Intercession for the 9/19-9/22 Convergence Gathering

[Background: 35 years ago, Prophet Bob Jones prophesized to Mike Bickle, founder of the International House of Prayer (IHOPKC), “He will lead a great continuous 24/7 worship and prayer in the future. They will be meeting in “Grandview” city, they will have the property that belongs to former President Truman; and the biggest connection of this prayer movement will be in Asia, especially in China.” Prophet Bob saw in a vision 35 years ago, in the vast land of China, many people hold “unplug TV” (the TV without plug) and worship God together with this 24/7 day and night worship and prayer. 35 years later, we see Bob’s prophecy over Mike Bickle is being unfold before us a little at the time and now it is being fulfilled. The International House of Prayer began 247 day and night worship and prayer on 9/19/1999. 9/19 this year marks the 19th anniversary of the House of Prayer. We look back at what God did for the past 19 years, His presence has always made this 24/7 day and night prayer and worship a resting place for Him, and God also led us to worship in Grandview, He revealed to us He will let the people of the world to have a “Grand View” in the city of “Grandview”. Many years ago the saints of God donated the property of former President Truman to the House of Prayer, President Truman stood with Israel during World War II and finally voted Israel to be an independent nation in 1948, President Truman was an intercessor for Israel’s politic, and God is allowing His spiritual intercessors, to possess this “International House of Prayer” in the end time generations. We wait patiently on God, to watch and see the wonderful work He will do on this land.

Today we see that God has prepared one of the greatest gifts for the IHOP-KC, “The Connection with Asia.” This vision is being carried out before our eyes. The unplug TV 35 years ago, is vividly describes in today’s smart phone. In China truly everyone carry a smart phone. Today “homecoming gathering” the most impactful gathering that bring about the unity of the Chinese Church, will be gather here from 9/19-9/22. We call it the “Convergence”. There will be nearly a thousand Chinese, half is from all over China, the other half from all over North America meeting in the International House of Prayer. Our entire International House of Prayer Missionary center is ready to welcome this feast with joy and trembling, to embrace the Chinese family and to be part of this big family of God, because we know this is the will of God, He is fulfill the prophetic words given to the International House of Prayer 35 years ago. We believe this is the beginning of a turning point. God wants to lead the IHOPKC into the destiny, to connect with Asia, to worship day and night in the end time, and to connect with Chinese’s bringing gospel back to Jerusalem movement. So the family of God will be spread widely throughout the earth 

Pray for the Convergence Gathering

Dear Heavenly Father,

  • id=”Pray for all the families to arrive smoothly: Ask the Lord to remove all obstacles and give peace and traveling mercy; including no delay in flights, the weather will be nice and sunny, the trip will be smooth, everyone is blessed coming in and going out.
  • Pray for the leaders: Ask the Lord to keep the leaders physically and mentally strong and be full of the Spirit of God. Bless the (Home Coming) and IHOP-KC members with spiritual and physical strength.
  • Pray for all the families who are preparing for the gathering: including local and out of town discerning teams, intercession teams, worship teams, dance teams, conference venues, transportation, hospitality, meals preparations, general affairs, etc.  Ask the mighty arms of the Father support every co-worker. Cover the entire meeting place with the blood of Jesus, and the unity in Ephesians 4 is manifested. “From him the whole body, joined and held together by every supporting ligament, grows and builds itself up in love, as each part does its work.” (Ephesus 4:16)
  • Pray for the Holy Spirit to move freely in the gathering: For the spirit of wisdom, and revelation, the unity, and the anointing to be like family be pour down upon us.
  • Pray for the heart of the Father be satisfied, and the glory cloud filled the meetings: As the family stand together in Unity, there is the authority and power for breakthrough, to bring “My house should be called the house of prayer for the nation” into a new realm.  In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen!