“Align with The Father’s Heart” – Standing with First Nations at the End of the Unleavened Bread Feast

One week of unleavened bread prayer and watch is coming to an end.  At the same time, it activates another beginning.  After repentance, we laid down the burden of our hearts, feeling more relieved.  Take a look around us!  We, human beings, have been shut in for less than a month and the sky is bluer, grass is greener, flowers are blooming, birds are singing, squirrels are playing, all creations are ready for something new.

For the creation waits in eager expectation for the children of God to be revealed. (Roman 8:19)

God not only loves the people, but He also loves everything in the world.   After men sin, men have caused the land to be cursed.  Only when the people are awakened and understand that we have been given authority by Abba Father to govern all things, to rule and reign with God, all things may be restored.  This Passover, not only we have to cross the Red Sea to exit out of Egypt, we also need to cross the Jordan River and establish the covenant with Abba Father to enter the promised land and possess the land.

First Nation people is the gatekeeper appointed by Abba Father for this land! They invite us to help them give birth, for all things created by Abba Father to align with the heart of the Father. The torch of revival has been set on fire.  Let us have a 2020 vision like Abba Father, to declare together and come together to reign and rule with Father God!

The following are the first nation leaders, Joe Donnell and Lockley Bremner, inviting people from all walks of life to join in the feast:

Joe Donnell:

Hello everybody. This is Joe Donell.

I am here in the plain region among the Sioux people. I have a call to God’s heart for my people, the first nation people. I just want to invite you to participate a very significant online prayer gathering that we are going to have. I believe it is one of the most crucial Passovers we will ever had. It has really been a true Passover. In a sense, we are dealing a lot of things this time in history, but I believe it is a great opportunity. I believe the Lord is moving in the Indian country.

This time, we are going to see the greatest outpouring , which we have heard many prophets prophesied about.  I believe we are moving into a very powerful time in this land. We have sought the Lord and decided to have a gathering towards the end of the Passover Feast.  Now that we have passed over, we want to really intercede and speak into what the Lord is saying about the future. It’s kind of like shaping the future with the words of God and what His heart is and what He is saying. This has been an awesome time and a difficult time for many.  But I believe this is the time that the Lord is trying to get our attentions and move us into a whole new place we have never been before.   I believe ministries are changing.  The blueprints and patterns that people have walked in are changing, not for the sake of changing but because this is the new day that the Lord has created and this is a new time. He has a way for us to navigate into the future.

So,  I invite you to be part of the call on April 16th at 2 pm Mountain Time, 3 pm at Central Time and 4 pm at Eastern Time. We are inviting all who have a heart for this.  We believe that people with true humanity, but do not have agenda other than a heart of God that are really have a heart to see what God wants to do in first nations and the land.

Lockley Etomuh Bremner

Hello my friends!  During this Passover season, I’d like to invite you to a Zoom meeting that will be holding on this Thursday at 2 pm.

I believe this is an important revelation and message God wants to bring forth.   At the end of Passover, it was a new day, it was a new season. It was time for God’s people to move out and to go into a new place.  So, I believe that God is giving us revelations and messages on the next step that God is going to kick in with the body of Christ. We are inviting the first nation people to come joining us, and we are inviting everybody. But we believe this is the time for the red nation to arise and to take its place in the body of Christ as God’s stewards and his authority over this land that He is giving us called the Turtle Island. So we want to invite you.

We will leave the Zoom address for you to connect with. If you have never been on Zoom, it is a great place to meet. Just come on in and be a part of it.  Amen!

How to Join the Gathering lead by First Nations:

TimeMST 2 PM / EST 3 PM/ EST 4 PM
Location:Zoom Web Conference
How to Join:via the following three ways:

  1. via Zoom App:Meeting Id:258984043
  2. via the Link:https://zoom.us/j/258984043
  3. via Regular Phone Line:1-929-436-2866,Meeting Id:258984043#, Attendee:#