  Its main religions are 85% Catholicism and 15% Christian. Its official language is Spanish.
The United States  invaded Panama during President George H. W. Bush’s tenure on December 20, 1989, ten years after the signing of the Panama Canal Treaty. They invaded Panama in the name of protecting Americans and democratic elections and combating drug trafficking. The US Marine Corps and The Army commando raided Panama, quickly won the victory, and captured the de facto supreme leader of Panama, the dictator Manuel Noriga, and disbanded the Panamanian Defense Force. On December 31, 1999, the US government returned all the land, buildings, infrastructure and all management rights of the Panama Canal to Panama, and the conflict between the two countries finally ended peacefully. Panama is currently the administering Power of the Panama Canal and has a certain influence in the Pacific and Atlantic business communities.
Politics and economy: Given its important geographical location, Panama’s economy is focused on the services sector, with banking, trade and tourism as the mainstays. Since Panama’s establishment and trade have important relations with the United States, Panama began to use the US dollar as its currency in 1907. It is the first country in the world to use the US dollar as the legal currency outside the United States. The Panama City International Financial Center is the most important financial center in Latin America; it used to be a major money laundering center for international drug trafficking.
Since the founding of the country, Panama has been an important bridge connecting South and North Americas and linking the Pacific Ocean with the Atlantic Ocean because of the Panama Canal. After the return of the Panama Canal on December 31, 1999, the Panamanic government adopted a multi-neighbor policy to provide complete services such as canal, ship registration, entrepot trade and international finance to the world. Its international role also tends to be neutral.
The Panama Papers are a collection of 11.5 million leaked confidential documents that were investigated by International Association of Research Reporters (ICIJ) in 2016. These documents were created by, and taken from, Mossack Fonseca, a Panamanian law firm and corporate service provider. They detailed financial and attorney-client information for more than 214,000 offshore financial companies, some dating back to the 1970s. They exposed the politicians of various countries, and the wealthy chaebols deliberately concealed unexposed overseas assets.
Spiritual Condition: Although Panama has a large population of Christians, they do not have enough impact on society. Most of the Christians are Catholics, yet the Catholic Church has lost its powerful influence that she had in the past. 40% of the population lives in poverty, and drug trafficking groups have considerable influence. Christians often fail to demonstrate godly life in accordance with the Bible. Many believers accept false teachings such as New Age, astrology, and psychic. In the society, divorce, domestic violence, and unmarried children are prevalent. (Source: Pray for the World)]
  • Pray for Panamanian believers: May the Lord forgive many believers who accept New Age, sorcery, psychic and other false teachings. May God give correct teachings through the servants of God so that they may not only know the truth, discern the lies, and renounce deception, but also become deeply rooted and grounded in in truth and love.
  • Pray for the revival of the Panamanian church: May the Holy Spirit breathe to the Church so that the Catholic believers will wake up and veils on the faces of the believers will be removed. They may know that they do not need other mediators except Jesus. May the Holy Spirit lead them into all the truths (John 16:13) so that they truly accept Christ Jesus as their personal Savior, that they may establish a relationship with Jesus. Give the evangelical church a kingdom vision to lengthen their cords and strengthen their stakes so as to spread out to the right and to the left (Isaiah 54:2-3). May the fire of the Holy Spirit rend the heavens and come down to burn the churches and awaken them, to follow Jesus fervently, join hands with one another, and establish a unified altar of prayer. They will stand in the gap of the country, call out to God for salvation day and night, and completely transform Panama!
  • Pray for the missionary vision of Panama: Lord Jesus, thank You for sending many Panamanians to engage in cross-cultural missions at home and abroad. We pray that You give the local churches and the missions a clearer vision, to allow the Chinese churches to participate in missions and reach more American Indians. Make Panama a mission center of the Americas, a bridge of the gospel and a blessing of the world!
  • Pray for the President of Panama and the government: Heavenly Father, we come to Your mercy seat and pray for Your salvation to come upon Panamanian President Varela and the government that he leads. Give them justice and integrity, and give them wisdom, strategy and courage, so that the government can eliminate corruption and resist evil (especially the control of the Illuminati on Panamanian financial system). Continue to crack down on illegal activities such as drug trafficking, human trafficking and money laundering. Enable them to formulate policies that in agreement with God’s to help more people get out of poverty and lead the entire country into God’s destiny for Panama.
In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ we pray. Amen!

United States

President Trump has declared publicly, America will once again [Rule with the Bible], whether it is in the school, congress, and sport activities …etc. we should start with prayer.   Please click  and watch President Trump’s Speech.  Bless America to rise up again!

I have posted watchmen on your walls, Jerusalem; they will never be silent day or night. You who call on the Lord, give yourselves no rest, and give him no rest till he establishes Jerusalem and makes her the praise of the earth(Isaiah 62:6-7)

To fulfill His plan and purposes

[Current Events: The 2018 US midterm elections will be held on Tuesday, 11/6/2018. In the middle of the first term of Republican President Donald Trump. All 435 seats in the US House of Representatives and 34 of the 100 seats in the US Senate will be reelected. Governors of 39 states and other regional elections will also be held. This mid-term election is critical to the re-election of the president as well as the promotion of domestic and foreign policies. Some states unlawfully allow illegal immigrants to register for mid-term elections and even for future presidential elections.

Further more, the dark forces behind homosexuality is actively advocating sex education in the school over the entire nation that homosexuality is correct, trying to defile our children from kindergarten to college. We must come together to pray in agreement in our hearts and our mind to ask God to dispatch angelic host to help us in this war, to resist this wave of homosexuality and to release our children from the bondage of lust and pornography, especially the state of California is pushing hard on this ungodly sex education.  Today we stand once again with America, to believe America’s breakthrough will bring a breakthrough for the whole globe!]

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Pray for the Campuses

  • In the name of Jesus we declare the fire of the Holy Spirit will render the heaven and come down, to burn up all the stronghold of homosexuality in the campus.
  •  In the name of Jesus we declare, all school campuses will open to the biblical truth education and close the door to sex education of homosexuality.
  • May God raise up school board that loves You and reveres You, to replace the school board that promotes homosexuality.
  •  In the name of Jesus we declare God rules and reigns in each of the school board meeting that is promoting homosexuality. Any ungodly proposal of sex education will not be accepted. Every parent that is aligned with the Godly biblical truth education will stand up and let their voices be heard, their rejection of the proposal of the ungodly sex education will be widely supported.
  • In the name of Jesus we declare the prayer altar will be raised up in the school campus like bamboo shoots up after the rain!
  •  In the name of Jesus we declare gun shooting in the campuses will be prevented completely, God will protect school campuses from all the violent attack.
  • In the name of Jesus we declare God’s reign, establish Your throne on every campus and revive the campus to be a holy kingdom of God.
  • In the name of Jesus we declare our God is a victorious King, the captain of our host. He will listen to our prayer of agreement and will personally lead angel Michael and His hosts of angels, to win this battle for our next generation and to cancel the sex education of homosexuality in all campuses.

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Pray for the midterm election in America

  • In the name of Jesus we declare all the candidate that are lined up with God will be elected.
  • [Pray especially for California election: There has been countless fires in California continuously, God is judging, cleansing California] In the name of Jesus we declare this time California will elect senator and congressmen that aligns with God. Every governmental official that promotes legalizing  homosexuality sex education, marijuana, and illegal immigrant policies will be out of the office. May God raise up Christians that love You and fear You to enter into the politics of the governmental mountain. We declare this over California, as well as to all of the other states of America.

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Pray for President Trump

  • May God keep him and his family safe every time they come and go. We pray that God break the curses from darkness through witchcraft on President Trump and his family. We declare that these spells are annihilated. In the name of the Lord, God will bless President Trump and his family abundantly.
  • In the name of the Lord, God will protect President Trump from any plans of assassination and any attacks in health, accidents, murder and death.
  • We pray that God heal the First Lady Melania completely and protect Trump’s family, that all may go well with them, even as their souls are getting along well.
  • May God bless President Trump’s marriage, lead them not into the temptation of extramarital affairs.

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Pray for US Political Leaders

  • Pray for Vice President Mike Pence and all Christian government officials who are godly and loving the Lord. May God continue to keep them and their families safe and healthy, to be able to manage the affairs of the states according to God’s will and be kind to God’s people.   May they become blessings for President Trump. We declare in the name of the Lord that they will continue to protect the freedom of religion for Christians.
  • May God manifest His righteousness to those political leaders who are not after God’s heart, who have offended God and covered up their sins, eradicating evidences by murdering witnesses, we declare in Jesus’ name that they be brought to justice.   We pray that the Lord protect the intelligence personnel who are searching the hidden evil, the journalists and witnesses who hold the evidences.   Protect their identity not to be exposed until the evil political leaders are brought to justice.

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Pray for the Churches in the US

[In the News: In November 2017 more than 20 church members in Texas were killed in shooting. One Chinese pastor was killed in IHOP’s neighborhood recently as well.]

  • In the name of the Lord, we declare that the protection of the great power of the Lord of Hosts will come down on pastors, preachers, co-workers, and members of all churches. May God save them from all evil and shooting.
  • Revival in the Church:   Abba Father, we stand in the gap and pray for the Church in the United States. God, forgive us for our secularization.  We pursue material enjoyment and fail to watch and pray in our comfortable lives.   We leave the country to the evil, and the whole country and the society are caught in the bondage of sin. Lord, have mercy on us.  Help us turn our hearts to You in repentance and bring revival to all the churches in the United States.   The American Church will once again be the salt and light to transform this nation and make her walk in God’s destiny.   The Church will become a city on the mountain and the light of the world, preparing the nations of the world for the revival of the end times. In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray.
  • Just as it is said in Isaiah 62: 6-7, “I have posted watchmen on your walls, Jerusalem; they will never be silent day or night. You who call on the Lord, give yourselves no rest, and give Him no rest till He establishes Jerusalem and makes her the praise of the earth”We hereby declare in the name of the Lord, that God will raise up the Church all over the nation to watch and pray, to build closely compacted together the 24/7 prayer wall, to call on the Lord day and night for the United States until God’s will on her is fulfilled.

United States: Bless United States, arise and shine! for your light has come, the glory of the Lord is shining upon United States. Behold, the darkness covers the earth, and the darkness covers the people, but the Lord will appear over the United States, and His glory will be in the United States now. (Isaiah 60:1-2)[Current Events: The 2018 US midterm elections will be held on Tuesday, 11/6/2018. In the middle of the first term of Republican President Donald Trump. All 435 seats in the US House of Representatives and 34 of the 100 seats in the US Senate will be reelected. Governors of 39 states and other regional elections will also be held. This mid-term election is critical to the re-election of the president as well as the promotion of domestic and foreign policies. Some states unlawfully allow illegal immigrants to register for mid-term elections, and even for future presidential elections. ]

  • The holiness and righteousness of God will overcome the plans and tricks of the darkness. We pray for God to release resources to all the righteous candidates.
  • God, please stop all illegal plans and conspiracies, they shall be excluded, turned, and cancelled. In the name of Jesus, bind and break all voter fraud, software interference, corruption, and illegal funding plans.
  • Establish a just, flawless voting method that blocks all injustices. May the will of the Lord be done in the midterm elections and every election on earth as it is in heaven. May godly officials be elected in the US election.
  • Lord, abolish Islam, Freemasonry’s control and manipulation – Send angels to fight and disintegrate the global control of Freemasonry in the political and economic system of the United States and most countries in the world and abolish the influence of Islam and other pagans in the political system of the United States and other countries.
  • Revive the Church to watch and pray: Gather Your children from all the churches to pray, connect churches to watch and pray for the kingdom of God, so Your will for the church can be done on the earth, as it is in heaven. The church will become a house of prayer, receiving full blessings and the anointing of unity will be filled among the participating various churches, and among the leaders of the church, so that they can honor each other in love. Truly connected to Christ, bring the great outpouring of the Holy Spirit, revival of the church, and accomplish the great mission at the end time to back to Jerusalem, preparing the way for the return of our glorious King.
  • Abolish same-sex marriage and legalization of abortion – pray for abolition of same-sex marriage and legalization of abortion in the US and the Supreme Court. God, please forgive, cleanse, remove global corrupt and greedy leaders that promote political legitimacy of gay marriage in the country, and rise up leaders like Daniel and Joseph who are aligned with God. May God’s grace and salvation come upon government officials who support homosexuality (LGBT) and abortion; turn their hearts around so they will really seek You.
  • Pray for President Trump: Keep President Trump humble with a heart that is dependent upon You to govern the United States. All policy decisions he make will not only bring blessings and help to the United States, but also bring peace to the world. Break all the curses that Satan have sent to his body, soul and mind and his families, especially curses of health and murder. We declare blessings and protections over President Trump and his families, his government officials and their families; fill them with Your love, peace, and joy.
  • President Trump’s relationship with world leaders: Help President Trump value the importance of establishing peaceful relations with China, Israel, Russia and world leaders. Give President Trump wisdom and godly strategies to establish wonderful relationships with other nations and assist China and Taiwan to reconcile.
  • Give wisdom, knowledge and revelation to political leaders in charge of government departments to find solutions to social problems. Do the right things according to God’s will and give them courage to execute them thoroughly. Bring positive changes. Govern our land with righteousness, justice, and holiness.
  • Raising up godly sons and daughters to enter into politics: Release and mobilize children who have long been destined to the political realm, to respond to the call, to lead them like Daniel, full of wisdom, strategy, might, knowledge and the spirit of fear of the Lord, to become the vessel of the glory to affect the governmental mountain, and transform the whole country.

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National Profile: Venezuela is located in the northern part of South America and is the northern most country in South America. On July 5, 1811, Venezuela declared independence from Spain and left the Union of Self-Constructed Republic of Colombia in 1830。 100 years later they still suffered domestic warfare. The military has long been dictatorial.  Although they were able to build it with the wealth from the oil, but because of the military government’s corruption, the people’s lives actually did not benefit, causing public grievances. Until 1959, people’s leader Betandugu became the president. In 1961, a new constitution was promulgated for election every five years, the democratic political parties were established.  In the following 30 years, the politics of the two major political parties, Democratic  Action Party and the Christian Socialist Party, took turn to govern the nation. Since the oil extraction around Lake Maracaibo in the 1980s, the average annual national income has jumped to the first place in South America.  The majority of population is the mixed-race descendants of Europeans and Indians.

State/Government: State: Republic/Presidential system. Heads of state:Nicolas Maduro. Capital: Caracas. Area: 916,455 square kilometers. Population: 27.49 million people.  Main religions: Catholicism (mostly by name only) 96%, Christian 2%, other 2%. Official language: Spanish. The literacy rate is 93.4%.

The crime rate is out of control, the economy is deteriorating and the social problems are serious: In recent years, Venezuela has serious social problems; the society is unevenly mixed with rich and poor. the law and order is not good, the robbery cases are endless, the living standards are falling (60% of the city residents live in slums), and the crime rate is out of control.   Due to the long border with Colombia, more and more drug dealers use Venezuela as a channel for drug trafficking.  Although the government is trying to improve it, it is still not enough to patrol comprehensively.  In recent years, Venezuela has experienced high domestic prices and a serious shortage of daily necessities. The inflation rate is the highest in the world, reaching 4068%.  Every day, thousands of Venezuelans travel to and from Colombia to work and buy daily necessities.  As the economy worsens, more and more people will choose to stay permanently in Colombia. More than 550,000 people lived in Colombia in the second half of last year.  In addition, many animals in the zoo are in starvation, not able to maintain their lives, and are about to starve to death.

Spiritual situation: The religious atmosphere of the country is increasingly hostile to Christians. On the surface, it is a fortress of Catholicism.  Most of the believers are by name only. The public generally uses secular materialism to measure public affairs. The Catholic ruling class tends to protect privilege, spending more effort in coming against the work of the evangelical more than attending to the need of the flock. Witchcraft and black magic is powerful and dangerous.  85% of the population has involved in witchcraft.  They,rich or poor, will go in and out of thousands of magic and witchcraft shops, consulting witches and warlocks, and more and more TV shows and advertisements encourage people to engage in witchcraft. Various spiritual forces have attracted Venezuelans away from Christ, especially the educated and wealthy Venezuelans, who are more interested in spirituality and New Age.  Satanists is actively destroying the church.  Caracas has the largest mosque in Latin America. Jehovah’s Witnesses and Mormons claim to have a large number of believers and are growing rapidly.

These are the challenges  the churches face : many new believers come from painful or problematic backgrounds that require help and spiritual guidance but few people are willing to serve full-time, and many pastors have returned to secular work, with a high turnover rate.  Although the churches’ cooperation has increased through the promotion of the morning sports ministry, there are still many differences that make it difficult for the churches to work closely. The churches need to correctly establish orthodox theology, especially there are more of the prosperity theology from the Pentecostal groups, and legalism, and non-biblical teachings, and spiritual errors gradually infiltrate into the Christians. 

  • Deuteronomy 31:17-18  And in that day I will become angrywith them and forsakethem; I will hidemy facefrom them, and they will be destroyed. Many disastersand calamities will come on them, and in that day they will ask, ‘Have not these disasters come on us because our God is not with us?’18 And I will certainly hide my face in that day because of all their wickedness in turning to other gods.
  • Psalm 69:16-17   Answer me,Lord, out of the goodness of your love;in your great mercy turn to me.17 Do not hide your facefrom your servant;answer me quickly,for I am in trouble

Pray for Venezuela

  • Pray on behalf of  the Venezuelan people: Dear Heavenly Father, we confess our sins and repentance before You, asking the Lord to forgive us for greed and materialism, to love the world, to stay away from the Lord of mercy, not love You attentively.  You have once  bless us and to make us the richest nation in South America, but we have forsaken You in our riches.  Lord,  help us to repent and turn back to You, because You are the only one that can save us from inflation.  You, who are full of abundant love and mercy, have compassion on us, when you judge,  Lord, turn and watch over us.
  • Pray for national leaders: Lord, please save the souls of these government officials, so they can know You are a God full of wisdom and strategies.   Give them a heart to love the people, and to have wisdom, ability, and strategy to solve the national economic crisis, improve people’s living standards, protect national security, and prevent riots and disturbances. Give them strategies and tactics to deal with the problems of robbery, drug trafficking and drug dealing. Give them a government with integrity, and love the people, and establish a government that is honest and fair.  Lord, open the hearts of these leaders and let them know that only You are their help, so that they can repent and return to You once again.
  • Pray for the pastors and brothers and sisters of the church: Lord, in this difficult environment, keep their faith and love for You, and to rely on You wholeheartedly, and to hold on to the teachings of pure words and not be shaken by idolatry. Lead them to be Your light and the salt to lead others back to You. Living out the life of Christ’s love to help those in need, asking the Lord to show them the miracles of the five loaves and the two fishes, and supply them with all their needs. (2 Timothy 1:12-14)
  • Pray for the infidels: We declare in the name of the Lord that God is reigning among the infidels, binds the spirits of the heretical cults behind them, demolishes their roots, and leaves them all away from the influence of the people.  May God’s salvation come to these people, reveal to them, and bring them to Christ.
  • Pray for President Nicolas Maduro Moros: Lord, save his soul, remove all of his corruption, create a clean heart in him, and give him an upright spirit, so that he can repent and turn to You, Lord, help him lead the country out of the economic crisis with integrity and courage.  Raise the Christian leaders in the country who are resourceful and love the people.  Along with the people, may they cry out for the country, humble themselves, pray, seek You face.  May You will forgive the sins of these people, heal their land, and bring the spirit of revival to this country, transform Venezuela into a country that fears God.  Father, may You open the windows of heaven, pour Your blessing on Venezuela.   All nations will call them blessed, for their land will be a land of joy. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!

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[Background: Afghanistan is known as the “crossroads of Asia”.  It is geographically located strategically between the Eastern countries (China) and the Middle East (Iran).   Although Afghanistan is a country that is worn out by the war,   it has become a center of conflict for centuries.   After decades of confrontation with the Soviet Union, Afghanistan became a victim of the Taliban (the followers of the basic doctrine of Islam). After the United States overthrew the Taliban regime in 2001, the Northern Alliance established the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan as the central government, and the terrorist organization Taliban has still controlled the southwest.   Over the years, terrorist organizations have continued to smash, and the radical organization “Theologians” has launched attacks from time to time.   The local security forces are unable to handle them, and the US military is unable to withdraw either.   Civil strife, ethnic conflicts and the involvement of various parties have brought Afghanistan into a vicious cycle. The Afghan issue not only affects the peace and security of its people, but also affects all countries in the world.   The stability of this country has global and regional influences.

More than 99% of Afghans believe in Islam, 89% of whom are Sunni, 10% are Shia, and less than 1% of the population believes in Hinduism, Judaism and Christianity.   Christians face discrimination and are expelled by their families and communities and face the danger of even dying in the hands of Islamic extremists.   But according to the latest statistics from the Operation World,  Afghanistan is currently the second fastest growing Christians in the world, and there are many evangelical ministries in the region.   At the same time, we also know that Christians there are also facing great oppression from Islam.   Afghanistan has risen to the second place in the Open Doors’ 2018 World Watch List of Persecution of Christians.   ]

  • Pray for the Afghan people: May God’s mercy come to the Muslims and other un-reached people in this place.  May God appear to them in dreams and visions to save their souls.   May these people suffering in the war see the light and hope, and a new life.
  • Pray for all members of the Islamic militant groups: May God save their souls the same way as He transformed Saul to Paul.   May God illuminate them with great light, so that they can wake up in time, become precious vessels used by God, and put to an end the power of Islam and the violence of Islam. May God release the hearts of the people and make them the kingdom and the people of Christ.
  • Pray for the churches in Afghanistan: In the face of persecution, May God’s anointing and protection be on God’s children.   May God’s fire rend the heaven and come down and fill the churches and the children of God with the power of the Holy Spirit, especially the younger generation, so that they can shine in the darkness, that they are strong and courageous in spreading the gospel and leading people to the Lord. May God ignite the fire prayer in the churches.  May God through prayer break the evil strongholds that operate behind Taliban, the terrorist organization , and release Afghanistan from the oppression of the devil’s violence and the Islamic law, transforming the family, the city and the country.
  •  Pray for the Afghan government: May God raise up leaders after His own heart to lead Afghanistan, to govern the country with integrity and righteousness, and to protect the freedom of religion for each ethnic group.May God grant Afghan government courage, determination, wisdom and strategy to completely disintegrate the forces of  Taliban, the terrorist organization, and lead Afghanistan into unity, peace, hope and prosperity.
  • Pray for the Afghan President: Heavenly Father, we come to Your throne of grace to pray for the Afghan President Ashraf Ghani. He has being the president of a poor country devasted by constant wars, we pray that You protect his body, soul and spirit with Your peace. You are full of grace and mercy, and You show no favoritism. Your eyes range throughout the earth; You love to give wisdom, power, strategy and courage to those who seek You. Lord, we pray that You save him and make him humble and honest with integrity before you. May he and his nation find favor with You; bless them with Your great grace and true light so that they may enjoy real peace.

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Brunei Darussalam

National Profile: Brunei, full name Brunei Darussalam, also known as Brunei Islamic Monarchy, a small country on Borneo, bordering Malaysia and Indonesia, with a population of about 400,000, 66.3% Malay, 11.2 % Chinese, 3.4% Aboriginal, 2.3% Indian, 16.8% Other. Brunei has a small land area but is one of the richest countries in the world with its rich crude oil and natural gas. Brunei is one of the few monarchies in the world, and the unity of politics and religion. Islam, introduced in the middle of the 14th century, has now become the state religion of Brunei. The Constitution stipulates that the Sudan is the head of state, has all the highest executive powers and the power to enact laws, and is also a religious leader.

Social aspects: Brunei wants to be a good Islamic center. The methods used include the spread of Islam and the implementation of Islamic Shariah. The government will give money and other benefits to those convert to Islam. In 2014, the government implemented a criminal law based on Islamic Shariah, forcing all businesses to suspend business on Friday prayers, during the Ramadan month, all restaurants are not allowed to open, no drinking in public, and women must wear long-sleeved clothes to cover themselves, Muslims and Non-Muslim cases are enforced by the Iraqi Criminal Law. Non-Muslim penalties include chopping off hands and stoning, which is a violation of human rights and religious violations for non-Muslims.

Church aspect: the proportion of Christians in Brunei is about 10% of the total population, because of comfortable environment, church has become lukewarm. The Aboriginal Church had experienced revival and is still enthusiastic about the Lord. Because of the power of Islam in Brunei, there has been constant rejection and persecution of Christians. Many young Brunei Christians have left the country and caused the church to have gap between generations, Christians are forbidden to preach the gospel. On the contrary, the local newspapers keep reporting daily the gifts the Islam can receive for converting. 】

  • But even if you should suffer for what is right, you are blessed. “Do not fear their threats; do not be frightened but in your hearts revere Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect I Peter 3:14-15
  • The eyes of the arrogant will be humbled and human pride brought low; the Lord alone will be exalted in that day. The Lord Almighty has a day in store for all the proud and lofty, for all that is exalted (and they will be humbled)Isaiah 2:11-12


  • Pray for the revival of the Aboriginal and Chinese churches in Brunei: Abba Father thank You for the revival that the Aboriginal church once had! Once again, let the fire of the Holy Spirit come and ignite the local aborigines and the Chinese church, so that they have the opportunity to connect, establish an unified prayer altar, watch and pray and worship before You day and night, send down the fire of revival, so the church can become zealous for You to stand in the gap to pray for Brunei, to transform the whole country, so Brunei can enter her destiny.
  • Pray for the Christians in Brunei: Abba Father, Your sons and daughters that face persecution and danger are thankful to You for Your constant protection and guiding! Please give them a bold and courageous heart and let them know that when the enemy comes in like the flood, You sits on throne ruling over it. Lead them to be rooted deep in the solid rock, and when they face the persecution of the Islamist law, they can be the messenger of gospel that is wise as serpent and gentle as dove, signs and wonders and miracles will follow them to confirm the words. Use them to lead many Muslims to return to You.
  • God, save the souls of Brunei people: Abba Father, thank You for never change Your love for them, although they are walking in the dark, but You always long for them to enter into the kingdom of light. Father God, release Your great light and let them come out of the darkness!
  • Pray for the Sultan and the Muslim priests: Abba Father, please soften the hearts of the Sultans and the Muslim priests, and the corruption, forces behind them, and change their attitude towards Christians. Watch over the smooth transition of the transferring of the throne. May You save Haji Hashanna Bauciya Sultan, May Your face shine upon him, so that he can serve the people with gratitude and humility. Love the people and work diligently, uphold justice, and govern the country with wisdom. Give him counselors with strategies and love to improve the problem of inequality between the rich and the poor. Holy Spirit, open his spiritual eyes, to turn and know the precious salvation of Jesus Christ, no longer promote the national Islamicization plan, lead the royal family and the people to know the joy of salvation, to make Brunei a nation that Jesus is the Lord and be blessed by God

In Jesus’s name we pray, Amen!

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[Background: South Asian countries, Bangladesh is one of the ancient peoples of the South Asian subcontinent. The population is 150 million, and Bangladesh is 96.9%. The main religion is Islam. Muslims account for 88.3% of the total population, 10.5% of Hindus, and the rest are mainly Buddhists, Christians and ordinary people. Bangladesh is one of the most populous populations in the world and yet one of the least developed countries in the world. Bangladesh belongs to the subtropical monsoon climate. Because the rivers are spread throughout, transport by rivers are well developed, and the rainy season is extremely prone to flooding. Tropical hurricanes often occur.

Spiritual condition: Since independence in 1971, Bangladesh has been mired in the vicious circle of violent political struggle. Over the years, Bangladesh has maintained the dual status of secular and Islamic countries in accordance with the Constitution. I addition to the riots of Islamic militants, and the Christian community as a minority is simultaneously threatened by radical Muslims and authorities. But what is encouraging is that the percentage of Christian is growing rapidly in Muslim-based Bangladesh.

According to a report in the Christian Daily newspaper on March 16, 2017: “Many Muslims believed in Jesus! Most of them live in rural areas. Every day more people are converted to be saved, even if they are persecuted, we continue to spread the Good news of Jesus Christ. Although the Christian population still accounts for a very small number of people, Bangladeshi Christians have great confidence that the Muslim country, the fourth largest Muslim country, will eventually become a Christian country. “There is no mercy, no compassion, especially no love in Islam. It can’t bring us anything. However, Christianity gives us the assurance of eternal life, and it brings real hope.” A convert admitted that he rather give up vested benefits and become Christians. “The next generation is turning back to God and becoming  Christians! We believe that Bangladesh will become a Christian country in the future.”]

For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea.  (Habakkuk 2:14)  

Oh God! We pray that the wind and rain of the Holy Spirit will come greater than before, and righteous and peace will be established for the local people.

  • Bless Bangladesh: In the name of Jesus we bless this country into the destiny of God! Rise up and be courageous and stand, no longer weak, no longer poor; the church will shine with the abundance of the Lord, bring great influence, let ten people pull one to come to now the Lord Jesus.
  • Pray for non-Christians in Bangladesh: Pray for the Lord’s mercy and salvation to come to the Muslims and Buddhists in Bangladesh, forgive them for worshipping idolatry out of ignorance, persecuting the children of God, reveal Yourself to them so that they can know the most high true God. To receive a abundant salvation and grace. Oh God! We declare that You will continue to pour the grace and mercy over the people of Bangladesh. When they become Christians at this moment, may their heart only beat for You.
  • Pray for Bangladeshi Christians: May the Holy Spirit pour on the Bangladeshi Christians, and make their heart become passionate for You, bless the brothers and sisters of Bangladesh  become deeply rooted in the truth and the love of God in the midst of persecution, not be shaken and clearly understand the leading of the Holy Spirit. Co-labor with God and be the fisher of men.
  • Pray for the Church of Bangladesh: Raise up the Church of Bangladesh, give them fire of prayer, and together to build a prayer altar of unity, for God to lead them to fight for Bangladesh, demolish the stronghold of the enemy that hinder the Bangladeshi people from knowing God, so that the gospel can be spread throughout Various ethnic groups in Bangladesh, and transform the entire nation of Bangladesh!
  • Pray for the government of Bangladesh: God, save the souls of Bangladeshi government officials, so they will receive salvation, give them wisdom to govern Bangladesh, and turn Bangladesh from a goat country to a sheep country.
  • Pray for Bangladesh President Abdul Hamid: Dear heavenly Father, You are a God who does not display favoritism, may Your love come upon Bangladesh president Abdul Hamid. May Your Holy Spirit work in him, expand his heart and perception that he may align with your purposes and ways, to govern  Bangladeshi with justice and righteousness. That he may be kind to the Buddhists and Christians in his nation who are of different faith to him. Lord, you have granted supernatural revelations to many Muslims previously, you have called them to be reconciled with You through dreams and visions, to be close to You. Therefore we bless  Bangladesh president Abdul Hamid that he can recognize Your omniscience and omnipotence, and receive the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, that he may walk with the Lord in the light and enjoy the abundant life promised by the Lord.

We pray in the name of Jesus Christ, amen!


“Background: Bhutan is located on the southern slope of the eastern section of Himalaya between China and India. In Seventh century BC, the Tibetan king Srongtsen Gampo introduced Buddhism into Bhutan and established many temples, from which Buddhism played an important role in Bhutan, and many political and legal aspects infiltrated Buddhist ideas.

Bhutan, with a population of 700,000, has as many as 75% Buddhists and 24% of Hindus, with a Christian proportion of only 1.8%. In theory, Bhutan allows its citizens to practice other religions, such as Christianity, but those who choose to practice another religion are treated unfairly by the state, local governments and their communities. The Government and the people believe that Bhutanese should be Buddhists, and those who believe in other faiths may lose their citizenship and government benefits, including free education, health care, and even electricity and water resources.

As a result of the increase in the number of refugees from India and Nepal, the Government of Bhutan had enacted immigration laws to restrict the influx of refugees, thus also deepening the sense of racism and hatred between the two communities, leading to violence and protests. Bhutan has a population of nearly million people, but only hundreds of Christians. So far, no Christian congregation has been able to build church buildings, and there are no recognized Christian organizations in the country.

Bhutan is one of the least evangelized countries, and Christians within its borders are also affected by discrimination, harassment and even physical violence. Topography, Bhutan has a lot of thunderstorms, so Bhutan calls itself “Thunder Dragon King”, they  also considered themselves the descendants of the dragon, on their nation flag, Chinese white Dragon represented dragon god, the yellow symbol diagonal across represented the King’s authority, the orange symbol below represented the pious faith of the lama religion.】

Therefore tell the people: This is what the Lord Almighty says: ‘Return to me,’ declares the Lord Almighty, ‘and I will return to you,’ says the Lord Almighty.Zechariah 1:3

See, the stone I have set in front of Joshua! There are seven eyes[a] on that one stone, and I will engrave an inscription on it,’ says the Lord Almighty, ‘and I will remove the sin of this land in a single day.Zechariah 3:9

  • Prayer of Identification: We come before You to confess and repent for Bhutan for idolatry, and not worship the only true God. We replace You with other gods, so the suffering increases, and please forgive our pride and rebellion, because You resist the proud and give grace to the humble. Please forgive our sin of stubbornness, harden-heartedness. Lord, please forgive us of all these sins, remove all our unrighteousness, so we can turn back to You, so peace will come to Bhutan.
  • Pray for the Bhutanese people for salvation: May God’s salvation come to the people of Bhutan, give them the Holy Spirit to enlighten them to repent, and open the eyes of their hearts to know You are the Holy righteous Redeemer and the One True God, rejecting all idols and traditions. The bondage of culture, to accept the salvation of Christ, leading Bhutan into the season of great harvest, so that the gospel is rooted and grounded in the culture of Bhutan. In the name of the Lord, bless the people of this land. When the people in the dark meet the great light, they will enter the wonderful virtues of light. The true light released the people living in the temples of this place to receive true freedom, because of their godliness, compassion came, like the way Cornelius met Jesus.
  • Pray for the revival of the Bhutanese church: Lord! Let the love of the Holy Spirit pour greatly upon the children of God, to awaken their souls, to seek God passionately and love one another, and steadfastly keep the Word of God, to aggressively proclaim the gospel, and to witness the manifestation of power.and the love of God. Rise up the church to align with God, connect and align with each other, and work together to establish a unity prayer altar, to cry out for Bhutan, to stand in the gap and shake Bhutan through the power of day and night prayer; break the stronghold of the society, to find freedom and peace in the love of Christ, bringing the revival to Bhutan, transforming Bhutanese society and leading Bhutan into the calling and destiny of God. Give the church the power to bear witness and open the door to evangelism. God, please watch and keep Christian in Bhutan, to be steadfast in their faith, despite being severely abused and harassed. God, please forgive the injustices of infringing on the human rights of Nepal and Bhutan, and to replace these unjust acts with the love and compassion of Christ. May more Christian rescue workers that are called to go can receive their visa. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, the King of Bhutan, Wangchuck, will receive the salvation of Jesus. Amen!
  • Pray for the political and social situation: Bhutan is one of the few countries in the world that had heard the least of the gospel. The government’s strong isolationism has fueled the clampdown of Tantric Buddhism. Pray for a true spiritual release on this “Dragon land.” We pray that the government has the wisdom and righteousness to grant peace and freedom to all races within Bhutan. God. please forgive Bhutan for violating the human rights of Nepalese refugees and Bhutan, to cleanse their sins, and to transform them to replace these unrighteous acts with the Love and mercy of Christ.
  • Pray for Bhutanese government officials: Lord, Save the souls of Bhutanese government officials, give them the spirit of repentance, soften their hearts, open their eyes, and know You are the Almighty true God. Also for King Wangchuk to receive prayer of salvation. To rise up the Christian political leader that fear You and love You, to seek and trust in You, to formulate policies and appropriate laws that are righteous and fair, to consolidate healthy family structures, to receive the glorious and rich grace of the Kingdom of God, and to lead Bhutan into God’s destiny.

In the victorious name of Jesus Christ, Amen


[Historical background: Cambodia is an ancient nation in Indochina.  It has over 2,000 years of history, and The Angkor dynasty, the the predecessor state to modern Cambodia  appeared from the 9th century to 15th century, is a powerful nation with great cultural significance. In the 70’s, during the reign of Khmer Rouge (Cambodian communists), extreme left-wing terror tactics have caused the death of over a fifth of the national population through starvation, hard labor, disease, and torture, etc. causing the bloodiest human disaster in mid-20th century.  In 1993, a new constitution was passed through the constitutional assembly and restored the kingdom reign and national name of Kingdom of Cambodia, causing the nation to enter into a new period of peace and development. Cambodia’s official religion is Buddhism, with the majority being Buddhists.
Society Background
Cambodia is one of the least developed and poorest nation in Asia.  Recent years have seen political stability and have successfully attracted investments from China, Japan, Korea, etc. allowing it to be one of the most popular new investment hot spots in South-East Asia. Due to economic inequality, the problems of human trafficking and child prostitution are severe. In the last 10 years, child sex slavery has been markedly reduced, however, the human-trafficking methods have adapted to go deeper underground,and even more cross-border and attracted more online pedophiles which has brought new challenges.
Church Background
After the Khmer Rouge ethnic cleansing, Cambodia has very few Christian survivors. Yet, in recent years, the Cambodian church has been in rapid growth. There are now churches in the majority of the cities, towns, and social centers, although gospel publications are few. The churches are very young, passionate, and strong on missions and evangelism. Discipleship and leadership training is a great challenge.
Although the number of believers are increasingly nonstop, the lack of spiritual quality and depth cause many to leave their faith when facing difficulties and are unable to commit to Christ strongly. Today in the Jarai people, there is a sizable number of Christians, but in the other tribes and farm area, there are still no witnesses of the gospel. Besides, the finances brought in by foreign missions organizations have caused some negative problems, causing many churches to rely on external support and abuse the foreign financial funds, which brought hindrance to the growth of local churches to self-sufficiency and self-management. ]
  • Pray for the Cambodian people: We ask the Holy Spirit to rend the heavens, for Holy Spirit to move powerfully among the Cambodian Buddhists, saving their souls, igniting their hearts, and removing all deception and blindness.
  • Pray for the Cambodian church: God please bring revival to the Cambodian churches, strengthen the hearts of the believers, and cause them to be rooted in the truth and not be shaken by hardships. We ask You to raise up God-fearing church leaders and disciples who love the Lord, grant them wisdom and courage and to be obedient to the leading of the Holy Spirit and to preach the gospel widely to the other tribes and farmland and win souls for the Lord.
  • Pray for the government and military of Cambodia: Please save the souls of  the government officials and  military officers of Cambodia.  Raise up upright leaders who are able to combat greed and corruption bravely. Grant them wisdom and strategies to release Cambodia from corruption and rottenness, poverty, violence, and let them enter into the rule of law, peace, wealth, and abundance. Open their eyes to know You as the Most High God, cause the Word of Your Truth to reign in this nation, and cause the entire nation to declare that You are the Savior and God of Cambodia.
  • Pray for the enslaved and the oppressed in Cambodia:  Abba Father, You are God who cares for the poor and the oppressed who defends the weak. We declare in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ that the men, women, and children prostitutes who are enslaved and trafficked to be released into freedom. We ask You to rise up governmental and non-governmental organizations as well as other Christian ministries to go against human-trafficking, give them love and mercy from God, as well as wisdom and strategies to release, heal, and bring freedom to enslaved and the oppressed.
  • Pray for the innocent families who have members murdered by the communist government: Abba Father, I pray you especially have mercy on them and may your wonderful salvation be granted to them, so that they will be comforted and healed and are willing to forgive the killers. “Answer me quickly, Lord;   my spirit fails. Do not hide your face from me   or I will be like those who go down to the pit.Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love,    for I have put my trust in you.Show me the way I should go,    for to you I entrust my life.Rescue me from my enemies, Lord,    for I hide myself in you. 10 Teach me to do your will,    for you are my God;may your good Spirit lead me on level ground.” (Psalm 143: 7-10)
  • Pray for the Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen: Abba Father, please show mercy and save the Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen. Give him a clean, humble, righteous, and upright spirit.  Shine upon him so that he will know You are the only true God. Possess his heart.  Lord, You see the corruption in the government and the people, political violence, and suppression of human rights. Lord, please turn the prime minister Hun Sun towards You, to rely on You, and to bring changes in governmental policies that cut off corruption and abuse and depart from idolatry and sin. Let the blood of the Lord Jesus cleanse the king, the prime minister and the people to cause the whole nation to turn towards Christ, and to receive blessings.  Please bless the national head: King Norodom Sihamoni and his family.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen!

China – Prayer breakthrough and transformation,  prepare for the 70 years fullness of time,  China will walk into God’s appointed Destiny

[ Editor’s Note: God showed prophet Chuck Pierce His destiny for China: China shall rise up as the most influential nation, replacing the role America has played, to become the nation that sends the most missionaries and God will open the doors of the nations to China. We believe this is the time that 70 years of the book of Jeremiah is being fulfilled, that from 1949 to 2018 is 70 years. This is the time for China to enter into God’s destiny.  We also believe God will raise up the Chinese church in each arena to transform China.

To see from God’s eyes all of the coming sufferings of the Chinese church “there is a kind of love…..”

There is a kind of love, like the ever-sounding summer insects, the spring ever-spinning silkworms
There is a voice, compelling me to boldly move forward, for Holy Spirit´s leading me ahead
Marching in strides, toward Jerusalem, be it wind /frost /snow or rain, only to be ever determined
I want to proclaim, proclaim the Name of the Lord, I’ve got to prevail, in the Kingdom of God
I am marching forward with a mission, to awaken the slumbering China
Even to point of bleeding, I won’t turn back
I’m marching forward with visions, so that until I see China for mission
A voice urging me to go forth courageously
Holy Spirit leading in my heart
I’m marching on to Jerusalem
Rain, wind, hail, snow.  I persevere
I will declare and lift His Name
There’s victory, In the Kingdom of God
I march on with the destiny
To wake China of her sleep
Although I may shed my blood,
I will not forsake my call
I go with the vision of China
As a missionary to the world
Spread the Gospel to the end of the world.

China shall become a missionary China, to pick up the last baton of the gospel and suffering was the place of training for the soldiers for Christ. The “back to Jerusalem” movement is one of the missions given to China, and a flower in a green house is unable to receive such a mandate, and the young generation of China do not understand the suffering of the cross which the servants and children of God have suffered in the last generation, therefore, God has promised persecution and tribulation to come upon this generation, for the purpose of training the next generation, that they may become a Joshua generation that is of good courage, of warriors who can battle to fight the good fight for the Lord

God through the wilderness molded the Joshua generation, to become good soldiers ready for battle, and God used the persecution of Saul to mold David’s life, God allowed Joseph’s brothers to sell Joseph as slave to Egypt, and allowed Potiphar’s wife to accuse him and send him to prison. There he met the butler, and was brought before Pharaoh to explain his dream, and thus fulfilling God’s call on his life: to become the prime minister of Egypt and save the people of Egypt and Israel from the danger of starvation.

Siu Min’s Canaan songs were written in tribulation through God’s anointing. God’s ways are higher than our ways and many do not understand why we do a 40 days fast and face persecutions all around, but these 40 days fast is cleansing and strengthening the church of China, that she can be more able to overcome testing and prepare to enter into the destiny of the new season.

Be of good courage, and do not fear, for God shall be with you…

We encourage the global intercessors to again stand with the church of China, to bless the Chinese church to continue to shine for the Lord, and to cause God’s glory to fill all of the land of China, to cause China to be a blessing for God’s Kingdom! ]

Pray for the nation

  • Pray for all those in power:I urge, then, first of all, that petitions, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for all people— for kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness. This is good, and pleases God our Savior. (1Tim 2:1-3)
  •  Pray for China to become a Christian nationBlessed is the nation whose God is the Lord,    the people he chose for his inheritance. (Psalm33:12)
  • Pray for the king who is in leadership:Endow the king with your justice, O God, the royal son with your righteousness. May he judge your people in righteousness, your afflicted ones with justice. May the mountains bring prosperity to the people, the hills the fruit of righteousness. May he defend the afflicted among the people and save the children of the needy; may he crush the oppressor. (Psalm72:1-4)

In the mighty name of Jesus we pray and bless China

  • May China from top to bottom and from old to young come to fear God; may God bring the grace of forgiveness of sins and a heart of repentance to China.
  • We bless every leader in power to have policies and strategies that is beneficial toward the church, grant them a heart of mercy and mind of Christ to embrace the church of China and to protect the freedom of Christianity. We declare that the power of darkness have no hold on them.
  •  Bless all of the policies to be aligned with God, to forgive China from all her wickedness, that the blood of Jesus cover all of China, that the fire of the Holy Spirit cleanse China, use the Chinese church, that she is still able to stand by the Lord through such testings, to bless the churches of the nations, and to be witnesses for Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth.
  •  We bless and pray for the government of China, that the salvation and revival of the government is the hope for China, as well as God’s will.
  • We also ask God to raise up more hidden Christian leaders like Joseph and Daniel, bring influence of God’s presence to the ruling powers, to bring blessings that have never been seen before!
  •  We bless in unity the “one belt one road” undertaking, to be an economic blessing to all the nations that causes the gospel to reach the ends of the world.
  • Napoleon once said: “once China is awakened, the whole world shall be shaken”.  We bless China to experience a new wave of renewal and spiritual revival, that God’s glorious presence may rend the heavens and go upon the Chinese church, and visit the ruling leadership, as He had done on Saul on the road to Damascus as a great light, to turn towards God, that they may do justice, love, mercy and walk humbly with God in His love and wisdom

Pray for the church

  • Pray for repentance for building personal towers of BabelNow the whole world had one language and a common speech. As people moved eastward, they found a plain in Shinar and settled there. They said to each other, “Come, let’s make bricks and bake them thoroughly.” They used brick instead of stone, and tar for mortar. 4 Then they said, “Come, let us build ourselves a city, with a tower that reaches to the heavens, so that we may make a name for ourselves; otherwise we will be scattered over the face of the whole earth.”  But the Lord came down to see the city and the tower the people were building. The Lord said, “If as one people speaking the same language they have begun to do this, then nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them. Come, let us go down and confuse their language so they will not understand each other.” So the Lord scattered them from there over all the earth, and they stopped building the city. That is why it was called Babel—because there the Lord confused the language of the whole world. From there the Lord scattered them over the face of the whole earth. (Gen11:-9)
  • Pray for repentance for envy, striving and disunityYou are still worldly. For since there is jealousy and quarreling among you, are you not worldly? Are you not acting like mere humans? For when one says, “I follow Paul,” and another, “I follow Apollos,” are you not mere human beings? What, after all, is Apollos? And what is Paul? Only servants, through whom you came to believe—as the Lord has assigned to each his task. I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God has been making it grow. So neither the one who plants nor the one who waters is anything, but only God, who makes things grow. The one who plants and the one who waters have one purpose, and they will each be rewarded according to their own labor. (1Cor3:3-8)
  • Pray for repentance of church leadersBe shepherds of God’s flock that is under your care, watching over them—not because you must, but because you are willing, as God wants you to be; not pursuing dishonest gain, but eager to serve; not lording it over those entrusted to you, but being examples to the flock. And when the Chief Shepherd appears, you will receive the crown of glory that will never fade away. (1Pet 5:2-4)
  • Pray that the church can be faithful unto deathDo not be afraid of what you are about to suffer. I tell you, the devil will put some of you in prison to test you, and you will suffer persecution for ten days. Be faithful, even to the point of death, and I will give you life as your victor’s crown. (Rev 2:10)

We declare in pray:

  •  Lord, please forgive the church for building their own kingdoms and not building Your Kingdom, please grant a heart of humility to the church, to fully rely on You, to do Your will and complete Your works, to restore the first love, that they may be in the truth, deeply rooted and grounded, and build fruits upwards to become overcomers.
  • God forgive the pride, envy, striving and divisions. May God grant a spirit of unity to the Chinese church, to pray in unity, and through multiple testings that the convergence of the church shall be greater than before and that the latter glory shall be greater than the former. In the name of Jesus we bless the Chinese church and the leaders to have a father’s heart, to humbly pastor the flock, to build a loving Father’s house, and enter into a season as a family walking together.
  • May God grant them wisdom from above, to understand how to face all the problems facing the church of the last generation, to overcome all the temptations of name, power, sex, position and superiority, and stand firmly before God and against the enemy, to faithfully and kindly pastor the flock given to them by God, to equip his people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up.
  • In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ we declare that the breath of the Lord may blow upon the church, that the church of China may become an exceedingly large army, to proclaim the gospel broadly, to make disciples, and raise up the workers and missionaries of this generation, to expand the place of God’s tent, and preach the gospel to all the nations


  • Refine Chinese Church with the fire of the Holy Spirit: As China’s economy growth accelerates,  the crisis of the church also increases. Facing the temptation of mamon and the love of the worldly things and pleasure, it has caused the church to become complacent,  losing the pure and first love for God and the focus on mission. We pray the fire of the Holy Spirit to refine the church once again, rekindle the pure first love and the heart to be martyred for the gospel.
  • Capture the youth and children of China through the revival of God: [Current event: Publisher in Beijing has already published textbook teaching on homosexuality as correct concept. False sex education has infiltrated into China, will share more specific information concerning the content of the textbook in our next posting. Homosexualityhas become a serious issue.] The youth and children have grown up in a very protected environment, like  the flower in the green house, they are too immature to be cultivated to take on the responsibility of the great commission. We pray especially for the church to be revived by the fire of God. Revive the youth and children, reveal to them, to draw their hearts back to God, to walk away from sins of pornography,  computer gaming, sexual relationship, fornication, living together before marriage and abortion.
  • Remove corrupt governmental officials, uncover any illegal business dealing, seeking only profit, regardless of the lives of the people, making fake rice, milk, meat, oil,  and health damaging chemicals and preservatives etc.   May God uncover all the crooked businesses, people, and governmental officials.
  • May God awaken them to the first love for Jesus: May God give mercy to Chinese church, during the time of persecution, that they may see that God allows persecution to refine the church, awaken Chinese church to align with God, to be clear-minded and self-controlled, to take back authority and enter into  destiny.   Because of the economic take-off in the past few years, the church began to enter comfort, compete for power, pursue financial blessings, and even the porno film through the mobile phone and computer. These deeply defiled the the Chinese church, coworkers, and brothers and the hearts of brothers and sisters.  Therefore, the Chinese church lost the presence of God  and the authority to minister and warfare..  May God forgive and cleanse the church, gain back His bride, restore  the devoted love for God that sought His face.

  • China: We bless China to be just, righteous and full of humility; let her relations with other nations to be in the will of God.   Let China be a blessing to nations in following areas: politics, economy, military, ethnic groups (including overseas), culture, science and technology, church, diplomacy (relations with neighboring countries, influence in regional or international organizations, and responsibility in the international community), etc.   Lead China into the will of God for the spreading of the gospel, the return of the gospel to Jerusalem, and the preparation of the coming of our glorious King.
  • Let the Chinese church be united and enter into her destiny. Let her be a blessing to China and its neighboring countries and nations.
  • Let the armies of prayer warriors and missionaries arise! Let them be connected in unity for the preparation of the revivals.
  • Let all the people in China turn to the Lord.
  • Let transformation and breakthrough begin to take place in China.


Hong Kong

[Background: Hong Kong is the first special administrative region of the People’s Republic of China, consisting of Hong Kong Island, the Kowloon Peninsula, the six regions of the New Territories, and 262 large and small islands.  In 1842, it became a colony of the United Kingdom. In 1997, the British rule ended, and the sovereignty was returned to the People’s Republic of China.   Its economy and society are developing rapidly and is considered a developed economy with high standards of living. The Chinese account for 92% of the total population. The people enjoy freedom of religion.

Evangelism: The economy is booming, and many immigrants from Africa, Middle East, India, the Philippines, Indonesia, etc. come here to look for work.  With freedom of religion, the churches in Hong Kong are mature. Many churches, evangelical and mission organizations that participate in global missions use Hong Kong as a gospel bridge to enter mainland China.   Foreign missionaries come to Hong Kong first to receive cross-cultural training before going to mainland China.   In recent years, the growth of the overall Hong Kong church has slowed down. In addition, the loss of young believers, college students and young professionals has become a main concern for the churches here.

Spiritual Location: Hong Kong is the gateway to Asia opened by God!  Hong Kong is an important port for China to connect with foreign countries. It got its name of “the Port of Incenses” in the Ming Dynasty for exporting incenses made in China.  Incenses are used for sacrifices; in Revelation its scent signifies the prayer of the saints.   At present, a great missionary army is being raised up. More missionaries will be “exported” and dispatched from here in the future. The fact that this 40-day fasting  & prayer was initiated in Hong Kong bears much spiritual significance.

At the end of June this year, Chuck Pierce pointed out in a conference in Hong Kong that Hong Kong’s role as a “gateway” is irreplaceable; it is a gateway to release break-through and the opening-up of Asia.  Pierce has long since 1996 received the vision that Hong Kong will be the gateway to Glory Shift. Now the prophecy announced by Chuck Pierce is being fulfilled.   According to Kingdom Revival Times, “Hong Kong is the gateway to God’s next movement in Asia.   A new movement is taking place!”.  (Source: Kingdom Revival News)

  • Pray for God’s family in Hong Kong: We thank God for using Hong Kong as a mother’s womb to produce and carry the unity among Chinese.   May God bless the family in Hong Kong to enter a deeper unity, to break heroism and individualism and make a covenant to commit to becoming close family members with one another, and regain from the enemy the authority over the Mountains of Family, Property, Market Place, etc.
  • Pray for Hong Kong entering its destiny: May God preserve the precious core values and spiritual inheritance in Hong Kong such as fairness, justice, the rule of law, freedom, endurance, hard work, family values, community watch, etc. Tear down any strongholds that would hinder Hong Kong from entering her destiny. Make her fulfill her role of the gateway to bless China and the entire world.
  • Pray for the revival of the churches in Hong Kong: God, we pray that cleanse the churches in Hong Kong. May the breath of the Holy Spirit blow into the churches, so that they are dry bones not only being resurrected but also are renewed with tendons and flesh. You breathe especially in the churches in the marketplace in Hong Kong.Remove the walls of partition among the churches and between the churches and the world.Raise up apostolic and prophetic churches to facilitate the operation of the five-fold ministry, to equip the saints for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up. Lord, raise up a Kingdom army on earth that releases new voice to bring the glory of heaven to the world. May Hong Kong connect China, Taiwan and Asia and release God’s heart and mission to China and Asia this season.
  • Pray for the revival in campuses in Hong Kong: May the flames of the Holy Spirit fall and burn in the hearts of young people.In the name of the Lord we proclaim that they will meet God, that You will fill the young people with enthusiasm and hope for the Kingdom of God, that the voice of worship and praise will fill the campuses. We proclaim that Joshua’s generation will arise and enter the Seven Mountains for God and inherit the land.
  • Pray for Hong Kong to denounce Mammon’s Spirit: May God shake and demolish Mamma’s economic system and re-establish God’s economic system.
  • Pray for the Hong Kong Government: May save the souls of Hong Kong government officials, to give them heavenly wisdom, to act justly according to God’s will, to love mercy and to walk humbly with God in fulfilling their responsibilities as government officials in Hong Kong.
  • Pray for the Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Mrs. Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor: Heavenly Father, we pray that You reign in the Chief Executive and her administrative team. You grant them wisdom and unity to carefully maintain and balance the relationship between Chinese central government and the special administrative region, to respond appropriately to the tense situation of Sino-US trade wars, maintain the prosperity of Hong Kong’s economy and stabilize this region. May God bless the Chief Executive and her family to be physically and mentally strong. Grant them peace and joy. Open their spiritual eyes and set them free from any cultural bondage, to receive the redemptive grace of Christ and follow and trust You the rest of their life.

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[Background: India is the second most populated country in the world, only next to China. India is also the largest country in South Asia. It’s the birthplace of Buddhism and Hinduism and also a multi-religious country. Almost all religions in the world can find their believers in India, but most Indians practice Hinduism. There are also many Muslims in India. In recent years, India’s Muslim population has risen to third place in the world. India’s religions and culture have affected the culture of South Asia and Southeast Asia; they have even expanded their impacts to Europe and the United States. In the first century A.D. the apostle Thomas preached the gospel there. India has been experiencing an evangelical revival that is similar in nature to the revival in mainland China in recent years. The Gospel used to move from the West to the East; now it is heading back to Jerusalem from the East. Yet at the same time, India has increased its persecution of Christians.
It is estimated that India will become the most populated country in the world in the next forty years. The real number of Christians is far above that of official estimation and this spiritual transformation is remolding this Hindu nation of thousand of years. Over 70% of Indian Christians are of the Untouchable class and tribal communities, the lowest of the social strata. What is surprising is that those who are most passionate in evangelism are not foreign missionaries, but local ministers and they are from the most oppressed sector of the class system.
Recently, the media has revealed case after case of the heartbreaking rounds of violence and rape of underage or young children. The most horrifying thing is that some political figures have annihilated their conscience and rationalized their atrocities from the perspective of religious, racial and gender discrimination, which has lead to dissatisfaction and protests from the public. The increase in such violence is strongly related to the spread of pornographic films, release of violence by wicked idolatry, bloodshed, fornicating evil spirits, and the political agitation of Indian extremists. On September 6, 2018, the Indian Supreme Court compromised to the LGBT lobby and abolished the 150 years prohibition. Homosexuality is no longer illegal and so now India has become a nation that legalized homosexuality.
According to recent report of Kingdom Revival Times, the torrential rains of the August has taken the lives of over 500 people and the death count is possibly higher. ]
Dear Heavenly Father God, we pray for the ancient, populous and disaster-prone nation of India:
See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland. The wild animals honor me, the jackals and the owls, because I provide water in the desert and streams in the wasteland, to give drink to my people, my chosen, the people I formed for myself that they may proclaim my praise.  (Isaiah 43:19-21)
 But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong. God chose the lowly things of this world and the despised things—and the things that are not—to nullify the things that are (1Cor1:27-8)
  • For the Indian people: Abba Father, the numerous Indian people are created by You for Yourself. Although the god of this age has blinded their eyes that they are in the sin of worshiping all kinds idols and false gods, Your gracious and merciful hand shall reach out to them now. We ask dear Holy Spirit to pour out greatly, from the northern Himalayas to the southern Cape of Comorin, from Mumbai to Calcutta, to awaken these people with Your presence and truth, to touch their hearts, that they may know You are the Creator of the heavens, who stretches them out, who spreads out the earth with all that springs from it, who gives breath to its people and life to those who walk on it, and You will lead them away from idolatry, to turn back and worship You, and to give You glory. They shall declare Your goodness among the nations and become new vessels for the harvest, an end time army!
  • Pray for the sexually abused women and children and the LGBT: We confess and repent of the sins of immorality, shedding of innocent blood perpetrated by the ruling powers and people of India. Lord please forgive and protect the Indian women and children to escape the dangers of violence, to enter into the loving embrace of Heavenly Father, and to become worship and prayer warriors of the Kingdom. Lord please forgive the direct and indirect sins of the homosexuals; may the Lord save the LGBT to escape from the control of dark immorality. That the power of Your gospel save them and that they may seek Your face, that they may know their honorable identity and destiny in You to become glorious witnesses for You!
  • Pray for the Indian church: May the rain of the Holy Spirit fill the land of India and raise up God’s people to build joint altars of prayer and exercise their Kingdom authority to bind the powers of darkness over India, to release the voice of truth, to awaken the public conscience, and to turn the nation from a wicked culture to a direction of morality. May God raise up the India church to see revival among the persecution; dying fire can be rekindled – raise up Christians to shine and serve different people groups. Release anointing of the Holy Spirit that signs and wonders may fill India, to pray and bless the nation continuously by the altar, that healing and restoration may come upon the people and the land, and to bring revival and transformation to India!
  • Pray for the government of India: May God save the souls of the governmental officials and legislators of India, that they may be freed from the powers of darkness and sin. Forgive them of the sin of compromising to the dark and homosexual powers. That they may know and fear the holy righteous Trinity God and receive salvation and become channels of blessing to India. Grant the Indian government holy, righteous, uprightness and wisdom to be able to have effective policies and to solve the national social problems such as economy, wealth inequality, floods, idolatry, religious, race  and ethnic discrimination that causes violence and bias. Provoke them to change the ugly and ungodly class system, to transform the whole nation, and to bring India to align with God’s destiny. We especially ask God to recognize the importance of protecting Christians and churches. We especially ask God to help them see the the importance of protecting the Christians and churches. In the name of Jesus we declare abolish any laws that is against Christians.

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Islamic Republic of Pakistan

[background: In early 8th century, Arabia expanded to the Indian river region and promulgated Islam and as a result many of local people became Muslims. In 1757, Pakistan following India became British colony. In 1940, the Muslim Alliance held meetings nationally and passed the decision to establish Pakistan. In 1947, Britain declared the Mountbatten plan, and agreed upon the partition of India. Pakistan declared independence and became a dominion of the British Commonwealth. In 1956, Pakistan changed from dominion into republic, and changed the name to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Capital: Islamabad, Geographic location: situated in south Asia, connected with Afghanistan in the north-west, Xinjiang to the north-east, with landmass of 796,000 square mile, population of 197,000,000. Religions: 96.1% Islam, 1.5% Hinduism, 1.3% Christianity, 0.7% Catholicism. The fastest growing religion is Islam and Hinduism. Official language: English, Urdu. Total number of languages: 77. Pakistan is a multi-ethnic nation, with a total of 416 different ethnic groups, of which 408 are unreached peoples. Politics: after independence, the military played an important role in politics. Furthermore the civil government being unstable and corrupt has been a national political focal point. Ex-prime minister Nawaz Sharif is imprisoned for 10 years due to charges of corruption. On 26 July 2018 Imran Khan was elected as the new prime minister.

Christians becoming targets of hostility: Up to present, Pakistanis face extreme hardship in being a Christian. Attend Sunday service is allowed, but severe “anti-blasphemy” law restrict religious lives of Christians. Whether it is evangelizing, converting from Islam or wearing a cross in public has become ever more dangerous. Islamic extremism has been on the rise, and many illegal extremist organizations are changing their fronts masking as charities working in youth social services. Many young people face the danger of being recruited into extremist organizations. Local authority had multiple attempts at suppressing the extremists. These organizations act out in vengeance, attacking Christians and many believers face the possibility of harassment and kicked out of their homes. Some Christians are spat upon on the streets, forced to marry, sexual assault and kidnapping is frequent.

On 24 May 2017, two Chinese missionaries Li Xinheng and Meng Lisi were kidnapped by armed extremists in Zhena district of Quetta, the provincial capital of Balochistan province in southwest of Pakistan. On August 8, Islamic State declared on media that they have killed them. Christians has become an oppressed minority. Pakistan’s poverty rate is very high, with Christian minority being especially so. Many receive minimal education or without education, as a result unable to find jobs. Many enter into manual labor to repay debt, and unable to clear the debt and such debt may continue through generations. These Christians are subject to the whims of their employers. They are unable to find legal help and are completely unable to protect their rights.]


Psalm 33:12 Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord, the people he chose for his inheritance. 

  • For the corruption in the military and government: May God save their souls, grant them a heart of mercy and love for the people to solve the poverty issue in the country, protect the safety of the ethnic groups and prevent riots. Also grant the officials wisdom, power, strategy to develop the economy and improve the living standard of the people, to be upright and care for the people, to establish a trustworthy and fair government. In the name of Jesus we declare that the gospel shall enter the political arena, that the officials may know the grace of God, that those who hear can understand and receive salvation and be born again
  • Pray for the Islamic extremists and their salvation: May God forgive their crimes of shedding innocent blood, forgive them for deceiving and tempting the youth to become their members and oppressing Christians, and illegally capturing women to become their sex slaves, may the blood of the Lord cover and forgive. May the grace of the Lord come upon them. Lord, You desire all to be saved and none to perish, we bind the evil powers behind the Islamic extremists organizations in the name of the Lord and to release them from Islam to turn to the Lord.
  • Pray for the martyred believers: Lord, You said unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it cannot bear much fruits. Please remember the blood of the martyrs shed on this land for the sake of the gospel. May the blood of the righteous as it flowed in the ground of this nation, bring great revival to Pakistan. Strength the family of the martyrs, that they may understand they shall be reunited in heaven, that their hearts receive comfort.
  • Pray for the persecuted believers: May God grant our brothers and sisters in tribulation a strong heart, God shall remember all that they sacrificed and all that they offered for the Lord. Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. (Matthew 5:10) May the fire of the gospel burn brightly and spread over Pakistan. May God grant them opportunities to learn and work, improve their economy and provide all their needs
  • Pray for Prime Minister Imran Khan: Heavenly Father, we ask that Your salvation come upon Prime Minister Imran Khan, that he may turn towards Jesus Christ from the bondage of Islam, to receive true freedom in the salvation of Christ. Bless Prime Minister Imran Khan to put an end to corruption and rebuild the nation, to fight for the rights of 25million children without education and to improve public health care and provide clean water. May You grant him wisdom and power to lead his nation to a life of safety, health and wealth.


[Background: The Republic of Indonesia, referred to as Indonesia, is located in Southeast Asian. Its territory spanning Asia and Oceania, it is the largest archipelago country in the world with 17,508 islands and is also known as the “land of thousands of islands.” It has many volcanic earthquakes. The capital is Jakarta. It is connected with countries such as Papua New Guinea, East Timor and Malaysia. Indonesia has a population of more than 248 million (in 2013), second only to China, India and the United States, ranking fourth in the world. Indonesia is one of the founding countries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations and the largest economy in Southeast Asia and a member of the G20. The Indonesian Islands have been an important trading area since the 7th century. Indonesian local rulers have absorbed foreign cultures, religions, and political forms and there have been prosperous Buddhist and Hindu kingdoms. Muslim merchants brought in Islam and European forces brought Christianity, and after the discovery of geography, they monopolized the trade of the Spice Islands in the Moluccas. After 350 years of Dutch colonial rule, Indonesia declared independence after the Second World War. Its current president is Zoco Widodo and its state structure is unitary.

Social Profile: Indonesia has been continually relegating to Chinese throughout the years. By 1998, the largest relegation against Chinese brutally killed a large number of overseas Chinese. According to a compiled report by the Jakarta Human Rights and Women’s Research Organization, during the riots in May, there were more than 5,000 cases of rape or gang rape of Chinese women in various parts of Indonesia, including more than 100 daily occurrences in Jakarta.

Religion: The number of Muslims in Indonesia ranks first in the world. According to official statistics, Muslims account for more than 80% of the total population in Indonesia; yet in fact they may believe in a mixture of spiritual beliefs, like Hinduism and Islam. One of the largest unreached people in the world live in Indonesia and that is the Sudanese in West Java.

Most of the inhabitants of Bali are Hindus, which is in contrast to most other parts of the country where Muslims are the majority. Bali itself is a popular tourist attraction. Here, the price to be a disciple of Christ is high. If anyone wishes to follow Jesus and break away from his previous way of life, he must face the abandonment and persecution of family and friends.

Christians are persecuted. Both Muslim believers (MBB) and non-traditional Protestant Christians are persecuted. MBBs who live in a strict Islamic region face strong pressure from family, friends and neighbors to give up their Christian faith, even if the law does not prohibit conversion to Christianity. Christians are discriminated against in private and business life. Because of the lack of Christian teachers in public schools, many Christian children must attend Islamic classes; they are subject to discrimination and prejudice by teachers and classmates.

The Indonesian government is launching a policy to close churches.The government faces pressure from Islamic extremists to close Christian worship houses. The churches encountered difficulties in registering. In an interview, Pastor Hong in Java, Indonesia said that the Indonesian churches are in great need of urgent prayers from Christians everywhere. Currently, in some big cities in Indonesia, churches are threatened by attacks and continue to be persecuted by radical Islamic groups. Christians are sometimes even violently attacked. With the Indonesian presidential election next year, the tension will become more and more serious.

The Islamic extremism in Indonesia is increasingly rampant. Christians, police and foreigners are often the targets of their attacks. In the past 20 years, Indonesia has experienced a series of terrorist attacks, including the deadly bombings in Bali in 2002 and the stalemate in Jakarta in January 2016. More than 20 churches have been attacked or closed in the provinces. In mid-October 2015, Aceh Province attracted international attention. At least nine churches were forcibly closed and destroyed and the other two were set on fire; then riots were triggered and more than 8,000 Christians were forced to flee their homes. A petrol bombing occurred in the East Borneo Church in Samarinda in November 2016, and a bombing attack on the churches occurred in Surabaya on May 13, 2018. (Source: Kingdom Revival Times).

Anti-Semitism of the Indonesian Government. The Indonesian government refused to allow admission and refused to issue visas to Israeli citizens. In response, the Israeli Ministry of the Interior likewise stopped allowing Indonesians to enter Israel on June 10, 2018. However, many Indonesian Christians who believe in the Bible and wish to come to the Holy Land are also rejected. Now Indonesian Christians ask us to pray with them to reverse this anti-semitist ruling.

Please pray that the Indonesian people have the courage and the opportunity to urge their governments to reopen the border and issue visas to Israeli citizens and to resume positive relations with Israel. (Source: Prayer Wave June 12-19, 2018) 】

  • Psalm 33:12, “Happy is the nation whose God is the Lord, the people whom He has chosen as his heritage.”
  • John 3;16-17, “For God so loved the world that He gave His only son, so that everyone who believes I Him may not perish but may have eternal life. Indeed, God did not send the Son into the world to condemn the world, but in order that the world might be saved through Him.”
  • Isaiah 42:10, “Sing to the Lord a new song, His praise from the end of the earth!”
  • Isaiah 24:15, “Therefore in the east give glory to the Lord; in the coastlands of the sea glorify the name of the Lord, the God of Israel.”

[Pray for Indonesia]

  • For her entering God’s destiny: Lord, You have revealed to our Indonesian family that they need to watch these two cities Palu and Lombok. Now that there is a serious earthquake there, we declare that God has a unique plan in Palu and Lombok. You have already made salvation available; You have showed mercy through the prayers of the church and saved many  lives, and You will build Your kingdom here that cannot be shaken. Pastor Rick Riding once prophesied over Indonesia in 2012; he saw that Indonesia was lying on the ground like an elephant, bringing a spiritual earthquake and opening the way across the Middle East! Lord, heal the Indonesians in the midst of agony from the earthquake, recover her and stop all kinds of suffering! Lead Indonesia into her destiny in the Lord and open up the way across the Middle East. We declare that Indonesia is the light of Asia, to honor the name of the Lord in the East! Indonesia! All the islands and their inhabitants should sing new songs to the Lord and praise Him from the earth!
  • Pray the confessional prayer on behalf of Indonesia: Dear Heavenly Father, we confess on behalf of Indonesia for the relegation against Chinese, for the many participants in the extremist Islamic organization that persecute and burn churches and shed innocent blood. Forgive us for our blindness and for engaging in adultery, greed, murder and hatred. Forgive us for violence and killing that have destroyed many families and caused social chaos and have put the country under a curse. We have often experienced earthquakes, tsunamis, and catastrophes that make people live in dire situations. Oh God! We pray for forgiveness and salvation. Remove the sinful thoughts and the desolate destruction. We pray for Your mercy to Indonesia so that we know the true God, for the blood of Jesus Christ to cleanse us. Teach us to walk in God’s righteousness, and give us true peace!
  • Pray for the salvation of Muslims: Dear Father, You love the Muslims and have given them Your only beloved Son, Jesus Christ, to die for them to save them. Yet they still do not know that God is the only true God. From young to old, they have been taught or misled into the enemy’s snares of blindness and immersed in the wrong darkness. Lord, forgive them for their sins, save their souls, break the bondage of the enemy, and release them from the darkness. Release them to the light and open their spiritual eyes. Let them see that there is no salvation except Jesus and urge them to accept the gospel and receive salvation. May Lord’s love and truth renew and transform their lives. Also help them attract people around them to lead more people to You through their great testimonies.
  • Pray for the safety of Christians: Heavenly Father, we ask You to intervene and protect the lives of Christians. Stop any evil plans of further terrorist attacks. We pray for the victims and their families, please comfort them and give them the power of healing, peace, and forgiveness. We pray for some Christians who have been detained for being accused of preaching and defamation. We pray that they would be given a fair trial and be released soon. We pray for safety for the Muslim Christians who are often beaten and need to flee their homes and migrate elsewhere. Pray that believers can enjoy the freedom of practicing faith and preach the gospel in Indonesia.
  • Pray for the church: Heavenly Father, we thank you for the Indonesian churches. They have been persecuted by extremist Muslims through the years. The churches have been blown up, the brothers and sisters have been attacked, and now the government even wants to close the churches and not allow them to meet. Father, we ask You to give the churches a strong spirit and make them more dependent on you. We pray that you revive Indonesian churches and fill them up with the Holy Spirit like Mary in Bethany, so that they may intercede fiercely, loving each other in the intimate anointing of Jesus, so that they may form an altar in one accord and stand in the gap and pray for the government. We declare that the breath of God is blown into the churches in Indonesia and the dry bones will come to life. The church will bring life back to every city! The voice of worship and praise will be filled on these islands. The sweet fragrance of prayer will rise to the throne of the Father and grace will flow down from the throne of God to redeem the land and make Indonesia free. Father God, connect the churches to  the 24/7 prayer wall of the world, to pray for the country and the nations and be ready for the great revival of Indonesia.
  • Pray for the Indonesian government: God the Father, have mercy on them. Forgive them for idolatry and the blindness not seeing the true light and not knowing You the true God. They don’t know that You chose Israel to bless the nations. Father, save them from the rule of the wicked and give them the salvation of Christ. Set them free to come to know You and return to You. Urge them to convict themselves for sin, for righteousness and for judgment, and turn from the mistakes of persecuting the churches and anti-Semitism. Open their eyes to see that the Lord is God and that the nation whose God is the Lord is blessed, and that it is a blessing that churches and Christians worship God in the country. Make the government change the policy to allow Christians go to church to worship You. Give them the fear for God, so that the Indonesian government may walk in Your will, align with You, restore relationship with Israel, and be blessed for blessing Israel.
  • For President Zoco. Vidodo: Dear Father, You desire for him to know You and turn to You. Raise up Christians like Daniel around him who can not only help him rule the country, but more importantly, show the name and work of Jesus Christ. Make President Zoco Widodo to admit like Nebuchadnezzar that “the Lord God reigns in the kingdom of man”, so that he can surrender to you completely and worship and exalt You alone, praising You as the Lord and King and giving glory to You.
  • Pray for the presidential election next year: Dear Father, we submit the election next year to Your hands because You abolish and establish kings. May You raise a presidential candidate who is just, righteous, pitiful, and humble and who will miraculously win in next year’s election. Also bless the election process with peace throughout the country.

We pray in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.

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Iran Islamic Republic

[Also known as Iran, one the most ancient nations in the world. It was called Persia, later called Elam, and was mentioned in the Bible. The prophet Daniel was counselor to multiple Persian kings. In New Testament times, Persians (Parthians, Medians and Elam) were also members of the early church. In mid-7th century AD, the Persian empire was conquered by the Arabic empire, and the Iranian plateau in the middle-east became to be Islamified. In early 1979, Sayyid Ruhollah Mūsavi Khomeini led an Islamic revolution in Iran, and established the Islamic Republic of Iran, and unified religious and political system, and Khomeini became Grand Ayatollah. The present Grand Ayatollah is Ali Khamenei. Islam holds the highest moral authority in Iran, and is the highest standard in public life. 89% of the whole population are Shiite Muslims, 9% are Sunni Muslims and the other 2% are of different faiths (Christians, Zoroasterism, Judaism, Mandaeism and Bahá’í

Iran used to be a rich nation. Before the 1979 Islamic revolution, its national GDP was once the 4th in the world. But after the religious revolution, internal and external government policies caused Iran’s economy to flounder, causing the people to lose confidence in Islam, and Islam was not able to deal with the problems in society and in daily life. They were seeking answers to life, but were not able to find it in the national and ancestral religions. Through modern information like the smartphone, Internet, satellite TV etc, the Iranian people now have opportunity to hear the gospel. Many even before watching satellite TV, already saw a shining figure (Jesus) in a white robe in visions and dreams.

Christianity is developing rapidly in Iran, especially in the recent years, it has reached a peak. No matter if its largest oppression against the church, or massive waves of arresting pastors and converts, none of it has been effective. Even apply pressure, threats and persecutions against the Iranian Christians, especially converts, many Iranian young people are daily becoming more interested in Christianity each day and decide to believe. Founder of Heart4Iran Ansari expressed during an interview by CBN: “In 2016, our call center processed about 700 contacts per day, which resulted in about 93 decisions for Christ per day. That’s roughly about 3 people every hour that confessed their faith in Jesus.” 20% of the whole population has seen gospel program before. According to World Mission, Iran’s underground church is the fastest growing church in the world, and the house church movement is the lifeline of Christianity in Iran. The Iranian government sees Christianity as a major threat towards Islam, and since 2005, Iran has increased persecution upon Christians, and the government attacks house church meetings, arrests worshipers and threaten church members, while also made publishing, importing or copying Bibles and Christian literature illegal. Despite all that, persecution has made Christianity to grow rapidly in Iran.

Recently, the United States, declared in the next few months, to impose “the strongest sanctions in history” on Iran. America’s sanctions on Iran may cause local Christians to be targets of revenge. (sources from Wikipedia, Kingdom Revival Times, Kingdom Prayer Network)】

“This is what the Lord Almighty says: “See, I will break the bow of Elam, the mainstay of their might. I will bring against Elam the four winds from the four quarters of heaven; . . .  I will set my throne in Elam and destroy her king and officials,” declares the Lord. “Yet I will restore the fortunes of Elam in days to come,” declares the Lord.” (Jeremiah 49:35-39)

  • Pray for the government: May God’s salvation come upon the officials of the government of Iran, may Lord Jesus shows Himself to them in their dreams, that they may know the salvation You have brought by the cross. May God cause the internal shakings of Iran, to lead the nation into rapid change, and in the governmental leadership level. May God raise up Christian leaders in Iran according to His own hearts, who can rule the nation in truth and righteousness, to cause the Iranian people to have stable lives, and enjoy freedom of speech and religion.
  • Pray for the Muslims: Abba Father, please save the souls of the Muslims, continue to use the Internet, Satellite, underground church and mission organizations etc to open the doors of the gospel, open their eyes and ears, soften their hearts, that the seed of the gospel may bring forth hundredfold of fruits,leading many Muslims to abundant salvation.  May your salvation come upon the people who are not deceived by the wicked regime and have rose up to demand a change of governmental leadership, cause them to encounter You in the protests, to know “It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man” (Psalm 118:8), to see that hope and change in Iran lies in You, the Lord of Hosts.
  • Pray for Christians and churches: May God strengthen the faith of the Iranian Christians, use them to proclaim the name of the Lord in their areas. May God’s protection and peace come upon them. May God grant the great joy in the midst of tribulation, through the Holy Spirit cause them to be overfilled with hope, and for the brothers and sisters who are experiencing persecution and imprisonment, to more deeply experience God’s faithfulness, to stand boldly by God and become witnesses for Him. May the fire of the Holy Spirit ignite the church, build up Christians to be on fire for God, led by the Holy Spirit, full of signs and miracles, that the church be growing nonstop. May God light the fire of prayer, so that the churches of Iran can unite, to establish united prayer altar, to pray with one heart, to proclaim the gospel, and bring national transformation to Iran, and win the nation for the Lord.
  • Pray for the nation of Iran: May God reign in Iran “You will break them with a rod of iron, You will dash them to pieces like pottery.” (Psalm 2:9). Shake the pride and control of the Islamic power, may God shake Iran’s leadership, and “break the bow of Elam” as God has promised, and to remove the king and leaders, to break Iran’s connection to terrorists organizations, to shatter the powers of darkness behind Iran and establish the throne of God in Iran, “restore the fortunes of Elam” to release the people of Iran into the Kingdom of Light of God’s beloved Son Jesus Christ. (Jeremiah 49:35, 39)

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Republic of Iraq

[Background and status: known as Iraq, located in the West Asia-Middle East Republic. The region where Iraq is located has historically been known as Mesopotamia and is one of the main sources of human civilization.  It has been ruled by empires such as Babylon, Persia, Greek Alexandria and Rome. Until the seventh century AD, the Islamic forces moved north from the Arabian Peninsula, and Islam began to spread in the Middle East. The population is about 31.5 million, Arabs make up about 75% of the total population, and 20% are Kurds living in the northern mountains and northeast.

Biblical origin: The banks of the Babylon River were where many biblical historical events took place. Abraham was originally from the city of Uruguay, the Iraqi Euphrates River, and moved to Canaan, which is present day Israel. The year 586BC, when the Babylonian army of King Nebuchadnezzar destroyed Jerusalem, Iraq became a place where many Jews lived in exile. For a long time, Iraq has become a place where God’s chosen people were judged and blessed.  Because the Tower of Babel was here, this was  where God has changed the language of man and scattered them all over the land.  After the resurrection of Christ, Iraq became a refuge for Christians to escape the persecution of the Roman Empire.

The gospel of the first century was spread to Iraq.  It was said that the apostles Thomas and Dato took the lead to bring the gospel there, and passed it on to the local Assyrian-Chaldeans who founded the Aramaic, and established the oldest Christian church called “Assyrian – The Eastern Church of the Chaldeans.” The Eastern Church has a tough life.  With the persecution of Roman Catholic, Muslims have risen to persecute the church.  But the church has held on to her beliefs and has been passed down from generation to generation.  It can be said to be the living fossil of the original Christian church.  In the seventh century AD, monks even went to the Tang Dynasty in China, and for the first time spread the Christian faith to China, known as Nestorianism.

In the past few decades, we have often heard news about Iraq: the Iran-Iraq War, the Gulf War, the Iraq War, the ISIS invasion, and the massive terrorist attacks. During this period, the number of local Christians has continued to drop.  Before Saddam Hussein came to power in the late 1970s, there were between 1.5 and 2 million Christians in Iraq.  After he stepped down, it was reported that only about 500,000 Christians stayed. The situation was even worse when the Islamic State invaded in 2003. The latest figure is that only about 200,000 Christians remain in Iraq.

Iraq was once the home of one of the largest Christian groups in the Middle East. But now, Christians in the country have reached the edge of extinction. Radical organizations, Islamic clerics, and government officials all targeted at Christians (and other religious minorities), making them feel unpopular.  Many Iraqi Christians still feel scared and dare not expect a better future in Iraq. Recently, the Iraqi government has asked Christians to return to their towns, saying that the locals have regained their freedom and threatened that their children would not be able to attend schools in the camps if they did not return after the summer vacation.

In end of 2017, the Islamic State ISIS, which caused many violent incidents in Iraq and nearby areas, gradually lost most of its occupied areas, including Iraq’s Mosul and Syria’s Raqqa. Although ISIS lost its advantage in Iraq, its ideology did not die. In addition, many of its members have been mixed into the public. In addition to ISIS, there are other radical Islamic organizations that want to make Iraq a purely Islamic country. 

Pray for Iraq:

Isaiah 19:23-25 In that day there will be a highway from Egypt to Assyria. The Assyrians will go to Egypt and the Egyptians to Assyria. The Egyptians and Assyrians will worship together. In that day Israel will be the third, along with Egypt and Assyria, a blessing[a] on the earth. The Lord Almighty will bless them, saying, “Blessed be Egypt my people, Assyria my handiwork, and Israel my inheritance.”

Abba Father,

  • Pray for Iraqi Christians: Thank You for strengthening the saints who were martyred for Jesus,  that the blood they shed will revive the ancient source of Iraq’s gospel.  May You heal and comfort the children of God in this land。  May You prepare a banquet in the present of the enemy, through the Holy Spirit, pour Your love upon them so that they will still have joy and peace in the midst of suffering, be strong and courageous, relying on Your mighty power to win victoriously.   Live out the life of Jesus Christ. Help Iraqi Christians who have left the country to return to the land of Iraq.  Give wisdom to the Christians who are displaced, and not sure where they should settle, so they will have a clear vision.  Abba Father, touch the heart of many missionaries to go into Iraq, to work with local believers to boldly preach the gospel, win more souls in Iraq, turn the unreached Iraqi people back, and be set free of the Islamic dark power。
  • Pray for the Iraqi people: May Your salvation comes to the Iraqi people.  Abba Father, they have experienced many wars, whether in politics, economy, in the flesh, or in the soul, leaving scars all over their body.  We ask You to heal their wounds, to remove all the bad memories, and to help let go of the hatred, put away the vengeance of the generations.  Whether they are in Iraq or out of the country, give them open hearts, ears to hear, and receive the truth of the gospel with joy.   Reveal Yourself in dreams and visions.  Let them have freedom, abundance and peace in the Lord Jesus Christ.  Lead them to You. May You be glorified in Iraq and among nations, from now to eternity.
  • Pray for radical Muslims: Please forgive these Muslims, have mercy on them because they are blinded by the king of this world, and all the evil things they did in their deception of hatred, give them the grace to repent, just like Saul became Paul, illuminate them with Your truth, so they can turn back to You in time, away from the control and manipulation of the terrorist organization, not only they are saved themselves, but also lead many of the militants who are also bound, out of the darkness into the Kingdom of light in the love of God.
  • Pray for the Iraqi military government: Please save Iraqi military officials and so they will be humbled and turn back to You. Raise up military leaders that fear God, love the people, to have wisdom, courage, and strategies, to protect the people, so that all the plots planned by the terrorists cannot succeed, and they cannot resort to action, and completely eliminate the radical organizations such as ISS and help the people to rebuild homes sooner, living and working in harmony, restoring the glory of Iraq had in the past, transforming Iraqi people, and the forces of Islam will completely disappear from this country. Lead Iraq into God’s destiny.
  • Pray for the promise of Isaiah 19: In the name of Jesus we declare, now is the day that Isaiah 19:23-25 prophesied, there will be a highway of holiness from Egypt to Assyria. The churches from Egypt to Iraq will continue to grow. The people along the highway will be saved.  Israel will worship God with Egypt and Assyria, and the people on the earth will be blessed!

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[Country Profile: Japan is an island country located in East Asia. It consists of four large islands of Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku, and Kyushu, and more than 3,900 small islands. The west is facing the Sea of Japan and the Korean Peninsula across the sea and the east is the Pacific Ocean. Their reliable history began in the sixth century. At that time, Chinese and Koreans migrated to Japan in large numbers. The royal family hired scholars from both places to be teachers. Since then, they have been deeply influenced by Chinese and Korean culture which they have integrated with Japan’s unique national culture to form the present Japanese culture.   After the First Sino-Japanese War (in 1894) and the Russo-Japanese War (1904-1905), it became one of the world powers. Militarism prevailed. In 1937, it launched a war of aggression against China. After the defeat of the Second World War, it was briefly occupied by the Allied forces. It revised its Constitution at that time,adopting a constitutional monarchy and a house cabinet system. After the outbreak of the Korean War in 1950, received support from the United States, and its economy has grown gradually. It has become one of the advanced G8 countries with a per capita gross national product (GDP) of more than $30,000 US dollars. It is one of the most developed countries with the highest standard of living in the world.

Most of Japan’s population belongs to the Yamato group and the social structure is closely stable with few incidents of violent resistance. There is a complete link between individuals and groups and between different groups (such as employees and companies, enterprises and governments, large enterprises and satellite factories) with tacit cooperation and competition, cooperating yet competing with each other. Everyone knows his own duty and works with a high degree of professionalism. However, currently the declining birthrate, population aging, high youth unemployment, and the increase in the number of undocumented workers have created social problems such as widening gaps between the rich and the poor and causing financial difficulties for the Japanese government. They need to address rising social security costs and labor shortages. According to the statistics of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications of Japan in 2018, the elderly population over 70 years old reached 20.7%, exceeding 20% ​​for the first time. The elderly over 65 years old also reached a record high of 35.57 million, accounting for 28.1% of the total population, ranking first in the world.The current Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is actively promoting the overall reform of the social security system, such as medical care and pensions, with the goal of building a society that encourages active employment for life.

Spiritual situation: Most Japanese are bound by traditional culture and do not believe in a particular religion, but many religious rituals have been integrated into Japanese culture, such as weddings and funerals. The religious views of many religions coexist with the main features of worldliness and utilitarianism. Shintoism and Buddhism account for 69.61%, emerging religions are 24.43%, Christianity is 1.56%. Muslims are about 126,000 who are mostly foreigners, and Japanese Muslims are less than 10,000. The Christian faith has been introduced to Japan more than 450 years ago. At present, there are about 7,900 churches that are affiliated with more than 150 Christian denominations and the average number of members of each church is 30. The average age of pastors is about 67 years old and 89% of Japanese pastors age over 50 years. About 14% of the churches don’t have pastors. The Church is facing discontinuation, making Japan the second largest population in the world that has little exposure to the gospel.  In a way, Japan is “hard soil” to the gospel. ]

2 Chrnicles 7:14 If My people who are called by My name humble themselves, pray, seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sins and heal their land.

Habakkuk 3:2 O Lord, I have heard of Your renown, and I stand in awe, O Lord, of Your work. In our own time revive it; in our own time make it known; in wrath may you remember mercy.

  • Identification Repentant Prayer: We plead guilty in front of you for forgiveness for idolatry among Japanese and for not worshiping You, the only true God. We run after other gods and suffer more and more. Forgive us for our pride and rebellion because You oppose the proud and show favor to the humble. We ask You to forgive our stubbornness. Even in the midst of these constant disasters that have befallen on us in the past few years, we have remained indifferent, had hardened our hearts and refused to humble ourselves before you to confess and repent. Lord, forgive us of all these sins and remove them and help us to turn our hearts to You so that Your peace may come because you are the Prince of Peace.
  • Pray for salvation for the Japanese people: May God’s salvation come upon the Japanese people. Shine on them with the Holy Spirit and lead them to repentance. Open the eyes of their hearts to know the holy and righteous Redeemer and the One True God, that they may reject all idols and the bondage of traditional culture and instead, accept the salvation of Christ. Lead Japan into the season of great harvest of souls, the gospel being rooted solidly in Japanese culture and bearing much fruit.
  • Pray for government officials: Lord, save the souls of Japanese government officials. Give them the spirit of repentance, soften their hearts, and open their eyes to know the supreme true God. May You raise up Christian political leaders who fear You and trust in You, who seek Your wisdom and strategy, to formulate a policy of fairness and justice, and to properly handle the post-disaster reconstruction work brought about by typhoons, floods and earthquakes and restore social order. In regards to gay marriage and legalization of abortion, help these Christian leaders to stand firm; help them prudently formulate appropriate laws that solidify a healthy family structure so that they may receive the glorious and abundant grace of the Kingdom of God. May these leaders lead Japan into God’s destiny and open the East Gate to welcome the glorious King.
  • Pray for the revival of the Church: Lord! Pour the love of the Holy Spirit to the children of God, to awaken their souls so that they may seek God and love one another, that they may hold onto the Word of God, actively preach the gospel, and bear witness to the power of God’s love. May God awaken the Church to align with You and be connected and aligned with one another. May the Church become united to establish a unified prayer altar to cry out day and night for Japan, blocking the breach and shaking such strongholds in the Japanese society as gang violence, eroticism, entertainment culture, material pleasure, patriarchal thinking, etc. Set free the young generation and the elderly from the bundles of confusion, melancholy, suicide. Help them find freedom and peace in the love of Christ. May great revivals come to Japan to fully transform the Japanese society and lead Japan into the calling and destiny of God.

In the victorious name of Jesus Christ we pray, Amen



[Background: Qatar is an Arabic nation in west Asia,  Qatar has been a colony of Portugal, Spain and England since the 16th century, and declared independence on 1 September 1971.  Qatar is an Islamic nation, rich in oil with small population.  Her population is over 2 million, yet over 85% are foreign workers.  Her Christian population is 8.5%, mainly Christian immigrant workers from Philippines, Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka and Pakistan.   Foreign Christians are allowed to practice their faith, however the preaching of the gospel is strictly prohibited. Furthermore, Christian meetings are illegal and have to be conducted in secret.
This small country in the Arabian Peninsula is home to Al Jazeera.  Al Jazeera is the first private news TV station in the Arab region, and Al Jazeera has been committed to creating freedom of the press in the local area.   Known as “CNN in the Middle East.”, Al Jazeera has become the most influential TV media in the Middle East and the Islamic world.  Today, Al Jazeera not only provides news for the Arab world, but also covers most of the world’s countries and regions through satellites, with at least 50 million loyal viewers worldwide.
Qatar will be the host of the 2022 FIFA world cup. In 5 June 2017, Saudi Arabia broke off diplomatic relations with Qatar, with neighboring nations such as Bahrain and Egypt also imposing sanctions on Qatar. News reports that this is due to the Amir of Qatar Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani  saying that Iran “is an Islamic strong nation not to be ignored” during a military parade, and that “it is unwise to be hostile against Iran”. Due to more and more Arabic nations breaking off relations with Qatar, the futures of tens of thousands of foreign workers in Qatar are uncertain, and local Christians are praying for the current diplomatic crisis.
  • For Christians: we ask God to strengthen the Christians of Qatar, may Holy Spirit filled them greatly, to cause them to boldly stand in the face of hostility and the ongoing threat of persecution. To be filled with the wisdom of God and rely wholly on the leading of the Holy Spirit. To be wise as serpents and innocent as doves, and win souls for the Lord at all times.  May God use these foreign Christians to help one another in unity, to become seeds of fire that can influence lives, to bear good fruit.  May God bring down the fire of prayer, and cause Christians to pray in unity, to experience God’s transformational power, to be strong in faith and become channels for the gospel.
  • For the people: May God’s mercy come upon the Muslims of Qatar, to give them a desire to know the truth, to visit them supernaturally, that they may encounter Jesus as the true God, receiving salvation and their whole household be saved, and lead many other Muslims neighbors to come down the name of the Lord.
  • Pray for Al Jazeera: Ask the Lord to reign in the Al Jazeera TV station and convert this media, known as the ‘Middle East CNN’, to a channel that can release righteous, upright and  truthful news.
  • For the Amir of Qatar Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani: may God grant him humility and wisdom, that he may seek the true God in this diplomatic crisis, to be able to restore relations with the neighboring Arabic states.

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

[Country Profile: This country is also known as Saudi or Saudi Arabia. It is located in West Asia. It is the second largest country in the Arab world, the only country with the Red Sea coast and the Persian Gulf coast. In 1750, King Muhammad bin Saud and the Islamic reformer Muhammad Abd Al-Wahhab established a monarchy with the unity of state and religion. In 1932, Abd Saud unified most of the Arab region, named it “Saudi Arabia” making the Qur’an the supreme constitution and Shari’a the country’s main law. Until now, Saudi Arabia still maintains the system of monarchy and the unity of state and religion centered on the Shad royal family. The king has great political power and is the guardian of the mosques in Mecca and Medina. In 2005, the township local council elections began.
Saudi Arabia is the world’s largest oil exporter. The volume of oil production is closely related to international energy supply and financial trade. The oil industry’s revenue accounts for about 75% of the country’s total income, 40% of GDP, and 90% of export earnings. The total population is about 28.57 million, with 90% Arabs and 10% Africans, Asians and foreigners. Its foreign policy is committed to maintaining friendly relations with other Arab countries, strengthening cooperation with the G20 countries in politics, economy, and society; it advocates peaceful settlement of international disputes. In recent years, it has actively participated in international affairs, coordinated disputes within Lebanon, re-established relationship with Syria, and monitored the security threats of neighboring countries such as Iran and Yemen to Saudi Arabia. In 2015 it led the Arab Gulf Cooperation Council to intervene in the Yemen civil strife. In 2017, based on Qatar’s support for terrorism, it announced the severing of diplomatic relations with Qatar and the blockade of the sea, land and air transport to the country.
Spiritual Condition: Saudi Arabia is the birthplace of Islam and one of the least friendly countries to Christians. The law stipulates that all nationals must be Muslims and restricts any freedom of religion. Anyone found to be converted from Islam to Christianity or other religions may face death threats, permanent detention, or “defamatory killing”. Saudi Arabia is the most rigorous country in the implementation of Islamic Shariah law. In particular, women are restricted in clothing, employment, education, and manners in public. However, women have been allowed to drive in June 2018. Muslims make up 99% of the total population, with about 85% Sunnis (also known as Wahhabi sects, extremely conservative and ethical), 10-15% Shia Muslims; Christians only account for about 0.94%.
The government allows foreign Christians to meet in registered churches, but do not allow them to publicly preach the gospel, build churches, print or import Arabic scriptures, or train disciples. Most of the churches are located in embassies or US military garrisons. Christian maids are often isolated, verbally or physically abused, and even sexually assaulted in the families where they work, with the goal of transforming them into Islam. At present, the number of Christians in Saudi Arabia is increasing. Most of them accept Jesus through programs on the satellite TV, or because they see Jesus in a vision. ]
Pray for Saudi Arabia
Romans 10:13-15: “for ‘Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.’ How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them? And how can anyone preach unless they are sent? As it is written, ‘How wonderful are the feet of those who bring good news.’”
  • Pray for the government: Heavenly Father, we ask for Your mercy to save the souls of all government officials in Saudi Arabia. Open their hearts to know that You are the holy and righteous Redeemer. Grant them the wisdom of God to promote domestic social reforms. Make the rich people compassionate, fair, righteous, and kind to the oppressed people. May You also reign in the foreign affairs of Saudi Arabia. The king and the government will coordinate for the cessation of wars and for peace with neighboring countries. Because You are the prince of peace, You will definitely guide Saudi Arabia to the destiny God set for her.
  • Pray for Muslims: Father God, continue to appear to Muslims in Saudi Arabia. Allow them to see the manifestation of Your power, experience Your love and faithfulness,  and know that Jesus Christ is the only way, truth and life. May God’s mighty arm protect the life and safety of the Muslim brothers and sisters who converted to Christianity. Strengthen their faith to enable them to connect with the members of the church in secret, worship and pray in one accord, and bear witnesses for You courageously. May God open the door for the gospel and give more Muslims the joy of salvation.
  • Pray for the church and the disciples: May God strengthen the local churches and believers with brave faith. Especially strengthen the Church with wisdom and strategy to spread the gospel among the locals, train disciple, and raise foreign missionaries to enter the workplace.
  • Pray for King Salman bin Abdul-Aziz Aschau (who also serves as the Prime Minister): Heavenly Father, we pray for the salvation of the King Salman and all the royal families. Set them free all the bondage of Islam and help them turn to you. We also ask you to strengthen those who have been saved in the royal families. May the power of the Holy Spirit give King Salman the wisdom of God and the strategies according to God’s will, to continue to participate in international affairs and become the mediator of the conflicts between the royal families. Help him maintain a balance between preserving the conservative traditional culture and promoting social freedom and progress. Make Saudi Arabia a blessing for promoting peace among the countries in the Middle East.

Jordan (the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan)

National background: Jordan is a nation in the middle east.   King: Abdullah II, Prime Minister: Omar Razzaz. It borders Syria to the north, Iraq to the east, Saudi Arabia to the south-east, Israel and Palestine to the west. Humans have established ancient civilization for thousands of years on the current land of Jordan. Jordan used to be a part of Palestine. It had been ruled under Assyria, Babylon,  Persia and Macedonia respectively. In the 7th century it was under the Arabian empire. In the 16th century it was under the Ottoman empire. It was recorded in the book of Joshua in the Old Testament that: “Moses my servant is dead. Now then, you and all these people, get ready to cross the Jordan River into the land I am about to give to them—to the Israelites.” Jericho in Jordan is called the oldest city on earth. We can see that Jordan has a very long history.
In recent years, Jordan has been the nation which has received the most refugees. Since the start of the Syrian civil war in 2011, 4.6 million refugees have been registered by the United Nations, and Jordan has received 0.6 million. At present there are about 1.3 million refugees in Jordan, with only 10% living in refugees, while the other 90% are living in the different cities, bringing massive strain upon the nation. At the outbreak of the Syria civil war, the international community had pleaded with the other neighboring nations to open their doors to refugees. Jordan has had a long history of receiving refugees: first with Palestinian refugees, the from Iraq and now from Syria. At present, millions of Syrian refugees live between the border of Syria and Jordan. The king of Jordan Abdullah II expressed that there are too many refugees  within the border of Jordan and it has reached the boiling point. The never-ending stream of refugees has ruined the local education and medical systems, hoping the leaders of the western nations can take note of the serious burden the massive burden the Syrian civil war has brought to Jordan.
Prayer topics
John3:16   “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”
  • Protect the citizens: Abba Father, thank You for the love and mercy for the people of this nation. Your heart is to bring salvation in the midst of national, political and economic instability. May You grant grace as the crown for Jordan, protect their peace and save them from war.
  • Pray for the refugees: May the Lord bring comfort to the refugees who have been displaced, heal their hearts, bodies and spirits. Send workers to do the work of the gospel in the refugee camps, that the refugees may know Jesus and have true peace in their hearts. Please grant wisdom and strategy to the governmental team that they can arrange dwelling places, to give education to the young and work to the adults. May the refugees have hearts of gratitude to live peacefully with the people of Jordan, bring development to the economy and be a blessing to this nation.
  • Visit this nation: Please bring dreams and visions to the king and governmental officials of Jordan, visit the people supernaturally especially in the entertainment and media industry. May they encounter You, turn their lives to  Jesus and be witness for the Lord. We wish to see miracles happen in this nation, that the people may experience You as the Savior and the true and faithful witness.
  • Strengthen the church: grant Your grace and strength the church in the word of God, to preach the truth, to lift high the name of Christ. May the church member worship and praise together, to share holy communion, to love one another and be filled with God’s glorious presence. That the love of God attract many more to enter into the church, and the gospel to enter into each city like waves, and revival to come upon all of Jordan.
  • Pray for the King of Jordan Abdullah II and Prime Minister: Omar Razzaz: may God’s light and conviction of the Holy Spirit bring them to repentance and to confess Christ as Lord. That they may humbly follow the Lord in the Father’s love, grant them a clean and righteous heart, to be in unity and lead the people of this nation into the will of God. May the whole nation turn from Islam towards belief in the Lord Jesus, and peace come upon this nation!
We pray in the holy name of Jesus Christ! Amen!

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[Background: The Republic of Korea is a democratic republic located in the southern part of the East Asian Peninsula. The capital is Seoul. South Korea is surrounded by the sea on three sides, the southwest is close to the West Sea, the southeast is next to the Korean Strait, the east is the East China Sea, and the north is separated from the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea by the 38th parallel (the demilitarized zone between the DPRK and the ROK), with a total area of ​​about 100,000 square kilometers. About 45% of the total area of ​​the Korean Peninsula), with a population of about 50 million. The problem of aging population in South Korea is serious, and the decline of the young workforce is the fastest-growing country in the OECD countries. Although only slightly larger than Portugal, South Korea in East Asia has become the 13th largest economy in the world. The Korean people have overcome the country’s lack of natural resources and caused their country to be a major exporter of automobiles and electronic equipment. Korea is one of the most homogeneous countries in the world. 99.8% of Koreans are of Korean descent.

In February 1945, after the end of the Second World War, according to the arrangement of the Yalta Conference, the Korean Peninsula was jointly hosted by China, the United States, the United Kingdom, and the Soviet Union. Since then, the Korean peninsula has been divided into two spheres of influence: the northern part managed by the Soviet military government and the southern part of the US military and political office. The two became independent of the “Democratic People’s Republic of Korea” and “Republic of Korea” after 1948. On June 25, 1950, the Korean War broke out. The absence of communist countries such as the Soviet Union led to the United States and other leading United Nations voting to launch the United Nations Army to support South Korea. North Korea, supported by the United Nations and supported by the United States and under the guidance of the Soviet Union and the United States and the United States, finally signed the Armistice Agreement on July 27, 1953. The Korean Peninsula is divided into two countries along the 38-degree demilitarized zone.

The Korean political system separates the three powers of administration, legislation, and judiciary. The President of the Republic of Korea has the highest executive power as the head of state and has the right to appoint government officials such as the Prime Minister. Since 1987, he has been directly elected by Korean nationals for a term of five years and cannot be re-elected. However, the South Korean president is the most dangerous job in the world, because he would be either assassinated during his term of office or be investigated after leaving the office. Either his family was sentenced to jail, or the president himself was imprisoned or committed suicide. On the one hand, the power of the presidency is not restricted. The big consortium often try to get on the good side of the president through the president’s family and cronies. On the other hand, when the party rotates, the new president often passes the judicial investigation to send the former president to prison to retaliate against the predecessor for acting in the similar way.

Spirituality : Christianity is Korea’s largest religion, accounting for 27.6% of the total population, with approximately 13.56 million people, including 9.7 million Protestants and 3.9 million Catholics. Since 2005, the number of Protestant believers has slowly increased, while Catholic believers have begun to decline. Protestant believers have exceeded 20% of the total population. On the one hand, the number of overseas missionaries sent by South Korea is second only to the United States and has become a major missionary nation. On the other hand, the environment of religious freedom also produces many heretics and even cults. These heresies also send many “missionaries” to overseas, especially China. The university towns on the mainland brainwashed the students who had already believed in the Lord and made them go astray. At the same time, many young people in Korea continue to leave the church and are addicted to secular entertainment and enjoyment. The performance of the Korean video game industry is growing rapidly. The market share of Korean porn movies has surpassed Japan in the world.

Social conditions : Although it seems that peace and unity on the Korean peninsula seems to be just around the corner, South Korea is facing a crisis that could become a socialist country. This united South Korea is likely to be controlled by the communist forces in the north. Spiritual warfare is intensifying, especially in politics, education, justice, law enforcement and the media. The South Korean church is facing the attacks of the socialism and the hindrance of humanism. But in reality, God is shaking the country, refining the church and breaking the evil religious practices associated with the sun god and the rampage of worshiping idolatry. ]

  • Pray for the Catholics in South Korea : Lord, please forgive many believers that participate in sorcerers and psychics, Lord, Please use the servants of God to give correct teaching, so they can know the truth, forsake lies, and cheating and deceive. Be rooted and ground deep in truth and love.
  • Pray for the revival of the Korean church: Holy Spirit, breathe Your spirit on the church, let the church break the religious barriers, no longer compare with each other, or aiming at building mega church, but focus on seeking God’s will. The leaders of the church are filled more with the love of the Father, and have the heart of the Father, no longer simply suppressing the young people with authority, but to lead the church with more of the fatherly love. For the church leaders to change their families first, bless their own families, and ask the Holy Spirit to “turn the heart of the father to the children, and turn the hearts of the children to the father” ( Malachi 4:6 )
  • Pray for the young people in the Korean church: pray for the young unbelievers, ask the Lord to give the church strategy, raise up true father to care for them, let their hearts turn to their fathers, to know Jesus; pray for the young believers, ask the Holy Spirit to show that they can have discernment against heresy, keep the truth, continue to commit themselves to the church, and completely change the church’s tendency to become old and stale.
  • Pray for the Korean Church : Ask God to forgive the Korean Church, and let the church repent in time, turning away from the evil works of arrogance, complacency and idolatry. Ask the fire of the Holy Spirit to rend the heaven and come down to burn the churches, so the church can come alive, to follow Jesus passionately, in one heart and one way, establish an altar of unified prayer, stand in the gap for the country, cry out to God day and night to save them, and completely transform Korea. Let the churches see in the spirit, praying urgently for the position of the president, breaking every curses, cutting off the interests of the consortium and the presidential power, eliminating the hatred and revenge of the parties, replacing it with forgiveness, reconciliation and peace. . Pray that the Lord will continue to increase and expand the unity of the South Korean churches to support each other in love; for the Korean church to understand God’s will, to send the gospel back to Jerusalem, and stand with Israel and Jews to watch and pray.
  • Pray for President Trump and the US government : May God continue to make President Trump and the US government persists in keeping North Korea to fulfill the elimination of nuclear weapons and to carry out the unity of the two sides in a godly manner.
  • Pray for the salvation of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un: God, have mercy on him and his family. We pray that the light of Damascus shine on Kim Jong-un from all sides, so that he can experience the power of God supernaturally, and truly repent and confess and return to Jesus Christ the one and only true God.
  • Pray for the President of South Korea Moon Jae-In : Abba Father, Please give  peace and wisdom, power to President Moon Jae-In so that he can be bold and cautious in handling domestic and foreign affairs, leading the North and South Korea toward unity and stability. And raise up godly, gifted cabinet leaders around him, so that the government officials of South Korea can walk with our God in righteousness, compassion, and humility (Micah 6:8).
  • Pray for the South Korean government : May God raise up righteous people to enter into the Congress and the High Court to overthrow all the agendas of socialism.
  • Proclaimed for Korea : In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, through the power of God, North and South Korea became a united nation in Jesus Christ. Any ungodly ties between the North and South Korean government will be cut and ceased to exist, and any evil plans against unity will be rejected.
  • Pray for the transformation of the two Koreans : Thanks to the success of the two peace summits of God and repent for the division and the hostilities of the North and South Korea in the past. Continue to pray for the political situation in South and North Korea, and ask God to reign over it; because of the unified intercession of the intercessors and the children of the North and South Korea, the spiritual atmosphere has been turned around, and the country is transformed. We pray that South Korea will bless North Korea more in the economy, education, etc., so that North and South Korea can form a united country and enter into her apostolic call, and like the domino effect, to bring about the end time great harvest, so the glorious kingdom of God’s can come to the whole earth!



[Background: Neighboring the Xinjiang Province of China, one of the central Asian nations that gained independence after the fall of the Soviet Union. Capital Bishkek, 87% of 6 million population are Muslim. According to the data of Joshua Project in 2017, 26 out of 41 are unreached people.   With the Kyrgyzstani being the greatest unreached people group, with Christian ratio of 0.1%.   Kyrgyzstan, neighbor to the other 5 Central Asian ‘stans’, is more open to the work of the gospel.  The local governmental laws prohibit public evangelism, but it does not forbid its people to go to church meetings,

 Spiritual status:  Kyrgyzstan stands in a very important spiritual position. She was the first country that moved westward from Xinjiang, an ancient Silk Road, and an important checkpoint for the Gospel to return to Jerusalem today. Although the Gospel work of the Kyrgyz Republic is not prosperous, there are also exciting testimonies. A Jewish/Cola priest tells the wonderful experience of his faith in the Lord. He used to be a devout Muslim leader. When he read the Koran, he said three times that “Jesus is the Lord” shocked him very much! Later he met the Christian who took him to the church and he struggled for 6 months before making the decision to believe in Jesus. He then served the Lord full-time, established the church, and now supports six house church gatherings. Although the meeting place is simple, presence of God is there is, they were mainly Jews/Cao people, and cooperate with other rural churches to train disciples. (Hong Kong National Renaissance News 2016)

More Chinese have opened Christian boarding schools in Kyrgyzstan, and they offered up all they have selflessly, only for the gospel. They sent students abroad to the United States, building friendship among schools, quietly cultivate the next godly generation, and promote the harvest of the Gospel in Kyrgyzstan.

State situation: In terms of political philosophy, there is a huge difference between the North and the South. The northern part is pro-Russian, corrupt and lacks investment; the southern part is anti-Russian, with a high rate of poverty and unemployment. President Atambayev not only suppressed the opposition, created kinship politics, but also had no economic governance, resulting in high unemployment and frequent street movements, deepening social conflicts and turmoil, and regime change. In addition, Kyrgyzstan was named one of the 20 countries with the highest level of corruption in the world.

Economically, since Kyrgyzstan’s independence in 1991, have not resolve the issue of food independence, joining the Russian-led Eurasian Economic Community – still deeply dependent on Russia.

 In international relations, Kyrgyzstan has always been the focus of great powers in Central Asia. China’s “One Road, One Belt” helped Kyrgyzstan build hydropower stations and road tunnels, and purchased natural gas from Kyrgyzstan; the United States has military bases in Kyrgyzstan; and Russia’s economic and trade also showed friendliness to Kyrgyzstan. With the disintegration of the Soviet Union, the two opposing camps of the United States and the Soviet Union collapsed. This is God’s intention. Now that Russia is constantly strengthening geopolitical strength, it wants to take control of the Central Asian region. How will it affect the gospel westward?

Radical Islamic terrorists are in the Central Asian region, including the forces in Kyrgyzstan. At one time, 2000-4000 people joined the terrorist organization. If the society continues to be turbulent, the extremist forces will spill over and affect the Xinjiang region.

  • Psalm 33:12 NIV Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord, the people he chose for his inheritance.
  • Isaiah 57:14 New International Version (NIV)And it will be said:  “Build up, build up, prepare the road!  Remove the obstacles out of the way of my people.”


  • Churches on fire for sharing gospel: Father, You are Jehovah Elohim, the the Kyrgyzstan Churcheswill not be lacking. May the Lord pour out the Holy Spirit like water upon the churches and make them prosperous,  so that the believers love the Lord passionately and shine for Him. Father, send the workers into the harvest fields,  i.e., the Christian schools, and the whole country to testify for the Lord  and spread the gospel.
  • Work through the Chinese to promote the Gospel Westward: May Lord work through the Chinese to spread the Gospel westward to Kyrgyzstans, so that there will be plentiful fruits of Gospel.  May the Lord bless the five countries of Central Asia, “build up, build up and prepare the road!”   and make a leveled path for the gospel to go west smoothly.
  • Pray for Believers converted from Muslim: May the Lord continue to do wonderful things among Muslims: visit them with dreams and visions, let them know the redemptive grace of Jesus Christ, save their souls, and lead them and the religious extremists to return to the Lord.
  • Pray for the government and leaders: thank God for allowing the political corruption in Kyrgystan to surface. We pray for the Lord to vigorously cleanse and renew her political power, so that the leaders who fear God and care for the benefits of the people sit firmly in their positions, and the ecnomic level will be greatly improved. May God bless the President Sooronby Jeenbekov with a loving heart for the people that he will govern with honesty, integrity and justice.  May Your salvation come upon him and his family and lead the people of Kyrgyzstan into the great light of God. This nation will be blessed entering into her destiny!

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[National Background: Officially the Lao People’s Democratic Republic commonly referred to by its colloquial name of Muang Lao is a socialist state and the only landlocked country in Southeast Asia. Laos has an area of 2.37 million square kilometres, a population of about 6.76 million, and 138 ethnic groups. The primary ethnic group is the Tai speaking tribe (58.9 %); around 30,000 are Chinese. In 195, Laos became an independent country. Separated from France and became independent again in 1954. Until 1975, both Laos and Vietnam were governed entirely by the communist. On December 2, 1975, the monarchy and the coalition government were abolished, remarked the establishment of the Lao People’s Democratic Republic. The Communist Party still has the full political authority, freedoms in Laos is still very limited.


Self-sufficient agriculture accounts for 80% of the total industry. The communist has gradually opened up to foreign investment and private enterprises, and the economy has begun to grow. As one of the poorest countries in Asia, corruption, inadequate infrastructure, illegal (human and drug) trafficking and drug abuse have hampered the country’s development progress. In recent years, the government has actively signed trade agreements with other nations and receive a large amount of investment from China. China’s “One Belt, One Road” policy will contribute railways linking in between Laos, China and other countries. Also, the government is also looking forward to developing the Mekong River Basin Water Utilization Project; hopefully, by 2025 the water utilisation project would become the most important source of income for Laos. However, currently, most Southeast Asian countries vote against the plan.


Spiritual Condition

The majority of Laotians are Buddhist, approximately 61% of the population, while 31.2 per cent is another religion and only 3 per cent are Christian. Laos is a volatile area for Christians where Christian persecution is among the most severe. Laos is one of the few countries that still believe in Marxism-Leninism and firmly upholding its principles. Laos is severely opposed to the influence of any foreign country (especially the West). Christianity is seen as a Western ideology that challenges communism, and Christians are seen as spies. In the past few years, many believers have been subjected to persecution and imprisonment. Many Laos are not Buddhists but an animist, or a tribe of superstitions. Christians who have converted from these backgrounds (especially those in rural areas) will be seen as betraying the ancestors’ religions and communities. The tribe villagers believe that they are blessed by the gods in the village, so if someone converts to a different faith, it will be treated as a sin and office to these gods. Also, to please these gods, family members, villagers and local governments will beat Christians, have them to give up their faith, or force them to participate in Buddhist or animist rituals; they might also drive them out of the village.


Due to government’s negative view towards Christian, discrimination against believers, and the determination to sweep away all Christian related things have been grown in certain provinces. Christians in these provinces are not allowed to use any community resources, including hospitals and schools. At the same time, people who violently attack churches and Christians are rarely punished. All church activities are closely monitored to see if people have converted their faith or made any statements against the communist ideology.


Regardless of the many restrictions and persecutions of the government, the church in Laos has multiplied. In the past decade, the number of Christians has increased by ten times. In 2018, the number of people is about 200,000, which is one of the fastest growing Christian population. The local believers in Laos lead almost every church and every evangelistic mission.]


[Pray for Laos]

  • Pray for the believer to stand firm on their faith: Lord, may Your mercy and protection come to those who are abused and oppressed. To fix their eyes on You even more earnestly in persecution, and have victory through Christ, give them wisdom and grace them and teach them how to testify to their families and neighbors. Pray for those children of Christians who are rejected by the school, and also those being discriminated.
  • Praise God for the rapid growth of the church: Lord, please strengthen the underground church and fill the body of the church with Your Holy Spirit. Raise up the five fold ministries. No matter how stressful the environment is, to equip the saints for works of service so that the body of Christ may be built up; Till we all come in the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ
  • Raising the Altar of Prayer: Lord, please help to establish and strengthen the existing 24/7 watch and pray, watch and keep Your priest, as they petition to You daily to turn the kingdom of this earth to the kingdom of our Lord and the kingdom of Jesus Christ.
  • Pray for the people who were lost in Laos: Lord, may Your light shine in the darkness for those who were lost in Buddhism, save their souls, called them out of darkness into Your marvelous light, made them free in You, and no longer live in fear of other gods. Bless the people of Laos, in all walks of life, especially those in the government will be saved by Your visions and dreams. Lord, please make known the testimony of the unity of children of God, lead people to Christ and spread the word of God.
  • Pray for the government: Lord, may Your salvation come to the government officials in Laos, soften their hearts, increase freedom for Christian: lift the ban, allow Christian to read and spread the Bible, worship and pray, and build the church. May Your wisdom come to these government officials and teach them how to govern the country for the sake of Laos; avoid conflicts between nations, stop environmental disruption and improve the quality of life of Laotians.
  • Proclaim the glorious light of God to shine all over the land of Laos
  • Lord, please restore the original beauty of this land that comes from the Mekong River and the Messer River, deliver Laos out of all the evil deeds that caused by the cultivation of poppies, transform the soil of the earth, and redeem Laos from the curse of the land.(2 Chronicles 7:14)

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Republic of Lebanon, a.k.a. Lebanon

[Background: Lebanon is situated in south-west Asia (West Asia), on the east coast of the Mediterranean Sea, and is usually called a middle-eastern nation. The north and east of this nation is connected to Syria, with Israel in the south and the Mediterranean Sea in the west. Lebanon is an area with a very long history and is the source of the Phoenicians. Due it its military strategic location between Asia, Africa and Europe, many peoples and empires have conquered and governed Lebanon in the past. Due to civil war, refugees rushing in from neighboring Syria and other factors, Lebanon’s economic growth has slowed down in the recent years and society, politics and government have been unstable. The surface area of previously war-torn Lebanon is 10452 square mile, with a population of 4.547million, of which 59.76% are Muslim, 22% are Catholics, and 8.96% are Orthodox, with only 0.54% as Christians. Lebanon is one of the most westernized nations in the middle-east, this is to do with its deep connection to Christianity in history, within its borders also lies world’s heritage and some of the oldest cities in human history. Some of the oldest of these ancient sites have 5000 years of history, and is very famous in the tourism industry.

The Lebanese president is the national leader and is traditionally assigned to a Catholic Maronite military officer, and the prime minister is the head of the government. Lebanon is one senate system, and is of the democratic parliamentary system. In order to balance the advantages of the different parties, a system of ratio representation is employed, so that no one political party has absolute advantage. The main parties are: Hezbollah – Shiite Muslim party that has close ties to Iran and Syria, and the Kataeb party – a Catholic Maronite party that is friendly to the west

Refugee crisis: after the outbreak of the Syrian crisis of 2011, 5.4 million people became refugees, of which one million of them live in this tiny “pinball nation” that is only one million square mile. According to annual investigation of the United Nations Refugees Agency, UNICEF, children foundations and food planning department, the Syrian refugees in Lebanon are more vulnerable than ever, of which three-fourths of them live under the poverty line. In this crisis which is entering the 7th year, the Syrian refugees in Lebanon rely on international aid more than ever. The UNHCR spokesman expressed in a Geneva press conference in 9 Jan 2018, in the start of the 7th year of the Syrian crisis, the Syrian refugees in Lebanon are finding it more and more difficult to meet their basic needs. At the same time, tensions between the east district of Lebanon and the refugees have increased.

Spiritual background: Lebanon has the most democratic and liberal society in the Arab world. It has the highest Christian ratio of all the nations in the middle-east (of which the majority are Catholics and Eastern Orthodox). Although Lebanon has deep religious divisions and cultural tension, it still enjoys greater religious freedom than any other Arab nation. The Lebanon people have always been worn down by religious and cultural conflicts, they still desire God and experiencing the work of the Holy Spirit. Religious freedom in Lebanon provided opportunity for the church to express their faith and preach the gospel. The middle-east need more places like Lebanon with such freedom and open attitude. Lebanon is mentioned in many Bible stories, and “the trees of Lebanon” are alluded as symbols of power and beauty in the Bible. In the gospels, Jesus is mentioned to have preached in the Lebanese cities of Tyre and Sidon. Now Lebanon is the sanctuary to millions of Syrian refugees escaping the chaos of war.

According to article in Kingdom Revival Times on 22 May 2018, Pierre Houssney, the head of middle-east and north Africa department of Horizons International, said: “Mission center for the world and middle-east” shall start “Prayer for All Nations Center” in Lebanon, this prayer center is open to all denominations to ned.

Merciful loving Abba Father

  • Pray for the people – Thank You for having mercy on the people who come to seek You in Lebanon. May Your healing power and gentle love cover the people. Cause the dead to be raised, sickness be healed and reignite hope in hopeless hearts. For the Christians, Muslims and local people who suffered such hardship due to religious and political division, only You can grant them the hope of healing and comfort.
  • Pray for the church – Encourage the Lebanese church to make use of the religious freedom, to love Your pastors and leaders, and love the Muslims with the Father’s heart. Grant the Lebanese believers boldness to preach the gospel (Acts 4:29). Protect their freedom to worship and express their faith in public. Bless and protect Your workers in the refugee areas, who serve the first responders who are casualties from the frontline.
  • Pray for gospel television broadcast and media – We pray Lord to grant courage that they will not be fearful in bringing their Muslim friends and neighbors to believe in Jesus the Prince of peace. Open the doors of the gospel, anoint them to be fishers of men. May the glory and Kingdom belong to You. Amen.
  •  Help the Syrian refugees in Lebanon – Father God, bring Your grace and peace, to comfort the hearts of the refugees. Please remember the urgent needs of food, water, shelter, sanitation and healthcare of the refugees in the middle-east, that they may receive aid that is needed. May the Lord raise up refugee center managers who are after God’s heart, to have wisdom like Joseph, to improve relations between the refugees and their host communities, create social developments that is able to help the pressing needs of the refugees that they may share and not fight over resources. May God protect the children who are most vulnerable in the fires of war, provide their needs in education, sanitation and diet etc. Father, please cause the warfare to cease in Lebanon that the refugees may return home.
  • Pray for “Prayer Center for All Nations ” – We give thanks for the prayer center that shall be launched shortly, may the Lord raise up the prayer army in Lebanon, may the fire on the altar of prayer never go out, and speed up the salvation of the unbelievers. “I have posted watchmen on your walls, Jerusalem; they will never be silent day or night. You who call on the Lord, give yourselves no rest, and give him no rest till he establishes Jerusalem and makes her the praise of the earth.” (Isaiah 62:6-7)
  • Pray for Lebanese president Michel Aoun: Heavenly Father we bless the “Christian General” president Michel Aoun.   May The Spirit of the Lord rest on him, which is the Spirit of wisdom and of understanding, the Spirit of counsel and of might, the Spirit of the knowledge and fear of the Lord” (Isaiah11:2 May You reign in his kingdom, to fill Lebanon with the fragrance of Jesus, to become a help and blessing to all nations. In the time of instability, to shine like a star and bring people to the path of peace in Christ. May president Aoun be filled with the lively power of the Holy Spirit, to lead the Lebanese people into God’s salvation, may the joy of salvation fill the whole nation, bless this people to worship and glorify God with the fruit of their lips, In the name of Jesus we pray, Amen!

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Background: Macau is officially the Macao Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China, it is situated on the coast of South-east mainland China. Its population is 97% Han Chinese. In 1887, Macau became Portugal’s land of “permanent management”. In 1999, Portugal ended her reign in Macau, and returned its governance back to the People’s Republic of China.

The challenges of mission to Macau

Macau is lacking in natural resources, yet its population density is the highest in the world,being three times of Hong Kong’s. Since its development of the gambling industry, tourism increase has caused tourist and gambling industry to take off. This is a mission field. Macau has enviable economic results, but the profit came mainly from the gambling and entertainment industries. Nonetheless, the average income in Macau is not that high, with its material and real-estate price being higher than Hong Kong, this is reflective of the imbalance and poverty inequity in its society.

Many mainland Chinese have entered Macau to seek work, with portion of female entering the sex industry through the casino industry. The gambling atmosphere is more and more widespread and affecting the young. An organization reported that, young children are addicted to gambling, with 70% of Macau’s citizens are addicted to it. Multi-cultural churches (Korean, Chinese, Portuguese, Indonesians etc.) have been planted in Macau, and many foreign missionaries have entered to help, touching different ethnic groups and peoples and also building up the spiritual life of the local Christians).

  • Pray for the children and youth of Macau: God, we ask You to save the children and youth of Macau. Please grant Your spirit of wisdom and revelation. May Holy Spirit fill these young people, that they may come to truly know You. Transform their minds Lord, fill them with faith, hope and love of God, to become a holy generation of love, and to develop and govern this land with the love of Jesus.
  • Pray for those in Macau’s gambling industry: May God save the gang-members, drug-dealers, drug-addicts, sex-traffickers in Macau, just as God saved Hong Kong’s gang boss Teddy Hong back in the day. In the name of the Lord we declare that these people shall come into Your name and escape from blindness and deception.
  • Pray for the church of Macau: May Holy Spirit rend the heavens and come down, ignite and cleanse the Macau church, to establish united prayer altar with same heart, bring in authority in unity, and cast down the strongholds of Macau’s gambling industries. That they may be passionate for the Lord, preach the gospel widely, lead the lost to the Lord, and bring transformation to the whole of Macau.
  • Pray for Macau’s independence in economic transformation: May God transform Macau’s reliance upon gambling towards tourism, entertainment and culture as the city’s primary heritage.   Bring a new atmosphere to the business sector, and cause Macau to not just rely on external investment, but cause local industries to be raise up, reaching the unique characteristics that God has given Macau.
  • Pray for the government of Macau: May God bring salvation these governmental officials. Grant them wisdom to manage Macau, to cause God’s reign and “love, righteousness and peace” of Christ to come upon Macau
  • Pray for Macau’s Chief Executive Fernando Chui Sai On: Abba Father, we ask that You visit Chief Executive Chui Sai On, that he may meet You in your light, that his life be transformed and never be the same. That he be drawn in by Your strong love, and that You may be shown in his life. May he seek to lead his city and people into destiny, to do Your will and to build the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ in this city, that may Christ reign.

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[Social condition: Myanmar is a Buddhist nation situated in the Indochina Peninsula made up of over a hundred minority groups. In the ancient times, she was the gateway to the Indian peninsula and China. Myanmar is one of the nations in southeast Asia that is rich in natural resources, but after 50 years of military government, Myanmar is one of the poorest nations in the world. Of the population of 50 million, around 90% are of the Theravāda Buddhist faith, with 6% being Christians. According to the most recent population census report from UN Population Foundation, the Myanmar Christian population is growing rapidly, with the Christian population now at 6.2% from only 4.9% in 1983.

The largest group in Myanmar are the Buddhists: Buddhism has a very important place in Myanmar, and is integrally connected to the national culture. Since the largest group in Myanmar are Buddhists, this caused Buddhism to be inseparable from Myanmar. Anyone wishing to convert to another religion is seen to be betraying the society, so this is a very dangerous thing. This also applies to people of Muslim and atheist backgrounds. They will be punished for leaving the faith of their ancestors and receive extreme pressures to return back to their original religion. Muslim converts in the Arakan tribe are discriminated against and are under tremendous pressures.

Significant influence of the military: Myanmar was under military dictatorship for a long time. Although they now have a civil government, the military still holds great power in the nation and holds many important posts in the government. The military also uses Buddhist patriotism to reach its purposes. Apart from the much-publicized violence against the Arakan people, the Myanmar military also fights against Christian Kachin and Shan rebels. War has caused many to lose their homes, but the military refuses to let any humanitarian aid reach the Christians.

Christians under persecution: some Buddhist areas do not allow Christians to live in their villages, and also greatly harass the believers until they move out. Even if Christians stay in the village, they will be harassed and threatened, with churches under surveillance. Church leaders and pastors are often under attack by the Buddhist extremists, and the government is hoping to cripple the church through this. Since October this year, communist rebels in the Shan province of Myanmar kidnapped pastors and shaved their heads and destroyed church buildings. At least 12 churches were destroyed or closed, on top of destruction of property, students of Christian schools were even forced to join the rebel militia; the areas under attack are predominantly controlled by the rebel groups, as a result the government holds little influence. (from Open Door, Kingdom Revival Times, Taiwan Kingdom Prayer Network, etc)]

[ Pray for Myanmar]

  • Pray for the people of Myanmar: Abba Father, please release the people of Myanmar from the oppression of the military control. Heal the hurt and brokenness in their bodies, souls and spirits, that they may receive new hearts and spirits from God, to desire the gospel and to receive the Prince of Peace Jesus as the Savior of their lives and experience abundance and peace in Jesus Christ.
  • Pray for the persecuted peoples: Father God, please grant peace and hope to these persecuted people in Myanmar, that they may come to know God in their sufferings and may live together in peace. Especially pray for the Arakan people. Protect their lives. Please Lord work to cause all wars and instability to cease. Prevent the enemy from continually destroying and hurting numerous innocent people, that they may find places to settle and not be lost and displaced.
  • Pray for the Christians and churches of Myanmar: Abba Father, may Holy Spirit pour Your love into the hearts of Your children of Myanmar, that they may be strong and courageous in their tribulations by the great power of the Lord and joyfully hope for the appearing of God’s glory. That they may in love serve the Arakan Muslim people and other minorities, to bring the hearts of many back to Christ, and transform their nation and society. May the Lord protect the Christians and churches of Myanmar, to stop violence and threats. Give places of sanctuary to local Christians and let humanitarian resources reach the hands of these Christians. Grant a spirit of unity in the church of Myanmar, that the churches may unite to build prayer altars, break down strongholds, and bring transformation to the nation.
  • Pray for the military government of Myanmar: May the Lord save the souls of the officials in the military government of Myanmar so that political problems may be solved, policies may be reformed, and natural resources God gave to Myanmar may be released to escape from economic embargo and poverty, to bring the people of Myanmar into freedom and abundance.
  • Pray for the president of Myanmar Win Myint and the governmental officials: Abba Father, please show Yourself to President Win Myint so that he may know You are the only true God, to believe Christ is Lord and Savior and He is the only Way. Please cause Your salvation to come upon President Win Myint and his cabinet so that their hearts may turn towards Lord Jesus, that Truth may dwell in their hearts, and that they may have humility in their hearts to seek Lord Jesus and to have wisdom that a right spirit may fill them to lead the nation and the people to repent and turn to God and turn away from the sin of idolatry. May the Lord show Himself to them in dreams and visions, that they may depart from darkness and enter into wonderful light, that Myanmar may be rebuilt in Christ the Lord. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ we pray, Amen.

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Background: The Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal, commonly known as Nepal, is a landlocked country in the Himalayas region of South Asia, bordering China in the north and neighboring India on the other three sides. Nepal has experienced British colonialism, constitutional monarchy, a decade of civil war, the monarchy was abolished in 2008. There are still many conflicts in the politics of the establishment of a democratic republic. In 2015, Nepal held a presidential election, and Bidiya was elected to become the first female president of the Himalayas. After the promulgation of the new Nepalese Constitution, the Constitutional Convention was automatically transformed into a legislative assembly. In October 2017, the Legislative Assembly was dissolved. From November 2017 to February 2018, the Federal House of Representatives and Federal Court elections were held in stages. The Speaker of the House of Representatives is Mahara, and the President of the Federal Court is Tamil Sina.

Religious status. Nepal is a country where idolatry prevails. The characteristic of this country is that there are many idols and temples. On the streets and alleys of Nepal, there are little and large temples every few steps. It can be said that “there are just as many temples as there are houses.” There are 330 million shrines in Nepal, more than the national population. Nepal’s population is dominated by Hinduism with 28 million people: Christians populations are below 2%.

Social aspect . Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world and is zero-knowledge. Nepal’s human trafficking is extremely serious. Every year, 12,000 to 15,000 girls are bought and sold, and even many girls are tricked into prostitution. A victim who escaped after police raids on brothels said that they were forced to entertain 20-30 people every day. The 20-year-old girl said, “I am worried about other girls who may be captured. They may need money. Some people will be lured when they are introduced to work. They will have the same experience like me. Woman’s status in Nepal is very low, their main job is to fetch water at home to cut up wood, raise livestock, watch children, and men drive for business.】

Church: The King of Nepal has declared Hinduism as the state religion. Radical Hindus hope that Nepal will once again become a fully Hindu kingdom. But since Nepal became a secular democracy in 2008 and a devastating earthquake in 2015, Christianity has spread. The church is growing rapidly, but with this growth, persecution is also increasing. The Gospel is forbidden in the 2015 Constitution. However, the “anti-return law” enacted in 2017 – the abolition of more religious freedoms and aggravated penalties for those who commit these crimes. It has been in effect in August 2018. Christians in Nepal are under increasing pressure and persecution. (Mission Network News) Christians were sentenced to jail and other believers had to flee their homes. Christians have also been attacked by local Hindu priests, radical groups and even their own communities. The people of the border mountains in Nepal also have never heard of the gospel. 】

  • Psalm 97: 6-7 The heavens declare his righteousness, and all the people see his glory. May all the idols that serve the carvings be boasted by the god of nothingness. God, you should worship Him.
  • Mark 2:17 When Jesus heard this, he said to them, “Healthy people do not need doctors, and sick people can use them. I am not calling the righteous, but calling the sinner.”
  • Psalm 146:5 Blessed is the man who is the help of the God of Jacob, and who looks upon the Lord his God.
  • Matthew 5:10 -12 Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness! Because the kingdom of heaven is theirs. If anyone insults you and persecutes you, and makes all kinds of bad things to ruin you, you are blessed! Rejoice and be happy! Because your reward in heaven is great; in your former prophets, people also persecute them.

[Pray for Nepal ]

  • Pray for the Nepalese people: May God’s mercy come to Nepal and May God forgive the Nepalese people for sins of idolatry, witchcraft, adultery, greed and stealing. Jesus! These people are the sheep that they want to bring back to the sheepfold. Save the souls of the Nepalese people. Reveal Yourself to them through dreams and visions, so they can know the God who loves them and wishes to bless them. Give them the spirit of repentance, and release the true light to the people of this land, so that they will be convicted and confess their sins and repent, turn to the God of Trinity, receive the redemptive grace, enter into the wonderful kingdom of His beloved son, become salt and light, and transform Nepal.
  • Pray for the Nepalese Church: Abba Father, we thank You, although the Nepalese church is persecuted and hated, but their love and commitment towards You will not decrease, they will not retreat, and the gospel can be spread widely and the number of people saved will increase constantly,  blessed are those persecuted for righteousness. Strengthening Your the children in Nepal, they will not be afraid or frustrated when they face the anti-return law. Give them the heart to seek and trust You. ” Rely on the Lord, the Lord is reliable, and the man is blessed! He will be planted by the water, rooted by the river, coming hot, not afraid, The leaves will still be green, without any care in the dry years, and the results will not stop.” (Jeremiah 17:8) , Fill Your children with the Holy Spirit, make them strong and courageous, wise as serpent and gentle as dove, break the power of the darkness and the principality, open the gate of heaven in Nepal, release the ministering angels for the salvation of the lost souls and personally preach the gospel to the Nepalese people. Raise up the body of Christ abroad to stand with the Nepalese church, and experiences and witnesses God’s grace and wonderful works together, Like the early church apostles, with the power and anointing, signs and wonders, creating the wave of the gospel and revival, So Nepal will become the kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ! Father God, continue to help them, draw them to be closer to you, to transform their lives to become holy brides. 
  • Pray for human trafficking in Nepal . Dear Heavenly Father, please save the children who have been deceived and trafficked to become prostitutes. Bring Salvation to them, freeing them from the torment of their body and mind, releasing them into freedom and embrace them with Your love, so they can know You, as the Abba that loves them, be healed in Your love, rises them to become the army in the kingdom of God.  Dear Heavenly Father, You are the God of justice and righteousness. For those who are traffickers and parents who sell their children, be merciful to them with Your salvation, giving them the spirit of repentance, so that they can turn away from their wicked ways and their lives be changed into a new creation and be greatly used by You to bring the gospel to more people. For those who do not repent, the judgment will come to bring them to the law of justice.
  • Pray for President Bidiya David Bandari, Prime Minister Khadgar Prasad Oli, and government officials : God, Please forgive Nepalese government officials and enact anti-return laws to persecute the children of God. Please forgive those corrupt government officials that put the people in lack and poverty. Please save their souls, open their hearts, to meet You as Saul becomes Paul, their lives are completely turned around to become the gospel channel of God, abolish all laws against God, paving the way for many unbelievers of Nepal. To spread the gospel to Nepal. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, because of God’s great love and mercy, He will give Napal the grace to repent like the city of Nineveh. The national leaders of Nepal will bring the people of the country to rend their hearts and confess their sins and repent. Invite the Lord Jesus Christ to reign in Nepal, and exalt the name of Jesus Christ in Nepal!

Pray in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen!


We ask the Lord’s mercy especially for Christians at the top of the government to be witnesses for the Lord; let them exercise justice and solve the problem of corruption, so that the economy can grow and the people’s lives can be improved.

[Background: The Philippines is located in eastern Asia and is made up of more than 7,000 islands. It is mainly composed of ethnic groups that speak the language of the South Island language (95.5%), and there are also Chinese (1.5%), Indians, and Arabs. The Philippines was a Spanish colony and was occupied by the United States in the early 20th century until it was completely independent in 1946. The security of the society in the Philippines has been bad for many years. Due to government corruption, loose arms control, and serious social problems such as unemployment and poverty, many Filipinos have to work overseas, and the return of foreign exchange has become the main source of income in the Philippines. In May 2017, the southern part of the Philippines was occupied by the ISIS-related armed forces. ]

  • The Sin of Idolatry:Although most Filipinos are Catholics, the sin of idolatry is prevalent: in particular, people worship baby Jesus. We ask the Lord to forgive them and let them to be born again and saved..
  • Pray for Promiscuity on Campus:Premarital sex has
    led to many unmarried mothers. We ask God to forgive and cleanse the whole country and deliver them from bondage of sexual sins.
  • Raise the Church to be Salt and Light:We ask the Lord to renew the church and open the spiritual understanding of believers; remove the spirits of the orphans and poverty and let the church arise and shine. For the sins of the Catholic Church mixing with other faiths, we ask the Lord for forgiveness.  We ask God to renew leaders of church to live a life of rebirth for the mystery of knowing the gospel is Christ. Bless the church to participate in the 24/7 watch.  Let God be honored as the King of Philippines and let righteousness prevail and sins be exposed and judged. Let all people be healed ushering in a greater revival and healing of the land.
  • Remove Corruption and Let the government be Just: Let Christians at top of the government exercise justice and fight bribery and corruption. Give government officials the fear of God and and let them deal with economic issues with righteousness and justice. At present, as government officials often collude with drug traffickers, thousands of young people, as well as political, business and educational figures are affected.  Because drug trafficking/abuse will completely destroy the next generation, we ask God to give the Philippine President a heart of righteousness, justice, integrity, holiness, and compassion to deal with issues concerning drug trafficking.
  • Protect the People and Missionaries from ISIS:We ask God to protect all the missionaries from harassment and killings from the ISIS. Grant hostages (local and foreign) grace and angels to guard them; let them be released as soon as possible. We pray that You will raise up “Pauls” in the rebels so that they will be restored and will live and die for the Lord. Give the Philippine government wisdom and ability to annihilate all the rebel。
  • Pray for Overseas Filipino Workers: There are many overseas Filipino workers.  We ask God to renew their lives and make them a channel for the gospel.
  • Pray for President Duterte:Forgive him for speaking words of contempt against God. We ask for his salvation; fill him with truth and give him a clean heart and an upright spirit to lead the country to repent and return to the Lord Jesus. We ask You to protect him and his family as they come and go. Renew his minds to replace old thoughts and ideas; keep his spirit, body and soul strong and prosperous.

In the name of Lord Jesus Christ we pray, Amen!

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National Profile: The full name “Russian Federation” is the federal republic of the country across the northern continent of Asia and Europe. It was once the “Russian Empire.” As the main republic of the former Soviet Union, she is still a very influential country in the world and the second largest military power with nuclear weapons. She was also the first socialist country in the world after the Russian Revolution in 1917. After the disintegration of the Soviet Union in 1991, Russia became the only legal successor state of the former Soviet Union. The state government is now a democratic federal federation and a permanent member of the UN Security Council.

[president: The current President Putin, an Orthodox Christian, used to be the former Soviet KGB. Since 1999, he has not left the core of Russian power. During his tenure as president, he made a significant improvement in the basic level of people’s livelihood in Russia and regained the right to speak in world politics. In 2018 he was re-elected as president with high support until 2024. Putin is a typical Russian with confidence, a tough guy characterized with aggressiveness, which is concrete manifestation of the Russian national consciousness; and his iron fist politics is also the most similar to the tsarist leader in the hearts of today’s Russians. Some people even said that there has never been a leader like Putin who is so close to the soul of Russia, in the past 100 years. His image of a tough politician is deeply loved by the people. However, he was also deeply questioned about the anti-democratic tendency, the constitutional cultivation of personal worship, the black box manipulation of the media, the suppression of opposition forces, and the interference of other countries’ political power.

diplomatic: Since Putin, Russia has tried to restore Russia’s status as a “superpower” and expanded its influence to the Soviet Union’s republics; and after the “9.11 incident”, she established a military base in Central Asia and has military cooperation with Turkey; she is even more influential in the situation in the Middle East – full intervention in the Syrian civil war; active cooperation with Western countries and strategic relations with Europe and the United States. Who In the past few years, has been sanctioned by the United States and the European Union. The relationship with the United States is very delicate; she has close ties with China; on the Israeli issue, Russia insists that Palestine should occupy East Jerusalem; although Russia is a Nation with nuclear power, she holds Anti-nuclear attitude towards North Korea.

The Orthodox Church is the main religion in the Russian Federation. Others include Catholicism, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, and Buddhism. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, more than 1 million Russian Jews moved back to Israel. Since the beginning of the 21st century, Russia’s respect for religious beliefs has declined. In 2017, Russia passed an “anti-extremism law”, which made Christians at home gatherings, workplaces, schools, and even the Internet and missionaries evangelistic, as illegal and had a great impact. However, Putin has close ties with the domestic Orthodox Church. Some scholars say that the Orthodox Church has become the propaganda machine of Putin and the main tool for Russia to launch a mixed war.

Russia is the ethnic group of “Mage, Tubal, and Mi” that Genesis 10:2 refers to, and the location of “Guge from the North Pole” predicted by Ezekiel 38:15. Russia rises as a military power. Christians should pay attention to whether they will cause harm to Israel in the future.

[We pray]

  • Pray for Russia:  May the blood of Christ flow freely on the land of Russia, break all the power of the devil, remove the obstacles of history, society, and spirituality, and release more people to return to the kingdom of God. May the Lord use Russia to be blessing to neighboring countries and ethnic groups! In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, we declare Russia is going to experience the visitation of the Holy Spirit. The rivers of living water of the Holy Spirit will flow into Russia, water the thirsty souls, bring about an unprecedented revival, and the harvest of the soul, Russia will become a Christian country. We declare that the Lord Jesus Christ in reigning fully over Russia’s now and future, and that Russia is to be aligned with the mind of the Lord God and to walk in His will and plan.
  • Pray for Russian believers: May God to give Russian believers wisdom and courage, and persist in faith in an increasingly difficult environment, to rely on the Lord to stand strong. May the millions of Russian Orthodox Christians renew and breakthrough in their spirit, to embrace the biblical truth and continue to be rooted and build up in God’s love and truth. May God continue to bless the established 24/7 Watchtower, and give them the spirit of discernment and revelation, praying for the country and the leader in the Holy Spirit continuously, let God rule and reign in the Russian government, workplace, family, education, art. / Entertainment, media, business, finance.
  • Pray for the Russian community:  May God’s salvation come to all ethnic groups in Russia so that they will know Jesus, as Lord and Savior and peace maker, and break the dispute between the ethnic, sectarian and territorial communities, so that God’s love and healing power can come to all ethnic groups in Russia, so they can love one another in Christ.
  • Pray for President Putin : God, give him the spirit of the fear of God, so that he can know and experience You in a deeper way and to diligently seek Your face. God, let Your presence be his covering, giving him the desire to read the scriptures. Help him find answers to how to govern the country from the Bible. In the president Putin’s decision-making cabinet, raise up loyal Christians with good deeds, spiritual life and wisdom and place them in high positions like Joseph, Daniel to support him, and to govern the nation according to God’s will. Touch President Putin’s heart, to embrace the Russian church with Your love and gave the church complete freedom to evangelize and support missionary work, bringing Russia into the blessing of destiny.
  • Russia-US relations: May the Lord bless the interaction between the United States and Russia according to Your will. May Your will be done on both nations, and be a blessing to other nations.

Russian Federation

[Background: Russian Federation, also known as Russia, is the largest nation in the world by landmass, with territory spanning the continents of Asia and Europe and neighboring to many nations. Its coastline stretches from the Arctic Ocean to North Pacific, including the Black Sea and Caspian Sea. Within the landmass of 17 million square miles, it has a population of 147,000,000.

Being the chief nation of the previous Soviet Union, Russia is still at present a very influential nation in the world, being the second most powerful nation in terms of military. It has the world’s largest arsenal of nuclear weapons and the largest reserves of mineral and energy resources, being the largest exporter of petroleum and natural gases. Its military industry is formidable, and its higher education and aviation skill-sets are leading the world. In 1991, the Soviet Union collapsed, and Russia inherited the Soviet Union and became a member of the United Nations Security Council, having veto power.

Eastern Orthodox is the main religion in Russia, and other religions include Catholicism, Christianity, Islam, Judaism and Buddhism, etc. Russian religious beliefs are connected to its people groups: the Slavic people are mainly Eastern Orthodox, the Turks mainly Muslim and the Mongolians mainly Buddhists. According to statistics, the annual growth of Muslims in Russia is 0.6%, and it is projected that the Russian Muslim population will breakthrough 18.6 million. The Muslim population has now reached over half in Moscow around 2 million people. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, about a million Russian Jews made aliyah to Israel. In the 50th anniversary of the re-establishment of Israel, Russia recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

In last year, Russia passed the “anti-extremist law”.Although the law does not discriminate against Christians, it has vast consequences. It forbids Christians to preach the gospel in home meetings, work places, schools, and even on the internet. Missionaries and foreign pastors preaching in churches without work visa is also illegal.]

We pray for Russia. May the Lion of Judah reign in it.

  • For Russia: In the name of Jesus Christ we declare that Russia shall receive visitation of the Holy Spirit. May the river of living waters of the Holy Spirit flow in Russia, to fill thirsty hearts and souls, to bring unprecedented revival and harvest of souls and transform Russia into a Christian nation.
  • For the blood of Christ to cleanse Russia: May the precious blood of Jesus Christ flow freely in the 17 million square miles of land, to break the power of the devil, and to remove historic, social and the spiritual obstacles, and release more people to enter the Kingdom of God. May the Lord turn Russia to be a blessing to the neighboring nations and peoples.
  • Pray for the Russian believers: May God grant wisdom and courage to Russian believers, to hold onto their faith in face of increasing difficult religious atmosphere, and be strong in the Lord. May millions of Russian Orthodox be renewed in the Spirit, to embrace Biblical truth and be rooted and grounded in God’s love and truth.
  • Pray for the prayer towers that have been established: May God continue to protect these watchtowers, that they may increase and expand. May God reign in the Russian government, marketplace, family, education, art/entertainment, media, business and finance.
  • Pray for the many ethnic groups of Russia: May God’s salvation come upon all these people groups, may they come to know the Savior Lord Jesus who reconcile men to God, that the people may love one another in Christ. Break all the conflicts and strives between tribes, religions and regions. May the power of unity come through God’s children proclaiming the year of jubilee, and release healing to the Russian peoples.
  • Pray for President Putin: God, please let President Putin have the opportunity to know and experience You, to fervently seek Your face. God, may Your presence be his covering and give him a heart that longs to study the scriptures. Help him to find the answer of governing the nation from the Bible. Raise up faithful and actionable Christian with spiritual life and wisdom in President Putin’s cabinet, and put them in high places like Joseph and Daniel that they may support him to rule the country according to the will of God. Move in President Putin’s heart, to embrace the Russian Church with Your love, and grant total freedom to the Church to preach the gospel and support mission work.

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We bless the 40-day prayer and fasting organized by pastors and leaders in Singapore to seek the Lord. Let the church rise up to receive her new anointing and walk in the path of holiness. Let her go from strength to strength and grace upon grace.

[Background: Although Singapore can only be seen as a little dot on the map, she is actually the political and economic center of Southeast Asia. In the past few centuries, Singapore has been part of the British Malaya. After the Second World War, Singapore officially became independent and established a republic. Singapore is a multi-ethnic country consisting mainly of Chinese (Singapore Chinese), Malays, Indians and Asian Asians. The main beliefs of the people are Buddhism (33%), Taoism (11%), Christianity (18%) and Islam (15%). The government respects different religions and personal beliefs.]

  • Ask God to forgive and cleanse the churches in Singapore to be humble, away from being prideful, responding to God’s calling, and to be the church of Antioch in Asia, a missionary sending country.
  • Ask God to rekindle the churches’ initial fiery love for God, forgive them for pursuing material life in the days of comfort and falling into the spiritual condition of the Laodicean church..
  • Open Spiritual Understanding of Believers: We ask the Lord to open spiritual understanding of believers. Let them know the mystery of the gospel is Christ and let them live the Word of God in their daily life.
  • Let the Malays Hear the Gospel: Father, we thank You that Singapore is relatively free in faith. We ask Father to give the Malays who believe in Islam to have more opportunities to hear the gospel and receive spiritual breakthroughs. Let this group of people gain true liberty through the salvation of Jesus Christ.
  • Training Centers: We thank You that there are many theological seminaries in Singapore and many churches also offer their own training courses, making Singapore the main training center in Asia, helping many churches in Asia. We pray that the Lord will continue to use equipped teachers and missionaries to work for the kingdom of God and to prosper the gospel.
  • Pray for President Halima: Abba Father, we ask You to bless President Harima to be healthy and energetic, grant her wisdom and strategy from God in dealing with domestic and foreign affairs that she may lead Singapore to economic prosperity, social stability, and peace among diverse ethnic groups. Also bless the leadership of Singaore to be honest, just and faithful; bless her and her family to be full of joy and peace.
  • Pray for Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong of Singapore : Abba Father,  please keep him strong and healthy, give him energy and heavenly wisdom and strategies to bring about the mutual benefitual trade agreement among business partners of East South Asia. Bless him and his families with peace and harmony,  help him to pass on his authorities to the leadership of the next generation peacefully and smoothly, and bring prosperity to the Nation.

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Sri Lanka

[ Country background: Sri Lanka is situated in the south of the Indian peninsula, and is a tropical island nation in the Indian Ocean. Before the 5th century AD, the Sinhalese moved to Sri Lanka from India. From the 5th to 16th century AD, the Sinhalese and the Tamils were in constant war. For the ensuing 450 years, Sri Lanka was colonized by Portugal, Holland and England, and in 1948 Sri Lanka achieved independence and changed name to Ceylon. In 1978, the name changed to the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka.
Spiritual background: According to statistics of 2011, 70.2% of Sri Lanka are Buddhists, 12.6% are Hindus, 9.7% are Muslims, 6.1% are Catholics, 1/3% are Christians with 0.05% being other other religions. The Hindu Tamils and the Buddhist Sinhalese have had long-term hostilities which caused the civil war between 1983 to 2009. Although the conflict has since ceased, the hostility is present to this day. Furthermore, in recent years, anti-Christian violence has increased daily, extremist Buddhist monks often visit violence upon Christians including arson and murder, burning of churches, attacking pastors and church members etc. The government has not punished these perpetrators, which contributed to the rise of anti-christian pressures.
Social problems: Long-term civil war cause recession and poverty to the people. Racial discrimination and wealth inequality has also forced many citizens to leave Sri Lanka to seek work in foreign nations. As a result, many Sri Lankans were exploited with some brought into slavery。]
Abba Father
  • Repent for Buddhist and Hindu extremists: Please forgive the Buddhists and Hindus of Sri Lanka, for they fell into the devices of the devil, and blinded by idolatry, that they persecute those of different faith, including violence, murder, arson and vandalism. May God have mercy on them, save their souls, that they may see their wickedness in the glorious grace of God, and repent in humility and be saved and born again.
  • Pray for the salvation of the people: May God’s salvation come upon the people of Sri Lanka, they are generally friendly, simple and pious. May God forgive their idolatry, and in not knowing You as the only true God. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ we declare that the harvest is ripe in Sri Lanka, may God send His workers to bring in the harvest, to boldly preach the gospel, with signs and wonders to witness the word that they preach. May the people receive the word of life, that the Lord Jesus shall reign in their hearts as King.
  • Pray for the nation: the Sri Lankan people have suffered long-term civil war, experiencing trauma in their flesh and souls, may God release healing, love and peace, that they be reconciled to God and each other, to forgive one another, for the different ethnic groups to have mutual respect, to establish a nation that is fair, stable and filled with love.
  • Pray for the government: May God grant they a heart of mercy that love the people in order to solve the problem of racial dis, protect the safety of the minority, and prevent riots. Also grant wisdom, power and strategy to the officials, that they can develop the economy in unity, to alleviate the debt, to improve the living standard of the people, to bring an end to corruption, establish a trustworthy and just government. In the name of Jesus Christ we declare that gospel shall enter into the political arena, grant the officials knowledge of God’s grace, that those who hear shall understand, to receive salvation and be born again and saved.
  • Pray for Christians and churches: May God bless the church to be rooted on the rock of truth, not to compromise with evil, and fight courageously for the Lord. May Holy Spirit equip and teach the saints, that they may mature in their spiritual lives, to be used by the Lord. May the church be salt and light and bring the truth of God to dark places, and lead people into God’s Kingdom of light. Raise up the church to intercede for the nation and society, to bring Sri Lanka to walk in the will of God.
  • Pray for president Maithripala Sirisena: may God enlighten the eyes of the heart of president Sirisena, that he may know You as the only true God, to turn to follow Jesus Christ. Bless president Sirisena that he may walk justly, have a humble heart and bring the governmental team into unity, to cause the people to dwell safely and in happiness.


Background: Syria is situated in west Asia, on the east coast of the Mediterranean Sea, an Arabic nation of the middle-east, and its capital is Damascus. Syria shares a border with Turkey, with Iraq to the east, Jordan to the south, with Lebanon and Israel to the south-west and the Mediterranean Sea to the west. It declared independence on 1 January 1944, and was recognized by the United Nations and the world as an official independent country on 7 April 1946, and the current president is Bashar al-Assad.
Syria is the starting place of one of the world’s oldest civilization, and was a region which was rich in the gospel during the 7th century (Paul encountered the Lord Jesus on the road to Damascus). Since 7th to 16th century, Syria has became an important place for Islam. Now Syria is a predominantly Islam nation, with a 90% Muslim population, in which 70% of the population being Sunni Muslims.
After the Arab Spring movement involving many middle-eastern nations, Syria also experienced anti-government riots on 26 January 2011. The government tried to suppress it, which led to the Syrian civil war currently still raging. In 2014,  Baššār al-ʾAsad once again was elected president. In May 2015, the Islamic State occupied Syria territory taking part in the Syria civil war, but recently the power of the Islamic State has decreased significantly, but the warlords are still very much active all over Syria. The territory taken by the Islamic State has gradually been taken over by governmental forces, anti-government forces, and Kurds. The ongoing Syrian civil war and other wars have had caused the deaths of 465,000 people, and displacement of 12 million people here and abroad. There were over 5 million Syrians who had fled overseas as refugees, and this is the greatest flooding of refugees since the Second World War.】
  • Pray for the Syrian refugees:  may the Lord have mercy on this war-torn nation, to swift bring an end to the civil war, and to especially to take care of the widows and orphans who lost their husbands and fathers, as well as many weak and old people who are still stuck in the war-zone due to not being able to escape with their adult children. Lord please help them and save their souls, since they have dire daily needs and many refugees have lost everything including families and homes.
  • Pray for many youth who have become Islamic State extremists due to unemployment: Lord have mercy on these young people, may  You shine upon this land with the light which You shown Paul in Damascus, to cast out all the darkness and fear and save their souls. “In that day there will be a highway from Egypt to Assyria. The Assyrians will go to Egypt and the Egyptians to Assyria. The Egyptians and Assyrians will worship together.  In that day Israel will be the third, along with Egypt and Assyria, a blessing on the earth. The Lord Almighty will bless them, saying, “Blessed be Egypt my people, Assyria my handiwork, and Israel my inheritance.” (Isaiah19:23-25)
  • Pray for the church of SyriaIsaiah60:1-3 “Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord rises upon you. See, darkness covers the earth and thick darkness is over the peoples, but the Lord rises upon you and his glory appears over you. Nations will come to your light, and kings to the brightness of your dawn.” May God strengthen the faith of the believers of Syria, just like the times of Acts of the Apostles, that they may pray in unity, love and help one another, to watch over one another, to overcome persecutions of the enemy and boldly proclaim the gospel. May the blood of the martyrs bring revival to the gospel.
  • Pray for renewal for peace-talks: may God bring change to the situation, and bring each party to negotiations, that they may make good and correct decisions for the people of Syria and the future of the nation.
  • Pray for the current leader President Bashar al-Assad: Heavenly Father, we come before Your throne of grace, and ask that You grant wisdom to president Al-Assad, to walk out Your will, may he and the Syrian people all come to know You as the true God, and declare that Jesus Christ is Lord!

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[Country Intro: Tajikistan is one of the Central Asian countries, with the smallest land mass of them all. Commonly known as the “Country of Mountains,” 93% of the country is covered by mountains, with less than 7% of the land being arable. With a population of approximately 8.8 million, 80% of the population are ethnically Tajik. Tajikistan became independent in 1991. Over the duration of a five year civil war, over one million people became refugees, some of whom to this day have been unable to return to their homes. The civil war had a drastic effect on the national economy, decreasing the standard of living for its people to the point that 84% of the population is currently living under the poverty line, making Tajikistan the poorest country in Central Asia. In recent years,  government legislation towards religion has  become more and more strict, and even though the constitution officially protects the freedom of religion, in practice the government often institutes policies restricting religious freedom.
Tajikistan prohibits its citizens from leaving the country to receive religious education or from maintaining relations with foreign religious groups. Only citizens over the age of 18 can participate in religious activities, meaning that all children and youth ministries can only be carried out in secret. All religious activities are subject to government surveillance, especially those of Protestant churches. They are seen to be a foreign sect whose aim is to try to overthrow the government. Because they are actively engaged in sharing the gospel, these Christians are frequently subjected to searches, threats, arrests, and fines. Church leaders are especially at risk from government surveillance.
Beatings and house arrests – In this nation, while changing one’s religion is not illegal, society (especially families) does not permit personal conversion from Islam to other religions. Muslim converts are the easiest targets of beatings and confinement by their family members trying to cause them to abandon their new Christian faith. Some have even had to go into hiding because of threats from relatives. Children of converts are subject to mocking by teachers and classmates alike.

We Pray:

  • Pray for refugees: Declare in Jesus’ name, refugees of the civil war will receive salvation, and experience God’s provision and protection, and will be able to rebuild their homes.
  • Pray for the people of Tajikistan: In Jesus’ name, declare that the gates of salvation be completely opened in Tajikistan, for a restoration of religious freedom, and that all its inhabitants would be saved and rescued from the curse of poverty.
  • Pray for the children of Tajikistan: Pray that the Lord would remove the limits on the evangelization of children under the age of 18, and that these children would be able to hear the gospel and receive salvation.
  • Pray for Muslim converts: Pray that God would strengthen their faith, that they would continue to be built up and grounded in truth and in the love of God, and have a strong life testimony, and would bring many Muslims to the Lord.
  • Pray for evangelization ministries in Tajikistan: Pray that God would watch over the church in Tajikistan and all outreach ministries, that they would be free from all harassment, obstacles and dangers. The door that He opens, no one can shut. Pray that God would anoint those serving, that their lives would be filled with signs and wonders from His Presence, that His glory would be made manifest, drawing all men to Himself. May the gospel flames consume these peoples, removing the veil and allowing them to see the power of the gospel so that they may surrender to the Lord.
  • Pray for the government of Tajikistan: Pray that the Lord would save their souls and remove the opposition to the gospel, that there would be true protection of the freedom of religion as laid out in the constitution. May the Islamic extremists who are attacking the freedom of religion be brought to justice. Pray that the Lord would give the government wisdom to rule the nation.
  • Pray for the Tajik President Emomali Rahmon: Abba Father, open the eyes of Rahmon’s heart so that he may know You. Open his ears so that he can hear your voice and know that you are the only true God. May the Lord give him wisdom, strategy, and a heart to fear the Lord so that might forsake Islam and forsake all sin. May his heart be like rivers of water in the hands of the Lord to turn him to Christ and let the gospel rain down. May the joy of salvation fill the entire nation, that this land and this people would delight themselves in the Lord.

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Taiwan, the city of God, the things of glory are pointing to you. This one, the one, is born in it, and God will establish this city personally. Hallelujah!  ( Psalm 87:3, 5)

Economy : Taiwan, formerly known as Formosa, means “Beautiful Island”. Taiwan is also known as precious island because of how rich it is in resources and products. The total population is 23.6 million. Since the 1960s, Taiwan has made rapid progress in economic and social development. The famous “Taiwanese Miracle” is one of the four Asian dragons; it is the most active export economy in the world.

Politics : It was ruled by Japan from 1895 to 1945 and then returned to the Republic of China.  After China fell into the Communist Party in mainland China (1949), Taiwan became a refuge for the National Government party (KMT). This has led to diplomatic encouragement and internal division and now implements multi-party democracy. Although the relationship between China and Taiwan is still tense, the economy and culture are closely linked.  Taiwan’s political controversy has caused various problems within China and international law.  Taiwan is an independent country in its operation, but it is a legal province for China. If Taiwan declares independence, it may lead to China’s armed reaction.

 Spiritual status : It is an important city for Buddhism and Taiwanese folk beliefs. More than 90% of Taiwanese believe in a mixture of Buddhist Confucianism and traditional beliefs. Buddhism is currently growing steadily in the intellectual profession as well. Most traditional folk believe in worshiping many idols and the people will sacrifice to the ghosts and spirit and seek them for direction to the future. After decades of hard work, Taiwan has entered a new era of Christian growth. This growth covers the mega churches and house churches, both charismatic and traditional, and spans across national, language and economic paradigms. Many churches now focus more on prayer, evangelism, and community work. Taiwan’s churches and institutions have the vision to bring the gospel to mainland China and other parts of Asia.

Many Taiwanese focus on achievements  in career, wealth and the education of their children. They have no extra time to care for spiritual things or ministry. Gambling and sex industries are common in Taiwanese society and entice new believers to leave their faith. Believers need to be trained and equipped, but only a handful of pastors and full-time ministers can meet the needs. The country church find it especially hard.

Taiwan’s homosexual group has been promoting the legalization of same-sex marriage in Taiwan and the Coalition for the Happiness of our Next Generation (referred to as the happiness coalition) has also continuously promoted the boycott of this movement wave. On May 24, 2017, through the interpretation of the Constitution, Taiwan may become the third country in Asia to legalize same-sex marriage. Taiwan’s focus on the family has proposed three referendums related to homosexuality. The Taiwanese churches, regardless of denomination, are willing to fast and pray together, repent and confess for Taiwan and ask God to fight for Taiwan.

Taiwan is entering the crisis of Islamization. The Tsai’s government brought in large numbers of Muslims, ignoring the crisis created in Europe and the United States when a large number of Muslims were brought in. They have faced endless streams of terrorist attacks, pressures of prevention and Islamization of the population, causing social panic and pressure. Recently, the Tsai government has vigorously promoted the friendly Muslim policy. On 6/17 Eid al-Fitr, it said that it wants to build a Muslim-friendly environment in Taiwan and is open to Muslims in Taiwan to celebrate Eid al-Fitr in about 10 locations in all counties and cities across Taiwan. The Tsai government also intends to use preferential terms to attract Muslim immigrants to Taiwan. Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je set up a Muslim prayer room in the city hall and then established a Muslim prayer room at the Taipei Railway Station to promote Muslim culture. Tens of thousands of Muslims often gather and worship at the main station entrances and exits. In early February, Ko Wen-je visited Turkey and accepted donations from the local government to establish the largest mosque in Southeast Asia in Taipei that can accommodate 50,000 people. Muslims have established altars here and will call on their dark powers to invade Taiwan. ]


Pray for Taiwan :

  • Salvation come to Taiwan – Please save the souls of Taiwanese Buddhists; forgive their intensive idols worship and thoroughly cleanse the defiled land and people’s hearts after worshiping idols.  May the fire of the Holy Spirit rend the heaven and come down and cleanse the land of Taiwan.  Have mercy on the people of Taiwan, save their souls and bring salvation to the people of this land; release the spirit of truth, to know the one and only true God who created the universe, and free them from the bondage of sin and enter into freedom and abundance in Jesus Christ.
  • The Muslims be born again : Save the soul of the Muslims, open the door to evangelism to spread the principle of the words of God quickly and send workers to go out and harvest the field.  Ask the Lord to give the church love for Muslims, to share the gospel with Muslims and enable Muslims to know the one true God.  We declare that Muslims in Taiwan are among  God’s salvation. God led them to Taiwan with freedom and equality so that they can contact the church freely, to know and pursue God, and to trust and follow God.  Let them become witnesses for the kingdom of God and preach the gospel to their families.
  • Pray for government officials : Ask God to forgive the president, mayor and government officials for opening doors to evil forces out of ignorance, bringing in curses and violence. Please save their souls. Raise Christian political leaders who respect and love the Lord. God gives them wisdom and ability to make godly judgement, to prevent extreme Islam from entering Taiwan, and establishes accurate and comprehensive anti-terrorism policies and systems. The Immigration and Police Departments are highly alert to prevent any terrorist organization from infiltrating into Taiwan; sever any opportunity to create terrorist attacks.
  • Pray for President Tsai Ing-wen –  ask God to save the soul of Tsai Ing-wen. Soften her heart and open her eyes so that she can know the true God Jesus Christ. Ask the Lord to give President Tsai the wisdom of heaven and the love of the people so that the decisions she makes will bring blessings to the church in Taiwan and can formulate appropriate policies to make the people safe.
  • Pray for the Church of Taiwan:  Ask God to continue burning the fire of prayer and mobilize the 24/7 prayer wall and the watch tower.  Let the church in Taiwan hold on to the promise of 2 Chronicles 7:14, to stand in the gap with one heart and mind and intercede for Taiwan. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, we declare the Lord of Hosts is the Captain of the Taiwan army, leading them to continue to fight the good fight. Ask God to give a breakthrough and help the Taiwanese church to enter a new spiritual realm with a spiritual breakthrough . In the name of Jesus, we release the anointing of God’s victory, to smash all the works of the enemy, to transform the Taiwanese church into the revival of the kingdom of God, to align with God, to bring the revival of the whole earth, and to glorify the holy name of the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • Raise up young generations: let more and more young people rise up and embrace God passionately.
  • Connect the global Chinese and fulfill the Chinese destiny: We declare in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, awaken Taiwan in all aspects, knowing her true status in the Kingdom of God, accepting God’s calling and anointing.
  • Bless the unity of Taiwan and Chinese leaders : May God rule and reign in the hearts of the leaders of Taiwan and China so that the leaders on both sides can release goodwill, communicate with each other through peace, and embrace each other with love so that cross-strait relations can be developed into harmony with God, bring down revival, and work hand-in-hand together to walk into God’s destiny for the Chinese. Connect the global Chinese and complete the mission of bringing  the gospel back to Jerusalem.


Pray for the Taiwan referendum: 

  • Pray for the mayor elections of all the counties at the end of the year and ask the Lord to rise up righteous people that fear the Lord into the political circles who resolutely oppose the government’s policy of Islamization and legalization of same-sex marriage. These people will be able to speak boldly and stand with the truth. We take the authority given by God to shut the door to Islam and open the door to the Lord Jesus. We declare that Taiwan will enter the merciful gate of Jesus’ salvation, receiving peace and prosperity.
  • Ask God to abolish the same-sex marriage bill: a bill scheduled to be formally implemented next year in Your mercy, turn it around and abolish the bill.
  • Bless the production of propaganda: Lord,  bless the production of propaganda. Before the 11/24 voting day, the referendum team needs to produce a variety of propaganda materials, pray that the Lord gives wisdom and revelation so that the propaganda, graphic design, literature, network, news each stand and play a great role as a team forming a powerful strategy to continuously put out literature and graphic that will be spread out to the public and will bring more people to support the referendum of love with more than 5 million consent vote on 11/24.
  • Keeping the unity of the referendum executive team: Ask the Lord to keep the unity of the referendum executive team, to learn to be humble and trust the Lord, and the co-workers from the churches can gather and minister together. Ask the Lord to give each other love and unity. Also ask the Lord to protect the executive team leaders and to watch over their spirit, soul and body and their family and relatives and give them peace, especially for them to maintain their relationship with the Lord.
  • Raise up the pastors and pass on the truth: Please help the shepherds to understand the Father’s intentions in the marriage and family, to pass on the truth and establish the brothers and sisters to build on the truth and let Taiwan enter into the truth of the Lord and not be deceived by the enemy, “You will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.” John 8:32.
  • More of the people that came out of gay lifestyle will share their testimony: May God continue to raise up more of the people that came out of that lifestyle to give the glorious testimony in this end time generation.
  • Raise up prophetic intercession and releasing the prophetic message : the enemy still uses all kinds of opportunities to attack the ministry and leaders. The team really needs prophetic intercession and reminder to always ask the Lord to raise up prophetic intercession so the prophetic message can be released and  whatever needs attention. This is a spiritual battle, asking the Lord to help the referendum team and the churches everywhere. ” Because we are not fighting against the flesh, we are fighting against those ruling, rulers, the dark world that governs this, and the spirits of the sky.” Eph. 6:12 .
  • Watch over the core members of the referendum and their families : Recently referendum team and the core members of the local community and their families often have accidents and diseases. The enemy is violently attacking the children of God. Watch over the conservative proponents, their families and their properties.  Give them peace, watch and protect all the members of referendum executive team in all the cities.  May the Lord send the mighty angels to camp around them to protect them and give them strength.
  • Let the referendum pass smoothly : Ask God to demolish all the schemes and attacks of the enemy, especially the attacks and rumors through the Internet. May the Lord raise up various resources in the media, news and the Internet to help the children of God in this end time generation know how to use media tools to convey family values, promote the referendum of love, and testify for the Lord. May God use more than 5 million consent votes by referendum to far exceed the votes that is against it so that Taiwan’s marriage can be kept as one man and one woman. Improper sexual education cannot enter the school. The church is changing and will have more Christians to care more about public affairs and may Your kingdom come.

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Thailand (Kingdom of Thailand)

History Overview: Thailand, independent in 1370, is also known as Siam, meaning “the country of freedom” because she is the only country in the Indo-China Peninsula that has not been ruled by the West. After the revolution of 1932, the constitution of the monarchy was still adopted, and the king of Thailand was still the head of state. In 1939, She was officially called the Kingdom of Thailand. In 1946, King Pu Mei Peng, became the ninth king of the dynasty. National/Government – Constitutional monarchy. On December 23, 2007, after the election in 2007, the new constitution was returned to the democratic track. The House of Representatives was formed first, and the Senate selection and elections were held in late February and early March 2008 to implement the Senate and House of Representatives system. In the sixteenth century, European powers came to Siam. Until the end of the 19th century, Britain and France had established British India and French Indochina colonies on both sides of Siam. Head of state : Pu Mei Peng. Capital : Bangkok.

There are more than 30 ethnic groups in Thailand. The Thai nationality is the main ethnic group, accounting for 40% of the total population. The rest are the Yi, the Chinese, the Malay, the Khmer, and the mountainous ethnic groups such as Miao, Yao, Gui, Wen, Karen, Yi, Seman, and Shaqi. . 79.9% of Thais and 10.3% of Chinese. The main religions are 92.34% for Buddhism and 0.9% for Christians. Official language: Thai, literacy rate is 94%.]

Religion: Thailand is one of the world’s most famous Buddhist countries. Most Thais believe in Buddhism. However, the law does not stipulate that this is a state religion. Citizens have the freedom of belief. Of the more than 60 million people, 92% are Hinayana Buddhists. Men in Thailand have to be monks for a period of time in their lives, even the king is no exception, and the law requires the king to be a Buddhist. In order to appease Muslims in southern Thailand, Prime Minister Thaksin has promised to consider setting up a Muslim political party.

Cultural aspects: Buddhism has a strong influence on daily life. The elders are very respected by the people. Therefore, temples are the center of social and religious life, both in cities and in the countryside. Zen is one of the most popular aspects of Buddhism. There are countless Thais who regularly meditate to enhance their inner peace and happiness. Visitors can also learn the basic principles of meditation in several centers in Bangkok or elsewhere in the country.

Church: Although the mission ministry enjoys great freedom in Thailand, the gospel has been introduced to Thailand for nearly 200 years, but the proportion of Thai believers is still extremely low. Nearly half of the new believers are tribal or Thai. Most of the churches in Thailand are small churches (about 30-50 members) and the lack of leaders is one of the reasons for the slow growth of the Thai church. Most sub-administrative districts in the country do not have a church. There are still 29 languages ​​in Thailand that have no published Bible translations, and ten of them are not yet included in the Bible translation plan.

Social aspects: Thailand’s sex trade is world-famous. There are up to 2.85 million people engaged in sex work. Women engaged in this industry do so mostly because of practical reasons and the pressure to survive, but also because families sell their daughters into the sex industry. More than two million people across the country are infected with AIDS. In addition, there are thousands of street children in Thailand and more than one million child laborers . The Muslim turmoil in southern Thailand is also a very big headache for the Thai government. Thailand has 1.5 million Muslims, most of which are located in the three southernmost provinces. For decades, Muslims and Buddhists in this area have been in constant conflict and died down in the 1980s.  After 9/11, it was revived. There are many reasons for the conflict. The main source is poverty. Many people are unemployed at home. Ethnicity, culture, politics and religion are all in tension. Apart from civil servants involving corruption, drug trafficking, smuggling and gambling, most local residents do not speak Thai. Because of language barriers, they are often treated unfairly when dealing with government departments. Over time, form a counter-revolutionary spirit against the government. The number of people killed by violence has reached 1,300. Local separatist organizations may be supported by external terrorist forces. 】

  • 1 John 1:9 If we confess our sins, God is faithful and just to forgive our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.
  • Psalm 10:14 But you, God see the trouble of the afflicted; you consider their grief and take it in hand. The victims commit themselves to  you, you are the helper of the fatherless.
  • Psalm 25:6 Remember Lord, your great mercy and love, for they are from of old.
  • 1 Corinthians 6:9 Or do you not know that wrongdoers will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived:  Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor men who have sex with men 6:10  nor thieves nor greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers will inherit the kingdom of God.
  • Psalm 20:5 May we shout for joy over your victory, and lift up our banners in the name of our God. May the Lord grant all your requests.

[ Pray for Thailand]

  • Identification repentance prayer for Thailand : Dear Heavenly Father, we humbly come before You admitting that we have greatly offended You. We did not recognize You as the one and only true God, the Father of mercy and love. Our country has been worshiping idols for generations and is full of false god worshiping and we are proud of this situation. Please forgive us Lord; forgive our ignorance and  foolishness that we sin against you in many ways.  Please cleanse us with the precious blood of our Lord Jesus, wash the entire nation, make Thailand holy and completely changed by God to become a country that only worships God.
  • Pray for the Hinayana Buddhists: Dear Heavenly Father, have mercy on these children who are misled  into the temple as Buddhists from an early age to worship false gods.  Abba, rescue their souls, deliver them  from the bondage of the spirits behind the false gods and lead them into all Truth to know You, turn to You, and worship You alone throughout their lives.
  • Pray for child laborers and street children: Dear Heavenly Father, you are the God who cares for the orphans.  Please remember these children and save them. Let these children know that You are God who loves them.  Please move in various departments of the government and the churches to prepare loving homes for them to grow.  Raise them up so that they will follow you and become Your vessels to impact their generations.
  • Pray for those who are caught in sex trade:  Dear Father, this is a group of people who are helpless and live in dire straits.  Who can save them from this dilemma? Father, only you! In the Bible, Isaiah says that those who are plundered can be saved.  Let the powerful arms stretch out to save them to leave this lifestyle.  Encounter them and lead them back to the Father’s home to become Your children. Open up doors for work and give them the opportunity to live a normal life.
  • Pray for the church: Heavenly Father, we first thank You for the freedom of religion in Thailand. In the freedom of belief, raise up a group of people like Paul who loves You to influence the people for the gospel and for the love of thousands of souls. It is like fire shooting up in their bones, so that the gospel can spread throughout the country and lead many people to return to You. Father, please prepare sufficient material and resources and church leaders for the church to help the believers, to build up their spirits and renew their minds, so that they can follow the Lord. Ignite the fire of the Lord’s revival. Raise up Your children to be intercessors in the church to connect with each other, establish a 24/7 watch prayer wall, to watch and pray for the church and the country day and night, bring a great breakthrough to this country, be blessed by God and walk into her destiny!
  • Pray for the Bible to be translated into all languages : Heavenly Father, may You raise up more translators to participate in the translation of the Bible, so that people of different languages in Thailand ​​may have the opportunity to obtain the Bible so that they can learn from the Bible and renew their thoughts and minds.
  • Pray for civil servants’ corruption, drug trafficking, smuggling and gambling: Lord, forgive them for these sins committed by greed. Have mercy on them so that they can repent and turn back to You, and be willing to remove all unlawful and unrighteous behavior from their hearts. Change them to know that the reason they are sitting in these positions is to serve the people. With good example of conduct and good character to help the people live a life of peace and contentment, and to help the government and leaders to lead the country into normal track.
  • Pray for violent clashes between tribes and races: Dear Heavenly Father, many tribes are aboriginal people and You have deep love for them.  May your salvation come to the tribes, save them, and let them know you.  Open their eyes to meet You, the Prince of Peace.  May they reconcile with You and with one another. Heavenly Father, the aboriginal people are Your secret weapon to bring down the heavenly power. They are seeking to raise them so that they can release their voices to bring up the heavenly power to  awaken all of Thailand. Let the country break away from the oppression of the dark forces and lead them into Your calling and destiny for Thailand.
  • Pray for the King of Thailand and the Prime Minister: Lord, forgive their ignorance of thinking it is honorable to worship Buddha. Save their souls, lead them You, give them wisdom and strategy and the love for their people to solve the country’s problems such as corruption , drug trafficking, smuggling and pornography and to lead the country out of the predicament with justice, fairness, and integrity, and to raise up counselors such as Daniel to help them know that there is a God who rules and reigns among them in the country, so that they will have reverence for You but not fearful of You. We pray that the Prime Minister will have the courage to cancel the commitment to Muslims.

Pray in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.


National Profile:  Turkey, aka “Turkish Republic”, is a country across Asia and Europe. Turkey used to be the headquarters of a powerful Islamic empire, governing most of the world’s three continents. The famous Ottoman dynasty ruled the region from 1299 to 1922 and Turkey was ruled by Osman the First by the Islamic monarch or Muslim king. When the Ottoman dynasty fell after the First World War, it was followed by a “democratic, non-religious, unified, constitutional republic.” Since then, Turkey has begun to be friendly with Western countries and has joined organizations such as the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and the United Nations. The Turkish government has actively expressed her desire to become a member of the European Union and is currently in a “candidate” status. Turkey had forgotten the deep-rooted roots of Islam until recently when Mustafa, father of Turkey, established a new republic and deliberately emphasized that Turkey is a non-religious country. He gave women the right to vote and prohibited women from wearing veil in public. Turkey’s acceptance of the EU may be the main reason why Muslim hardliners have to enforce Islamic law. In order to become a member of the European Union, Turkey must maintain the status of a democratic and non-religious country.

Relations with Israel: Recently, it is a concern that Turkey is  gradually turning toward Islamic extremism. In 2009, the government refused to participate in Israel’s joint military exercise (friends who only ended once) and refused to return to the organization of the North Atlantic Army but joined the Afghanistan organization. They refused to conduct demonstrations with Israel, because of the last Israeli attack on the Gaza Strip (December 2008/January 2009). They also refused to assist in identifying and defeating the Taliban, al-Qaeda, and other Islamic terrorism. In May 2018, Turkey expressed their opposition and anger toward United States for moving US Embassy to Jerusalem in Israel.

The deterioration of US-Turkish relations and the economic crisis: Turkey’s economic recession and the US-Turkey trade war remain the biggest economic crisis. In August, the Turkish lira depreciation crisis caused the inflation situation in the country to continue to deteriorate. The authorities continued to boycott US electronic goods and raise tariffs on US imports on the 14th and 15th as a counterattack against US President Trump’s threat to increase steel and aluminum tariffs. Although many people in the country have protested against the economic recession and the people’s lives are hard, some still support the hardline attitude of President Eldosan. The current president: New President Erdogan, an Islamic conservative, has been in power in Turkey for 15 years and his centralization has continued to support ISIS. Unrest and terrorism in the country are becoming more frequent.

Spiritual condition:  Turkey is the birthplace of the early church and all seven churches mentioned in Revelation are in Turkey. They still have important spiritual implications for today’s church. This country, known as the “Bible of the Bible”, has the footsteps of the apostles Peter, John, and Paul; Bento, Galatia, Gapadoga, Asia, and other familiar places like the site of the Garden of Eden, the hometown of Abraham Harlan, the ark’s ruins, and Paul’s hometown. According to the Constitution, there is no officially official religion in Turkey for the country allows religious freedom. However, Turkey ranked No. 9 in the list of national Christians who were persecuted by faith in the “Open Doors” in 2009. There are currently only about 3,000 Christians in the population of 70 million and the proportion of Muslims is nearly 99%. Therefore, Christians often face strong persecution. Discrimination and wrongfulness are a commonplace, and the situation of martyrdom is becoming more frequent.
Recently, the American pastor Andrew Brunson was imprisoned by the Turkish government. Fortunately, the rescue of the Trump administration was released on 10/12.

  • John 3:16 “For God so loved the world, even gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him will not perish, but will have eternal life.”
  • Daniel 4:32, 34 ” Until you acknowledge that the Most High is sovereign over all kingdoms on earth and give them to anyone he wishes… I praised the Most High, I honored and glorified him who lives forever. His dominion is an eternal dominion; His kingdom endure the from generation to generation”
  • Isaiah 49:11-13 I will return my mountains into roads, and my highways will be raised up. See, they will come from afar, some from the north, some from the west, some from the region of Aswan. Shout for joy, You Heavens, rejoice, you earth, burst into song, you mountains for the Lord has comforted His people, and will have compassion on His afflicted ones .

[Pray for Turkey]

  • Restore the power of the early church: Father God, strengthen the believers of Turkey. Remove the spirit of fear, so that they will be bold and courageous in the Lord Jesus and be loyal until death. Spirit of God breathe on Turkey and resurrect the dry bones! Rebuild Turkey again on the foundation laid by the apostles, re-dig the old wells filled by the enemy and let the ancient spring water surge out again. We pray for the rise of saints like Paul, John, and Peter to rejuvenate the ancient land and turn the church around and regain power. Give the church the courage to share the faith, to live out a life with good testimony and influence, and to bring the gospel to Muslims near and far. We declare Turkey will rise up and rule and reign with Christ!
  • Pray for the salvation of the people: Father God, we stand with Turkey and ask for forgiveness for Turkey’s disobedience, arrogance, pride, denial of Your name, and for rejecting Your grace and mercy. Soften their hearts to repent. May Your salvation come to the people of Turkey. Through visions, dreams, and Internet satellites, send Your messengers to spread the gospel to them. We pray for the Turkish people to seek and find, to knock and the door be open to them, to lead them out of the bondage of Islam, to accept Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord of life, to be set free in truth, and to enter the kingdom of Jesus Christ.
  • Pray for the Turkish nation : Father God, do not delay and quickly remove all obstacles in the Turkish government that hinder Turkey from entering her destiny and redemption. Lord, guide the leader of Turkey with the Your kingship to realize God’s plan and purpose for this country in his making decisions. Ask the Holy Spirit to continue to prevent the expansion of Islam in Turkey and to preserve their democratic system. May God shower down the spirit of wisdom and the spirit of revelation, so that the government and the leaders can understand God’s will and no longer persecute Christians and be enemies with God. Instead let them be reconciled with the chosen of God, Israel. May Your kingdom come and may Your will of be done in Turkey as it is in heaven.
  • Open the Gospel Silk Road: “From the East I summon a bird of prey; from afar off land, a man to fulfill my purpose. What I will bring about; what I have planned, that I will do” (Isaiah 46:11 ) Lord, raise up the Chinese church and the body of Christ of all races in Turkey, to be connected to each other with a united prayer altar, with one heart and one mind, to break up any hindrance to the gospel of the Silk road and prepare the way of the Lord again.
  • Pray for Turkish President RecepTayyip Erdogan:   Dear Lord Jesus, forgive President Erdogan for his hostility towards Israel. Forgive his anger and opposition to the US moving the Embassy to Jerusalem, Israel. Be merciful to him. Open the eyes of his heart so that he sees the power of love and authority on the cross and learn that Israel is the apple of God’s eye and the source of blessings to the nations; like the king of Nebuchadnezzar, to know You as God who “lives forever, has all authority, Yours are truthful and just in all You do, to respects and honor You. May You open his mouth to praise You as “The most high God” that rule among the nation, and no longer hate Your people, so that he and the country of Turkey can be blessed with great grace and enjoy the prosperity with wealth, peace and prosperity. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.

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[Overview: Vietnam, its full name being “Vietnamese Socialist Republic,” is located in the eastern part of the Southeast Asian Peninsula, bordering China to the north and the sea to the east. It has a tropical monsoon climate. The terrain is high in the northwest, low in the southeast, and long and narrow in the middle of the Changshan Mountains. Three quarters of the whole territory consist of in mountains with beautiful scenery and developed tourism. The two major alluvial plains of the Red River and the Mekong River in the territory are important areas for economic and agricultural development. They are still a developing country and with 54 ethnic groups. The culture and folk customs are greatly influenced by China. Political governance is currently one of the three remaining socialist countries in the world.

Political issues: The most prominent symbol of Vietnam in the world is the friction between the concept of “social communism” and “human rights.” When their leader Ho Chi Minh stayed in Europe in 1920, he joined the Communist Party. After the Soviet Union and China, the Communist Party of Vietnam was established, making this party the only legal ruling party. Naturally, for a long time, the issue of human rights in Vietnam has been concentrated on “freedom of the press, freedom of speech, freedom of association.” Nowadays, several issues have surfaced; for example: strict network control and prohibition of private media and labor rights and trade union activities are controlled by the government. The basic human rights of mountainous ethnic minorities in the north, central and southern regions have also been severely damaged. For a long time, dissidents have been arrested by the government authorities and charged with “anti-state crimes.” The situation is serious. It is the country with the largest number of political prisoners in Southeast Asia. When the crackdown on the rally that broke out on May 11, 1990, the international community’s concern about the retrogression of the human rights situation in Vietnam was triggered. The United States set May 11 as “Vietnamese Human Rights Day” and called for the end of communist dictatorship and the establishment of human rights. Because it is a one-party dictatorship, corruption is constantly happening, especially the Ministry of Justice and the public security system. There is also a very common family nepotism within the bureaucracy. It is very common for children of the authorities to hold prominent positions in investment fund companies. The people are called the “Elites.”

Although the Vietnamese Communist Party learned from China in 1986 and carried out economic reform and “innovation and opening up,” it intended to learn the investment model of the market economy. However, with the development of the world economy, information, and social diversity, the Vietnamese people have become more open-minded. The social structure has become more complicated, and various non-governmental organizations are increasing. There is an increasing demand for the Vietnamese Communist party to seek economic system reform. Are they to continue holding on to socialism or not? They have started thinking about giving up the important features of “public ownership of production materials as the mainstay”, replacing it with “social ownership” and “private ownership.” Meanwhile, they are pondering that the one-party governance may not be able to adapt to the needs of practical needs in social development. In 2005, former Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung carried out a democratic political system reform. In March 2014, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Fan Pingming stated at the UN Human Rights Council that Vietnam is protecting and promoting human rights and is willing to contribute to the affairs of the Human Rights Council”. In 2015, the Communist Party announced that it would implement democratic elections within five years, which means that they will hold a national election while the Vietnamese Communist Party will voluntarily give up power.

Religious belief: Influenced by China, Buddhists account for 80% of the majority in Vietnam. Catholicism accounts for 7% and Christianity accounts for 3%. There are also a lot of Muslims and local Gaotai Religion and Good Relition. In the early days, Catholicism was regarded as a cult. Although the Vietnamese Constitution guarantees the people’s religious freedom, unapproved Christian churches have been banned, believers have been detained, pastors have been detained, and churches have been persecuted since 1975. Since 1985 underground churches have grown fast and now more than 50 percent of the churches are underground house churches who are strong in their faith. The most dramatic growth occurred among the mountain minorities. According to a 2008 survey, mountain Christians were still sentenced as US spies, being imprisoned and tortured.

In December 2017, Franklin Graham held a crusade in Hanoi. Tens of thousands of people gathered in the stadium to listen to the gospel. More than 400 buses were in the parking lot, and the scale was unprecedented. The government did not propose restrictions. The Open Country Radio Station of the United States said, “Vietnam is the 17th most dangerous country for Christians in the world.” Graham said, “Vietnam has changed a lot in the past 30 years.” In dealing with Israel and Palestine issues, the Vietnamese government supports Palestinian independence.

Historical issues: Ho Chi Minh joined the French Communist Party in 1920, went to the Soviet Union in 1923, and carried out revolutionary activities in China in 1927. In 1930, he established the “Vietnamese Indochina Communist Party” and later renamed the “Vietnamese Communist Party.” Ho Chi Ming was an absolute pro-China faction, and he was closely related to Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai and Zhu De. And the first sentence of his “Communist Manifesto” is written like this: “A ghost, the ghost of communism, wandering in Europe.” One of the ideas is to achieve Great Unity by eliminating the nation and the family system. This conflicts with the family ordained by God. The US-Vietnam War of 1959-1975 was a hot war in the current international cold war situation. After World War II, the world was basically divided into the Western democratic camps and the communist camps of the Soviet Union and allies. On the territory of Vietnam, the northern regime was supported by the Soviet Union and the Chinese Communist camp; the southern dictatorship was supported by the American democratic camp, and the war continued to prolong. Eventually it ended with the overthrow of the southern regime.]

  • Pray for the spiritual bondage of Vietnam: Lord, we see that this is an obvious spiritual battle. Perhaps the original intention of Ho Chi Minh’s search for a way out for the country was simple, but he missed the truth and caused Vietnam to fall into the bloody hatred and chaos of the Communists under the control of the Communist Ghost. Today, we see that the Lord’s hand is giving opportunities everywhere to save the country. Lord, we are united in our hearts and minds, holding up Vietnam in front of you, using the omnipotence of Your precious blood to cut off the connection between Vietnam and the ghost of communism, so that it cannot survive in Vietnam and the poisonous roots can be removed; Remove the dust of shame and inferiority and drape her with a robe of love, and help her to run on the path of Jesus Christ. May the salvation of grace come to Vietnam, heal the people who have experienced the war in the land, and release them from all kinds of dark powers into the kingdom of light.
  • Pray for Vietnamese Buddhists: Father God, we know that You love all the people in the world, including tens of millions of Buddhists in Vietnam. May You open their eyes and make them see that You are the source of truth and life, that Your path and thoughts are far beyond the path and thoughts of mortals. May You give them a hungry heart, the spirit of hope, the true peace, and the understanding of the one God so that they may accept Jesus Christ as their Lord.
  • Pray for Catholics in Vietnam: Father God, may You send angels to protect the people who are called by Your name. Renew every Catholic’s understanding about You. May the Spirit of Truth be the master and king in their lives and lead them to know the truth. Help them to cultivate a close relationship with You to enjoy the rich life of the promise, so that they may be the salt and light in such a totalitarian society, to proclaim Your name.
  • Pray for Vietnamese Christians: Father God, we thank You for the faithful servants who spread the gospel while Vietnam was still open to missionaries. May You keep the fruits of their labor and allow the gospel to continue to grow in good soils, blossom, and bear fruits. We also pray that You preserve the oneness among Your children so that they may possess the gate of their enemies. We also pray for the persecuted brothers and sisters for their faith by the government, family members and relatives in Vietnam. When they suffer, may You intervene in supernaturally. Give them strength and save them, so that they can stand firm and remain faithful even unto death.
  • Pray for Sino-Vietnamese relations: Lord Jesus, You are the Lord who makes peace. We pray for the long-standing disputes and disturbances between China and Vietnam in history that have been causing harm and hatred. We pray for Your mercy and forgiveness. May You, the God who transcends everything, rend the heaven and come down to these two countries with the power of love. May the omnipotent work of the Holy Spirit spread the gospel of peace to these two countries, to erase the accumulated suspicion, fear, bitterness, anger, arrogance and oppression, so that the Vietnamese people will no longer hold anti-China protests, and that China will also sincerely help with Vietnam’s political and economic development for mutual benefit and a bright future.
  • Pray for government officials in Vietnam. Father God, we pray that You save their souls and open their spiritual eyes to know the supreme true God. May You strengthen the minds and plans of these rulers, as they announced in 2015, that they would implement democratic elections within five years. The Vietnamese Communist Party will voluntarily renounce power and a new government will be established through election as scheduled. May they do so not for their own lusts, but for the welfare of the country and the people. May they rule this country with honesty, integrity, fairness, and justice, lead the people and build Vietnam to become nation that is well-pleasing to God and is fully open to the gospel, exalting Your name. May You enlighten the Vietnamese government for a breakthrough understanding of Israel, so that they may boldly bless Israel and bring Vietnam to the destiny You have for them.

In the name of Christ Jesus, we pray. Amen!

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Isn’t God the Lord Almighty that rise up to fight for Australia?When Australia takes refuge in Him, she will never be put to shame. We bless Australia to walk not by might nor by power, but by His Spirit.

Zec 4:6  Australia is located in both the Southern and the Eastern Hemisphere. It is a country and continent surrounded by the Indian and South Pacific oceans. It is the world’s sixth sixth-largest country by total area.

Australia is a country that has religious freedom, with a 68% of the national population declared some variety of Christianity. However, due to the secularization of the church and the pursuit of pleasure and wealth, the society failed to see the influence of Gospel, and traditional churches are losing followers in droves.    here are 250,000 Muslims, 85,000 Jews and 350,000 Aboriginal in Australia. But meanwhile, there are about 630,000 overseas student from all around the world come here to study.

The First Nation (Aboriginal) people, known as “Stolen Generations”, were the Australian Aboriginal children that were influenced by the policy of assimilation implemented by the Australian government during 1909-1970. At that time, the government regarded the Australian Aboriginal as “low and ignorant” and “doomed to extinction”, around 100,000 Aboriginal children were permanently removed removed from their own families and sent to white families or organizations run by government.

Australian Aboriginal were mistreated and abused, they were also forced to give up their own language and culture, through which the Aboriginal suffered both physically and psychologically.

In February, 2008, the Prime Minister Kevin Rudd made apologies to the Stolen Generations officially three times in the parliament, and promised to make efforts to improve the standard of living.

In December 2017, Australia passed the same-sex marriage Bill, making it the 26th country where the same sex marriage is legal.】

  • Repent for Australia: May the Lord forgives the sins and rebellion of the government that legalized the same-sex marriage, and some churches that affirming same-sex marriage, we ask God for His mercy and grace upon Australia to turn back to His face.
  • We ask the Holy Spirit to fill the Church there, to restore the holiness, unity, the truth and the power in the church. Ask God to remove all the indifference, division and compromise due to the Spirit of Religion, to shift the whole nation where God is once again in the first place.
  • We ask the Lord to raise up many leaders of all ages and tribes, to call forth the ones with visions and strength, and bless Australia to be the spiritual granary to bring Gospel to all the people (new immigrants, tourists and Jewish residents) who live or visit the land.
  • We pray for the next federal election in, 2019. We declare that people who is after God’s own heart will win the election, so His will be done in Australia as it is in heaven.
  • We pray for the First Nation people in Australia. They are the owner of this land, but because of the assimilation policy they suffered from all the trauma. Today we stand in the gap and repent for what the government has been done. We ask for you healing and comfort towards your people, to restore and honor their identities. And we call forth the First Nation people to position themselves as the elder son, to arise and shine! We cry out for the Spirit of unity to pour out upon Australia, and bring down the anointing of breakthroughs, so all the tribes of the nation will enter the gate of grace in 2018!
  • Pray for prime minister Malcolm Turnbull of Australia: May God bless PM Malcolm Turnbull with wisdom from up high so he can truly understand Your authorities, Your will. Open up his eyes to see he has sinned against You and led Australia astray from You by leading Australia into legalizing same sex marriage and abortion.  Help him repent and turn back to You, to bring Australia backto the way of godliness and holiness. May God grant him wisdom and ability to rule the nation, be diligent and love his people, bring peace and prosperity to the country. Show Yourself strong in the election of 2019, so he kniws You rule and reign among the people, and cause him to humble himself to follow You.

In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen!

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New Zealand: 

We declare “New Zealand will enter into her destiny as “the land of the Holy Spirit in the south”, the river of God will be filled with water, the fire of the Holy Spirit will come down to fulfill prophesies of many servants of God.

Psalm 65:9 “You care for the land and water it; You enrich it abundantly. The streams of God are filled with water to provide the people with grain, for so You have ordained it.

Background : New Zealand is an island country located in the south-west of the Pacific. It has pleasant weather, beautiful scenery, tourist attractions, and rich forest resources. Christianity is the main religion. According to the 2006 census, 55.6% of the population is Christian, 34.7% has no religion, and about 4% has other religions. New Zealand is one of the youngest nations of immigrants in the world. Immigrants consist of 80% of the non-Christian population: traditional Maori faith, Judaism (24% of immigrants) and the Baha’i (20% of immigrants). ]

  • Pray for the government of New Zealand: God will turn the government around in time [Fact: New Zealand was originally a Christian Nation but like the church of Sardies in Revelation, you appeared to be alive but you are dead. In the past, congress always swear in on the bible, but now they can use buddist,  Hindu, even Koran and the bible in the sworn in ceremony], Lord have mercy on them for the sins they have committed, grant the government grace, so the entire country will turn back to You in time.
  • Reestablish Christian family ( fact: the structure of marriage in New Zealand has crumbled. They advocate living together without getting married,  children are born without the covering of the marriage ) God forgive them for advocating the hedonism of cohabitation before marriage. Please re-establish the one man one women Christian marriage in New Zealand.
  • pray for the young people of New Zealand: The suicide rate is the highest among the youth globally. Bullying on campus and domestic violence are very serious issues. Lord, please revive the young generation, save their souls, heal their spirit. So the young generation will no longer be bound but be free from the spirit of the world. .Let the river of God filled with water fill their thirsty hearts. Let the two generations serve God together as Moses and Joshua did. Let the country be transformed by the gospel and have great impact on its neighboring countries.
  • Bless the AboriginalPeople: Lord, forgive them for alcoholism and sexual indulgence. Save their souls and awaken them, so they will rise up to receive the fire of revival, cast out the nets toward the spiritual aboriginal people of the south, to preach the gospel and let the coastlands and their inhabitants know the name of Jesus and let them lift up their voice of praise and worship to the throne of God and release blessings to the nations.
  • Unity of the Body of Christ: Churches in New Zealand are very divided. Lord, send Your spirit of unity, to heal and mend the relationship between churches, to unite different ethnic groups within the church.  Lord, send grace and mercy that the body of Christ may be one, without distinction of age, race and status. Let the church be of the same mind of Christ following His footprints. May His kingdom come and His will be done on earth as it is in heaven.
  • Ignite the Bridal Flame of Love: We ask God to blessthe 40-day prayer watch and bless the priest of God who are called to praise, worship and pray. Let the God of consuming fire set His throne of fire on this land and set His bride on fire. Let her be the light and salt of the world turning darkness into God’s wonderful light.
  • Arise and Shine: Wedeclare that this is the hour of awakening for Australia and New Zealand: the prophets and leaders of God will no longer hide nor compromise; they will arise and be faithful to the truth of God’s Word. The flame of holiness is coming to the church, and the church will no longer retreat but fight against darkness. The fire of judgment is becoming the flame of refining to burn throughout the whole country.
  • Protect New Zealand from the crisis of earthquake : Experts predict that there will be major earthquake, please turn this nation around and rescue them from the crisis of earthquake.
  • Pray for Primer Minister, Jacinda Ardern: Abba Father, we ask You to shed Your light on her, so that she might understand to support same sex marriage is not pleasing to God. Her mind can be changed to know marriage is ordained by God to be between a man and a woman, holy and wonderful.  We ask You to be gracious to her and save her; give her a repentant heart to humble herself before You. Transform her that she might lead the country into her destiny and give all the glory to the Lord our God.

In the name of Lord Jesus Christ we pray, Amen!

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The Republic of Austria, Commonly Known as Austria

[Country Profile: Austria, a landlocked country in Central Europe, has historically been classified as a country in Western Europe or Eastern Europe. The capital and the largest city is Vienna with a population of over 1.7 million. Austria is a mountainous country with only 32% of the country’s land below 500 meters above the sea level; the highest peak reaches 3,798 meters.  Austria is one of the richest countries in the world today. At the same time, she has been a member of the European Union since 1995 and is one of the founding members of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

Austria was the core of the Habsburgs Dynasty that ruled Central Europe from 650 to 1918.  It was the capital of the Holy Roman Empire and the Austro-Hungarian Empire.  Austria was a place of residence for the Germanic people in the same German-speaking region that includes Germany, Switzerland, and Luxembourg. Historically, she has had a close relationship with Hungary, the Czech Republic and Poland in Central and Eastern Europe.

Today, Austria is a semi-presidential representative democracy with nine federal states. The President is the Head of State of Austria and is directly elected by the national election every six years. The president is responsible for nominating the chancellor, who is usually the leader of the largest party in the parliament. Currently the federal president is Alexander van der Belen and the chancellor is Sebastian Kurtz.

Religion: More than 74% of Austrians believe in Christianity, with 59.9% Roman Catholic, 6% Orthodox,3.5% Protestant Lutheran, and 4% other Protestant.  Other religions include Islam (6%), Buddhism, Hinduism, etc.(according to Wikipedia).   Among the 8.8 million people in Austria, the Muslim population is about 600,000.  Most Austrian Muslims are of Turkish and Bosnian ancestries.

On June 8, 2018, the Austrian government issued a statement to close seven mosques in the country and expel 60 Imams (Islamic religious leaders).  Austrian Deputy Prime Minister Heinz-Christian Strache said that the expulsion of Islamic militants and foreign-funded religious groups was only “a beginning.”

According to Reuters, a mosque in Vienna, influenced by Turkish nationalist youth groups, will be closed along with six other mosques. The Turkish-Islamic Cultural Association (ATIB) is closely related to the Turkish government.   60 of the Imams belonging to the organization may be deported or denied extensions of their residency permit because they have accepted foreign funds.  In 2015, Austria passed the Islamic Act, which prohibits foreign funding of religious groups in Austria and stipulates that Muslim groups have an obligation to “have a basic positive attitude towards the (Austrian) state and society”.   Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said: “Political Islam parallelism and radicalization tend to have no place in our country.”   When he served as immigration minister, he enacted the Islamic Act.]

Abba Father,

  • Confession and Repentance: Austria has beautiful cathedrals which now have become sightseeing spots with outside beauty, but there is no real worship in them.  We confess our sin before You.  Forgive the Church for not preaching the gospel and not being grounded and rooted in truth. There is merely an empty form with the Church who has lost her first love towards You.  While enjoying the prosperity You bless the country with, the people have forgot You the one God who rewards all grace . Father, forgive the people for loving the world and the lust of the flesh, for losing influences to make the country and the people firmly adhere to the Christian faith.  We ask for Your forgiveness.
  • Pray for the people: Lord, we ask You to awaken the people so that they no longer sleep and remain indifferent but rather stand in their duties as Christians to guard the country, the society, and their family. Give the government the wisdom to manage the refugees, to help the refugees take care of themselves and their families and assist them in finding appropriate jobs, so that they can integrate into the country and the people with respect and peace. We also pray for the people of Austria. Lord, we ask You to keep them steadfast in the Christian faith, not being misled by the Muslims, but rather to lead Muslim believers to grasp how wide and long and high and deep the love of God is, to know the love of the cross of Christ and the power of redemption that takes away the sin of the world, so that the Muslims understand that knowing Christ is eternal life.
  • Pray for the Church:  Abba Father, we ask You to awaken Your children so that they are no longer lukewarm but rather are ignited by the fire of love and regain the enthusiasm towards the Lord, pursuing You and seeking Your face with hunger.  May the churches teach the truth and align with God.  May God’s love and glory fill the Church so that the world will see the revival.  The life of believers are renewed and  they manifest the true love, loving God and loving others.  Give them boldness to preach the gospel to the Muslims and convert them into Christians to enjoy the love of the Father and give all the glory to God.
  • Pray for the President and the Chancellor: Abba Father, we thank you for Chancellor Sebastian Kurz for all his determinations made according to Your will.  May You strengthen him and keep him. We pray that you give the president, the chancellor, and the government officials wisdom and tactics to lead the people in Your will.  We pray that You strengthen the leaders of the country to be courageous in Your love, that they may eradicate all the threats of paganism to the security of the people of the country, that they may ban all pagan worships and sacrifice activities.  Instead of being under any pagan assimilation, they will fear the Lord in their heart, obey the truth of Christ, and exalt the name of Jesus.  We declare that the Lord Jesus Christ reigns in Austria! The will of God is done in Austria as it is in heaven. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ we pray. Amen!

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May God once again raise up this nation that was the first Christian Nation in the world,(1700 years of history) to be filled with the word and the spirit of God, to continue to shine in West Asia.   The majority of the Armenians are Christians。

[Background: Armenia is an Inland country located between Asia and Europe.  In 301 BC Armenia became the first nation that Christianity is the nation’s religion.   Majority of the Armenian Christians are of the Eastern Orthodox Church originated from Ethiopia and Egypt.  However, surrounded by Islamic Nations, the issue of national border disputes, Armenia has become a turbulent gunpowder reservoir area in the Caucasus.

During the 16th century Armenian came under the rule of the Ottoman and Iranian empires, 1805-1828 Eastern Armenia had been conquered by the Russian Empire, while most of the western parts of the traditional Armenian homeland remained under Turks rule. The Christian Armenians became the second class citizen experiencing continuous persecution and martyrdom.  Unlike the holocaust of the Jews, the 1915 Armenian Genocide, also known as the Armenian Holocaust, was the Ottoman government’s systematic extermination of 1.5 million Armenians. It is the greatest genocide in the 20th century, that went on until 1923.  . Today, most historians call this event a genocide: a premeditated and systematic campaign to exterminate an entire people.   However, the Turkish government still does not acknowledge the enormity or scope of these events.

People believe in the first century, one of the 12 disciples of Jesus, Bartholomew, had been a missionary to India. Upon learning of the death of Thaddeus, Bartholomew went into Armenia to continue Thaddeus’ mission.  he was hated and rejected by the local religious leaders. The king accused him of deceiving his wife and children and his brother and warned him if he does not stop preaching the gospel, he will go through the harshest death penalty. Bartholomew answered with boldness, “I am not deceiving them, I am helping them to come back to the truth. I rather testify with my own blood  and will not go against my conscious and my belief”. The King has no choice but to persecute him with cruelty and nail him on the cross upside down and peeled his skin.

According to the Armenians, a group of French Christian archaeologists discovered the remains of Noah’s Ark. The appearance and size are the same as those described in Genesis 6:14-16. Therefore, the faith of the Armenian has been strengthened.  Despite all kinds of sufferings, they continue to persist and become a evangelical nation. There are 2.38 million believers (1.36 million baptized ) It accounts for 75% of the total number of Armenian Christians.

Abba Father we pray

  • For the people of Armenia: Lord Jesus please forgive the Turkish Muslims that started the 1915 genocide and killed  millions of Armenian Christians.   Lord, please heal their hearts and souls, and help them to be able to completely forgive the sinful act of the Muslims. Lord, we asked you to save the souls of the Muslim in Turkey. Remedying the Armenians’ massacres by the Turks (Muslims) so they’ll be healed of their souls, break off the bandages, out of Shame and become a vessel that can be used by God。
  • Pray for the refugee in Armenia:  Lord,  have mercy on the refugees, so they can return safely back to the land. Comfort them with your loving arms and embrace them, strengthen their faith, help them to trust in you, not be shaken,  continuously fight the good fight, preach the gospel and lead people to the Lord.
  • Pray for the different races in Armenia to come together:  Lord, bring unity among races!  May your mercy come into their hearts and help them to show love and forgiveness to their enemies and to persevere.   Please breakdown the dividing wall. Let the love of Christ melt the discrimination and differences between races, so they can forgive and be one in Christ. May you save the souls of different races
  • Pray for the church in Armenia:   God,  please raise up your church, to stand up and pray and cry out in one accord, to provide the need in their ministries, strengthen their faith and love, that they can still show the truth the love of God in extreme difficulties, and be a testimony for God. God,  help those people that have never met you to come to you. Bless them to become the prayer warrior of the end time just like the Armenia monk  in the old days that they know how to establish personal intimacy relationship with Christ, and to establish the kingdom and territory that belong to our Lord in the land.
  • Pray for prime minister Nicole Pashinyan of Amenia: Father God, we asked You to watch and keep the prime minister Pashinyan and his family to have peace, so that he will have the fear of the Lord, to trust in you, to have wisdom in what he does, In his new term he will lead his cabinet to do righteous work, to break down all the greed, power struggles and Corruptions, To stabilize the government. Restore relationship with Russia and other neighboring nations to have peaceful and staple diplomatic and economic relations, making the country’s economy prosper and the people living in peace and give You glory.

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The Kingdom of Belgium, commonly known as Belgium

[Country profile: Belgium is located on the western coast of Europe, bordering Germany in the east,the Netherlands in the north, France in the south, and Luxembourg in the southeast. It is located across the North Sea from the UKin the west. A Western European country,it is one of the founding members of the European Union. Its capital Brussels is the headquarters of large international organizations such as the European Union and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

By the end of 2013, the total population of Belgium was 11.196 million. Due to multilingual culture and multiracialism, the federal government has established three districts according to the language group. The Dutch-speaking northern Flemish region accounts for 57.3% of the population, and the French-speaking southern Walloon region accounts for 32.3% of the population. The population in the eastern region of Brussels the capital accounts for 10.4%. Regional governments have numerous jurisdictions in the economic, social and cultural spheres. Ethnic barriers and discrimination, especially the long-term tensions between Flemish and Walloons, have long made Belgians regard little about the existence of the nation; their sense of identity with the country is also extremely weak.

The main religion in Belgium is Catholicism, with believers accounting for 75% of the population. In recent years only about 10% of people have participated in masses on a regular basis. Other religions include Islam, Protestantism, and Judaism. In recent years, Islam has accounted for a certain proportion of the national population due to the surge in Muslim immigration. Belgium is also the center for many European mystics.

On January 30, 2003, Belgium became the second country in the world to legalize same-sex marriage after the Netherlands.

King Philippe of Belgium took office on July 21, 2013. He believes in Roman Catholicism. The King acts in three languages, balancing the roles of different regions, and acting as a mediators and arbiter when political parties conflict with each other, facilitating different parties to form the joint cabinet government.

Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel led a cabinet of the center-right coalition government on October 11, 2014 and was sworn in by King Philippe of Belgium.]

Sin of Unfaithfulness

Tomorrowland is a large Lucifer witchcraft celebration, which began in Belgium in 2005 and has grown to 400,000 people. The headquarters of this movement is in Brussels, and the real intention behind the event is to use music to connect young people with evil forces and make a covenant. Participants will call on some ancient gods to prepare the way for a person (or other creature);they believe that this person will lead them into the new world order. Every year Tomorrowland would pick 7 to 8 countries to form a camp that collaborates with Tomorrowland for that year. Each of the collaborating countries will invite the world’s top 100 DJs to perform locally while connected with the main performance in Belgian (according toKingdom Prayer Network). We need to pray for the young people of this generation to prevent the enemy from plundering them and stealing their destiny. We believe that God wants to make great use of this generation of young people to become the workers of the last harvest. The enemy wants to use any means to stop God’s plan. Now we have to stand on the top of the mountain like Moses, Aaron and Hur and intercede for the Joshua generation.

Matthew 12:15, “Every kingdom divided against itself will be ruined,…”

Abba Father, we pray:

  • For the ethnic division in Belgium. Have mercy on the Belgian people who have borne a heavy burden of history that has long divided different races, causing the country to split, terrorists to sneak in and create chaos. May Your salvation come down to the blaspheme people of Belgium and save them from the sins of pride, unforgivenness and bitterness. May Your true love cause the ethnic groups to love one another. We pray especially for the reconciliation between Flemish and Walloons.  May God repair the rift between them and pour the anointing of love on them.
  • For the legalization of same-sex marriage in Belgium: We ask God to forgive their disobedience, selfish desires, and rebellious sins. We declare that the righteous people of the Lord will enter the government to reverse same-sex marriage. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, salvation is coming to LGBT in Belgium.
  • For Tomorrowland concerts: Forgive Belgium for linking with forces of darkness, allowing this evil thing to happen in its own country, and smearing other countries in a connected way. We declare that the blood of the Lord Jesus cleanses the venues where Tomorrowland’s concerts have been held. We break all the curses, cut off all connections with forces of darkness. Lord, send the holy and cleansing file of God to burn away the filth, fornication, witchcraft.  Shut all the evil doors. We declare that God reigns in these places.
  • For the Belgian Church: In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, we declare that the fire of revival falls on the young people of Belgium. We declare that the younger generation will rise and obey the Holy Spirit, move forward with a vision and fulfill God’s mission. We bless the Belgian Church forher unity and for the unity of the country. The Belgian Church will be a house of prayer for all nations where intercessorswill rise up and watchtowers be established to pray for the country to enter God’s destiny.
  • For the Belgian King and the Prime Minister: In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, we declare that God’s salvation will come to King Philip and Prime Minister Michel. We bless King Philip to be close to his people, having the wisdom from God to mediate the differences between races, so that people can get along in peace. We also bless Prime Minister Michelle to help poor residents improve their lives, provide vocational training, provide employment counseling, and solve the problem of inequality between the rich and the poor.

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 May the seven spirits and seven stars tread throughout England.  May the living water that flows out of Your throne flood over the barren land of England and fill this land again and again.  “They will walk with me, dressed in white, for they are worthy.” (Revelation 3:4)

Background:  During the 16th century, a number of new denominations originated in England.  She was also the center of many revival movements during the 18thand 19th century.  To name a few – Robert Morrison, Hudson Taylor and David Livingstone were all from this land.  However, nowadays many churches are almost non-existent and people’s hearts are hardened and resistant to the gospel.  The government also despises Christians.  If Christians bring their faith to their work place, they would risk having their jobs terminated.  In July 2013, same sex marriage was legalized in both England and Wales.  According to statistical reports, Islam will become the largest religion within 10 years.  There are 1.2 million PakistanianMuslims.  It has become a major concern as they are building mosques all over the country.

The spiritual condition in England:  People are seriously bound by witchcrafts, sorceries, Free Masons and Satanic worship; hence, churches are seriously affected.]

  • Pray that God strengthens His children, those who have been revived and awakened: God has raised up a number of His children.  We pray that God strengthens them, along with the network of prayer warriors and churches.
  • Pray that God revives the dying Christians (like the church in Sardis) that they will press on for righteousness, not allowing the enemy to destroy God’s glorious church through the issue of homosexuality. Lord, breathe on them and cause the dry bones to come to life as a vast army.  Let the fire of prayers burn again in England and prayer altars be established to usher in breakthrough and transformation.  Lord, cover the churches in England with Your precious blood.  Cause them not to fear evil but boldly proclaim the gospel.  May spiritual revivals come upon the churches and those whose hearts have been cold.  Lord, raise up godly Christians to influence the areas of politics, economics and media etc.
  • Lord, forgive Your churches for having the reputation of being alive, but are dead, like the church in Sardis. They pursue materialism and physical enjoyment.  Due to their lukewarm condition without aligning with God, they do not sense the crisis of Islam taking over England.  Lord, may Your love deeply draw them to You again, revive and awaken them so that they will rise up to contend for the destiny of England and to take back what has been lost.  Lord, rescue England from the invasion of Islam.
  • Younger generation of Christians: Pray that England will experience the Welsh Revival again.  Lord, bring those Christians with cold hearts back to the church.  Lord, we ask that the zeal and fire of the “Cambridge Seven”from over 120 years ago will be restored.  May the vision of evangelism be restored in the younger generation.
  • Evangelize to the Muslims: May the spiritual revival of England begin with God’s children and may they bring the Muslims to Christ.  There are 1.2 million PakistanianMuslims in England, and yet, there has not been a church for this people group over the last 50 years.  Pray that the Lord will call those who are willing to evangelize to the Muslims.  Lord, raise up churches to pastor the ones with Muslim background.
  • Pray for the revival of the Chinese churches in England: that they will not only pursue wealth, but also care about the spiritual condition of England.  May they rise up, along with the Caucasian churches, to contend for the destiny of England.
  • Purify and revive the Monarchs of England:Thank God for Queen Elizabeth II who has been faithful in her position for many years. Lord, allow your holy fire to come from heaven to cleanse and purify the monarchs.  Cause them to magnify the Lord again.  Sovereign Lord, establish Your throne in England and the monarchy so that they no more adhere to humanism.  Forgive them, Lord, and cause them to do away with adultery and fornication.

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Czech Republic

[Background: the Czech Republic, also known as Czechoslovakia, is an inland nation situated in central Europe. Capital: Prague. Populationmake-up: 93.2% Czech. Religion: no main religion (Czechoslovakia is one of the rare nations in the EU with more than half of its population with no religion). Official language: Czech. Economy: one of the most highly developed nations in central Europe with long-established manufacturing industry and the tourist industry is growing rapidly.   In 1989 Czechoslovakia bravely resisted the communist government and brought about the Velvet Revolution.  Through the Velvet Divorce from Slovakia in 1993, Czechoslovakia is rapidly moving towards being a democratic nation.   At present it is a multi-party democratic nation led by a president and became an EU member in 2004. Czech president: Miloš Zeman. Prime Minister: Andrej Babiš.

Spiritual background: early on, God already had a destiny for Czechoslovakia. He sent pious servants such as John Hus, Komenský and the Moravian Brothers, etc. to leave a spiritual legacy.   After a few hundred years of tribulation, the Church finally gained freedom, yet she is going through all-out decline.   Although John Hus and the Moravian Brothers., …etc, left many precious heritages, their influences are all but gone, with over 70% of the people claiming to be of no faith. Many practice astrology and subscribe to many different spiritual thinking. Recreating a market economy through industrialization has been a great help to the nation, but the minority groups have taken on heavy economic burdens. Criminality in modern society, corruption in sexual morality, drug abuse, depression and suicide rates are even higher than in the communist days.

The Catholic church has lost influence over its membership, and many see church as synonymous with tradition and Christianity is a religion for old people. Catholic laymen and clergy tend to be advanced in age. Christianity on the other hand has a new expression and is attracting younger groups. Western style of large meetings and activities does not compare to the attraction of grassroots or discipleship based fellowships (like small new meeting places, home churches, cell-groups). In 2009, coworkers finished a Bible translation in modern Czech language which became the bestselling book of the year. In 2016, Czechoslovakia retained the position of recognizing Jerusalem being the capital of Israel in educational material.  】

Pray for Czechoslovakia

Matthew16:19  “I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven; whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.”

  • Pray for the people and nation of Czechoslovakia: Father God, please forgive the Czech people for rejecting Your spiritual heritage, abandoning Your word and truth, and being steeped in astrology and new age thinking, satisfying their own stomachs and seeking money and fame. Please save Czechoslovakia from such low spiritual condition; may Holy Spirit once again visit Czechoslovakia, that salvation come upon the Czech people.Open their hearts that they may hear, understand and accept the gospel. Break off all the stronghold and control of lies and fear from the powers of darkness; release the Czech people into the freedom in Christ. Release living waters causing the people to hunger and thirst towards You; transform the spiritual and moral condition of society; overturn problems such as the drug abuse, prostitution and breaking down of families. Cause the knowledge of the glory of the Lord to cover Czech as water covers the sea.
  • Revive the Catholic church: May God save the Czech Catholics, grant the spirit of truth that they may come alive in the truth, root out wrong spiritual foundations, renew their minds, embrace and walk in the truth, to have the mind of Christ, and bring revival to all of the Catholic church.
  • Pray for the Church to have passion towards God: May God bring revival to the theCzech church. May the Holy Spirit release the fire of love! Set Your children alight that they are awakened in their emotions to worship, dance, sing, and praise You with musical and percussion instruments. May Your glorious love and presence be fully shown, that they can see and meet You the Almighty, their lives be transformed and breakthrough to come upon the church and in awe of Your works. May they be healed and delivered to enter into true peace and freedom in Christ.
  • Raise up young believers: Please bring upon the Czech churches spirit of renewal.Raise up traditional Protestant denominations and other related gospel ministries, that church leaders may use new discipleship methods to raise up the young people, that they may know and experience God, receive building up of spiritual life in fellowship in Christ, to bring spiritual influence to Czechoslovakia.
  • Establish united prayer altars: May God bring down the fire of Holy Spirit, cleanse Your Bride, visit each denomination and ignite the fire of prayer in Czechoslovakia, that the churches be in one in the Holy Spirit, establish united prayer altars, cry out and pray in one accord, preach wide the gospel and bring transformation to all of Czechoslovakia.
  • Pray for the government to have wisdom in handling refugees: please grant the government to have wisdom and strategy to plan and handle this. Have mercy and show grace and save them, that the refugees may also be obedient and follow the laws of the nation, to bring blessing, economic growth, bright future so that the Czech people and refugees may dwell peacefully together
  • Pray for governmental officials: Abba Father, please save the souls of the unbelieving officials, that Your strong love draw them close that they may experience and draw close to You. Thank You that Czechoslovakia stand courageously with Israel in the midst of the nations, acknowledging Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Please greatly bless and remember Czechoslovakia according to Your promises. Raise up God-fearing Christian officials who love the Lord; give them wisdom and strategy to rule the nation, to align to God’s will. Cause Czechoslovakia to be raised up in economy, society and all arenas, to lead the people back to You with the church.Cause Czechoslovakia to be a nation blessed by You that has Christ as her center.

In the name of Jesus, we pray. Amen!

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Country Profile: Denmark is located in Northern Europe. In 1375, under the leadership of Queen Margrethe, the foundation of the nation was laid out. Its territory included Sweden, Norway and Iceland. In 1389, it merged with Sweden and Norway. In 1523, Sweden became independent from Denmark. In 1813, Denmark was defeated in the Dano-Swedish War, and the control of Norway was transferred to Sweden. In 1849, through the constitutional monarchy, the central government that was composed of the prime minister and cabinet ministers was given the power to govern. Iceland was separated from Denmark in 1944. Denmark maintains its current territory to date and has two autonomous territories: the Faroe Islands and Greenland. In 1953, the constitutional amendment allowed the female descendants of the royal family to inherit the throne. The current head of state is the Queen Margaret II, whose power is only symbolic. Since 1982, the Danish coalition government has been a minority government which must gain support from the other parties.

Being a member of the European Union,Denmark cooperates with the EU as the core of its foreign policy. It is actively involved in various international organizations and invests in developing countries. It ranks among the best in the world in terms of GDP and attaches great importance to development issues in Africa. It allocates over half of her foreign aids to aid funds for Africa. It is very concerned about economic assistance, promotion of democracy and human rights.

Denmark is a modern market economy with high-tech agriculture, modernized SMEs, stable exchange rates and a high degree of reliance on international trade.Denmark is also a typical welfare state with a very small gap between the rich and the poor. According to the 2006 United Nations Human Development Report, the gap between the rich and the poor in Denmark is the second lowest in the world. According to the “2017 Happy World Report”, Denmark ranks second in the world’s happiest countries, second only to Norway.

Spiritual Situation: The Danish people have freedom of religious belief. Due to the religious reforms, about 95% of the people who have religious beliefs in the country are Christian Lutherans, This denomination is supported by the state. Muslims account for 3% of the total population. The population of other religions is about 2%. The Constitution stipulates that at least one member of the royal family must belong to the Danish state religion Lutheran, and other members can freely believe in other religions. According to 2013 statistics, 79.1% of the Danish population is Lutheran believers, 50% of whom maintain regular prayer, but less than 3% of believers go to church every weekend. In recent years, a large number of immigrants have made Islam the second largest religious group in Denmark. In 2009, there were 19 recognized Muslim communities. The number of Muslim refugees who converted to Christianity has continued to increase since 2016.

In 1989, Denmark allowed same-sex couples to enjoy the same rights as heterosexual couples. It was the first country in the world to pass a similar bill. In June 2012, the Danish Parliament passed the same-sex marriage bill and became the 11th country of the legalized same sex marriage in the world. Gay people have legal rights to marry in any church and the church cannot refuse.]

Pray for Denmark

1 Peter 2:5: “you also, like living stones, are being built into a spiritual house to be a holy priesthood, offering spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ.”

  • Pray for the Church’s revival: Heavenly Father, we pray that You forgive the Danish church for being under the influence of secular thoughts such as the New Age Movement. In comfort and prosperity, they are nominal Christians but fall short of the essence of godliness. We pray that  Holy Spirit shine on the children of God and make them return to You in humility, to have their lives renewed and their first love restored. They need to be built up again into a holy temple of the Lord to be a royal priesthood. (1 Peter 2:5).Cleanse her by the washing with water through the Word to be holy, and strengthen her in the grace of Christ Jesus, to rebuild the altar of prayer.Raise godly Church leaders to commit to family and youth gospel ministries and regain spirituality inheritance. May God revive all the seminaries and Bible colleges where more and more disciples and missionaries are trained and made ready to walk out of the comfort zone, to accomplish the Great Commission of evangelism, striving to be well pleasing with God.
  • Pray for salvation of Muslims: May God have mercy on the Muslims and refugees in Denmark who have been blinded by the gods of the world.Forgive them for the sins of disobedience and unbelief that have snared them in bondage. May  Holy Spirit awaken their souls and shine on them so that they see the light of the gospel that displays the glory of Christ and receive the salvation of Jesus in a free country, experiencing the change of life, and becoming the co-heirs of the true God with us. May God also protect the Muslims who have converted to Christianity.Strengthen their faith to follow the Lord and bear witness boldly and become messengers of the gospel.
  • Pray for Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen and his government: God Father, we pray that You forgive the Danish government for its compromise in the truth.In the name of freedom and openness, it legalized same-sex marriage in the past and offended You. We ask You to help Prime Minister Rasmussen and all government officials to repent before You. Lord, save their souls and make them turn to You in humility to seek You and Your wisdom, strategy, and capability to manage internal and diplomatic affairs.They shall continue to help the weaker developing countries in honesty and justice, not only by providing economic assistance and caring about human rights and freedom issues; they shall also focus on preaching the salvation of Jesus and demonstrating God’s love. By doing so, they shall become a blessing to the nations.

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Republic of Finland

[Country Profile: Simply called Finland, she is situated in the north of Europe and is one of the five countries in North Europe. The inland waters take up10% of the whole area of the nation. With 179,000 islands and 188,000 lakes, she is also called the Finnish Lakeland. Her winter is chilly and cold while her summer is warm and short. One third of the land is within the Arctic Circle. Claiming herself to be the hometown of Santa Claus, Finland had the earliest settlers called the Lapps; therefore, Finland is also called Lapland. After the immigration of the Finnish, the Grand Duchy of Finland was formed.  Sweden ruled over her in the second half of the 12th century.In 1809, after the Swedish-Russian War, Finland was merged into the Russian Empire and became the Grand Duchy. In December 1917 the Republic of Finland declared her independence and became a permanent neutral country.

Finland is a highly developed capitalist nation with a highly industrialized free market system. She is a member of the EU, yet her average GDP is far above of the average GDP of the EU, comparable to her neighboring nation Sweden. The people have been enjoying a high living standard, and the honesty and efficiency of the Finnish government is commonly recognized in the society. Transparency International, a non-governmental organization (NGO) which monitors corruption of the world, announced in 2012 that Finland ranked number one as the cleanest nation among 176 nations in the Corruption Perceptions Index. There are two official languages: 93% of the population speaks Suomi and 6% speaks her native language Svenska.

Spiritual Condition: 77.7% of the people believes in Christian Lutheran, 1.2% the Eastern Orthodox and the remaining including few Christian Protestants, Roman Catholics, Muslims and Jewish. It is a free nation basically; if there is not any law-violating facts, people are free to believe in any religion they choose without a permission from the government. Close to 80% of the Finnish people, which is about 4 million, is Lutheran Christians, yet they don’t know the opposing position taken by the Church against homosexuality. Since 2002 Finland has been allowing registration of the homosexuals as “partners in relationship.” She was the 12th European nation that approved the same sex marriage.]

Pray for Finland:

Revelations 19-20 “Those whom I love I rebuke and discipline. So be earnest and repent. Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person, and they with me.”

  • Pray for forgiveness for the legalization of same sex marriage: Pray that God would forgive the Finnish Church and the spiritual backsliding of God’s children. Under the influence of secularism,she has allowed the legalization of same sex marriage and thus offended God deeply. May God forgive them and save the souls of the people of Finland. May God have mercy on this nation and raise political leaders after God’s own heart who could lead Finland into her godly glorious image.
  • Pray for the people to know the truth: Lord, we thank You for letting the Finnish people preserve her unique culture. But Lord, please let them know that Christmas is not for Santa, but for the remembrance and celebration of Jesus Christ who have been born for the redemption of the human race, that He died for our sake to take away the sin of the world, and that He resurrected and has been seated triumphantly on the right hand side of the Almighty. He will bring us back to the Father’s home and restore our intimate relation with God. May God grant this nation the Spirit of wisdom and revelation, andthe ability to discern all spirits, so that people can truly know You and abolish their erroneous traditional views, that they would turn their hearts, fear God and exalt Christ.
  • Pray for the restoration of their first love: Father, it’s time now that You grant them the fire of Holy Spirit.Ignite in them the fire in their hearts and restore for them the original first love, so that they may seek Your face fervently until they see You face to face. May You fill their hearts with Your love and glorious presence. May You draw each one of them with Your love and consume them.Cleanse them and purge them of every dross until they surrender themselves utterly to You and love You. May You open the heavenly door to them and pour on them salvation and grace, for all to exalt, worship and praise the Lord.
  • Pray for the edification of the churches: Lord, release Your truth to all Finnish churches to edify God’s children, so that they can pray with alertness and strengthen what remains and is about to die. Raise up more 24/7 houses of prayer to connect the members of the Body so that they may pray in one accord, forgive one another, be set free and be healed. May the members love, assist and pray for one another, so that the churches can grow in unison. Father, we also ask You to establish the five-fold ministries in Your church for the building up of all the saints. May Your will be manifested to the churches so that they may pray and watch for the nation and lead her into the destiny God has set for this nation.
  • Pray for the president: Father, we thank You for giving the president a heart to fear You, a clean heart to love You, even a spirit of heavenly wisdom, righteousness and justice to lead the nation in politics, education, business, entertainment, etc. in Your will. Here the truth is the foundation and Christ is the center of the nation, and the people are Kingdom-minded. Furthermore, she understands God’s will and the importance to stand with Israel. She follows Jesus with boldness and prepares the way for the second coming of the Lord
  • Thank God for Finland: Abba Father, we thank You for the beauty of Your creation. Though Finland is a freezing country, she is extremely beautiful with all her scenery.  The arctic lights that shine here are so eye-dazzling as if they are being shot forth from Your holy throne, like the sounds from Your throne. The love that is released through the majesty, splendor and glory makes our hearts leap, dancing in the light of rainbows for the glory and power of God.  The people are in awe of Your deeds in front of Your throne.Let all the earth proclaim “Holy, holy, holy. Hallelujah! May glory praise, power, and adoration be unto the Almighty God.”  In the name of Jesus, we pray.Amen!

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Be strong and very courageous. Be careful to obey all the law my servant Moses gave you; do not turn from it to the right or to the left,that you may be successful wherever you go.Keep this Book of the Lawalways on your lips; meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful. Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go(Joshua 1:7-9)

[Background: In Paris, France, many places suffered terrorist attacks associated with ISIS. The surge in anti-Semitism in France is in great need of attention. Although France is located in the geographical, political and social center of Western Europe, but according to the WIN/Gallup International Poll, the French Christian population accounts for only 1% of European Christians and is the fourth most global atheist population, only Less than China, Japan and the Czech Republic. After the formal adoption of the same-sex marriage law in France in 2013, the people held two large-scale demonstrations of anti-homosexual marriage and anti-surrogate in February and October 2014 with between 50,000 and 80,000 people. We pray that France can restore back to a place that magnify the value of Christian family, constitution, and working environment.]

  • Spiritual condition: Muslims are growing rapidly, and France is a hedonistic, spiritual desert. The marriage system of young people collapsed, advocates cohabitation, does not look at the importance of being born and raised, Islam is being mass-produced, and the rate of Islam is growing at an unprecedented rate]
  • May the heart of the people be awakening by the watering of God’s living water: I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.In the dry and thirsty land, awake them with Your living water. Forgive the church of France the Luke warmness, advocating hedonism, secularization, and the problem of fornication is very serious.
  • Revive France: May the hunger and thirst for Jesus return to the French church, so the awakened French church can see the importance of building altars in the land, to get up and pray. Let the fire of prayer fall from heaven. Thousands of altars be risen in France. Let the revival fire burn in France, totake back the land. Restore God’s sovereignty in France.
  • Revive the French church, put the love for France in the church of different races, to get up and contend for the destiny of France, especially the Chinese church, to begin to care about France and white churches, unite together, to take back France. Refuse to let France become an Islamic State.
  • Restore godly marriage system: Pray for the restoration of the family, constitution, and working environment that magnify the value of Christ. So this country will not sin against You, and quickly turn back and be blessed by God.
  • Rise up global body for the intercession of France: Revive France, make the church strong and courageous, and have Joshua’s heart and mind and strength,rise up the brothers and sisters of the European church, to grow and mature and be strong .
  • Bring Your salvation to save the terrorists: Continue to pray for those who are caught in the deception of Islamist terrorism. The Lord will supernaturally lead them to Jesus and save them from the terrorist activities that destroy themselves and others. Help them to repent for participating in any act that does not please God.
  • Protecting the Jews: As anti-Semitic events in France surging, Lord, protect the Jews as the apple of Your eyes, and hide them in the shadow of Your wings. Also helped the Jews make Aliyah.
  • Peace for France: Call on God to expose all the criminals involved in terrorist activities, bring them under the law to keep France safe.
  • Pray for French President Macron: Heavenly Father, please grant the young President Macron leadership wisdom and ability, to work with the opposition party to promote the constitutional reform plan pleasing toGod with humilty, so the French government can rule in peace. Rise up intercessors in France to watch and pray for him, so that he can know, and fear the Lord, and act in justice and righteousness, exalting Jesus Christ.

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Ready, set, and go enter again into your destiny as the “Father Land” that God had given to you a long time ago.

Background : The history of the Second World War greatly humiliated Germany.  2015 marked the 70 year anniversary of the Second World War. Christians from around the world came to Germany to offer them forgiveness, to bless them and call them to enter into the destiny of “Father land” that Father God had called  them into. Germany was an accursed nation, but now Germany is blessed, a blessing for the Islamic refuges, as well as a blessing for all the nations.  By the grace of God and the renewed outpouring of Holy Spirit, that the heavenly blessings can come upon Germany.  The German churches are composed of the Lutheran, the Reformed (Continental Reformed Church)Church, the Joint Lutheran Church, and the Reformed state Church, but there are significant division in politics, ethnic, and theology.  Most churches have lost her own roles and functions.

Germany was seen as the nation that showed the most kindness to refugees. However, after years of accepting refugees, she is showing hesitation and indecision today. From the Cologne assaults several years ago, to the more recent frequent reports of rapes, and then the large scale clash between refugees, Turkish immigrants and German right-wing activists… There are a large number of terrorists hidden throughout Germany, who could be posing as refugees or even citizens. The options available to the German police to tackle this situation is rather limited.

However, the European culture of pluralism and humanism, which is also dominant in Germany, has provided a favorable condition for the spread of Islam in Europe. At such a time when people identify less with their home country as a nation state, and lacking in political agreement with their government, the decline of Christianity has also caused Germany to lose her power through spirituality. Europeans are lacking effective means, both politically and spiritually, to tackle the rising challenge of Islam. European countries, including Germany, may have to revive their cultural roots as nation states and Christianity so as to face this cultural crisis.

Meanwhile, an ambitious ideological revolution is propelling radical liberalization of the individuals, and eschewing various traditional, institutional, religious and moral bounds on each person. It demands absolute unfettered autonomy on one’s personal life, leading to sexual profligacy. At the same time, welfare states have provided social security for Europeans, so that they can fully undertake their own individual liberalization agendas while enjoying a stable and affluent lifestyle.  Europeans, awash in the pleasure from pursuing their desires and indulging in affluence, have diluted and forgotten their need for spiritual pursuits. However, social and political crises caused by individualism are sounding alarms to Europe. A foremost depiction of social crisis is seen in the current population crisis: the rapid drop of birth rates not only entails an ageing population, but more severely, it threatens the self-sustaining continuation of the society and its culture. On the other hand, Muslims in Europe are rapidly reproducing to expand their realm, and their goal is to turn Europe, including Germany, to an Islamist territory.

Recently, in an interview by Bild daily, the new interior minister Horst Seehofer expressed that the influx of muslim immigrant and asylum seekers does not imply their culture has been integrated to the local social fabrics.   “The Muslims who live among us are naturally part of Germany.”,  he said, but then continued to point out that “But that of course does not mean that we, out of a false sense of deference, should sacrifice our traditions and customs.”   “Christianity has shaped Germany including Sunday as a day of rest, church holidays, and rituals such as Easter, Pentecost and Christmas,” he said,  “My message is: Muslims need to live with us, not next to us or against us,” 。

No matter European would understand the Islamic and European civilization to be “at war”, some Muslims clearly thinks they are really partaking in a “holy war” for Islam to conquer Europe and the world under Christendom at large. At the same time, extremist also think that are warring against Europe through two routes: by terrorist attacks and emigration.

  • Bless Germany citizen coming in and blessed going out: Father God, give the government of Germany wisdom and strategies to bring the terrorists that are hidden among the refugees that have been violating the women and innocent people into the constraint of the law.   Bless the people come in and going out.
  • Awaken the church in Germany, bring Your Revival: Father God revive the church in Germany, Germany was the forerunner for much of the mission work and the Bible movement in the spiritual Realm.   May God raise up the church and Christians to establish prayer altars, praying day and night and crying out for the Holy Spirit to flood Germany;  touch their hearts, turn the government, religion and culture totally around, restore God’s reign in Germany. Just like the Reformation 500 years ago with Martin Luther, Germany can stand up again, to mobilize this revival of this generation in Europe with courage.
  • Raise up Christian family: Help the Christian once again understand the importance of establishing Christian family and be fruitful and multiply, walk away from individuality, worldliness  and complacency, stand up to be the light of the world and the salt of the earth for the nation of Germany.
  • Pray for the Christian political  leaders in Germany: strengthen the Christian leaders that are in political position with God’s truth to uphold the Purity and singleness of their faith, to have spiritual discernment, alertness to the crisis of Islam attempting to overtake Germany with holy war,  to humbly return to God seeking Heavenly strategy, to partner with the church to preach the gospel among the Islam refugees, to win souls for God.
  • Pray for German prime minister Angela Merkel:  Abba Father, we thank You for prime minister Angela Merkel, give her Spirit of wisdom, Council and revelation so she will have a deeper understanding of You and truly know You, to walk in Your will. Give her a clean and humble heart, to seek Your face in all things, and lead her cabinet and the people of the nation to come together and pray, seek Your heart, to become a nation for our Lord Jesus Christ. Walk in her destiny, Your will be done!
  • In the name of Jesus we declare that the holy war of Islam attempting to conquer European nations including Germany and Christian world whether it is through terrorist attack or Refugee strategy will not be accomplished。

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The Republic of Hungary

Country Background: Republic of Hungary, as known as Hungary, is an inland nation situated in central Europe. With a population of 10 million, of the Christian population of 8.8 million of which 280,000 are evangelicals, the main ethnic group is Hungarians that account for 86.8% of the population. Its capital is Budapest and its official language is Hungarian. Its economyre lies heavily upon its abundant agricultural resources. While it is transforming from socialism to market economy, it is still in need of economic reform. In terms of its politics, the Hungarian Kingdom was established in 1000 AD with official religion being Christianity. Before 1991, it was governed by the Soviet Union communism. After the revolution in 1956, it has suffered bloody retaliation of the Soviet government. Hungary is the first nation which gained independence from the communist union and established a multi-party democratic nation in 1990. On 4 June 2014, the Fidesz Party Alliance assumed power again in the parliamentary election and Hungary elected Viktor Orbánto be the prime minister a third time.

The Orbán regime handled a massive refugee crisis, in 2015 and became the first European nation to establish a specific department to take in persecuted Christians from Middle East and Europe. This attracted criticism from the EU, but the Hungarian government expressed that Christianity is now undergoing persecutions, and 4 out of 5 victims killed for religious reasons are Christians. Therefore, before helping the millions of Muslim refugees into Europe, the focus should be on helping Christians. Moreover, the Hungarian government was against the movement of the EU requiring its members to accept allocated quotas of immigration and the refugee burden. In the national referendum in 2016, the voters overwhelmingly support the government and refused to accept any quota. The Fidesz government also resisted Soro’s Plan. The Fidesz government pointed out the “European Elites” attempted to destroy Christianity and nationalistic and ethnic foundation of Europe, that the “European Elites” know that the Muslims will not vote for parties with Christians roots; further, due to the large number of Muslim voters, conservative parties shall be ousted in power.

Spiritual Background: Hungary celebrated the 1000 years anniversary of returning to the Lord. However, currently Hungarians do not adhere to the gospel but turn to alcohol, false religion and material possessions to seek answers to life. The Church has experienced two great revivals, once in 1939 and the other from 1946 to 1950. Since the Hungarian Church has not been able to influence the society and government in moral education, many are disappointed and suspicious of the government and the economy, even though the religious atmosphere is lively.

Small scale evangelical movements have been on the rise with increase in numbers of people and have evolved to become mature and diverse. Charismatic and spiritual renewal movements are very active in mainstream denominations (including both Catholic and Protestant churches); independent churches are also growing. Many new ministries have been established. It is the vision of the Hungarians that evangelical churches be established in every big and small city. Please pray for unity, trust and collaboration among the churches.

Hungary is the hub of theological education in Central Europe where many Christian universities, seminaries and educational ministries provide long distant theology courses. Hungarians gospel movement is in the beginning stages, but the recent Missions Expo attracted 20,000 participants.]Psalms 33:12 Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord , the people he chose for his inheritance.

  • Pray for the people of Hungary: Father God, please forgive the Hungarians.Although they call themselves Christians, they turned to alcohol, self-gratification, false religions and material possessions to seek answers to life. Please have mercy and save their souls so that the light of truth may once again shine upon the people of this land, that they may know Jesus anew, see hope, and find purpose in life.This nation with a long history of Christianity may once again exalt Jesus Christ and know the Lord of truth!
  • Pray for the church of Hungary: May God forgive the church of Hungary for not being able to be salt and light during the persecutions of the past, that caused the believers to be lukewarm towards God. Give thanks that God remembers the covenant He made with this nation, that revival has come upon the mainstream denominations such as the Catholic and Protestant churches. May God continue to grant fire of  Holy Spirit, to ignite the hearts of the churches and the congregations. Restore their passion towards God so that they are willing to offer themselves to God and show the love of Christ to the people through spiritual and practical means, especially to the unbelievers such as the Jews and the Gypsies etc. Also, we ask God to give a spirit of unity and fire of prayer to the churches, to break down the walls of division, establish united prayer altars, cry out in one accord that   Holy Spirit will fill the whole of Hungary, and bring great revival to Hungary.
  • Pray for the government: Father God, thank You for using the Hungarian government to decree a new constitution with Christian faith as foundation, which protects the life of unborn infants and reaffirms marriage between one man and one woman. It also establishesa special ministry to handle Christian refugees. Please bless Hungarian governmental officials, that they may continue to do justly, love mercy and walk humbly in Your will, to receive wisdom and strategy to govern this nation.
  • Pray for Prime Minister Viktor Orbán: Father God, thank You for giving Prime Minister Viktor Orbán wisdom and spiritual discernment, that he can see through the schemes of the European elites such as the policy to take in Muslim refugees and the Soro’s plan and the hidden purposes and agendas and to see through the machinations and manipulations of the European elites. May Father God continue to anoint him, grant him wisdom, strategy and boldness, that he receives favor in Your eyes, and receive the love and support of the Hungarian people. Cause him to fear and love the Lord, to lead more Hungarians to turn back to You, to rely on You, to become a people and nation that is blessed by You and lead Hungary into destiny. Father God, also give him a courageous heart, not fearing the powers of the European elites but joining with other European leaders with the same perspective, that they will do Your will and awaken other European nations with foundations in Christ, to repent in time, exalt Jesus and restore the glory of God in all of Europe!

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[Background: Greece is located at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa, at the southern end of the Balkans. Greece is strategically located close to Asia, surrounded by the Aegean Sea, the Ionian Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. It has an important history of maritime trade.

Greece is the birthplace of Western civilization.Her cultural and technological advances have had a tremendous influence on world history, spanning to the East and the West through Alexander the Great and the Roman Empire. In 332 BC, it was reported that when Alexander entered Jerusalem, he was preparing to destroy the Jews.But he dreamed that the Lord appeared to him and prevented him from attacking the Jews. Later he met a chief priest who was worshipping God with sacrifice. He was wearing a gold medal on his chest that was engraved with the name of the Lord. The chief priest pointed Daniel 8:8 to him and proved that he won greatly,“This goat became very great, but at the height of its power the large horn was broken off, and in its place four prominent horns grew up toward the four winds of heaven.”After Alexandre read it, he smiled and spared the Jews, allowing them to worship God and live freely in Alexandria, and gave them tax-free privileges. Alexandria has therefore become home to many Jews who worship the true God.

Although Christianity originated in Judaism, the development of the early church was rooted in the soil of Greek philosophy and culture.The New Testament authors were mostly Jewish. They passed on God’s revelation in Greek, enhancing its original meaning and endowing the Bible with its unique connotations. The godfathers who later took the lead to fight against heresies quoted many Greek philosophical thinking patterns and vocabulary, thus introducing the Greek culture into the church which deviated from the truth. Now the Greek Orthodox Church is the official church of Greece. Most Greeks (97%) consider themselves to be Orthodox Christians, but less than 3% often attend any church. In spite of the strong opposition of the Greek Orthodox Church, the Greek Parliament passed the Same-Sex Partnership Act in 2015, recognizing that same-sex cohabiting partners have the same “civil union” rights as heterosexual marriages.

Recent Crises:

The debt crisis that erupted in Greece in recent years has brought huge impacts on the Greek economy, politics and people’s livelihood. In addition, more than one million refugees landed on the Greek coast for asylum. Hundreds of people are still arriving every day. The refugee population in Greece has now reached more than 62,000.

In July this year, the most serious forest fires broke out near Athens, the Greek capital. It has been officially confirmed that at least 82 people were killed, hundreds were injured or missing, and material damages were severe. During the economic crisis, the Greek government cut public spending, resulting in insufficient funds for firefighting and replacement of the outdated fire-fighting equipment. The Greek government is seeking international assistance to control the spread of fires.

Knowing that Greece is facing various crises, we turn to the Lord who created heaven and the earth.Greece, the place where the great horn that was once broken and the four prominent horns grew in its place, has had tremendous impacts to nations around her. We pray that the Lord would transform Greece again so that she will impact more nations and peoples around her. The kingdoms of the world will pass, but the kingdom of the Lord Christ will last forever.

Gracious Father, we pray:

  • For salvation and forgiveness: Lord, through the vision of Macedonia, you called the apostles to come to Greece and preach the gospel to the Greeks, to save them out of the Greek gods and turn to know You the true God! Now, once again, we call on Your mighty and compassionate arm to come to Greece in the crises and show them Your power and salvation. Make the people in this country who are called by Your name to rend their hearts and call on You. Give the Church and the nation a humble heart. May you forgive the rebellion of government officials who despised You the one true God.Forgive them for deviating from Your truth of marriage being between a man and a woman. It has opened a gap for the devil; it has caused sins to defile the land. The people do not know the truth but rather they focus on pursuing materialism and pleasure of the flesh. They have wasted and abused various resources in neglect and greed. Lord, we pray that You would forgive their transgressions and sins; Your precious blood cleanse and heal the land.
  • Revival of the Church and outpouring of the Holy Spirit – Although the Orthodox Church is the largest religion in Greece, many Greeks have lost their enthusiasm for faith.We pray that the Lord will once again ignite the fire in the hearts of believers, establish a holy and passionate prayer altar, and set the Church free from the bondage of religion and the influence of Greek culture. May they follow the leading of the Holy Spirit and enter the reality of faith.
  • Evangelism: The Greek people rarely hear the truth of the Bible. We pray that God would raise local churches and ministries through the Holy Spirit, to teach believers the truth of the gospel and help them establish close relationships with the Lord and be united with one another in the Lord. We also pray that they will care about the needs of different ethnic groups. Help the Greek churches to know how to evangelize the local Muslim communities.
  • Pray for government officials: May God save the souls of Greek government officials. Give them a humble spirit to fear God and know You the Almighty God who can make streams in the wasteland and make a way in the wilderness. When they are left with nowhere to turn, urge them to turn to You.Raise up godly Christian leaders to seek You together. May You give them wisdom and strategy to solve all the problems that Greece is facing, including the recent fires and the refugee issues, even the state’s financial crisis.Help Greece to come out of the predicament and enter the abundance of the Kingdom of God.
  • Fires in Athens: May God give them showers to extinguish the fires as soon as possible.May the government evacuate the people effectively and handle the aftermath to help people rebuild their homes. Lord, be merciful to the victims of the fires; save them in their disaster and make them blessings for more people. Oh God, may You give them the cleansing fire of the Holy Spirit. Heal the renew the land.
  • Financial crisis: We pray that God comfort the Greeks. Visit them in this crisis.Help them to rely on you wholeheartedly. We believe that God will once again reign in this nation. He would not abandon her or forget her needs. We also hope that the Greek people will come to Jesus in the midst of the crisis and enjoy true peace and joy.
  • Refugee resettlement – Father, we pray for Your mercy and compassion to reign in the settlement of refugees in Greece so that the related damages and conflicts would be minimized.May the Lord give wisdom to the new president and the new government so that they can properly handle the refugee issues and prevent bloody conflicts from happening again.

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Restore righteous and holy values, take back the land from the hands of the enemy!
[ Background: The Republic of Ireland has a population of 4.6 million, about 90% of which are Catholic. Nonetheless, in November 2015, a nationwide referendum was passed to legalize same-sex marriage, with 75% voting “yes”. As a result, Ireland became the first nation in the world to legalize same-sex marriage by national referendum.
The Catholic church has always been against the legalization of same-sex marriage, but the situation now cannot be overturned. The Catholic church expresses that the result of the referendum is a reflection of the societal changes, and that the church should re-examine its responsibilities and challenges. News reports show that Ireland is becoming more and more secular; and due to multiple child sexual abuse scandals, confidence in the Catholic church has severely decreased. Ireland declared homosexuality “non-criminal” 22 years ago. Furthermore, since 2011, homosexual couples can register themselves as legal partners. Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar publically admitted to his own homosexuality. Europe has already had three national leaders who identify as homosexual. In 2009, Iceland’s female prime minister, Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir, became the country’s first homosexual prime minister. The second is Belgium’s ex-prime minister, Elio Di Rupo, and third is Luxembourg’s prime minister, Xavier Bettel.
On May 25 of this year, Ireland had a landslide referendum decision to relax its strict laws against abortion. The result of this referendum is called “a revolution” by its supporters, and “a tragedy” by its opponents. 】
Father, we stand in the gap and intercede:
  • Forgive the Irish people: a nationwide referendum was passed that legalized same-sex marriage, with a 75% “yes” vote. As a result, Ireland became the first nation in the world to legalize same-sex marriage by national referendum. Forgive them for the wrong decision they made while being blinded and deceived. May God save their souls, and may the Lord forgive their gradual secularization.
  • Revive the Irish church: May God bring revival to the Irish church to rise up in repentance, to fast and pray, to stand in the gap. In this time when darkness covers the earth, may the church shine brightly, and preach the Word of life. Raise up apostles like St. Patrick during the great Irish revival of the past, who was filled with passion for the Kingdom of God, and once again bring in revival to Ireland and display the glory of the Kingdom of God! Help the Catholics to be born-again Christians, may God’s glorious presence be shown towards them.
  • Outpouring of the Spirit upon Catholics: May God forgive child sexual abuse by the clergy, which has caused the reputation of the Catholic church to be severely diminished. May the Lord forgive them. Please pray for the many Catholics who are stuck in dead religion to turn towards faith and prayer that is alive in Christ. Pray for renewal from the outpouring of the Spirit, help them experience salvation first-hand and develop intimacy with God.
  • Pray for the government of Ireland: Ask the Lord to save the souls of the government of Ireland. May the Righteous King govern the hearts of the Irish government and its people, save them from self-righteousness and filth. May the Holy Spirit of the Lord, cleanse and purge Ireland of unrighteousness.
  • Pray for Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar: May Your mercy fall upon Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar, forgive his ignorance and rebellion against You. By the power of the Father and the love of the Lord Jesus Christ, bring him swiftly and humbly before the Lord, that he would be convicted of his own sins. May the Lord fill him with the Holy Spirit, awaken his spirit to be zealous for the name of the Lord. May the Lord by His righteousness, mercy and love heal Ireland and lead all of Ireland back to the right path back to Him, and thereby receive the abundant blessings of the Lord.

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[Background: Italy has been experiencing serious social and economic challenges recently. 39% of young people are unemployed; many are leaving Italy in search for better opportunities in other countries. 30% of people live under the poverty line. Unfortunately, the huge national debt hinders the government from solving this problem. On the other hand, thousands of refugees from Assyria and Libya who have been devastated by civil wars are returning to Italian coasts, causing the Italian government to threaten to close its coastlines.
Spiritual Condition:
The Early Church preached the gospel to Rome. Despite the Roman persecutions suffered by the Christians at that time that caused many to be martyred, the Early Church spread the gospel and expanded with much power. Since Constantine the Great made Christianity the state religion around 313 A.D, [Translator’s Note: Constantine was born in 272 A.D. died in 337 A.D. He made Christianity the state religion and ended persecutions in 313 A.D.] the Vatican encroached on the role of God and executed bloody persecutions against Christian faith in the name of the state religion. Then the well-known Dark Ages ensued. The Reformation and revivals in Europe almost never had any impacts on Italy.
Currently only 1% of Italians are evangelical Christians; approximately 80% Italians are nominal Catholics in their culture. Most of them have never heard of the name of Jesus (which is incredible). The young generation adopts secularism, atheism or agnosticism, mainly because of their disillusionment with respect to Catholicism which disassociated them from Jesus. The Italians need the gospel desperately.
The Chinese churches in Italy have substantially increased in number because of the ever-increasing new immigrants from China. On June 30, 2018, over 100 Chinese churches held a grand concert called “Love in Rome” at 7:00 pm in remembrance of the 1950th anniversary of Apostle Paul’s martyrdom. Over 20,000 people gathered together and over 1000 young people gave their life to Jesus.
The Italian Mafia, a well-known international criminal organization, has permeated the Italian governmental, economic and social sectors, even the churches, to cover up illegal unemployment and illegal refugee shelters, which have created serious problems for the Italian government.]
  • Pray for Pope Francis: Father God, we pray that You revive Pope Francis and make him encounter You personally, that he might set aside falsehood and embrace Your truth, that his life be fully renewed in alignment with You and live an authentic life of loving God and loving people.
  • Pray for the Italian Mafia: May God save the members the same way You saved Hanyi Hong, the underworld head of Hong Kong. Transform their lives and make them channels of the gospel to bring it to the Italian Mafia and all the underworld members.
  • Pray for the Chinese churches: May the Holy Spirit anoint and fill up the Italian Chinese Church General Assembly continually, to provide liaison among Chinese churches and mobilize them to stand in the gap and pray in one accord, to bring the gospel to the unchurched public in the Italian society and bring forth revival to bless the Italians.
  • Pray for Italians: We declare in the name of the Lord that God’s mercy and salvation will come upon the Italians, that the power of Holy Spirit will enlighten them to know the truth of gospel, that they will encounter Jesus personally and experience life transformation. They will be set free from the bondage of culture and traditions that have passed down generation to generation. God will be the one they are eager to seek. They will be filled with hope for the Kingdom of God. Those who have been lost in the mystic, in pagan religions and in the New Age will be completely set free and turn to the Father of heavenly light.
  • Pray for the Italian government and the ruling party: In the name of Jesus Christ we declare that God will save the ruling party and the government officials, create in them a clean and righteous heart, so that they will do everything for the benefit of this nation, to reignite the economy and bless the country.
  • Pray for revival in Italy: May God stir up more mission organizations and prayer groups to intercede for Italy, to send missionaries urged by the Holy Spirit to Italy and witness for the Lord, to increase the number of people saved, just as the apostle Paul did. “The following night the Lord stood near Paul and said, ‘Take courage! As you have testified about Me in Jerusalem, so you must also testify in Rome.’” (Acts 23:11). We believe that Paul did not preach the gospel in vain, that the fire of revival will be rekindled, and the Christian Reformation will come upon Italy.
  • Pray for Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte and President Sergio Mattarella: Abba Father, President Sergio Mattarella appointed Giuseppe Conte to be the new prime minister, who also serves as the President of the Council of Ministers. Lord, have mercy on them and grant them to serve in one accord and dutifully fulfill their responsibilities in their positions. Give them the spirit of wisdom and the spirit of council, a pure heart and a steadfast spirit, that they may be strong and courageous in dealing with other government officials, people or EU reformation matters. Set them free from any erroneous thinking and cultural corruption, so that they will lead the whole nation to fear God, return to her destiny and fulfill God’s will.

Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, a.k.a Luxembourg

[Background: Luxembourg is situated in central Europe, eastern neighbor of Germany, south of France, with the north and west connected to Belgium.  It is the only grand duchy left in Europe, and its capital is Luxembourg.  Luxembourg is a member of the European Union and is known as the “third capital” after Brussels and Strasbourg.

Luxembourg’s history started with the restoration of the medieval castle of Luxembourg. The definition of Luxembourg is a “little castle”.  Due to its geography, it is an important bottleneck in eastern Europe.  Over a thousand years, it has been rocked by instability and wars, and has been occupied by many powerful nations such as the empires of France, Austria and Prussia, until it declared independence as a neutral independent nation in 1867.  In 1949, it entered the NATO and relinquished its position as a neutral nation. Luxembourg has a landmass of 2586 square miles, with a population of only 603,700, yet it is one of the biggest global financial centers and is the most important private banking centers of the EU.  It is the second largest capital investment centers, having the second highest average GDP in the world.

Main religion: Catholic: many churches of Luxembourg are influenced by mainstream Catholic tradition, but steady mass attending and those of true faith are extremely rare.  But on the contrary, other faiths such as Muslim, eastern Orthodox, Jehovah Witnesses, eastern mystic religions are on the increase.  Because Christianity is in the minority, the government and society perceive gospel organizations as cults, causing bottlenecks to renting buildings and public evangelism.

Prime Minister Xavier Bettel: In 2010,  Bettel became partners with Belgian engineer Gauthier Destenay and formed and a civil partnership.  In 2015, the two married in a civic court, and made Bettel to be the first and only leader in the EU to be a leader who is married to a same-sex partner.  In the 2017 NATO leadership summit, Destenay appeared publicly as the “first gentleman” and became the focus of media.】

Revelation 3:17-18: “You say, ‘I am rich; I have acquired wealth and do not need a thing.’ But you do not realize that you are wretched, pitiful, poor, blind and naked. 18 I counsel you to buy from me gold refined in the fire, so you can become rich; and white clothes to wear, so you can cover your shameful nakedness; and salve to put on your eyes, so you can see.”

Abba Father,

  • Pray for the people of Luxembourg:  May You show mercy to the people of Luxembourg.  They have strayed from You in comfort, seeking material pleasures, deceived by the gods of this world and cannot see their true predicaments.  Lord, shine upon them, that they see the emptiness and poverty of their own hearts. Awaken them that they may turn back towards God.  May the power of the Holy Spirit touch the deepest places of the heart of the people, heal their sin of apostasy, and give them a clean heart and upright spirit that they solely belong to You.  We declare a great spiritual revival shall come upon Luxembourg, that the people can experience abundant life in the Spirit.
  • Pray for the Luxembourg government:  may you please forgive the Luxembourg government for all the illegal and underground economic activities for profits.   Grant a spirit of repentance to the governmental leaders, save their souls, and reject all of the unjust balances and unrighteous mammon (Micah 6:10).  Help them to depart from deception, witchcraft, fornication and pride.  Bless each official to have righteous, merciful hearts that love God and people, and rule the people with uprightness and compassion.
  • Pray for the Church of Luxembourg: Father God, strengthen the faith of the Church to reach society, preach the gospel and lead people to the Lord. Send more workers to translate the word of God to the many languages within Luxembourg, that we may see each tribe worship the Lord Jesus Christ together, to remove every language barrier and be unified in the Spirit. Father God, please send the fire of the Holy Spirit to the churches of Luxembourg, to establish a united prayer altar, to cry out to You in one accord. Renew the churches and grant them creativity and strategy to lead many to know that eternal life comes from Jesus Christ, which is the way, the truth and the life. Lord, take authority over the Church, that the works of the anti-christ shall be nullified and the gospel be preached in all of Luxembourg.
  • Pray for Luxembourg Prime Minister Xavier Vettel: Father God, You are a God of mercy and grace.  Please forgive Prime Minister Vettel for departing from the commandments of God and entering the sin of homosexuality.  Save his soul and set him free from the bondage of homosexuality; heal his emotional trauma and restore the nature God created in him. Please raise up God-fearing counsellors around him, just like Nathan who rebuked David (2Sam12:1-13) and let him know God is not delighted in his actions. Lord, please save him from the bondage of his lusts that he may repent and return to God. We declare that he will enter the gates of salvation, become a child of God and rule the nation with the truth and wisdom of God. We also declare that he leads Luxembourg to worship the LORD in the splendor of His holiness and to ascribe to Him glory due His name.

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Holland, Netherland 

Background: Holland a.k.a. the kingdom of Holland, is situated in Western Europe, next to the North Sea, a main gateway to Europe, with an extremely high population density.    Rotterdam is the busiest port in the whole world.  Holland’s economic is highly developed, and is the third largest agricultural exporter of the world and a main global ship-building nation.   Being a member of the European Union, unemployment is low.

Holland is known to be a democratic nation, and its society is long-known for being tolerant of differences, with laws permitting abortion, sex-trade, homosexuality, euthanasia and limited acceptance to and legal usage of recreational drugs, such as marijuana.  In 2001, it became the first nation in the world to legalize same-sex marriage, and in 2002, it became the first nation in the world to legalize euthanasia, and is a nation leading the charge of the “new age” movement.  Holland is a nation with a minority for homosexual marriage and legalizing co-habitation laws, at the same time, statistics show less and less of the Dutch people are entering into marriage, with half of newborns being out of wedlock.

Spiritual condition:

Holland was a Protestant nation.  But now, Holland is one of the most secular nations in Europe, with around half of her population not engaging in religion activities.  Her main religion include Catholicism (28% of the total population) and Protestantism (16% of the total population).  Islam has become the third largest religion in Holland.  Behind the mask of tolerance of the Dutch people, lies spiritual apathy. The church is experiencing massive loss of believers, with projection in 2015, over half of the church members being over 65 years old, with half of her population never been reached by the gospel. Furthermore, large number of believers are leaving the church, and are plunging into immorality, losing their witness. Too many of the youth, though not unfamiliar with Christ, believe this faith has nothing to do with them.

Dutch Christian newspaper “Motherland” once published an article, pointing out that the new Muslim Europe has already arrived, it is as if there is a mass migration of Christians which has emptied the churches of Europe.   In fact many historical Christian churches have already been sold to the lowest bidder, and have become residential buildings, hotels and prayer centers for other religions.

Dutch Catholic bishop Tiny Muskens called for the name “Lord/God” to be changed to “Allah”, in order to diffuse the tension between Muslims and Christians. He believes God does not mind, since Indonesian and Middle-Eastern Christians call God “Allah”. Holland has a Muslim population of over 1 million.

Pray that the Christian faith call be revived from its deep historical roots and bring new power of life.

  • Pray for the souls of the Dutch people: Abba Father, we ask that You forgive the Dutch government and the Dutch people, in their deception and ignorance, they have abused the freedom You have given them to allow in abortion, sex-trade, homosexuality, and euthanasia which destroys life, and indulged themselves in the lusts of the eyes and lust of the flesh. May You forgive Your priests and stewards of Kingdom heritage, for they have caused Your sanctuaries to be desolate, secularized and even become places of pagan worship. Please forgive the Catholic leadership to lift up the name of a different God, misleading the believers. Father, may Your mercy and grace come upon the people of this land, breathe upon them, awaken their spirits, cause them to repent, to receive salvation and escape from the bondage and control of sin. To come back from the dead as a powerful army for the Kingdom of God. 
  • Pray for the Dutch Christians and the church: May God grant holy hunger and thirst, so they can be rooted and grounded in the Word and the love of God, to know God deeper, and be ignited by God’s love. That they will offer themselves as living sacrifices, not to be conformed to the world, and their mind be renewed day by day and become a bride who loves Jesus and worship the living God in truth . In the name of Jesus, the church in Holland will once again cleanse themselves with the word of God, forsake every comprise in the truth, to know the end time destiny of the church, so the church can truly become a house of prayer and worship, may God grant the church spiritual strategy and insight, to establish united prayer altar and wall of fire, praying night and day. Bring down national revival and transformation!.
  • Pray for the families and marital laws of Holland: We declare in the name of the Lord, that God shall overturn the wave of homosexuality in Holland, to restore fully the right relationship between the two genders, and the one husband and one wife family system that is after God’s own heart. To establish families in holiness and truth and raise up God-fearing offspring.  May God bring the negligent parents to repentance, and experience supernatural healing and restoration.
  • Pray for the government: May God save the souls of the governmental officials, raise up political leaders after God’s own heart, to seek God’s wisdom and strategy, to set laws to manage this nation to lead the Dutch people to be delivered from the sins of immorality and murder etc. That they cloth themselves in holiness, to welcome the return of the King of Glory. 
  • Pray for national leader Mark Rutte: The prime minister of Holland is a free-thinker who is close to the people. Father, lead him to be free but not without restraint, Keep his heart, with a grateful and humble heart, to seek Your face, give to the prime minister and leaders wisdom, strategy, righteousness and leadership to lead the government and people to turn back to fear God.

In the name of Jesus, Amen

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The Republic Of Poland

[Country background: abbr. Poland, changed name to the Republic of Poland in the same year, afterwards joined the EU and NATO. 95% of Poland’s population are Catholics, with 75% still fervently following Catholic traditions.

The kingdom of Poland is established in 963AD, and was formed by several Slavic tribes, afterwards united to form a “Polish” tribe with the meaning “ordinary citizens” as name for Poland, reflecting the geographic environment. In the 14th century it became a strong nation in central Europe, in the 16th century the capital moved to Warsaw, in the 17th century the national power waned, in the latter half of the 18th century experienced death of the nation three times when neighboring countries invaded and divided the nation until 1918 when the nation was reestablished as a republic. In the Second World War, Poland became a battlefield. It gained independence after the Second World War. In 1952 it officially passed the “constitution of the people’s republic”. In 1980, Wałęsa led labor unions to start strikes, and in 1981 Poland was under martial law. National referendum was passed in 1990 and Wałęsa became president, ending 40 years of communist rule. In recent years, Poland’s power has gradually increased both in the EU and on the world stage , and since regaining independence on 11 Nov 1918, Poland has undergone rapid growth, especially in the years of early 21st century, Poland has become an indispensable member of the West.

Spiritual background: about 95% of Poland is committed to the Catholic faith and Poland is one of the most religious nations in Europe and the application for clergy is on the increase, with near 6000 priests ministering all over the world. However attendance to mass is on the decline, and the Christian faith is waning in influence in daily life. Majority are resistant to the gospel, some are adherent to the Catholic faith, some are apathetic to spirituality, and some are suspicious to religion. Several million Poles left home to work and live in other European nations. Jehovah Witness churches are two times the number of evangelical churches, and pagan Wicca religion has attracted many local believers. Many of them brought their rituals into their Catholic faith, and Polish Catholicism recognizes the Mother Mary as a queen in the spiritual realm, and pray to God through Mary. Evangelicals are in the minority. There are even more evangelicals in Saudi Arabia than in Poland, and 90% of the cities in Poland do not even have Evangelical Christian churches.

In 19 Nov 2016, Polish president Andrzej Duda declared that Jesus is the King of Poland in the witness of priest in the Church of Divine Mercy in Kraków. To many, this is the realization of the prayer of the nurse Rosalia Zelkova who said in early 20th century that God revealed to her that her nation will declare Jesus is the great King. Many believe that bold declaration is the source of this special event.

Polish people everywhere declare together that Christ is the King of the whole nation and of their hearts, as following:

  • Christ reign in us! In our hearts, in different schools, in all of Poland! We promise we will keep ourselves in holy worship and speak of Your honor and glory, Christ is our King!
  • We bring to You the people and leaders of Poland, may they exercise power according to Your law and righteousness, that Christ may reign in us! May the most High and holy God of Trinity, who is the glorious Savior of mankind,  be King over our nation and nations of the world!
  • That “this is not the peak, but is the beginning of Jesus Christ establishing His throne in all of Poland”. ]
  • Phil2:15  so that you may become blameless and pure, “children of God without fault in a warped and crooked generation.” Then you will shine among them like stars in the sky.
  • Isa60:1-2  Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord rises upon you. , darkness covers the earth and thick darkness is over the peoples, but the Lord rises upon you and his glory appears over you.
  • Psa33:12  Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord, the people he chose for his inheritance.

Pray for the Republic of Poland

  • Pray for the Catholics of Poland: May God’s spirit of Truth come upon the Polish Catholics, and not to falsely pray to Mary as a god. May God bring the fire of revival that they may find life and new spiritual life in Jesus Christ, to be filled with the Holy Spirit, to experience the power of Jesus Christ, to escape from the bondage of religious spirit, that the evangelical churches can unite, to equip and send missionaries, to preach the gospel to the nations and harvest souls for the Lord.
  • Pray for the Polish church: May God save the Jehovah Witnesses of Poland, may God’s mercy come upon them, release them from the blindness of false religion. May God grant the church discernment and a pure heart, to release the spirit of unity into the churches of Poland, that the churches may align with You and to bring unprecedented unity to all the Christian denominations, to align with each other and take respective places in the body of Christ, and stand with each other in the Lord, that the Polish people may come to know the living true God, that the power of the gospel may transform lives, that they be churches after Your own heart. May God bring the fire of prayer, to establish united pray altar, to pray unceasingly night and day, that transformation and revival come upon Poland, prepare Polish to be a glorious vessel for the end times, to receive the glorious Kingdom that is coming!
  • Pray for president, prime minister and governmental officials of Poland: Father God we thank you for Polish president Andrzej Duda, thank You for preparing him and the Polish religious leadership through the declaration in 2016 to lead the Polish people and nation back to You. Continue to anoint him and prime minister Mateusz Morawiecki, and all of the Polish officials. May Your salvation come upon the unbelieving officials, that they may know You, to rely and obey You. May You grant them wisdom and strategy to rule Poland and lead Poland into Your abundant blessings.
  • Pray for Poland: Father God, we give thanks and praise You, that You established Poland in this wicked and perverse generation, although You have allowed her to experience much decline even unto death, that she became a battlefield for neighboring nations, to be invaded and divided, to be rule by dictatorship, yet You have protected and held up Poland, to cause Poland to shine like a star in the land of Europe (Phil2:15). Please raise up leaders and people who love the Lord to declare in unity that “Christ is our Lord” and that this “is the beginning of Jesus Christ establishing His throne in all of Poland”.  Heal her wounds from the past history, bring revival to the whole nation. We believe this is Your divine moment, because You are with Poland, that Poland shall be courageous and without fear, when darkness covers Europe and thick darkness is over the peoples of Europe, Poland shall arise, and shine, for Your light has come, and the glory of the Lord rises upon Poland (Isa60:1-2). Please continue to grant wisdom and strategy to the Polish government, that they may know how to face and resist the powers behind the EU, to stand bravely for You, to become a lighthouse of Europe, a missionary nation, to bring the gospel to other European nations, and revival to come upon all of Europe. In the name of Jesus Christ we declare, a glorious wave shall soon enter Europe, and the powers of darkness shall be shattered and flee!

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Portuguese Republic

[Country Profile: Since the 16th century, Portugal has become a maritime power in the era of great voyages. It has established the world’s first colonial empire across Africa, Asia, Oceania and South America.   Its territory once included 53 countries, which made Portuguese the common mother tongue of 240 million people.   After the declaration of independence in Brazil, the most important colony of Portugal in 1822, the Portuguese state quickly fell apart. In 1910, the Portuguese royal family was overthrown by the revolution, ushering in the era of the First Republic. In 1974, the armed forces composed of middle and lower-level officers broke out the anti-war Carnation Revolution, and Portugal became a free and democratic country again.
After the global financial crisis in 2008, the Portuguese economy has been sluggish. The unemployment rate climbed, and exports plummeted. Although the economy of most EU countries has gradually recovered, the economic growth rate of Portugal has still been lower than the EU average. In 2011, Portugal accepted the EU’s $78 billion euros (about $87 billion US dollars) bail-out loans; its economy did not recover until 2014. At present, the financial situation has improved slightly, but the domestic investment environment has deteriorated, the solvency has been greatly reduced, and the debt crisis is imminent. The unemployment rate in June 2016 was approximately 11.2%. In recent years, young people in Portugal have become more and more serious in drug abuse. According to statistics, more than 50% of young people have taken drugs.
Spiritual Situation: In 1976, the Portuguese Constitution reaffirmed the policy of separation of church and state and guaranteed freedom of belief in all religions. At present, 84.5% of the Portuguese people believe in Catholicism, 9% uncertain, 3.9% have no religious belief, and 2.2% believe in other religions. In recent years, the number of Christians in Portugal has dropped sharply. About 11% of Catholic families have lost their faith. The number of evangelical churches has decreased from 1,630 in 2000 to 964 in 2016. The Muslim community is mostly composed of new immigrants from previous African colonies (Mozambique and Guinea Bissau), North Africa (mainly Morocco) and India. In 2010, Portugal officially became the 8th country in the world to recognize same-sex marriage, but it was stipulated that homosexual marriages were not allowed to adopt children.]
Pray for Portugal
Hosea 6:3, “Let us acknowledge the Lord; let us press on to acknowledge Him. As surely as the sun rises, He will appear; He will come to us like the winter rains, like the spring rains that water the earth.”
  • Pray for the government: May God reign in the Portuguese government and raise the godly officials and leaders with heavenly wisdom and positive actions. Help them get rid of corruption. May the political parties collaborate and cooperate to deal with the financial dilemma and EU debt crisis. Give them wisdom and strategy to improve the investment environment and revitalize the economic development
  • Pray for the church: May God forgive the Church for its complacency and lukewarmness, that they did not stand up in the gap and voice their opposition to same-sex marriage. We pray for the flames of the Holy Spirit to once again provoke the Church and lead them to return to the Lord, eagerly repenting to seek God and establishing prayer altars in unity. We pray that the Church will boldly proclaim the truth of forgiveness and repentance, advance the gospel in one accord, and hold on to the pure truth of Christian faith so that they may experience spiritual revival, transform and bless this country.
  • Pray for Christians: Abba Father, we ask You to breath Your spirit into Your sons and daughters of Portugal, to awake their souls so that they will pursue God in a deeper way and read the Word of God earnestly. Help them become rooted in the rock of Your love and truth. We pray for the Holy Spirit to stir up the children of God to deeply love the souls of their neighbors, to care the young generation and help release them out of the bondage of drug abuse and transgressions, so that the refugees and the Muslims may return to God.
  • Pray for President De Souza and Prime Minister Costa: Heavenly Father, we pray that Your holiness and righteousness fill in the hearts of President De Souza and Prime Minister Costa, so that they honor You and rely on You for the wisdom they need, to lead the country into political stability, to maintain a good relationship with other EU countries, and to deal with the debt crisis. We pray that they will fear You in humility and lead the whole nation to sanctify You name.

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Background: After the fall of communism, Romania in eastern Europe has been for the ensuing decades combatting the material, economic and emotional damage from oppressive dictatorship. Situated in the northern extreme of the Balkan Peninsula, 600 miles of the Carpathian mountains and the Danube river are not only scenic and beautiful, they provide many resources for the national economy.  Romania has rich cultural traditions such as dance, music, sculpture, weaving and sowing and other folk arts.Its Romanian language is also unique in the Latin language system.

Politics and Economy: Communism ended in 1989 with the overthrowing and execution of Nicolae Ceauşescu.   A parliamentary government was established, but much-needed economic reforms are very slow.   But the need of joining the European Union has sped up many changes.

Since joining the EU in 2007, over 2 million Romanian citizens with high education and advanced skill-sets have flowed towards richer nations of the EU due to higher wages, resulting in a loss of talents.  Romania has naval bases along the coast of the Black Sea which are Europe’s military heritage. However, problems of corruption and economy are still present, and many feel disheartened. According to statistics, 25% of Romania’s population of 22 million live below the poverty line.

Tragedy of the “Children’s Home”: The previous communist regime of Romania encouraged the people to reproduce, yet at the same time (1970-80) the economic development had been on the decrease.  As a result, many families did not wish to support many children and sent many of their extra or sick children to children’s homes set up by the government.  These children’s homes lacked funding.  Because of the shortage of nurses, every staff had to take care of over 40 children.  They had no love for the children; they mainly used corporeal punishment and abused the children.  Some of them died of sickness due to the lack of medical supplies; some handicapped children were neglected care and were left to live and die on their own. When the children homes were disbanded in 1991, there were about 100,000 children, causing a serious humanitarian crisis. Some of these children were adopted by western nations. Over the 20 years, about 500,000 children were sent into this system.

Spiritual background: Although the majority of Romanians call themselves Christians, their ways of life show very little of such. Compared to the high birthrate 30 years ago, Romania has become the nation with the highest abortion rate in the world (75% meaning for every child that is born, 3 will be aborted, with annual population growth of -0.41%). Drugs, prostitution and pornographic problems express the negative emotional state of many of the people. The most influential church in Romania is the Eastern Orthodox Church.Although it has survived communism, it has replaced the government in discriminating against churches of other Christian denominations. Although Romanians seek after material pleasures and observe the Orthodox tradition, there is lack of unity among the churches. Yet it has not been an obstacle for more and more people to come and accept Jesus.]

Pray for Romania

  • Pray for the children who suffered under “Children’s Homes”: Jesus, please save the souls of these children, cause them to be reconciled to You, God of reconciliation.  Please heal these children to be restored in body, soul and spirit.  Please move and give courage to current governmental officials to apologize to all the children and families who suffered under the “Children’s Homes” program, to stand in the gap. Grant them wisdom and strategy to establish compensation so that the government can be reconciled with the children and cause the children to be reconciled with their families, to restore the family system and personal relationships in Romania.
  • Pray for the high abortion rate in Romania: Father, Lord of the universe, Creator of heaven and earth, please have mercy and save the Romanian people.Awaken their souls to see that You are the Creator of life.Grant them the fear of the Lord and the respect for precious lives that God has given. Please use the government and Church, to teach the people about the sanctity of life and God’s perspective of life.Raise social conscience and do not let innocent babies be killed. Just as Moses’ mother and sister Miriam protected Moses, protect these babies, that they shall become national leaders of Romani and lead this nation into Your destiny!
  • Pray for the churches of Romania: May the Holy Spirit cause the eastern Orthodox believers to be awakened from dead or slumbering faith.Break the religious bondage that has lasted for years. The Holy Spirit lead them into all truths (John16:13), to truly receive Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and develop a relationship with Jesus. May the fire of the Holy Spirit rend the heavens, ignite the churches, and cause them to come alive and passionately follow Jesus. May the churches establish united prayer altars in one accord to stand in the gap for the nation and cry out night and day for God to save and utterly transform Romania!
  • Pray for the president and government of Romania: Heavenly Father, we come before Your throne of grace.Please cause Your salvation to come upon Romanian President Klaus Iohann is and his government.Give them an upright and righteous heart and also grant them wisdom, strategy and courage.Cause him to eradicate corruption in his government and set up policies that are after God’s own heart. Help him to restore the abundant cultural heritage and develop the rich natural resources that God has given to Romania, to reform the economy and emerge out of poverty.May the talented people return home and lead the whole nation to enter God’s destiny for Romania. In the name of Jesus, we pray. Amen!

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Background: Spain was originally the Hispania province of the Roman Empire, Due to the fact that it is the bridge between the continents of North Africa and Europe, it has been a land of racial contention since ancient times. 96% of its population are Catholic.
The closest points between Spain and Morocco is only 13miles apart, African land at the coast of Spain almost daily, and the majority of these are of the Muslim faith. It is an undeniable fact that immigration has caused serious repercussions to Spain. Locals churches are the ideal places to process immigration, helping them to acclimatize to local culture, at the same time bring them the gospel.
However, the decrease of Spanish Christians has been severe – although many are born to Christian families, many leave the Christian faith, and as a result the Christian population is on the decline. The rate of loss in Spain is 26%. Even though the gospel had reached Spain since the First Century AD, the many years of persecution by the Spanish Inquisition by the Roman Catholic Church (meaning the severe Inquisition in middle-ages Europe, especially in Spain and Portugal – only to be annulled in Spain by 1834) has caused the believers ratio in Spain to be very low. According to statistics, over 72% of the Spanish people are Catholic, only 1% are Christians, with the rest of no religion.
“Along through history, we have seen that this religious darkness has caused a rejection and a lack of rights for the believers in the country,” “But despite the resistance, God has always had a faithful remnant: men and women who have been boldly proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ, [and] willing to pay the price for the consequences.” (From Kingdom Revival Times: The president of Assemblies of God Spain Pastor Juan Carlos Escobar recently explained during a celebration of the 100th anniversary of the denomination that although missions work has been difficult in the country, he sees it as a “breeding ground” for the gospel. Escobar himself came to Christ in 1981 because of the presence of missionaries in the country, and began pastoring six years later. He said that he is optimistic about missions work in Spain as he recognizes an openness to the gospel in recent years.)
Spain passed the law to legalize same-sex marriage this June, and granted same-sex couples the right to adopt children. The passing of this law has caused Spain to be the fourth European country to legalise same-sex marriage after Belgium, Holland and Canada. Please pray for the Spanish church to have influence regarding government policies setting. ]
We pray for Spain:
  • Pray for the government of Spain – Bring salvation to the government officials, touch the hearts of the government leaders, so they will establish godly policies, to protect families and those who are unable to sustain themselves. Lord, save the Spanish police officers from greed and corruption, to find effective solution to deal with the long-enduring wicked tradition of human-trafficking, give them wisdom,  to solve the issue of illegal immigrants.
  • Pray for the Revival of Church: May the fire of Holy Spirit rend the heaven and come down to fill the Spanish churches, raise up the Spanish Christians and churches, set their hearts on fire, to be zealous for God, pray in agreement, boldly preach the gospel to people that came from outside, the poor in the country, the homosexuals and their supporters, Muslim and those who has never heard the gospel before, so the number of believers will daily increase rapidly. In Jesus name we declare tens of thousands of lost souls in Spain will come into the name of the Lord, the revival fire of the Holy Spirit, will set Spain on fire!
  • The young people will be saved by God – In Jesus name we declared, the young people that are trapped in alcohol and marijuana will be completely rescued by God, to be renewed, healed and set free,  break every chains of bondage, to experience true liberty in the Holy Spirit.
  • Pray for prime minister Pedro Sánchez of Spain: Abba Father, please lead and guide  new PM Pedro Sanchez, give him wisdom, counsel,  spirit of humility and righteousness,  so he can work with the minority party to set up his governing cabinet, replace the corrupt greedy goverment in the past with a government that is just,  righteous, with integrity and self-governing policies.  And with one heart and in agreement to handle the independent movement of Catalonia and work together to make the society stable. May God bless the King of Spain and peace and joy to his family.

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[Country Profile: Generally known as Sweden, the Kingdom of Sweden is located in the Scandinavian Peninsula in Northern Europe. It is also the largest country in Northern Europe by area. With 11 million people, it has a low population density.  84% of the people reside in the cities which take up 1.3 % of the national area.  Sweden joined the European Union in 1995.  It is a highly developed modern, free and democratic nation where its people enjoy life with high income, and the government is highly dedicated to environmental protection.  Sweden adopts a general social welfare system. Due to the decline of the economy in Europe, the welfare system in Sweden faces challenges.  Population aging and lack of positive attitudes among young folks are some of the issues faced by high welfare nations.

Government: Sweden practices the cabinet system, and the governmental leader is the prime minister who is elected by the parliament. The modern Swedish legislative organization is the congress of Sweden, which consists 349 members, who then elect a prime minister. The Swedish government is entrusted by parliament to govern the nation and is liable to the parliament.  Stefan Lofven was elected as the new prime minister in 2014.  Religion: after the religious reformation in 1530, the Swedish Monarch no longer believed in Catholicism and replaced it with Lutheranism.  In 1951, religious freedom was written into Sweden law.  In 2000, the status of Lutheranism as the state religion was formally removed. Nowadays there are about 75% population is Lutherans, but the number is dwindling year after year.  Initially only 2% of the population attend church regularly, but this number is also on the decline.  Most Swedish became Lutheran members at birth by baptisms.

Spiritual background:

  • A certain Swedish Christian kindergarten was banned from prayers before meals and biblical curriculum. The officials said that such practices had to stop immediately because it was in violation of the state’s education laws to teach religion in the curriculum without giving the preschoolers any rights to choose whether to participate in such religious activities.  Another activity called “Bible Snack Time” that allowed teachers and students to discuss the Bible contents was also banned.
  • Sweden claimed itself to be “one of the friendliest nations in the world towards LGBT”.  Since 2009, it has legalized the same sex marriage, and the churches have allowed same-sex weddings.  Half of the church pastors at that time signed a joint petition to renounce the government by bringing the same sex marriage into the churches.  Pastors from the Church of Sweden in 2017 must make a choice between “presiding over the ceremony of the same sex marriage” or “leaving their posts”.  According to Stefan Löfven, current Prime Minister of Sweden and Leader of the Social Democrats, midwives must not turn down abortions, nor could priests refuse to preside for same sex couples.
  • The Swedish young people believe in humanism. They don’t think God has anything to do with life. They pursue materialism, individualism, and hedonism. Though there is religious freedom, many Christians  face oppositions by other beliefs when mentioning God publicly.
  • The influence of the Lutheran denomination in Sweden is declining. Many new emerging theologies entered the Church. They approve same sex marriage under universalism and disapprove the authority of the Bible. Many pastors or church leaders have no clear understanding about Jesus. Currently less than 2% are frequent church goers. Even though there are evangelical churches all over, the whole backbone of the state is being led by the liberal churches (the new emerging ones).
  • The evangelical churches are becoming more unified. They set aside their theological opinions and pray and collaborate. Every year at Pentecost 20,000 Christians will come together for a meeting of “Manifestations of Jesus” in Stockholm.
  • Refugees Crisis: Due to the constant civil wars in Syria, people have been flooding to Europe to seek refuge. The refugees that Sweden accepted in 2015 far exceeded its neighboring nations such as Denmark. But since the eruptive crisis of the new waves of the refugees into Europe, the Swedish government has immediately tightened up its policy by repatriating thousands of refugees and reinforcing its border check-ups.  Between the year 2000 and 2016, 51% of the underage refugees came from Afghanistan. The inadequacy of the Swedish policy on the refugees has engendered tantamount issues. The most common ones are the vulnerable minor orphan refugees. Suicide and prostitution are the likely outcome for them. The riots that broke out in the last two or three years were all related with immigrant refugees. The most recent one occurred on August 13th, 2018; it was a terrible riot by the refugees in Gothenburg, Sweden, where a group of masked young men in dark suits unexpectedly burned down the vehicles in the cities, and smashed with rocks the vehicles parked in shopping centers and hospital parking lots. Nearly 100 vehicles were damaged.]

Pray for Sweden

Revelations 3:17-19 “17 You say, ‘I am rich; I have acquired wealth and do not need a thing.’ But you do not realize that you are wretched, pitiful, poor, blind and naked. 18 I counsel you to buy from me gold refined in the fire, so you can become rich; and white clothes to wear, so you can cover your shameful nakedness; and salve to put on your eyes, so you can see. 19 Those whom I love I rebuke and discipline. So be earnest and repent.

  • Pray for a heart of repentance: Father God, we pray You would shake and purge the Lutheran Church. Open the eyes of the Church and let the children of God see their own shame of nakedness, their coldness to the Lord and the backsliding condition. We ask God to give them a heart of repentance and the Holy Spirit of the truth, so the Church can be renewed to the wills of God and love the Lord with fervency.  They will dare to voice for the Lord without compromising to secularism.  Also, we repent for the sins of the people in the same sex marriage.  Father, breathe into the Swedish children of God so the dry bones can be alive again and they will be awoken from their slumber and rise up to shine for the Lord.
  • Pray for church unity: we ask God to send fire of the Holy Spirit for the evangelical churches to be closely connected tightly with one another. Raise up 24/7 prayer altars all over Sweden to pray in one accord, to seek God’s will,petition to heaven, and revive the Swedish believers especially the young people. Give them hunger for righteousness and set them free from humanism so that they could preach the gospel fervently to the refugees for the harvest of precious souls for God!
  • Pray for the refugees in Sweden: Father God, we ask You to save the souls of the refugees in Sweden, especially those depressed enraged young refugees. Open their eyes so they can know Jesus to see the true light for hope of receiving 100 times as much in this age and in the age to come the eternal life. May You grant wisdom and strategy of God to the Swedish prime minister and those in power to solve the issues for these refugees; either they help the refugees return to their home countries, orhelp them settle down in peace in Sweden.
  • Pray for the Swedish government: We ask God to forgive them that in their deception they allowed the legalization of same sex marriage and abortion that defile the nation and the people. They even forced church clergymen to preside for same sex weddings, mandated midwives to assist in abortions, and banned prayers before meals in schools or in Bible study.  May the salvation of God fall upon the officials in Sweden, save their souls so they can see truth and turn to God in time. We ask God to raise Christian officials to change policies and defend the freedom of religion for Christians in all areas for the spread of the gospel. Also give them wisdom and strategy to rule Sweden, revive Sweden to be a Christ-centered nation once again and to be blessed by God. May the glory of God be filled all over Sweden! In the name of Jesus, we pray. Amen!

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Country background: Situated in central Europe, a.k.a. “roof of Europe”, rich in tourism and also known as “garden of the world”. Ruled by the Holy Roman Empire in the 11th century, gained independence in 1291, and established as a nation in 1648.  In 1815, Switzerland was recognized as a “permanent neutral state” in the Geneva convention, and since then Switzerland has never been involved in any war.  In 1848, Switzerland was established through constitution  as a federal nation and the “Federal Council” is the highest ruling body with 7 elected members, who take turns in being the national leader. The President of the Swiss Confederation is elected every year, holding office for a year, and is only a “first among equals” without any special powers, and still has leadership over his/her department.  In 2002
through national referendum,the Switzerland joined the United Nations and is now a full member, actively taking part in international affairs。  Many international organizations established  their headquarters in Switzerland. The current President of the Swiss Confederation is Alain Berset, who took office on 1 Jan 2018.
According to 2017-2018 World Economy Forum report of the global competitiveness, Switzerland holds the first place for 9 consecutive years. GDP is about $79,000, and the second place  in the 2016 International Moneytary Fund (IMF) Organization,   following Luxembourg。 Switzerland is the one of the most stable monetary nation in the world, and is a rich and stable nation .
Spiritual Background: The Protestant reformation in the 16th century had a deep and far-reaching influence in Switzerland。According 2014 statistics, 38.6% of Switzerland’s population is Catholic,  28% Protestant,11.3% other faiths and 20.1% non-religious being.  In 2016, the “non-religious” proportions has risen from 11.4% in 2000 to 24.9%, almost doubling since the year 2000。Christianity is on the downfall and Islam is steadily growing.  Among the specific religious groups, Catholics are not only the largest demographic, they are also the most faithful to their church, with the average Catholic attend religious activities 6 to 12 times a year.  Evangelicals are the most fervent, with 51% of believers praying daily, and 34% praying several times a day.  The personal attendance of Muslims are the lowest, with 46% of Swiss permanent resident Muslims admitting to never attending any religious activities, 12% of Muslims attend corporate prayer once a week, and only 17% of Swiss Muslims pray steadily everyday.]
Pray for Switzerland
Hebrews 3:12-14 See to it, brothers and sisters, that none of you has a sinful, unbelieving heart that turns away from the living God. But encourage one another daily, as long as it is called “Today,” so that none of you may be hardened by sin’s deceitfulness. We have come to share in Christ, if indeed we hold our original conviction firmly to the very end.
  • Pray for the president and government: Father, may Your salvation come upon the president and governmental officials of Switzerland, and rekindle  the fire of revival in the hearts of the Christian leaders. May God show Himself to them, renew their spiritual life.  We give thanks that You have blessed the “Federal Council” and all the officials in the past, and established Switzerland as a rich and stable nation.  May God continue to reign in the hearts of the president and governmental officials of Switzerland, give them humility to rely on Your wisdom and strategies, to rule the nation according to God’s loving faithfulness and righteousness and justice, launch international peace plans and humanitarian aid programs and to be a blessing to the nations.
  • Pray for the church and Christians: Father God, please forgive the lukewarmness of the church and Christians of Switzerland in the recent years, who lost the first love to seek after the Lord in their richness. May the fire of love of the Holy Spirit once again provoke the church and God’s children, that they may rediscover the passion from the Reformation, to watch and pray, and strengthen those who are weak, that they may be faithful unto death and hold onto the word of eternal life.  May God reignite the fire of revival, for the churches to be in deeper unity, to establish united prayer altars, to send missionaries preaching salvation, and lead many Christians and youth who are lost back to Christ.
  • Pray for Muslims and unbelievers: Father, You want all to be saved, and none perishes.  May You grant salvation to the Muslims in Switzerland and those who come from other nations who have never heard of the gospel.  May the eyes of the hearts be opened, to overcome the obstacles of multi-ethnicity and cultures, that they may hear the good news of Christ’s salvation in this free and stable nation, to experience the love and power of God, to abandon all idolatry and the bondage of sins, to be born again and saved.

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