Daily Prayer ( 8/10 )

Date: 8/10 ( 10th Day )

Urgent Prayer Request!

Please pray for those people who are involved in organizing and making this Global 40 Day Prayer And Fast movement possible.  Particularly,  please pray for the spiritual leaders, their co-workers and their family members, the behind-the-scene editorial team and their spiritual coverings, and family members.  The son of one of the main leaders got sick, vomiting blood and hospitalized for three days.  Please ask God to:

  • protect everyone involved in the global prayer and fast and their family.  May God watch their coming and going and  keep them healthy and properous spirit, soul and body.
  • bless the editorial team to be able to receive from God and translate it in words speedily and accurately.


[Editor’s note]

Dear brothers and sister,  thank you so much for your willingness to pay the price to stand together with us and labor along side with us to intercede for Nations. We want to give a warm and friendly reminder that if God did not lead you to do a 40-day water fast, please do not go on such fast on your own, this may cause harm to your body. May you seek the Lord for his Direction as to the length and way to fast, please refer to the guidance for praying and fasting. 

  • The Catholic Church in Spain also voiced their opposition towards homosexuality.  The archbishop Demario Fernandez of Córdoba told his congregants in December that the United Nation has been aggressively shifting the world to become a homosexual community. 
  • In the blog by Zaragoza, who is the leader of the Holy See Family Ministry in the parish of Antonelli, also said that there is a project in the Scientific and Cultural Organization of the United Nations working to convert half of the world population into gays/lesbians.     
Dear intercessors,
Although we as the editing team have been revealing the spiritual conditions and facts for various nations in the past few days as various prayer items, each of you, please pray in agreement.  But let us not focus on the negative issues,  instead we trust in God’s greatness for His salvation and power of revival. Through the global unison of prayers, God will surely revive and transform the nations.  God will reveal what are the destructive plans of the enemy , so that we can stand in the gap for the nations.  God will hinder the attacks of the enemies.  Just like how God used Elisha to warn the Israeli King the plots of the Syrian king to kill him, so the Israeli king can evade the ambush from the enemies(II Kings 6:8-10). Likewise, God will also reveal to us the schemes/traps from the enemies, how they want to destroy and take captives the people of God and how they want to destroy our future generations.
Due to the fact that many people don’t usually pay attention to the international affairs, they don’t know how to intercede for the nations.  Here we want to pinpoint the schemes of the enemies so that we can pray for the nations according to God’s will.  Like in the book of Ezekiel chapter 8, how God reveals to Ezekiel that the Israeli were worshiping idols.  In the book of Revelation chapter 2 and 3, John had been revealed by the spiritual conditions of the 7 churches, among which 5 need to repent. We pray that Jehovah the almighty Captain of  the hosts will reveal to us how to pray for the nations accordingly to His will.  We encourage you, brothers and sisters, in your prayer, ask God to give you strategies and directions so that our prayers are in the will and alignment of God.  Like I John 5:14-15says “ 14 This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us. 15 And if we know that he hears us—whatever we ask—we know that we have what we asked of him.”
When we know what the strongholds are for the nations, our prayer will then focus on the salvation and revival of God, thus proclaiming God’s prophetic words”.  Let us fix our eyes on the victorious, omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent great God!
The transformation of the city Hemet of California 
The city Hemet used to be the epicenter for the satanic occultism.  Due to the dominating dark force there, it is also a drug trafficking center.  The drug sniffing problem is very severe.  In combination with the serious gangster problem, the dark force also kept the people there in darkness, and the churches were also competing against one another.  But  God awoke the churches so they united to pray together in agreement and in repentance, sought after God’s face, found out the strongholds of the city, prayed against it, and pleaded God to fight for them.  They prayed in agreement with persistence, and fast until the moment that God demolished the strongholds.  Many occult groups retreated from there.  Later an occult meditation center got burned by the fire from the woods, yet neither sides of the building got burned.
God continue to work there to bring gigantic transformation and breakthroughs.  By their unifying prayers, not only had they caused the occult groups to leave there, but also brought to justice those drug dealers, later repented and returned to our God.  Among which is a drug dealer, when he was on his way to kill an individual, suddenly Holy Spirit took hold of his steering wheels,  and steered him to a church, the pastor prayed for him, and he accepted the Lord.  The churches united together to share gospels by holding events in the community.  They not only shepherded their own churches, they even united to shepherd the whole city.  Glory to God!
Dear intercessors, keep pressing in, with our unifying prayers, God will bring us transformation in the various cities/nations.  in the name of Jesus Christ we decree and declare, amen!

Pursuing Intimacy With God 

His Name is Above All Names

Mathew 6:9 “… Our Father in heaven, hallowed be Your name.”

Our Father in heaven, may Your name be honored over all the earth. How beautiful is Your name; Your name is great!  How precious it is to meditate upon Your names during the fast. Jehovah-Jireh, You are our Provider. Jehovah-Rohi, You are our Shepherd; You take care of all our needs and we will never lack. Elohim, You are the Creator; YHWH, You are the Great I AM. Almighty God Elyon, let everything that has breath praise You!  Jehovah-Shalom, You give us peace. Jehovah-Rapha, You send out Your words and heal us. Who is like You? Jehovah-Shammah, You are with us; oh, God of Emmanuel, Your name is like sweet smelling oil poured forth; how we love You! Jehovah-Nissi, You are our Banner; Your banner over us is love! Jehovah-Tsikenu, You are our Righteousness; let Your Spirit of Righteousness wash away all our filth!  Oh, El-Shaddai Almighty God, Adonai our Lord, through the revelation of Your names, help us get to know You more that we may be one with You.

In the name Lord Jesus we pray, Amen!


Repentance for family 05

You shall not bow down to them or worship them; for I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God, punishing the children for the sin of the parents to the third and fourth generation of those who hate me, but showing love to a thousand generations of those who love me and keep my commandments. (Ex. 20:5 – 6)

 Christ redeemed us from the curse of the law by becoming a curse for us, for it is written: “Cursed is everyone who is hung on a pole. (Gal. 3:13)

Abba Father, I represent myself, my family, and our ancestors to confess and repent for any blood covenants they may have made with the enemy. In the name of Jesus, I declare: I renounce every vow made by my ancestors with the enemy; I break every word, the power of every word, and declare them null and void, in the name of Jesus.

On behalf of me and my family, I confess and repent for any sacrifices my ancestors made to false gods and evil spirits, and for eating food used in sacrifices. I declare in the name of Jesus: I abolish the ritual of the ancestral sacrifice. The sacrifices, the knives used, the instruments, the prayers, etc. I declare in the holy name of Jesus Christ that these rituals are totally ineffective, cutting off the connections of all ungodly soul ties with the ancestors and breaking all the curses brought by these sacrifices.

(You may skip the sins that you did not commit in the following prayer, or you may stand in the gap and repent on behalf of others.)

On behalf of me and my family, I confess and repent of the sinful behavior of our ancestors who may have drank blood, eaten flesh, and used water, rice, blood, or other objects to sacrifice to the devil, false gods, and evil spirits (includingengaging with ghosts). In the name of Jesus Christ, I declare: I renounce and abolish any behaviours of my ancestors that may have shed innocent blood, including drinking blood, eating flesh, and sacrificing to the devil, false gods, and evil spirits with water, rice, blood, or other objects. In the holy name of Jesus Christ, I break the curses brought by all these sins, especially curses to the blood. (Pray for the Lord to break all the curses of the blood.)

On behalf of me and my family, I confess and repent of the sins of our ancestors who may have made a wish in idol temples. I declare in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ: I renounce all these sin. In the holy name of Jesus Christ, I cancel and destroy all the wishes made, and the curses that these sins have brought.

Abba Father, I come in the name of Jesus, to confess these sins in my family. I now hand over all theseunknowingly inherited punishments to Jesus, to let Him bear them for me and make atonement for me. Bythe wounds and punishmentsHe has borne, I am released from all these negative influences.Thank You, Lord, I can give every burden to You. I receive Your deliverance to be set free. I also choose to forgive every ancestor who had ever brought me curses, so that they can be freed from the debts they may owe me and be set free.

In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.


Pray For Nations

[Editor’s note:  In these forty days, we will first pray for the countries participating in this fasting prayer.   After that, we will pray daily for the countries in the continent according to the continents of the world.  We will select three to four countries / regions and pray for them everyday.]

Ireland: Restore righteous and holy values, take back the land from the hands of the enemy!
[ Background: The Republic of Ireland has a population of 4.6 million, about 90% of which are Catholic. Nonetheless, in November 2015, a nationwide referendum was passed to legalize same-sex marriage, with 75% voting “yes”. As a result, Ireland became the first nation in the world to legalize same-sex marriage by national referendum.
The Catholic church has always been against the legalization of same-sex marriage, but the situation now cannot be overturned. The Catholic church expresses that the result of the referendum is a reflection of the societal changes, and that the church should re-examine its responsibilities and challenges. News reports show that Ireland is becoming more and more secular; and due to multiple child sexual abuse scandals, confidence in the Catholic church has severely decreased. Ireland declared homosexuality “non-criminal” 22 years ago. Furthermore, since 2011, homosexual couples can register themselves as legal partners. Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar publically admitted to his own homosexuality. Europe has already had three national leaders who identify as homosexual. In 2009, Iceland’s female prime minister, Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir, became the country’s first homosexual prime minister. The second is Belgium’s ex-prime minister, Elio Di Rupo, and third is Luxembourg’s prime minister, Xavier Bettel.
On May 25 of this year, Ireland had a landslide referendum decision to relax its strict laws against abortion. The result of this referendum is called “a revolution” by its supporters, and “a tragedy” by its opponents. 】
Father, we stand in the gap and intercede:
  • Forgive the Irish people: a nationwide referendum was passed that legalized same-sex marriage, with a 75% “yes” vote. As a result, Ireland became the first nation in the world to legalize same-sex marriage by national referendum. Forgive them for the wrong decision they made while being blinded and deceived. May God save their souls, and may the Lord forgive their gradual secularization.
  • Revive the Irish church: May God bring revival to the Irish church to rise up in repentance, to fast and pray, to stand in the gap. In this time when darkness covers the earth, may the church shine brightly, and preach the Word of life. Raise up apostles like St. Patrick during the great Irish revival of the past, who was filled with passion for the Kingdom of God, and once again bring in revival to Ireland and display the glory of the Kingdom of God! Help the Catholics to be born-again Christians, may God’s glorious presence be shown towards them.
  • Outpouring of the Spirit upon Catholics: May God forgive child sexual abuse by the clergy, which has caused the reputation of the Catholic church to be severely diminished. May the Lord forgive them. Please pray for the many Catholics who are stuck in dead religion to turn towards faith and prayer that is alive in Christ. Pray for renewal from the outpouring of the Spirit, help them experience salvation first-hand and develop intimacy with God.
  • Pray for the government of Ireland: Ask the Lord to save the souls of the government of Ireland. May the Righteous King govern the hearts of the Irish government and its people, save them from self-righteousness and filth. May the Holy Spirit of the Lord, cleanse and purge Ireland of unrighteousness.
  • Pray for Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar: May Your mercy fall upon Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar, forgive his ignorance and rebellion against You. By the power of the Father and the love of the Lord Jesus Christ, bring him swiftly and humbly before the Lord, that he would be convicted of his own sins. May the Lord fill him with the Holy Spirit, awaken his spirit to be zealous for the name of the Lord. May the Lord by His righteousness, mercy and love heal Ireland and lead all of Ireland back to the right path back to Him, and thereby receive the abundant blessings of the Lord.

Armenia: May God once again raise up this nation that was the first Christian Nation in the world,(1700 years of history) to be filled with the word and the spirit of God, to continue to shine in West Asia.   The majority of the Armenians are Christians。 

[Background: Armenia is an Inland country located between Asia and Europe.  In 301 BC Armenia became the first nation that Christianity is the nation’s religion.   Majority of the Armenian Christians are of the Eastern Orthodox Church originated from Ethiopia and Egypt.  However, surrounded by Islamic Nations, the issue of national border disputes, Armenia has become a turbulent gunpowder reservoir area in the Caucasus.

During the 16th century Armenian came under the rule of the Ottoman and Iranian empires, 1805-1828 Eastern Armenia had been conquered by the Russian Empire, while most of the western parts of the traditional Armenian homeland remained under Turks rule. The Christian Armenians became the second class citizen experiencing continuous persecution and martyrdom.  Unlike the holocaust of the Jews, the 1915 Armenian Genocide, also known as the Armenian Holocaust, was the Ottoman government’s systematic extermination of 1.5 million Armenians. It is the greatest genocide in the 20th century, that went on until 1923.  . Today, most historians call this event a genocide: a premeditated and systematic campaign to exterminate an entire people.   However, the Turkish government still does not acknowledge the enormity or scope of these events.

 People believe in the first century, one of the 12 disciples of Jesus, Bartholomew, had been a missionary to India. Upon learning of the death of Thaddeus, Bartholomew went into Armenia to continue Thaddeus’ mission.  he was hated and rejected by the local religious leaders. The king accused him of deceiving his wife and children and his brother and warned him if he does not stop preaching the gospel, he will go through the harshest death penalty. Bartholomew answered with boldness, “I am not deceiving them, I am helping them to come back to the truth. I rather testify with my own blood  and will not go against my conscious and my belief”. The King has no choice but to persecute him with cruelty and nail him on the cross upside down and peeled his skin. 

According to the Armenians, a group of French Christian archaeologists discovered the remains of Noah’s Ark. The appearance and size are the same as those described in Genesis 6:14-16. Therefore, the faith of the Armenian has been strengthened.  Despite all kinds of sufferings, they continue to persist and become a evangelical nation. There are 2.38 million believers (1.36 million baptized ) It accounts for 75% of the total number of Armenian Christians.

Abba Father we pray

  • For the people of Armenia: Lord Jesus please forgive the Turkish Muslims that started the 1915 genocide and killed  millions of Armenian Christians.   Lord, please heal their hearts and souls, and help them to be able to completely forgive the sinful act of the Muslims. Lord, we asked you to save the souls of the Muslim in Turkey. Remedying the Armenians’ massacres by the Turks (Muslims) so they’ll be healed of their souls, break off the bandages, out of Shame and become a vessel that can be used by God。
  • Pray for the refugee in Armenia:  Lord,  have mercy on the refugees, so they can return safely back to the land. Comfort them with your loving arms and embrace them, strengthen their faith, help them to trust in you, not be shaken,  continuously fight the good fight, preach the gospel and lead people to the Lord.
  • Pray for the different races in Armenia to come together:  Lord, bring unity among races!  May your mercy come into their hearts and help them to show love and forgiveness to their enemies and to persevere.   Please breakdown the dividing wall. Let the love of Christ melt the discrimination and differences between races, so they can forgive and be one in Christ. May you save the souls of different races
  • Pray for the church in Armenia:   God,  please raise up your church, to stand up and pray and cry out in one accord, to provide the need in their ministries, strengthen their faith and love, that they can still show the truth the love of God in extreme difficulties, and be a testimony for God. God,  help those people that have never met you to come to you. Bless them to become the prayer warrior of the end time just like the Armenia monk  in the old days that they know how to establish personal intimacy relationship with Christ, and to establish the kingdom and territory that belong to our Lord in the land.
  • Pray for prime minister Nicole Pashinyan of Amenia: Father God, we asked You to watch and keep the prime minister Pashinyan and his family to have peace, so that he will have the fear of the Lord, to trust in you, to have wisdom in what he does, In his new term he will lead his cabinet to do righteous work, to break down all the greed, power struggles and Corruptions, To stabilize the government. Restore relationship with Russia and other neighboring nations to have peaceful and staple diplomatic and economic relations, making the country’s economy prosper and the people living in peace and give You glory.

Pray for World Leaders

  • President Trump of the United State
  •  Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel President
  • Putin of Russia
  • Chairman Xi Jinping of China 


Abba Father, we thank  You for setting up these world leaders at this time.  We ask you to fill them with Your Spirit daily, bless them and their family, watch their coming and going, keep them healthy and give them wisdom to govern all the domestic and international affairs according to Your will.  May they be graceful to God’s people and protect Christian religion freedom.

Pray for President Trump:

  • Pray for God to grant Trump wisdom and strategy to facilitate peace between China and Taiwan.
  • Ask God to break all the Satanists’ curses on the body and mind of Trump and his family, especially curses of health and murder.
  • Ask God to keep Trump humble with a heart of dependency on God to govern America. Let his policy decisions, not only bring blessings to the United States, but also bring peace in the world, especially in the relation between China and Taiwan.
  • Ask God to help President Trump focus on the importance of establishing a peaceful relationship with Chairman Xi Jinping.  Let there be beautiful relationship between the two countries.


Pray for Chairman Xi Jinping:  

Thank God for choosing Chairman Xi Jinping to the leader of China at this moment。 We bless him to be a wise leader who loves the people and the country.  May  God to continue to bless him and his family.

  • Ask God to save the soul of Chairman Xi Jinping, give him a new heart and a new spirit, and appear in his dream as God appeared to King Nebuchadnezzar. Raise up people like Daniel to help him govern the country and even help him know the greatness of God. Let him humble himself before God and receive salvation, trust God and align with God so that his policies can bless the Chinese church and all aspects of the country.
  • Ask God to give Chairman Xi Jinping wisdom to make policies according to God’s will concerning China’s environmental pollution and trade issues with the U.S


Pray for Prime Minister Netanyahu

  • Ask God to show Israeli Prime Minister in his dream that homosexuality is extremely defiling and destructive to Israel. From now on, let the Gay Pride Parade be prohibited in Israel.

Pray for Seven Mountains

[Background:  The 7 Mountain Strategy is a strategy for Christians to bring about the transformation of society in accordance with the values ​​of the Kingdom of God. Transforming urban countries by changing the seven most important areas that affect society and culture.   Among them, the “Seven Great Mountains” are the seven major areas.   Advocates believe that when on the “Seven Great Mountains” Christians can rise, exert influence, or even become leaders, they can change society. The seven major mountains are: Art Entertainment / Business / Religion / Media / Education / Family / Government.  For more information on the 7 mountain strategy, please see the video by Rober Heidler。We will take turns to pray for these seven hills in these 40 days.]


[Background: Today’s global sex education advocates that homosexual teaching is a must . Countries such as the United States and Taiwan teaches sex education in their curriculum and even demonstrate and practice masturbation in the classroom. It has greatly defile the next generation.  Satan wants to completely seize the next generation and push the world to be like Gormorrah and Sodom.   Even the church youth is affected.  This is the biggest crisis in the global education system.

  • The Catholic Church in Spain also voiced their opposition towards homosexuality.  The archbishop Demario Fernandez of Córdoba told his congregants in December that the United Nation has been aggressively shifting the world to become a homosexual community.
  • In the blog by Zaragoza, who is the leader of the Holy See Family Ministry in the parish of Antonelli, also said that there is a project in the Scientific and Cultural Organization of the United Nations working to convert half of the world population into gays/lesbians.

(Source: the Christian Post)


[Editor’s Note: ]

Dear intercessors:

From the information stated in the above background section,  we can all see as the parish in Catholic church has pointed out,  the United Nation has been aggressively shifting the world to become a homosexual community and there is a project in the Scientific and Cultural Organization of the United Nations working to convert half of the world population into gays/lesbians.   There is a great behind the homosexuality.  One of the strategies to promote the homosexuality is through sex education in many nations. To try to steal our children, to teach them homosexual value to our children from age 5 years on.

Therefore we must come together, with fasting, to cry out to God, for God to fight the battle for us, to rescue our next-generation,  to come out of the defilement of the value system of homosexuality, to completely abolish the evil plan of United Nations to convert half of the world population into gay / lesbian.  May God raise up and establish leaders that have the fear of the Lord to turn over the law that has legalized same-sex marriage and homosexuality.  In Jesus name we declare, God will use the joint effort of the parents in the whole globe to make our voice  be heard in United Nation as well as on campuses, to forsake all the sex education concerning homosexuality, not to defile the Next Generation. We cry out to God to dispatch Arch Angel Michael  to lead the host of angels to fight the Dark Force behind homosexuality to continue to capture our next Generation.   May God cleanse all the hearts and soul sthat have been defiled, and completely cleanse and break off the influence of homosexuality

  •  In the name of Jesus we declare the campus of all the world will open the door to the teachings of  the truth in the Bible and close the door to the teaching of homosexuality
  • In the name of Jesus we declare, our God is a Victorious King, He is the captain of The Host.  He will listen to our prayer of one accord.  He will lead Archangel Michael and the hosts of angels, to win the victorious battle graded for the next Generation to demolish sex education  on homosexuality to be taught in school.
  • In the name of Jesus we declare, the fire of the Holy Spirit will rend the heaven and come down, burn and distinguish all the stronghold the homosexual has set up in the campus. We declare Our God Reign, establishing the Throne of God in each campus, revive the campus to become a Holy Kingdom of God.


  • Ask God to forgive the United State, Taiwan and other countries that teach sex education to pollute the next generation.  May God’s mercy come upon us and move God’s children in the United States, Taiwan and other countries to fight against the dark forces behind homosexuality, launch holiness movement to turn the tide of homosexuality and abolish all the ungodly sex education.
  • Ask God to raise up god-fearing children of God to enter into the education system, produce teaching materials full of God’s knowledge and truth to replace the existing wrong teaching about sex, life and religion, so that the whole world will be full of the knowledge of the Lord and establish godly education system.
  • Ask God to keep those god-fearing councils in the board of education to continue to speak for the Lord and stop the sex education.  May God keep them safe and watch their coming and going.
  • Pray especially for US school shootings and global campus bullying and drug trafficking.  May God put an end to such incidents at school.  Protect the campus and keep the students safe.
  • Pray for revival of the campus:  May God pour out His Spirit over campuses, ignite the fire of intercession and establish the alter of prayers.  Let prayers return to the campus.
  • Pray for the elite schools in all countries, such as Ivy-league universities and ask Holy Spirit to work in these universities to win over the souls of the students.


Urgent Prayers for Nations

Pray For Muslims Worldwide

[In the news:  The Status of Muslim Refugees Worldwide

Muslim refugees in Asia

According to the British Financial Times,India has excluded more than 4m people living in its tea-growing Assam state from a list of citizens, raising fears that they risk being rendered stateless.  Those left off a draft of the National Register of Citizens for Assam were unable to provide sufficient proof to satisfy authorities that they or their ancestors were residents of the state before the turbulent 1971 creation of Bangladesh, India’s predominantly Muslim neighbour.  Assam’s indigenous residents have complained for decades about the influx of what they say are illegal Bengali-speaking migrants during and since Bangladesh’s war of independence from Pakistan. Tensions between indigenous groups and those they consider outside “settlers” have boiled over into large scale ethnic violence in the past.

Why is their home country Bangladesh not receiving the Muslim refugees? The overcrowded population of Bangladesh has exploded, and the local population has no place to stand. How can we accept overseas Bangladeshi people again! Isn’t this the key to the problem? They gave birth without control and madly occupied the land they resided with the population. The Bangladeshi who fled to Assam accounted for 12.5% ​​of the entire population in just 50 years!

The status of Muslim Refugees in Europe :

Over the years, influenced by the values ​​of democracy, freedom, and pluralism, civil society has prevailed inclusiveness of Muslims so that the whole world is covered with a strange color: Muslim terrorists attack, and the media is not in a hurry to condemn the murderer, but called on the people to go to the streets to embrace the Muslims, lest they feel discriminated against. Humanity and simple values ​​have been abandoned, and questions that have been asked have been characterized as racism and political inaccuracy. Mainstream public opinion has turned a blind eye to the disasters and massacres created by Muslims. It only asks countries to accept refugees and criticize countries for not helping refugees enough.

The tolerance of civilized society has not reached the expectations of those who love Muslims . In 2015, the refugees captured Europe and enjoyed the material assistance provided by the European people. They did not understand the culture of the host country, nor did they adapt to the civilized society and changed themselves. Instead, they repeatedly committed evil and bullied the aborigines. In less than three years, the beautiful cities of Paris and Cologne became a human hell.


Genesis 16:7-13   

The angel of the Lord found Hagar near a spring in the desert; it was the spring that is beside the road to Shur.   And he said, “Hagar, servant of Sarai, where have you come from, and where are you going?” “I’m running away from my mistress Sarai,” she answered.   Then the angel of the Lord told her, “Go back to your mistress and submit to her.”  The angel added, “I will so increase your descendants that they will be too numerous to count.”   The angel of the Lord also said to her: “You are now with child and you will have a son. You shall name him Ishmael, for the Lord has heard of your misery.   He will be a wild donkey of a man; his hand will be against everyone and everyone’s hand against him, and he will live in hostility toward all his brothers.”   She gave this name to the Lord who spoke to her: “You are the God who sees me,” for she said, “I have now seen the One who sees me.”

Genesis 17:20   

And as for Ishmael, I have heard you: I will surely bless him; I will make him fruitful and will greatly increase his numbers. He will be the father of twelve rulers, and I will make him into a great nation.

Father God we pray:
You promised to bless the descendants of Ishmael, you would do it according to Your own word.  You love every soul and want the whole world to be safe and not one perish.   You desire even more for the wicked to turn from their wicked way.   May  God that watch over people will begin to speak to the descendants of Ishmael. We hope more of the Muslims will return back to Jesus Christ, because there is no other name than the name but Jesus given to us for us to be saved. So we cry out to You for the Muslim terrorist, forgive them of their unrighteousness, open up their eyes to see they are deceived by the devil, to remove violence, cruelty and Spirit of indifference, so the hands of the evil will be removed from this religious group.   Father God, send down Your mercy, grace and kindness to fill the Muslim Nations.  Shine Your Light into the darkness of the hearts of the Muslim.   May the mercy of God triumphs over judgement, so their hearts and minds will be turned back to Jesus Christ, no longer be controlled by the dark forces.   May God release the bondage of the people suffering in this religion and the sould that have been oppressed. Heal the heartd and sould of everyone that has been harmed by this religion, forgive and have mercy on these Muslim nations. May the blood of Jesus cover heavily these nations.   May Jesus Christ receive the souls. The Revival fire of the Holy Spirit will burn in these area, burn in every Muslim family . In the name of Jesus, we declare there will be groups and groups of Muslim warriors repent and reconcile with You and with Israel, and with Christians!  May the name of Jesus be victorious and overcome again and again!

Pray for Chicago Shooting

[In the news: August 5, one of the most violent weekends in Chicago, in a short span of 14 hours,  there were several gun shot incidences.   At least 70  people were shot and 11 deads.Their ages spanned from 11 to 62 years old. Mayor Rahm Emanuel declared the city a Trump-free zone, but NOW his own people are rebuking the failed Democrat policies and BEGGING the president for help. The level of violence in Chicago ought to be unimaginable in America’s third largest city, yet over 1,700 people have been shot so far this year. ]

We pray to God

  •  Give president Trump wisdom to know how to handle gun shooting cases and similar issues in this nstion. 
  • Heal the people who are wounded during these shooting incidences, bring them to quick recovery.
  • Comfort the families of wounded or killed with the love of God, help them come out this dark time quickly, and help them recognize they can only find true peace in Jesus Christ.
  • May Your salvation come to the shooter, for them to see that Jesus came to save the sinner. There is grace for those who repent.
  • Give the investigators wisdom and protection in finding the killers and break the case quickly and safely.
  • Bring revival to Chicago, raise up the church in Chicago through these events,  to pray for their own city and government for the revival to come.

Pray For Israel

Pray for Repentance of Israel


Please pay attention to this note:

[This year is Israel’s 70th anniversary but the Israeli government allows the Gay Pride Parade in eight Israeli cities between June 8th till August 2nd and the finale of the parade took place in Jerusalem on August 2nd. This has opened a huge gap for the enemy. When Israel celebrates the founding of the nation 70 years ago, Satan enticed the Israeli people to enter into demonstrations promoting homosexuality, to sin against God and to provoke His indignation, so that surrounding enemies may take the chance to attack Israel. Its ultimate purpose is to block and thwart God’s plan to bring His divine calling and destiny for Israel to fullness, especially at such a season when Israel enters her 70th year of establishment. but our God is victorious.   Let us join us to pray for Israel and believe that God will completely turn Israel around and regain lost ground.]

  • Ask God to forgive the Israeli government for allowing gay parades throughout Israel
  • May God give Israel the spirit of repentance and save the souls of Israelites
  • Let the fire of the Holy Spirit continue to cleanse Israel, especially the places where the parades have passed by and the hearts of the people in those cities. May God have mercy on Israel, and rid Israel of the defilement caused by the gay parades, both on the land and on people’s heart


Praying for the Turmoil of Gaza-the border

[In the news: 8/9 Hamas fired more than 150 rockets into the Israeli Gaza border residential areas; there were some injuries in Israel.  Israel also retaliated with rockets at  140 Hamas’  military locations in Gaza. The long-term cease-fire  negotiations between the two sides was interrupted. Hamas said the move was in retaliation for Israel’s assassination of its members and the blockade of the Gaza Strip. Iran has expressed its support and will do everything in its power to support Palestinian resistance to Israel. The Israeli military said that the Hamas attack on Israel is still under Iranian manipulation. Israel does not rule out retaliation against Iran.

At least 150 rockets have fallen into Israel, and the country’s “Iron Dome” anti-missile system has intercepted at least 11 incoming rockets. Although the interception rate is much lower than expected, the Israeli military said it’s big. Some rockets have fallen into the open space, so the iron scorpion anti-missile system will not intercept these targets. ]

  • Pray for the Israeli residents of the Gaza border and nearby: May God show His mercy upon the lives of the Israelites on the Gaza border and minimize the disaster.
  • Pray for the Muslim people in Gaza: Ask God’s salvation to come to the innocent people, and let them know the one true God of the supremacy.
  • Pray for the Israeli government: Pray for God to pray for the humble spirit, touch the heart of Netanyahu, and lead the people of the country to fast and pray to seek the king of Joshua, as in 20 Chronicles of the Chronicles, to lead all Israel together. To seek God’s help and salvation, to give wisdom and peace to the
  • Israeli government, to immediately stop Hamas attacks and prevent the expansion of war.
  • Ask God to awaken the people of Gaza to rise up against Hamas – one of the evil leaders who control Gaza.
  • Ask God to cutoff  the connection of thedark power between Hamas and Iran.


Pray For Iran – Israel’s Greatest Enemy

[Background: The state of Iran is still the archenemy of Israel, which also exert control over the Hezbollah, the Assad regime in Syria and Hamas, to name a few. Iran is beginning a major naval exercise in the Strait of Hormuz, which is a control point of the waterway into the Persian Gulf, affecting many countries other than Iran. This has triggered an announcement from the US to begin naval exercise in the nearby region. Any attempt to close up the Strait of Hormuz is effectively a declaration of war. The Israeli response is to declare that she will react strongly against any such attempts to close off the Red Sea, which is a strategic waterway through which southern Israel gain access to all the oceans. In the meantime, due to economic problems and anti-government protests, internal instability is building up in Iran.]

  • We ask God to help Israel stay vigilant, and respond prudently to each action that Iran is taking.
  • Grant wisdom to Israeli and American military leaders, so that they would be able to discern and respond sensibly to what Iran is doing and expressing in public. (Proverbs 8:14-16)
  • Shake the political leadership of Iran.
  • Break the bow of Elam: according to God’s promise, may the bow of Elam be broken, and the kings and princes be destroyed.
  • Break the links of Iran with Hezbollah and Hamas: may the Lord use internal uprisings to break the links of Iran with Hezbollah and Hamas.
  • Raising up churches in Iran: use the thriving church in Iran to cause the nation to steer away from the current evil path.
  • Pray that God strengthens the Christian brothers and sisters in Iran:  Lord, we pray that the peace that transcends all understanding and pure joy in times of trials will fill them up with hope through the Holy Spirit.  Cause them to know that God is sovereign and is in full control.  He is in the process of shaking, demolishing and restraining.  God is establishing for Himself His throne and stronghold in Iran.  Pray that God supernaturally meets both the spiritual and physical needs of the brothers and sisters in Iran according to His faithfulness.
    (Source: Intercessors for Israel & Pray for persecuted Church ministries )