Daily Prayer (8/28)

Date:  8/28( 28th Day ) 

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Editor’s Words
Pursuing Intimacy With God
Prayer For Repentance
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Prayer For World Leaders
Pray for Seven Mountains
Global Urgen Prayer
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Editor’s Words

Prayer Request

Please pray for those people who are involved in organizing and making this Global 40 Day Prayer And Fast movement possible.  Particularly,  please pray for the spiritual leaders, their co-workers and their family members, the behind-the-scene editorial team and their spiritual coverings, and family members.  The son of one of the main leaders got sick, vomiting blood and hospitalized for three days.  Please ask God to:

  • protect everyone involved in the global prayer and fast and their family.  May God watch their coming and going and  keep them healthy and prosperous spirit, soul and body.
  • bless the editorial team to be able to receive from God and translate it in words speedily and accurately.


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Why do we fast and pray in one accord globally?

Dear intercessor,

Today we received a statement from a well-known national ministry, the reason to pray for President Trump, we share the same feeling, so we reprint it here;

Everyone knows how important it is to “pray in one accord.”  During this 40 days global fasting and prayer, what we should do is to seek and watch for the “global one accord intercession and watch and pray”. Therefore, every single prayer put out by the global fasting and praying official website, is to focus on the “global” vision, the wave of Muslims, LGBT homosexuality and same-sex marriage and education, all of which are about the rise and fall of the world . We can honestly say, that although Trump has character flaws, but he does stand in the position as an international leader. His policies and decisions can cause internationally turbulence, is there any reason for us not to pray for him? How difficult it is to pray in one accord? Therefore, the enemy is using our different circumstances and perspectives to tear down the prayer wall built by the “one accord”  How can we let him get his way?

Many also asked why we should pray for the power behind Muslims, the wave of homosexuality, Freemason and the Illuminati. We are here , therefore,  to share with you the purpose and vision of mobilizing the global 40-day fasting. (For details, please see the official website homepage)

We are at a moment of global crisis. The earth is full of sins and wickedness as the time of Noah, the threat of wars, the attack of terrorists, the fierce way of Muslim’s forces to expand their territories, and the wave of homosexuality flooding into the nations, one nation fell into legalization of same-sex marriage. Through the constitutions of various countries, Satan has gained a foothold in the whole country by passing same-sex marriage, which has introduced a great army of promiscuous, to plunder our next generation. In an extremely violent way, it is accelerating the transformation of the world into the dark state as  in Sodom and Gomorrah, causing the rapid decline of global morality, and the sin is flooding against people and even churches.   If the churches around the world do not capture this moment of crisis, to come together with fasting and praying, watching different countries continue to legalize the same-sex marriage, we will continue to lose the position of truth, and our next generation, and the opportunity to make our voice be heard, just like what happened in California recently.  The California Legislature  is planning to prohibit the church from  guiding and leading the LGBT group to return to God. Moral standards will become more and more degraded, terrorist attacks will become more and more serious, and conflicts between countries will be carried out to the point where they are out of control and lead to the Third World War.

If the parents of the world will come together simultaneously to repent for their own lives of promiscuity, pornography, addiction of food and entertainment, materialism, and fasting for the next generation, what will happen? If the young generations of the world participate in fasting and praying together, from fornication, media addiction, and rebellion, and be cleaned from them, we believe that the double anointing of the Holy Spirit will be poured into the two generations.  God wants to break the power of darkness and the continuous destruction in the family.   At the same time, the Global Church is praying and fast for the seven mountains of influence, God wanted to regain the rule of the seven mountains of the world.   When we enter the global fasting and praying in one accord, watch and pray for one another, Our God, who is mighty, omnipresent and omnipotent will release His army to fight the victorious battle for us, to break the work of destruction the enemy is trying to do in this season.

Let us come with one heart and one mind, crying to God day and night to turn this generation, to declare once again that God rule and reign in all the nation, to take back the young people that is lost, to raise up the Joshua generation, to stand up to take the land, to welcome the glory to come and cover the earth!

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Please Pray Fervently For President Trump

God is shaking through President Trump,

  • the Muslim countries ,
  • the countries whose politics and economy that had been controlled and manipulated by Freemason and Illuminati
  • and countries that resist the gospel and persecuting Christians.

He is not perfect and has his human weaknesses, but

  • He spoke boldly for the Lord, he had publicly declared that he would govern according the principles of the Bible
  • He reintroduced prayers back to the schools to rescue the next generation; all the school, congress, and sport events can now begin with prayers.
  • For the sake of one pastor, he was willing to offend the Republic of Turkey, her fellow NATO member.
  • He went to the airport personally to welcome the returned American citizens released from North Korea.
  • He abolished the Johnson Amendment, which has given the American churches religious freedom of speech
  • He officially declared that Jerusalem is the Capital of Israel

God is speaking to the world through President Trump.  Do not touch God’s anointed one.  Through him, God is speaking to the countries which persecute Christians,Let My people go”,  so the gospel can go forth to protect religious freedom of Christianity.  Through him, God is taking back lost ground, and once again bring the United States of America back to God’s destiny, to stand on God’s side.  God is definitely stands with Trump.  Now, evil powers have joined force to attack him, especially through the media and his political opponents through accusations, smears and slanders, attempting to pull him down, especially trying to influence the outcome of the Mid-Term Election.  We believe God is calling intercessors all over the world to jointly pray for President Trump during this critical time.   Because of our praying in one accord,

  • God will watch and protect him and his cabinets to continue to govern the USA. God will vindicate President Trump from all these accusations, defamation and slanders;
  • God will help President Trump and his cabinets to continue to align with God and to make godly decisions that please God and bring blessings to the nations.
  • Through President Trump and his cabinets, God will continue to speak to the nations, to shake off what can be shaken in the illegal manipulations in both the economy and politics, to resist all the schemes from Satan and to regain what was lost.

We encourage all the intercessors to pray for President Trump and his cabinets daily according to the prayer guidelines in the world leader section.   If the Holy Spirit reveals to you other matters regarding President Trump, please pray according to God’s will.  God bless you!

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Daily Prayer Declaration

Dear intercessors,

Today, the Editor’s team has received that in the remaining days of fast and prayer, we will pray and declare the following four topics.

Ask God to save the souls of the members of Free Mason and Illuminati 

  •  In the name of Jesus, the sovereignty of the Lord of Host will replace the control and manipulation from Freemason and Illuminati in politics, economy and other areas.
  •  In the name of Jesus, the Lord of Host will send Michael the Archangel and the angelic host to destroy the dark power from Freemason and Illuminati in politics, economy and other areas.
  • In the name of Jesus, all members that belong to Freemason and Illuminati will return to You and be saved.


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Ask God to save the souls of Islamic extremists

We know the danger that Islamic extremists bring to the world with their terror attacks, as well as their prayers that often become the curses toward Israel and the rest of the world.  Especially during Ramadan time, the destructive power of Islamic extremists can increase enormously (for example, the deadly suicide bomb attacks in the Indonesian city of Surabaya this year, and the Philippine City that was besieged by Islamic State-linked militants. Let us declare the following:

  • In the name of Jesus, the blessings and the peace of God will replace all the curses from Islamic extremists.
  • In the name of Jesus, all the terror attacks that Islamic extremists plan will fail and be interrupted before they even start.
  • In the name of Jesus, the salvation and grace of God will come into the lives of these Islamic extremists.

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Ask God to save the souls of the LGBT group

In addition, the trend of LGBT is actively searching its way in the schools of every nation, pushing the legalization of homosexual education and same-sex marriage. Therefore, we need to pray and declare the followings everyday:

  • In the name of Jesus, the promotion of LGBT ideology all over the world will fail, including the legalization of same-sex marriage and homosexual education.
  • In the name of Jesus, the grace of God and salvation will come to LGBT group.
  • In the name of Jesus, one husband and one wife system will be restored all over the world.
  • In the name of Jesus, young people will wake up and reject the ideology and value of same-sex marriage. They will embrace the truth and teaching of one husband and on wife system.

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Ask God to keep all the nations out of the war crisis and into peace 

  • In the name of the Lord, the whole world will enter into a season of reconciliation and peace, to break away from the enemy’s division, and tricks to detonate wars, and especially ask God to preserve China-US relationship, the relationship between the United States and Russia, Taiwan’s relationship with China, and the relationships between Middle East Muslim countries and Israel.

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The Testimony of Argentine Revival

As early as the 18th century, in 1818, the Scottish Baptist missionary James Thomson was sent to Argentina to teach in Latin America.  It was an early Protestant missionary under this Roman Catholic sphere. . In the 20th century, Argentina fell into a spiritual crisis…

The sin of the idol of Jezebel. In 1946, the President of Argentina, Juan. Domingo, and his beautiful wife Eva Peron who was into witchcraft, brought idolatry and fornication into the country.

Witchcraft Invasion: Magongba is a kind of sacred religion worshipped by the indigenous people of Brazil. In 1950s, the Magungba promoted low-cost “Brazil tour” to the Argentines, during the Brazil tour, groups of Argentinian were brought into the ceremonies that gave tribute to the Magungba, resulted in thousands of tourists were being possessed by evil spirit, after they returned to Argentina, it affected the spiritual atmosphere of Argentina, it was clearly controlled by the evil spirits, full of witchcraft everywhere. Before the revival, there were only a few Argentine Christians. If there are two people who believe in the Lord in the Church in Argentina, it is considered revival.

1950 – Chaco jungle area across Bolivia Paraguay Argentina: The church in Chaco had lost its original love for God. In 1950, the pastors of the local church heard the pouring out of the Holy Spirit in the South, they sent fellow workers to study.  After seeing the work of the Holy Spirit, they were greatly motivated, so they went back to Chaco to share. The hearts of the people began to seek God, especially the youth.  A girl who had always been very difficult to deal with in the church, was the first to receive the Holy Spirit. A gangster name Alexander was totally transformed by God and became a young man that prayed.  Because of prayers, the spirit of repentance was pouring out in the place, everyone old or young came to the church humbled and repented for their sins, and this revival lasted for several months.

In 1951, God visited the Bell Bible College In 1951. Alexander who was once a gangster, was called by God to be equipped in the Bible College in Bell City.  For months, Alexander went to the field outside the school at night to pray, because of his prayers, the Holy Spirit visited him and the entire college. The school was filled with the spirit of repentance and forgiveness.  People naturally prayed in the Holy Spirit, a great wave of prayers came upon everyone, whether they were students, teachers or preachers, all went into deep weeping, the old self was broken, the burden of intercession for the country deepened. They began to pray for various cities and nations by name. After three months of earnest prayers, God gave the vision to this group of persistent prayers – the Great Revival is about to come to Argentina.

1952 – Eva, who led the country into a crisis of faith, passed away. Eva, the beautiful wife of the Argentine dictator, who was passionately into spiritualism, and leads this Catholic-led country into a realm of evil spirit. She died of uterine cancer in 1952, only 33 years old.   After that, God gave a great amount of information through the prayers among the people who watched the revival in the Bells, they experienced the most difficult period of waiting with expectation for two years.  Until 1954, when the time was fulfilled, the Spirit of God came to Argentina and neighboring countries……..

1954 – The Holy Spirit spreads to Argentina in 1954, Tommy Hicks an evangelist in Washington, USA, gathered 50 young people to pray and fast for the revival for 50 days.  On the 49th day, he received a message from God to send him to Argentina to hold a meeting and told him to buy a one-way ticket to find a Mr. Peron.  He asked the stewardess, if she know a Mr. Peron in Argentina?  She replied: “Of course, he is our president!”  After arriving Argentina, he went to the presidential palace by faith.  The guards stopped him at the door.  He said that he would see the president because he wanted to hold a healing conference.   In this gathering, God will heal the sickness of the people. The guard was amazed. “God can heal people?  Can God heal me?” He said that he has hepatitis and is suffering.  So Tom held his hand and began to pray.   As soon as he prayed, the guards stepped back two steps and said, there is no pain, all the pain was gone, so he promised Tom to come back the next day and take him to the President.

On the next day, the guards took him to see the President. The local mayor was also present. Tom told the President that he would hold a healing evangelistic meeting, need to rent a gymnasium of 25,000 people, and have newspapers and radio stations to promote the evangelistic meeting. The President asked him, “Do you mean that Jesus, who has been dead for nearly two thousand years, can heal people as he did when he was on earth?” Tom replied, “Yes, I certainly believe.” The President asked again, can He heal him? Because he has a skin disease that is difficult to cure, there are scars on his face. Tom immediately held the President’s hand and began to pray.  In an instant, the President said with amazement: “Oh! I am healed! The scars are gone!”

Revival explosion – Fifty Days of Healing Evangelism Conference Due to the personal experience of the President, an order was issued on the spot to allow the people to have complete religious freedom from now on.  Later, with the cooperation of the mayor, a healing evangelistic conference was held.  Beginning a fifty-day healing mission.  A wide variety of people come to the meeting, and every day, people’s bodies were restored to health, or the minds were renewed.  Rich, poor, educated, uneducated, high-ranking, and low-ranking, governor or beggars all met God in these days.  From mid-April to mid-June 1954, almost two months, the glory of God spread throughout the land.   God touched and kissed the land, and the blood of Jesus cleansed every place to make it whole, and the traditional church began to accept the baptism of the Holy Spirit.  All walks of life have dedicated themselves, the pastors worked hard, and the Argentine churches have been greatly renewed.  Around the 1950s, this gathering was the largest in the history of the church.  According to the statistics of the police station, a total of 6 million people participated in this healing evangelistic conference, which broke the traditional dark forces of idolatry in Argentina and led to the great rejuvenation of Argentina.

The revival effect lasted for ten years. Ed Miller recorded this great revival in the book, Pastor Miller described: “The group of ecstatic people began to have hope. The original Argentine people were set on fire like Pentecostal believers.  Every night, when God released the messages of joy through Pastor Tom, the people sang in a loud voice to respond to the power of God…  They found the source of life, the healing water flowing out, and the power of God running among the people.”

Jesus is the God who was and is and is to come, and the miraculous things  He did in Argentina, can still happen today.  Let us open up our mouths to ask God, so that His will can be done in the nations as it is in heaven!

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Pursuing Intimacy With God 

Deny Ourselves and Follow You

Matthew 16:24  “Then Jesus told his disciples, “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me.”

Dear Abba Father,

We want to thank You and praise You for sending Jesus to us; while He was on the earth He lived an extraordinary life: he healed the sick, raised the dead, walked on water and calmed the storm… Every day Jesus manifested the power of His Father, yet He chose to humble Himself and obeyed the will of the Father. He became a lamb sacrifice who died on the cross for our sins that we might reconcile with our heavenly Father. Oh Abba Father, Your heart was comforted because Jesus denied himself and obeyed You. Father, we want to comfort Your heart as well. How we want to be like Jesus, humble and obedient, denying self and living a life of abundance that we might fulfill our destiny like Jesus did. But denying self is often challenging and difficult, because our spirit is willing but our flesh is weak. Oh Father, how much we need You! Help us always look to You that we might rely on You more and more. Oh that we might unite ourselves with You as a branch is connected to a vine so that we can live a life of denying self and take up our cross and follow You!

In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ we pray, Amen!

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Repentance for the City 10

For our offenses are many in your sight, and our sins testify against us. Our offenses are ever with us, we acknowledge our iniquities: and treachery against the Lord, turning our backs on our God, inciting revolt and oppression, lies our hearts have conceived. So justice is driven back, righteousness stands at a distance; truth has stumbled in the streets, honesty cannot enter. Truth is nowhere to be found, and whoever shuns evil becomes a prey. The Lord looked and was displeased that there was no justice. (Isaiah 59:12-15)

Abba Father, we acknowledge that the unprecedented fires in California last year were not by accident. These fires, which consisted of more than 9,000 wildfires, consumed 1.2 million acres of land, from Klamath National Park in the north to San Diego in the south. In the past, wildfires only burned forests but not houses; however, this fire burned down 10,800 buildings and claimed at least 46 lives, causing historic damage and casualties. The scale of the fires was so large that firefighters were at their wit’s end. After a month of continuous burning, this fire was put out not by human hands but by a sudden heavy rain. This is reminiscent of what King David experienced when he sinned by taking a census and chose to be punished by a plague for three days. After 70,000 Israelites had died, and the angel of the Lord was about to destroy Jerusalem, the Lord relented and commanded the destroying angel, “It is enough! Stop!”

Abba Father, we believe that You sent the heavy rain because of Your mercy, for You desire all to be saved, wishing none to perish. You have sent the heavy rain to quench the untamable fire to give us the opportunity to repent; however, instead of repenting, those in power in California are planning even more rebellious and wicked laws to corrupt the cities and the nation. Lord, we have gravely offended You. On behalf of myself and those in charge of our city, we repent of our sins of allowing greed, evil, deceit, sensuality, jealousy, pride, arrogance, strife, disobedience to God, love of self, love of money, and exercising of no restraint in our lives and cities. We have caused the people of California to fall into sin. Oh Lord, forgive! Cleanse us with the blood of the Lord Jesus and restore to us a heart of humility, meekness and fear of God, that we might turn back to God like King David.

In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen!

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Pray For Nations

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[Editor’s note:  In these forty days, we will first pray for the countries participating in this fasting prayer.   After that, we will pray daily for the countries in the continent according to the continents of the world.  We will select three to four countries / regions and pray for them everyday.]

Republic of Iraq

[Background and status: known as Iraq, located in the West Asia-Middle East Republic. The region where Iraq is located has historically been known as Mesopotamia and is one of the main sources of human civilization.  It has been ruled by empires such as Babylon, Persia, Greek Alexandria and Rome. Until the seventh century AD, the Islamic forces moved north from the Arabian Peninsula, and Islam began to spread in the Middle East. The population is about 31.5 million, Arabs make up about 75% of the total population, and 20% are Kurds living in the northern mountains and northeast.

Biblical origin: The banks of the Babylon River were where many biblical historical events took place. Abraham was originally from the city of Uruguay, the Iraqi Euphrates River, and moved to Canaan, which is present day Israel. The year 586BC, when the Babylonian army of King Nebuchadnezzar destroyed Jerusalem, Iraq became a place where many Jews lived in exile. For a long time, Iraq has become a place where God’s chosen people were judged and blessed.  Because the Tower of Babel was here, this was  where God has changed the language of man and scattered them all over the land.  After the resurrection of Christ, Iraq became a refuge for Christians to escape the persecution of the Roman Empire.

The gospel of the first century was spread to Iraq.  It was said that the apostles Thomas and Dato took the lead to bring the gospel there, and passed it on to the local Assyrian-Chaldeans who founded the Aramaic, and established the oldest Christian church called “Assyrian – The Eastern Church of the Chaldeans.” The Eastern Church has a tough life.  With the persecution of Roman Catholic, Muslims have risen to persecute the church.  But the church has held on to her beliefs and has been passed down from generation to generation.  It can be said to be the living fossil of the original Christian church.  In the seventh century AD, monks even went to the Tang Dynasty in China, and for the first time spread the Christian faith to China, known as Nestorianism.

In the past few decades, we have often heard news about Iraq: the Iran-Iraq War, the Gulf War, the Iraq War, the ISIS invasion, and the massive terrorist attacks. During this period, the number of local Christians has continued to drop.  Before Saddam Hussein came to power in the late 1970s, there were between 1.5 and 2 million Christians in Iraq.  After he stepped down, it was reported that only about 500,000 Christians stayed. The situation was even worse when the Islamic State invaded in 2003. The latest figure is that only about 200,000 Christians remain in Iraq.

Iraq was once the home of one of the largest Christian groups in the Middle East. But now, Christians in the country have reached the edge of extinction. Radical organizations, Islamic clerics, and government officials all targeted at Christians (and other religious minorities), making them feel unpopular.  Many Iraqi Christians still feel scared and dare not expect a better future in Iraq. Recently, the Iraqi government has asked Christians to return to their towns, saying that the locals have regained their freedom and threatened that their children would not be able to attend schools in the camps if they did not return after the summer vacation.

In end of 2017, the Islamic State ISIS, which caused many violent incidents in Iraq and nearby areas, gradually lost most of its occupied areas, including Iraq’s Mosul and Syria’s Raqqa. Although ISIS lost its advantage in Iraq, its ideology did not die. In addition, many of its members have been mixed into the public. In addition to ISIS, there are other radical Islamic organizations that want to make Iraq a purely Islamic country. 

Pray for Iraq:

Isaiah 19:23-25 In that day there will be a highway from Egypt to Assyria. The Assyrians will go to Egypt and the Egyptians to Assyria. The Egyptians and Assyrians will worship together. In that day Israel will be the third, along with Egypt and Assyria, a blessing[a] on the earth. The Lord Almighty will bless them, saying, “Blessed be Egypt my people, Assyria my handiwork, and Israel my inheritance.”

Abba Father,

  • Pray for Iraqi Christians: Thank You for strengthening the saints who were martyred for Jesus,  that the blood they shed will revive the ancient source of Iraq’s gospel.  May You heal and comfort the children of God in this land。  May You prepare a banquet in the present of the enemy, through the Holy Spirit, pour Your love upon them so that they will still have joy and peace in the midst of suffering, be strong and courageous, relying on Your mighty power to win victoriously.   Live out the life of Jesus Christ. Help Iraqi Christians who have left the country to return to the land of Iraq.  Give wisdom to the Christians who are displaced, and not sure where they should settle, so they will have a clear vision.  Abba Father, touch the heart of many missionaries to go into Iraq, to work with local believers to boldly preach the gospel, win more souls in Iraq, turn the unreached Iraqi people back, and be set free of the Islamic dark power。
  • Pray for the Iraqi people: May Your salvation comes to the Iraqi people.  Abba Father, they have experienced many wars, whether in politics, economy, in the flesh, or in the soul, leaving scars all over their body.  We ask You to heal their wounds, to remove all the bad memories, and to help let go of the hatred, put away the vengeance of the generations.  Whether they are in Iraq or out of the country, give them open hearts, ears to hear, and receive the truth of the gospel with joy.   Reveal Yourself in dreams and visions.  Let them have freedom, abundance and peace in the Lord Jesus Christ.  Lead them to You. May You be glorified in Iraq and among nations, from now to eternity.
  • Pray for radical Muslims: Please forgive these Muslims, have mercy on them because they are blinded by the king of this world, and all the evil things they did in their deception of hatred, give them the grace to repent, just like Saul became Paul, illuminate them with Your truth, so they can turn back to You in time, away from the control and manipulation of the terrorist organization, not only they are saved themselves, but also lead many of the militants who are also bound, out of the darkness into the Kingdom of light in the love of God.
  • Pray for the Iraqi military government: Please save Iraqi military officials and so they will be humbled and turn back to You. Raise up military leaders that fear God, love the people, to have wisdom, courage, and strategies, to protect the people, so that all the plots planned by the terrorists cannot succeed, and they cannot resort to action, and completely eliminate the radical organizations such as ISS and help the people to rebuild homes sooner, living and working in harmony, restoring the glory of Iraq had in the past, transforming Iraqi people, and the forces of Islam will completely disappear from this country. Lead Iraq into God’s destiny.
  • Pray for the promise of Isaiah 19: In the name of Jesus we declare, now is the day that Isaiah 19:23-25 prophesied, there will be a highway of holiness from Egypt to Assyria. The churches from Egypt to Iraq will continue to grow. The people along the highway will be saved.  Israel will worship God with Egypt and Assyria, and the people on the earth will be blessed!

Republic of Lebanon, a.k.a. Lebanon

[Background: Lebanon is situated in south-west Asia (West Asia), on the east coast of the Mediterranean Sea, and is usually called a middle-eastern nation. The north and east of this nation is connected to Syria, with Israel in the south and the Mediterranean Sea in the west. Lebanon is an area with a very long history and is the source of the Phoenicians. Due it its military strategic location between Asia, Africa and Europe, many peoples and empires have conquered and governed Lebanon in the past. Due to civil war, refugees rushing in from neighboring Syria and other factors, Lebanon’s economic growth has slowed down in the recent years and society, politics and government have been unstable. The surface area of previously war-torn Lebanon is 10452 square mile, with a population of 4.547million, of which 59.76% are Muslim, 22% are Catholics, and 8.96% are Orthodox, with only 0.54% as Christians. Lebanon is one of the most westernized nations in the middle-east, this is to do with its deep connection to Christianity in history, within its borders also lies world’s heritage and some of the oldest cities in human history. Some of the oldest of these ancient sites have 5000 years of history, and is very famous in the tourism industry.

The Lebanese president is the national leader and is traditionally assigned to a Catholic Maronite military officer, and the prime minister is the head of the government. Lebanon is one senate system, and is of the democratic parliamentary system. In order to balance the advantages of the different parties, a system of ratio representation is employed, so that no one political party has absolute advantage. The main parties are: Hezbollah – Shiite Muslim party that has close ties to Iran and Syria, and the Kataeb party – a Catholic Maronite party that is friendly to the west

Refugee crisis: after the outbreak of the Syrian crisis of 2011, 5.4 million people became refugees, of which one million of them live in this tiny “pinball nation” that is only one million square mile. According to annual investigation of the United Nations Refugees Agency, UNICEF, children foundations and food planning department, the Syrian refugees in Lebanon are more vulnerable than ever, of which three-fourths of them live under the poverty line. In this crisis which is entering the 7th year, the Syrian refugees in Lebanon rely on international aid more than ever. The UNHCR spokesman expressed in a Geneva press conference in 9 Jan 2018, in the start of the 7th year of the Syrian crisis, the Syrian refugees in Lebanon are finding it more and more difficult to meet their basic needs. At the same time, tensions between the east district of Lebanon and the refugees have increased.

Spiritual background: Lebanon has the most democratic and liberal society in the Arab world. It has the highest Christian ratio of all the nations in the middle-east (of which the majority are Catholics and Eastern Orthodox). Although Lebanon has deep religious divisions and cultural tension, it still enjoys greater religious freedom than any other Arab nation. The Lebanon people have always been worn down by religious and cultural conflicts, they still desire God and experiencing the work of the Holy Spirit. Religious freedom in Lebanon provided opportunity for the church to express their faith and preach the gospel. The middle-east need more places like Lebanon with such freedom and open attitude. Lebanon is mentioned in many Bible stories, and “the trees of Lebanon” are alluded as symbols of power and beauty in the Bible. In the gospels, Jesus is mentioned to have preached in the Lebanese cities of Tyre and Sidon. Now Lebanon is the sanctuary to millions of Syrian refugees escaping the chaos of war.

According to article in Kingdom Revival Times on 22 May 2018, Pierre Houssney, the head of middle-east and north Africa department of Horizons International, said: “Mission center for the world and middle-east” shall start “Prayer for All Nations Center” in Lebanon, this prayer center is open to all denominations to ned.

Merciful loving Abba Father

  • Pray for the people – Thank You for having mercy on the people who come to seek You in Lebanon. May Your healing power and gentle love cover the people. Cause the dead to be raised, sickness be healed and reignite hope in hopeless hearts. For the Christians, Muslims and local people who suffered such hardship due to religious and political division, only You can grant them the hope of healing and comfort.
  • Pray for the church – Encourage the Lebanese church to make use of the religious freedom, to love Your pastors and leaders, and love the Muslims with the Father’s heart. Grant the Lebanese believers boldness to preach the gospel (Acts 4:29). Protect their freedom to worship and express their faith in public. Bless and protect Your workers in the refugee areas, who serve the first responders who are casualties from the frontline.
  • Pray for gospel television broadcast and media – We pray Lord to grant courage that they will not be fearful in bringing their Muslim friends and neighbors to believe in Jesus the Prince of peace. Open the doors of the gospel, anoint them to be fishers of men. May the glory and Kingdom belong to You. Amen.
  •  Help the Syrian refugees in Lebanon – Father God, bring Your grace and peace, to comfort the hearts of the refugees. Please remember the urgent needs of food, water, shelter, sanitation and healthcare of the refugees in the middle-east, that they may receive aid that is needed. May the Lord raise up refugee center managers who are after God’s heart, to have wisdom like Joseph, to improve relations between the refugees and their host communities, create social developments that is able to help the pressing needs of the refugees that they may share and not fight over resources. May God protect the children who are most vulnerable in the fires of war, provide their needs in education, sanitation and diet etc. Father, please cause the warfare to cease in Lebanon that the refugees may return home.
  • Pray for “Prayer Center for All Nations ” – We give thanks for the prayer center that shall be launched shortly, may the Lord raise up the prayer army in Lebanon, may the fire on the altar of prayer never go out, and speed up the salvation of the unbelievers. “I have posted watchmen on your walls, Jerusalem; they will never be silent day or night. You who call on the Lord, give yourselves no rest, and give him no rest till he establishes Jerusalem and makes her the praise of the earth.” (Isaiah 62:6-7)
  • Pray for Lebanese president Michel Aoun: Heavenly Father we bless the “Christian General” president Michel Aoun.   May The Spirit of the Lord rest on him, which is the Spirit of wisdom and of understanding, the Spirit of counsel and of might, the Spirit of the knowledge and fear of the Lord” (Isaiah11:2)  May You reign in his kingdom, to fill Lebanon with the fragrance of Jesus, to become a help and blessing to all nations. In the time of instability, to shine like a star and bring people to the path of peace in Christ. May president Aoun be filled with the lively power of the Holy Spirit, to lead the Lebanese people into God’s salvation, may the joy of salvation fill the whole nation, bless this people to worship and glorify God with the fruit of their lips, In the name of Jesus we pray, Amen!

Pray for World Leaders

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  • President Trump of the United State
  • Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel President
  • Putin of Russia
  • Chairman Xi Jinping of China 

Abba Father, we thank  You for setting up these world leaders at this time.  We ask you to fill them with Your Spirit daily, bless them and their family, watch their coming and going, keep them healthy and give them wisdom to govern all the domestic and international affairs according to Your will.  May they be graceful to God’s people and protect Christian religion freedom.

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Pray for President Trump:

  • May God keep him and his family safe in their coming in and going out. We pray that God break the curses from darkness through witchcraft on President Trump and his family. We declare that these spells are annihilated. In the name of the Lord, God will bless President Trump and his family abundantly.
  • In the name of the Lord, God will protect President Trump from any plans of assassination, and any attacks in health, accidents, murder and death.
  • We pray that God heal the First Lady Melanie completely, and protect the Trump’s family, that all may go well with them, even as their souls are getting along well.
  • May God bless President Trump’s marriage, lead them not into the temptation of extramarital affairs.
  • May  God answer the prayer of President Trump and let him become the President who prays  the most.  May God help him not rely on his own intelligence, and identify in all matters, he must guide his path
  • Pray for Vice President Mike Pence and all Christian government officials who are godly and loving the Lord. May God continue to keep them and their families safe and healthy, to be able to manage the affairs of the states according to God’s will and be kind to God’s people.   May they become blessings for President Trump. We declare in the name of the Lord that they will continue to protect the freedom of religion for Christians.
  • May God manifest His righteousness, to those political leaders who are not after God’s heart, who have offended God and covered up their sins, eradicating evidences by murdering witnesses, we declare in Jesus’ name that they be brought to justice.   We pray that the Lord protect the intelligence personnel who are searching the hidden evil, the journalists and witnesses who hold the evidences.   Protect their identity not to be exposed until the evil political leaders are brought to justice.
  •  In the name of Jesus we declare, all lies, accusations, and distorted spirits, any personal attack released on President Trump through the media and leaders of all areas, be completely stopped and withdrawn.  Avenge belongs to God, He will repay.  Any weapon forged against Trump the servant of God, will not prevail against him, every tongue that accuses president Trump, will be judged!

In the name of Jesus,  we pray


Pray for Chairman Xi Jinping

Lord! As apostle Paul urges, “that petitions, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for all people—for kings and all those in authority (1Tim 2:1),” Now, we pray in the name of Jesus to bless Chairman Xi and his officials, May You bless them with heavenly wisdom to govern China. Give them especially a heart to act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly” (Micah 6:8) with you. May You raise up Christian officials round him to help him make righteous decisions, according to the heart of God, to bring peace and blessings to Taiwan, to mainland China, and to the rest of the world.   We ask You to keep Chairman Xi strong and healthy in daily administration work.   We also pray that God grant President Xi courage and wisdom to tackle corruption in the government.

God, give him a gentle, patient, calm and stable heart to face the issue of China-US trade. Because he values the peaceful relationship between both countries above all, God will have mercy toward to China, and bless China and turn things around.

Pray for Prime Minister Netanyahu:

Lord! May You anoint Prime Minister Netanyahu. May You be his shield to protect him with a pure heart and a clear mind. May he be filled with heavenly insight and understanding.   May he earnestly seek Your presence and humbly ask for Your help to face every challenge for Israel. May You manifest the salvation of Jesus Christ to him. Give him a heart that love and hunger and thirst for God, Like David, he will earnestly seek the face of God and may God satisfy his heart.   At the same time he will fully support the return of Messianic believers to Israel. We declare in the name of Jesus, Amen!

Pray for President Putin

Lord!  May President Putin know and experience You so that he may seek Your face with an earnest heart. Lord, may Your presence be his covering, and give him a thirsty heart for Your words.  May You help him to find answers on how to govern such a nation from Your scriptures.   May You raise up faithful, successful, spiritual, and wise Christians among President Putin’s officials.   May they be lifted high in authority as Josef and Daniel to minister Russia according God’s will.   May You move President Putin’s heart, to embrace churches in Russia with Your love, to grant complete freedom to churches to preach the gospel and to support ministries.   We bless the relationship between President Putin and President Trump that they may fulfill the will of the Lord! In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen!

Pray for Seven Mountains

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[Background:  The 7 Mountain Strategy is a strategy for Christians to bring about the transformation of society in accordance with the values ​​of the Kingdom of God. Transforming urban countries by changing the seven most important areas that affect society and culture.   Among them, the “Seven Great Mountains” are the seven major areas.   Advocates believe that when on the “Seven Great Mountains” Christians can rise, exert influence, or even become leaders, they can change society. The seven major mountains are: Art Entertainment / Business / Religion / Media / Education / Family / Government.  For more information on the 7 mountain strategy, please see the video by Robert Heidler。We will take turns to pray for these seven hills in these 40 days. (Source:Kingdom Prayer Network)]

Media / Communication

In the age of the Internet, we not only have traditional mainstream media, but also new media, covering and affecting the whole world.

  • Salvation for Media Reporters: Ask God to save the souls of both American and global media reporters. Ask God to forgive them for reporting lies and distorted news.  In particular, ask God to forgive them for purposely concealing truth and reporting exaggerated lies to distort the image of national leaders.  We ask God to release the Spirit of truth to the media and let all lies, distortion and deception be exposed.  Let all journalists be illuminated with the light of truth that they might see the truth, receive life, be a light in the media mountain and be used as a channel to spread the truth.
  •  Pray for More Christians to Occupy the Media Mountain: Ask God to bless those Christians who are already working in the media; strengthen them that they would stand strong in their faith and for truth. Ask God to raise up more godly and righteous ones full of the power of the Holy Spirit who would carry the light of Christ and have the courage, wisdom, strategy to be a light for the Lord reporting truth and exposing evil. Let them set a good example in the media industry: they will raise up a righteous voice to report honest and truthful news; they would not only improve the moral standards of the media, but will have a positive impact to influence and transform the society. We declare that God reigns over the media and all the channels in the airway; let all the sounds from the media be righteous sounds and let them align with the holiness and righteousness of God. Let the name of the Lord be exalted and all media proclaim the praise of God!
  • Raise Up Media Missionary Army: Ask God to help more believers to realize that the media is an excellent tool for mission, and ask God to inspire them to join the media missionary army. Let us join such an army and spread the good news of the Kingdom through the Internet, video, photo, writing, movie, drama, music, event and gathering.
  • The Church to Evangelize with Innovative Ideas: Ask God to help the church to use innovative ideas from God to spread the gospel through the Internet to those who cannot be reached by the church and to all the world. Ask God to give wisdom and strategy for the church to use new media to evangelize and establish wall-less churches. Let the church begin a new era of mission with innovative ideas.
  • Deliver Christians Who Are Addicted to Online Pornography: Ask God to deliver Christians who are addicted to online pornography.
  •  Close Down Pornography Websites: Ask God to close down any websites that promote online pornography, child pornography, etc., and let those who manipulate or engage in the pornography industry be brought to justice.
  • Cut off Resources for Ungodly Media: Ask God to cut off financial resources of media organizations that take the stand for anti-traditional marriage, anti-family value, abortion and the LGBT movement.


Urgent Prayers for Nations


Watch and pray for Taiwan’s referendum

[Current affairs: LGBT Allies have been promoting the legalization of same-sex marriage in Taiwan, and the Taiwan Church and the Anti-LGBT Alliance have also continuously promoted the boycott of the same movement. On May 24, 2017, through the interpretation of the Constitution, Taiwan became the first nation in Asia to legalize homosexual marriage.  Churches in Taiwan continue to confess and repent for Taiwan, asking God for guidance.  God has opened the door for them:  the government has decided to lower the threshold of the referendum. In response to the legislation legalizing same-sex marriage, the Church and the Anti-LGBT Alliance initiated the following three referendum proposals:

  •  Do you agree that marriage is defined as one man and one woman?
  • Do you agree that homosexual education should not be implemented for underage children in the national education system?
  • Do you agree to protect the rights of two people of the same sex to live together without changing the definition of marriage as one man and one woman?

According to the law related proposals, and the petition and the threshold of the referendum, based on the total number of 14th presidential electors, which  is 18.78 million 2,991, the threshold of the proposal is 1,879, and the threshold of the petition signatures is 281,745.  If the result shows more vote of consent, and if the votes of consent reach 1/4 of the total number of the 14th presidential electors, which is about 5 million votes,  the referendum will be passed.

Churches in Taiwan cross denomination have fast and prayed together in one accord to ask God to fight for Taiwan. From the first phase of the proposal at the beginning of the year, and the second phase of the collecting petition signatures, which will be delivered to the committee   to the third stage now – preparing for voting on November 24th, we can see the wonderful work and the guidance of God.

God’s destiny for Taiwan is to spread the gospel of the Kingdom to the mainland China, to bless her, and to bring a great revival to the churches in China. This is God’s plan. And the revival of China will also bring about a global revival.   Let us stand with the family in Taiwan, to appeal  to Heaven,  to turn the decrees on earth, to turn back to God and to accomplish God’s will for Taiwan and for nations. ]

Abba Father

  • Confess and repent for Taiwan: The body of Christ and the churches in Taiwan stand together, to ask the Lord to give us grace and the spirit of supplication to earnestly pray for Taiwan, to watch and pray!  We repent with identification prayer for homosexuality, because legalizing same sex marriage is a great sin, that grieves Your heart deeply, please forgive us! “Or do you not know that wrongdoers will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor men who have sex with men nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God.” (1 Cor. 6:9-10). Have mercy on Taiwan, breathe on to the churches that are still asleep, awaken the churches to repent completely, to be transformed, to turn back from their sins and turn their hearts back to You.
  • Establish a united prayer altar and a prayer firewall: Ask God to keep the blazing fire of prayer burning, so the church in Taiwan will hold on to the promise of 2 Chronicles 7:14 , stand in the gap with one heart and one mind, and intercede for Taiwan.   Ask God to fight for Taiwan personally, so that God’s forgiveness and redemptive grace will come, release Taiwan from the idolatry and the bondage of evil forces, and repent and self-cleanse for the heart of men, society, government, and the country, and ask God to give breakthroughs and to help Taiwan to enter into a brand new spiritual condition, and receive spiritual breakthrough.
  • Let the referendum pass smoothly: God, please stop every work of the enemies want to “steal, kill, destroy”, and every political power that try to interfere to turn to nothing, so that all the people can agree and defend the marriage is of one man and one woman family value established by God through the referendum, to protect the next generation from fornication.
  • Protect the Executive Team: God, please protect especially for the execution team. Facing strong spiritual battles, not with flesh, without gap, join together in unity, Lord, cover and keep the members of executive team healthy in their body and their hearts and minds.
  •  Send the fire of revival: Father God, send the fire of revival, strengthen the church to make an impact, and to rise up and spread the gospel more quickly, and help Taiwan to accelerate into her destiny.  May Your will be done in Taiwan as it is in heaven, Your glory will come to Taiwan. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen!

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California Bill AB2943 – ‘Unlawful Business Practices: Sexual-Orientation- Change Efforts’ (‘Conversion Therapy Practices’)

[Current Event:  ‘THE BILL MUST BE APROVED BY AUGUST 31, 2018 OR IT IS DEAD.’  One official warned at the debate for AB2943: ‘WHAT HAPPENS IN CALIFORNIA DOESN’T STAY THERE, IF BILL AB2943 PASSES, YOU CAN GUARANTEE IT WILL BE COMING TO YOUR STATE WHERE YOU LIVE SOONER OR LATER.’  AB2943 is the historical bill American forced to face today but for Christians, we know God’s Council will intervene on our behalf.

 AB2943 is presented based on a person’s (Mr. Evan Low) emotional traumatized experience at childhood with hope to correct his gender-behavior identity through therapy. His ‘pain and suffering’ internalized at the course of ‘Conversion Therapy’ and lodged deeply until older. Today, he speaks also for a like-mind community with the purpose to abolish biblical fundamental truth and help about homosexuality (though not emphasized), the ‘Conversion Therapy Practice (Professionals)’.

With various testimonies from successful ex-genders, and few advocates from religious conservative organizations…amplifying “it’s a blatant attack on the First Amendment on free speech, on the free exercise of religion.’

AB2943 aimed to shut down biblical fundamental truth, counseling and to silent the biblical voice completely. It is the enemy’s tactic using emotion to manipulate justice and decision, thus also terminate successful ‘conversion therapy’ for others.

It will also abolish religious rights, material, businesses, personal, social, home, groups, assemblies, related practices, counseling, truths, churches functions, etc.

Though the bill is ‘POSSIBLLY’ voted in by Assembly on 8/27/2018, must be concluded by 8/31/2018 or it would be cancelled’, this is the time that we trust in God that fight for us, by following God’s command, to execute our duties, to pull out the root of the lies and deception. We reject this unrighteous bill to become law in California or any states in America.  This law is based on deception, using emotional and mental state confusion to twist the true identity of man.

We believed the needs for these people are imminent and urgent…like God’s love, salvation, healing and deliverance for their body, soul and mind.

We pray:

  • Father, We bring these lost souls, who are plagued by gender identity, struggling in pains and loneliness, to the mercy seat of the Lord, and ask You to heal their broken souls, through the power of the Lord Jesus’ blood that they may be born again and saved,spirit, soul and body. We ask You to open their hearts to receive the love of healing power. We pray that they will quickly understand their calling and destiny, and they will love You with all their hearts, souls, and efforts.
  • We present AB2943 to the Court of Heaven, we pray the judgment is rendered in favor of the saints. We plead the powerful Blood of Jesus to reverse with God’s unchanging truth and Power.
  • We pray that 8/27/2018 and beyond are God’s appointed time, carried by the incense of the saints, in the Spirit of Truth and God’s sovereign Will. We pray for the reversal of ungodly decisions.
  • ‘For we are not fighting against flesh and blood, but against evil rulers and authority of the unseen world, against mighty powers in the dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places. Eph. 6:12)  Lord of Host, in Your Powerful Name, we come against the unclean force hovering over the region, we proclaim Jehovah reigns in the Land. By forgiveness of sins… for California, in north, south, east and west.…….the closing of illegal entrances and releases of  new angelic armies here to bind, to combat, to destroy lay lines over the land, over spirits of arsons, fire, addiction, witchcraft, occults, unholy sacrifices, drunkenness, lust, perversion, antagonism, disaster-prone,  insubordination, disorders, pharmakia, mind-control, rejection, lawlessness. Blindness, and deafness, lying and death.
  • Lord, we lift up Mr. Evan Low, who is pressing AB2943 based on his emotional encounter, please grant him mercy to forgive with peace and love, let him be comforted and ministered by Your Love, to receive the resurrected life of Jesus.

Thank you Jesus for Your unchanging love and promise, peace and victory. In Jesus’ Name, Amen

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Pray For Israel

Pray for overseas Jews to immigrate to Israel / Aliyah

[Background: Currently, if people with Jewish blood wish to immigrate to Israel, they would first submit an application to the Department of Interior.  After that their application will be turned over to the Jewish Agency (the Aliyah Department).  This agency would then do further background check including Goggle search for personal files.  Some of such effort can result in reports with more than 200 pages.  If a person is found to be a Messianic Jew or is affiliated with Christianity, this person’s application will be automatically rejected.  Such practice has been criticized and noted by the US State Department’s annual report: Freedom of Religion Report.  The report raised concern that this practice is only against Christianity and not against other religions such as Reform Judaism, atheism, Buddhism, Christian Science, or Hinduism.  (The above news came from “Jerusalem Post.”)]

Abba Father:

We ask You to overturn current Israel immigration policy against Messianic Jews.

  • According to Your timing, call Your people around the world to return to their homeland.  Grant them grace to hear Your call.  “In that day the Lord will extend his hand yet a second time to recover the remnant that remains of his people, from Assyria, from Egypt, from Pathros, from Cush, from Elam, from Shinar, from Hamath, and from the coast lands of the sea. He will raise a signal for the nations and will assemble the banished of Israel, and gather the dispersed of Judah from the four corners of the earth. (Isaiah 11:11-12)
  •  We ask You to release millions of Jews in America to return to their homeland.  For those in Europe, we ask You to stir their heart for Aliyah in light of rampant anti-Semitism. For those in South Africa, we ask You to stir them up for Aliyah in light of recent political and economics shakings. By the waters of Babylon, there we sat down and wept, when we remembered Zion.  How shall we sing the Lord’s song in a foreign land?” (Psalm 137: 1, 4)
  • We ask You to strengthen new immigrants with Your joy.  Help them learn Hebrew, find a way to support their family and integrate into society.
  •  Raise up people to help Jews from the nations to return to their homeland.  “Thus says the Lord God: “Behold, I will lift up my hand to the nations, and raise my signal to the peoples; and they shall bring your sons in their arms, and your daughters shall be carried on their shoulders.” (Isaiah 49:22)


Abba Father, in the name of Jesus we declare:

  • Sent Your spirit of repentance into Israel, to save the souls of Israel.
  • Holy Spirit send Your fire, to cleanse Israel, especial the heart of the people in the places and their residents where the gay parade had passed through.
  • Replace the wrong and twisted concept of same sex marriage, with the Truth of the bible and the godly marriage value, so the one husband and one wife, one man and one woman, can be fully restored in Israel!
  • Awaken the heart of the young generation, to rediscover the value of Christian family, give them a hate for the homosexual concept, and say “NO” to same sexual marriage and its behavior.
  • In the name of Jesus we declare, the fire of the Holy Spirit will rend the heaven and come down and burn down and abolish the stronghold of homosexuality in Israel, declare that our God reign, establish Your throne in Israel, revive Israel to be Your holy Kingdom.

We pray,

  • Forgiveness: Ask God to forgive the Israeli government to allow homosexual parades throughout Israel.
  • Cleansing: Ask God to cleanse the soul that has been defiled, and thoroughly cleanse and break the influence of homosexuality.
  • Blessings and Curses: Ask the Lord to let Israel commemorate the words of God’s blessings on mount Gerizim, and use the words of God’s curse on the mount Ebalto knock open their hearts, so they will have the fear of the Lord, and turn back to God.
  • The love of Jesus: The love of Jesus being released among the ultra-orthodox and liberal Jews, let the truth of God to bring them freedom. Bind the strong men who make them hate each other, give peace and unite with each other.
  • Pure and clean heart: May God restore Israel’s pure and clean heart toward Christ, and be dedicate to Christ alone.

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Bless Israel to Walk In God’s Will

  • Bless Israel to receive God’s love and salvation:  “The LORD appeared to us in the past, saying: ‘I have loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you with unfailing kindness.’” (Jeremiah 31:3)  Lord, forgive the sins of rebellion of Israel.  “I will heal their waywardness and love them freely, for my anger has turned away from them.” (Hosea 14:4)  We join our hearts to bless Israel to walk in God’s will, to receive God’s incomparable love into their hearts, and to turn back to God!  Abba Father, we ask that You remove the veil that covers the face of Your people and release the Spirit of the LORD to fill the country of Israel so that salvation will come to Your people.
  • Bless the relationship between Israel and the countries in the Middle East:We bless the relationship between Israel and the countries in the Middle East.  Lord, we pray that You rebuild the desolate places, remove the vengeance of the generations, restore the brotherly love between Isaac and Ishmael, and between Jacob and Esau.  Lord, use the church as an instrument for reconciliation to rebuild the foundation which has been demolished throughout the generations.  May the precious blood of our Lord Jesus Christ wash away the sins in the Middle East, and abolish the sins from the lust such as unforgiveness, bitterness, envy, anger, arrogance, malice, brutality….etc.
  • Bless the Church to unite in Christ with Israel:  Abba Father, we ask that You forgive us, Gentiles, who have been blinded by Replacement Theology and resisted Your elect, Israel.  Please give us the love You have for Israel so that we can love the Jews, our elder brothers with Your love.  Help us understand their pain from being torn apart.  Remove the dividing wall between us so that we can love one another in unity.  May Israel and the Church become one and align with God and with one another, that the Jews and the Gentiles will accomplish what You through the Messiah have destined us in the end times, and that together we will serve You and be witnesses to the world.  (John 13:35; 17:21)
  • Holy Spirit will flood Israel with His waves of revival:May the waves of revival from the Holy Spirit flow into each and everyone of us who are fervent for God and Israel.  May their ministries and strategies in Israel be established and strengthened by God.  The shaking in Israel is the shaking of the whole world.  The revival in Israel will also be the revival of the whole earth.  Lord, establish a 24/7 firewall of prayers all over the world to watch and intercede for Jerusalem.  Lord, we call forth those who will never be silent day or night, and will not rest and give Him no rest till He establishes Jerusalem and makes her the praise of the earth.  (Isaiah 62:6-7)


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Pray for the US New Middle East Peace Program

[Current Affairs: 8/22 Jerusalem Post: Addressing a rally in West Virginia, Trump said that the Palestinians would soon “get something very good” in return for the May embassy move “because it’s their turn next.”. Many have speculations concerning the new Middle East peace plan led by President Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner, Israel may have to pay a high price. We will not make much analysis here, but we must ask everyone to be alert and pray for the upcoming Trump administration’s Israeli-Palestinian peace plan. ]

  • Psalm 33:10-11 The Lord foils the plans of the nations; he thwarts the purposes of the peoples. But the plans of the Lord stand firm forever, the purposes of his heart through all generations..
  •  Proverbs 19:21 Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.
  • Proverbs 21:1 In the Lord’s hand the king’s heart is a stream of water that he channels toward all who please him.

Pray for Israel:

  •  Bless Israel: God, give heavenly sight and wisdom to all those involved in the planning of this new Middle East peace plan, to align their hearts with the mind of God, and to use this program to continue to cover Israel and help Israel to enter into her destiny.
  • Declare for President Trump: God said in Isaiah 44:28, “who says of Cyrus, ‘He is my shepherd and will accomplish all that I please; he will say of Jerusalem, “Let it be rebuilt,” and of the temple, “Let its foundations be laid.” In the name of the Jesus, we declare and pray for Trump, he is the servant of God, all his decisions are aligned with the mind of God, continue to help Israel unconditionally, and to protect Israel!
  • United States – The channel God uses to blesse Israel: God, continue to rise up around Trump counselors that fear God and understand the heart of God in the End-Time, so United States will walk in God’s plan, to stand with Israel, and continue to be God’s blessing to Israel, and be blessed by God
  • May Israel relies on God more than everything: God, strengthen the leaders of Israel. “It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in princes (Psalm 118:9), relying on You more than everything, experiencing Your faithfulness and promises.
  •  God’s will be done in the New Middle East peace plan: In the name of Jesus, we declare the Lord God, who was and is and here to come, is reigning over all the land of Israel from now and forever. God’s will shall be done in this new Middle East peace plan!