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Daily Prayer of Protection 每日遮蓋禱告 Psalm 91 詩篇91篇
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  • 馬來西亞

Daily Prayer of Protection 每日遮蓋禱告

Psalm 91

Lord I pray that You will put a hedge of protection around the “Rebuilding Tabernacle of David (RTOD)” core team members, churches, website developers, admin and technical team, 24/7 praise and worship leaders and participants, every zoom meeting and internet connection and our household and everything we have.

  1. I declare that each one shall live in the shelter of the Most High and will find rest in the shadow of the Almighty because You will order Your angels to protect us all from every form of destruction in Jesus Name.
  2. For You will rescue us from every trap and protect us from every deadly disease and from every demonic attack in Jesus name.
  3. Thank You LORD You will shield each one from every arrow that flies by day and night and continue to unite RTOD core team members to serve in one accord to honor Your Name.
  4. O Lord, empower each one to resist temptation and to have the authority to trample upon lions and cobras. Thank You LORD You will crush fierce lions and serpents under our feet in the Name of Jesus. Let the blood of Jesus shield us from every evil weapon aimed at us.
  5. The LORD says, “I will rescue those who love me. I will protect those who trust in my name.
  6.  I will reward them with a long life and give them my salvation.” Thank You LORD, we receive all Your promises, in Jesus Name we pray!

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  1. 我奉主耶稣的名宣告: 住在至高者隐密处者,必住在全能者的荫下,因为祢必吩咐祢的使者,在我们所行的一切道路上保护我们,免受各样祸害。
  2. 因为祢必救我们脱离捕鸟人的网罗和毒害的瘟疫,以及各种恶魔的攻击,奉耶稣基督的名。
  3. 谢谢祢,主! 祢必保护每个人不被白日黑夜的飞箭所伤,并且继续联结“重建大卫的帐幕”的核心团队成员,同心合意地服事,来尊荣祢的名。
  4. 奉耶稣基督的名,主啊,赋予我们抵挡诱惑的能力,并赐与我们践踏狮子和虺蛇的权柄。感谢祢,主! 祢将践踏凶猛的狮子和毒蛇于脚下。奉主耶稣的名,让耶稣的宝血保护我们免受一切攻击我们的邪恶器械。
  5. 主说:「因为他专心爱我,我就要搭救他;因为他知道我的名,我要把他安置在高处。
  6. 我要搭救他,使他尊贵。 我要使他足享长寿。」感谢主,我们领受祢所有的应许,奉耶稣基督的名祷告。


Pray for the Omicron virus to be eradicated and to stop spreading

In the Name of Jesus Christ, we:

  • Declaring the name of Jesus is greater than any other names! Every knee will bow, every tongue shall confess Jesus Christ is Lord!
  • Bind and abolish the evil spirits and forces operating behind this Coronavirus!
  • Cut off  all the evil Satan’s missions that create and plan the virus and their operations behind it!
  • Rebuke and bind the evil spirits that hinder God’s people from spreading the gospel and church gatherings!
  • Declare that God will arise and destroy the enemy, and God’s judgment will come upon the evil forces that created the viruses, and the perpetrators will be brought to justice!
  • Declare that all coronaviruses and various new strains of coronaviruses will be extinct!
  • Declare that the risks of testing and vaccines must be disclosed, and the truly effective treatments will be made public.
  • Declare the agenda of the vaccine passport, the conspiracy that attempts to restrict human activities will not succeed.
  • Declare that the children of God will be free from fear and horror and restore freedom in Christ!

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Prayer alert from Rick Ridings, Succat Hallel Please review editorial, declaration, usa & critical

*A Call to Fast and Pray for Jerusalem, Against a Tower of Babel Situation*
JUNE 23, 2022

This is what I received at 4:10 AM on Tuesday, June 21st, 2022, regarding the Israeli government upheaval, and the Biden visit in July:

“This is a Tower of Babel situation. The globalists are speaking one language worldwide. That is why they have been able to build their kingdom in such a relatively short time. Their unity has created an evil momentum.

Their plan is to steal the Crown Jewel of the King — Jerusalem. Because that is the footstool of My government upon the Earth.

Therefore, My Ruler Bride is to decree division upon those serving the spirit of Babel. And she is to carry out the sentence, the judgment written against them with the high praises of God in her mouth, and a two-edged sword in her hand.

She is to wield My sword to divide and cut in pieces the army serving the spirit of Babel.

Do not look to a man to be able to scatter these evil builders and to save Jerusalem.

Look to Me. High praise is your weapon. Use it in one accord, and I My Self will arise and scatter My enemies. And their plans shall be severely set back in all the nations they rule.

It is time to exercise Your authority in Me and put Your feet upon the neck of the five kings serving the spirit of Babel.

This praise offensive and “decree of division” must be done before the 17th of Tammuz (sundown July 16th – sundown July 17th, 2022), or they will breach the walls of Jerusalem before the appointed time.”

Biden is scheduled to be in Israel, Judea and Samaria (the West Bank), and Saudi Arabia from July 13th – 16th, the last leg of his trip taking place on July 16th, on which day the 17th of Tammuz begins at sundown.

*So I am asking intercessors worldwide to fast at least one meal on Tuesday, July 12th, and to take at least 12 minutes at 12 noon to praise the Lord, and to proclaim division upon the Lord’s enemies and a thwarting of their plans during the Biden visit to Israel, Judea and Samaria (the West Bank), and Saudi Arabia on July 13th – 16th.*

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為Omicron 病毒被除滅並停止散播代禱


  1. 宣告耶穌的名大過一切!萬膝都要向耶穌跪拜!萬口都要稱頌耶穌基督是主!
  2.  捆綁、破除在這新冠病毒背後運作的邪靈和黑暗權勢!
  3. 剪除所有製造、籌劃病毒的邪惡撒但差役以及其在背後的運作!
  4. 斥責、綑綁背後攔阻神百姓傳福音和教會聚會的邪靈!
  5. 宣告神必興起擊殺仇敵,神的審判必臨到製造病毒的邪惡勢力,使作惡者被繩之以法!
  6.  宣告所有冠狀病毒及各種變種新冠病毒特別是Omicron病毒都必滅絕盡淨!
  7. 宣告檢測的風險以及不好品質的疫苗的危險性必被披露,真正有效的療法會被公諸於世。
  8. 宣告疫苗護照的議程,企圖限制人活動的陰謀必不能得逞。
  9. 宣告神的兒女必脫離恐懼害怕的轄制,恢復基督裡的自由!


來自瑞克·萊汀斯:, Succat Hallel的禱告提醒


*Rick Ridings*牧师(瑞克)写于 2022 年 6 月 23 日
这是我在 2022 年 6 月 21 日星期二凌晨 4:10 领受到的关于以色列政府动荡和拜登 7 月访问的状况:

“这是一个巴别塔的状况。 全球主义者在世界范围内使用一种语言。 这就是为什么他们能够在如此短的时间内建立自己的王国。 他们的团结已经造就了一个邪恶的势头。

他们的计划是窃取大君王的皇冠上的明珠——耶路撒冷。 因为那是我在地上的政府的脚凳。

因此,我的统治者新娘要下令分裂那些服务巴别之灵的人。 并且她要执行判决,执行对他们的审判,用口中对上帝的高度赞美,手中拿着两刃的剑。



注视我。 高度赞扬(美)是你的武器。 同心合一地使用它,而我自己将升起并驱散我的仇敌。 他们的计划将在他们所统治的所有国家中遭到严重挫败。


这种赞美攻势和“分裂法令”必须在搭模斯月 17 日(7 月 16 日日落 – 2022 年 7 月 17 日日落)之前完成,否则他们将在指定时间之前攻破耶路撒冷的城墙。”

拜登计划于 7 月 13 日至 16 日在以色列、犹太和撒马利亚(约旦河西岸)以及沙特阿拉伯访问,他的行程的最后一站是 7 月 16 日,也就是塔模斯月 17 日日落时分开始的那一天。

*因此,我请求全世界的代祷者在 7 月 12 日星期二至少禁食一顿饭,并在中午 12 点至少花 12 分钟来赞美主,向主的敌人宣告分裂并挫败敌人在拜登7 月 13 日至 16 日访问以色列、犹太和撒马利亚(约旦河西岸)以及沙特阿拉伯期间的计划。*
*~ Rick Ridings牧师*



Prayer request for Sarawak State Election (18/12/2021) in Malaysia

Dear Jesus! I thank you that you have given us your only begotten Son and I ask you to place the government of Sarawak state in Malaysia on the shoulders of the Lord Jesus so that Sarawak will be governed and led by God into His destiny. I pray for the state elections in Sarawak especially for the state  election Commission to conduct fair, just, clean and smooth elections. I pray that you would give the voters of Sarawak the wisdom to elect the right candidate who are after God’s heart , who act with integrity, who are honest and righteous and who will sincerely care for the well-being of Sarawakians and the development of the state so that the Sarawakian may be blessed. I beseech Thee to stretch forth Thy righteous hand to prevent those candidates who are greedy for wealth and profit, who accept bribes and who bend the rules of righteousness from being elected. I pray that  you will help all the voters not to be deceived and not to accept any bribes for greed for money is the root of all evil but justice exalts the nation.  We pray that you will keep this election free from the spread of the covid-19 virus and I pray that you would reign in our state of Sarawak and to keep all spirits of lawlessness away. In the name of Jesus Christ, I pray, Amen!

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Prayer Points for Nations 列國代禱事項

World Leaders

  • Daniel 2:20-22  and said:  “Praise be to the name of God for ever and ever;  wisdom and power are his.  He changes times and seasons; he deposes kings and raises up others.  He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to the discerning.

  • President Joe Biden of the United State
  •  Prime Minister Naftali Bennett of Israel President
  • Putin of Russia
  • Chairman Xi Jinping of China 

Abba Father, we thank  You for setting up these world leaders at this time.  We ask you to save their souls and  reveal to them your presence so that God will give the leaders of these four nations and their cabinet members the humility to turn their hearts back to God, to align themselves with the policies of their nations as God intended, and to give them the insight and wisdom to deal with all attempts to undermine their national policies.  Fill them with Your Spirit daily, bless them and their family, watch their coming and going, keep them healthy and give them wisdom to govern all the domestic and international affairs according to Your will.  May they be graceful to God’s people and protect Christian religion freedom.

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Current Event:  On 16 September 2021, the Prime Minister confirms that the federal government is currently in the midst of drafting the Shariah Courts (Criminal Jurisdiction) (Amendment) Act (RUU355) to increase the criminal powers of Shariah Courts.

The RUU355 bill seeks to raise the penalties for certain crimes under Shariah jurisdiction. It is important for us to take a stand against this move as the RUU355 can alter the secular nature of our federal constitution which should be the supreme law of the land.

Although the Federal Constitution declares that “Islam is the religion of the Federation”, Malaysia was designed and constituted as a secular constitutional democracy. This bill will not only profoundly affect non-Muslims but it will prove highly disruptive to our already moribund struggle to foster national unity. It will exacerbate divisions amongst Malaysia’s diverse communities and drive Sabah and Sarawak even further away. We cannot be complacent about such a misguided and far-reaching piece of legislation.

  • Pray that every single person, every civil society grouping, every church, every politician and political party that cherishes our secular democracy will rise up with one voice to oppose this bill until it is withdrawn.
  • Pray that all the states will stand together to oppose this bill.
  • Pray that the members of parliament will stand together to oppose this bill to defend the rights of all the citizens of the nation.
  • Pray the churches across the nation will unite to stand for religious freedom at all cost. 

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The real crisis in Myanmar is only now beginning:
1. National power outage
2. The country lacks gas
3. The country is short of oil
4. The country’s civil war escalates
5. National refugee increase
6. National food boom
People’s lives are difficult
Merchant Merchant cannot do business
Farmers are mostly unable to farm
Difficult to operate a small shop
Most of the buses stopped
Traffic is extremely difficult
Church entities have difficulty in worship, and are disturbed by civil unrest
Church online worship is difficult, due to power outages
Bless the churches in Myanmar to watch over the country more with one heart, and the church can become the lamp of the country!



  • Thank God that:
    1. He has answered our prayers as we cried out to Him, and there is now clarity regarding the vision and structure of TOWARDS SG 24/7!
    2. There are spiritual fathers whom God has called to bless and protect TOWARDS SG 24/7, and there is also a Task Force which has been formed to carry out the work. Together they provide the direction, oversight and management of TOWARDS SG 24/7.
    3. There is going to be a Launch Phase, from 28 November – 6 December, including the soft launch on 6 December, during the Festival of Lights, Hanukkah 2021.
      1 Peter 2:5
      you yourselves like living stones are being built up as a spiritual house, to be a holy priesthood, to offer spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ.
  • Pray for:
    1. God to watch over this entire process, especially the Launch Phase and the soft launch on 6 December. May He direct every step, and may we obey Him.
    2. God to build His Dwelling Place, by gathering His living stones whom He has called, and setting them in place in their respective worship & prayer watches in TOWARDS SG 24/7.
    3. Each living stone whom God has called to be willing to pay the price of commitment. May God place in each heart specifically where He wants each living stone to be placed. May each living stone be willing to be set apart for God’s use.
    4. God to cleanse and sanctify each living stone which will be used to build His Dwelling Place. God’s Dwelling Place is holy, and we need to be holy as He is holy.
    5. Joy as we serve the Lord and build His Dwelling Place!
    6. Protection for the leaders of TOWARDS SG 24/7, the Admin Team and all the living stones and their families.
    7. Protection for the internet connections and Zoom accounts for the Launch Phase.

(Updated pm 2021/11/25)

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Pray for America: Boots On the Ground 

Editor’s Note: This article is excerpted from the 10/13 prayer of “Give Him 15 Minutes” by the intercession leader, Dutch Sheets .

Background of current events:  Holy Spirit has been taking me back to the book of Joshua. In this book God changed the time and season, telling Joshua, “The wilderness season is over, now you are going in to possess the land.” This is where we are in America. It is time to possess the land spiritually, through revival – a Third Great Awakening (Mark 16:15-18). This will enable us to change things in the natural sense: laws, morality, government, education, the courts, etc., which is reformation (Matthew 28:18-20). We will never have the strength and momentum needed to reform without a genuine revival or awakening. Click Here For Details

  • Mark 16: 15-18   He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation. 16 Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned. 17 And these signs will accompany those who believe: In my name they will drive out demons; they will speak in new tongues; 18 they will pick up snakes with their hands; and when they drink deadly poison, it will not hurt them at all; they will place their hands on sick people, and they will get well.”
  • Matthew 28: 18-20  Then Jesus came to them and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. 19 Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20 and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” 
  • Isaiah 40:2-3  Speak tenderly to Jerusalem,  and proclaim to her that her hard service has been completed,  that her sin has been paid for, that she has received from the Lord’s hand  double for all her sins. A voice of one calling: “In the wilderness prepare the way for the Lord make straight in the desert  a highway for our God.
  • Ephesians 6:18  And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the Lord’s people..


  • Raise up boot on the ground : Father, You prophesied in Isaiah 40 that John the Baptist would prepare the way for the coming of the Messiah. Today You use this scripture again to inspire us, through our prayers and decrees, for Messiah Jesus Christ came to America to prepare the way. Thank You for the dreams and strategies You have given. The intercession warriors who sent the I-40 road prayer trip will personally go to various places to pray and declare to the surrounding atmosphere, so that Your will will be fulfilled. Please raise up more boots on the ground, rely on the Holy Spirit, pray and pray at any time, perform the tasks You have entrusted, guide and protect them, and empower them, so that their prayers will become a powerful spiritual sword!
  • We declare in the name of Jesus Christ:
    • The strongholds of the United States will all fall down! The power of the devil must be completely destroyed!
    • The blazing fire of the Holy Spirit is falling and will burn all over the United States, and the well of revival is overflowing!
    • The altars of Baal, such as drug abuse, pornography, sex trafficking, and child abuse, will all be demolished!
    • Businesses will be released from the domination, no longer fear, and the American people will desire work again.
    • Pastors and church leaders will be awakened, full of power, and release the truth of God; Ekklesia Church is rising and exercising authority, racism is broken, and the Spirit of God will water and purify the entire United States; the church will break away from the old way in Jesus Christ Get the resurrected life.
    • The evil in the government and education system must be exposed and eliminated!
    • The younger generation must usher in an unprecedented and greatest revival on earth! Many prodigal sons will return to Heavenly Father and Father!

In the name of Christ, do so!

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[Background: India is regarded as one of the few countries in the world where Christians have the hardest time surviving. Open Doors’ 2021 World Watch List lists India as the 10th most persecuted country for Christians. Christians face even more severe persecution in 2021.In May 2019 Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, running for re-election, promised that “if one wants to live in India, one should be a Hindu.” By 31 December 2020, there will be no Christians or Muslims in India, either converting or leaving, a very strong policy.

Naturally, under such a policy, there have been numerous cases of civil persecution of Christians and churches by radical Hindus, some of whom have been beaten, had their throats slit, been arrested and had their churches demolished. In the first half of 2021 alone, there were 293 violent incidents, a 40% increase over the same period last year. It is this inhumane and violent attack that has continued to intensify as we approach Christmas 2021, with more church pastors, ministers, co-workers and churches receiving more serious persecution, killings and burnings. While freedom of religion is constitutionally guaranteed, the government is pushing for a national law banning religious conversions, which says that if a person converts, he or she must appear before a magistrate to explain why, i.e. giving the government the opportunity to convince the person to finally give up. Nine of India’s 29 states have now established ‘anti-conversion laws’. International human rights organizations say that with Modi’s quest to Hinduism the country, everything is at risk under such an aggressive and deadly program. ]

Dear Brothers and Sisters

As we celebrate the birth of our savior, let us not forget our brothers and sisters who are suffering far away in India.

  1. Pray for Protection: Pray that God will continue to keep all Christians and their families free from murder, torture, discrimination and cruel treatment. Pray that God would strengthen their faith and that their trust in the Lord would not waver. Pray that they will cling to God in the midst of the storm.
  2. 2. Pray for their ministries: that God would help them all to be shrewd as serpents and as innocent as doves so that they can share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Mt 10:16
  3. Pray for the believers in India to experience revival:Heavenly Father, let Your Holy Spirit move powerfully and breathe on all believers, strengthen them with Your Word and Spirit, pour out more of Your love in their hearts, and fill them with faith and hope (Rom 5:5), so that in the face of persecution they may stand strong in the Lord, even at the cost of their lives, and continue to fight the good fight for God, as a grain of wheat, to bring about a spiritual revival! The Great Revival!
  4. Pray for the salvation of the people of India:Abba Father : Have mercy on the people of India who are caught in their sins by worshipping all kinds of idols and false gods. Dear Holy Spirit, may you come in great measure to awaken the people of this land to your presence and truth, and to touch their hearts so that they may know you and accept you as their Savior.
  5. Pray for salvation of Government : Lift up your hands and pray for the salvation of the Indian government: Father God, we pray that you will have mercy on the souls of the Indian government and legislators, that you will free them from the deception of the dark and sinful powers, that you will forgive their sins of being used by the devil to encourage mobs and persecute and kill Christians, that you will save and renew them as channels of God’s blessing to India, that you will change the bad habits of the hierarchy and the ungodly laws and regulations (especially religious laws), and that you will transform the nation and lead India into God’s destiny for India.

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Israel : Dedicated Temple 2021-the battle between humanism and theism

Current Events SummaryFrom the sunset of November 28 to the sunset of December 6, Israel ushered in the Eight-day Dedication or Chanukah, which coincided with the invasion of the South African variant Omicron of the Coronavirus. The Israeli government announced that the border has been sealed off for 14 days starting on November 28.  …Detailed Reading

  • Dan 10:1; 13-14; 20-21 In the third year of Cyrus king of Persia, a revelation was given to Daniel (who was called Belteshazzar). Its message was true and it concerned a great war. The understanding of the message came to him in a vision..”But the prince of the Persian kingdom resisted me twenty-one days. Then Michael, one of the chief princes, came to help me, because I was detained there with the king of Persia.  Now I have come to explain to you what will happen to your people in the future, for the vision concerns a time yet to come.” So he said, “Do you know why I have come to you? Soon I will return to fight against the prince of Persia, and when I go, the prince of Greece will come;  but first I will tell you what is written in the Book of Truth. (No one supports me against them except Michael, your prince.
  • Zechariah 9:11-13  As for thee also, by the blood of thy covenant I have sent forth thy prisoners out of the pit wherein is no water.  Turn you to the strong hold, ye prisoners of hope: even to day do I declare that I will render double unto thee;  When I have bent Judah for me, filled the bow with Ephraim, and raised up thy sons, O Zion, against thy sons, O Greece, and made thee as the sword of a mighty man. 
  • Isaiah 66:19  And I will set a sign among them, and I will send those that escape of them unto the nations, to Tarshish, Pul, and Lud, that draw the bow, to Tubal, and Javan, to the isles afar off, that have not heard my fame, neither have seen my glory; and they shall declare my glory among the Gentiles. 


  • Thank God for the revelation : Father, You let the prophet Daniel see the rise of the Greek empire like a leopard in the time of Babylon, with four wings on his back. This was fulfilled in Alexander, who split into four behind him The kingdom was fulfilled. In the first year of Cyrus, the king of Persia, you showed to Daniel through a vision that after seeing the Greek Empire divided in four directions, you would even attack the glorious land of Israel and hate the covenant, and set up the abominable destruction, blasphemous land, and seduce by clever words. Those who violated the covenant even attacked Your Lord of Hosts. This was fulfilled during the Maccabean Revolution. It is true that heaven and earth will pass away, but your words cannot pass away. And it will be fulfilled in cycles in the last days. Thank you for saying the last things in the Ming Dynasty in ancient times.
  • Give us vision for the last days, watch and pray : Lord Jesus, just as You warned Your disciples, So when you see standing in the holy place ‘the abomination that causes desolation,’ spoken of through the prophet Daniel—let the reader understand ( Matthew 24:15 ). I implore you to give us Your vision for the last days to help us watch and pray, so as not to be intimidated by the nuclear threat of Iran, the Persian demon, nor from the Greek demon of all kinds of people who dominate the trend of thought. Bewilderment, keep watch of Your holy city in Jerusalem, and for the Jewish people throughout the earth, until You build Jerusalem to be praised.
  • To have a jealous heart like Jehovah:   Father of all spirits, Lord Jehovah, we implore you to touch the spirit of Phinehas ( Numbers 25:1-13 ) and the spirit of Elijah (1 Kings 18:18-40) )And moved the spirit of the Maccabee family, increase the vessel you personally selected in Israel, with Your jealous heart of Jehovah, and dared to challenge the Jewish people who betrayed the covenant and compromised with the world, and not only abandoned Visible and invisible idols must also remove all the leaven of humanism from the heart, and solemnly honor the Lord Jehovah as the true God of Israel.
  • Release the spirit of the fear of the Lord : Father, please release the spirit of fear of the Lord in the hearts of all walks of life in Israel, distinguishing the good and the wicked, those who serve the Lord and those who do not. Show the sun of Your righteousness to the Israelites who fear You, showing the healing power of Your rays; to the arrogant and unrepentant, it burns up branches and stubble like a burning furnace.
  • The light of truth illuminates : Father of all lights, I implore You to give the great light of truth, to expose all lies and deceit, to illuminate the people of Your holy land sitting in the shadow of death, and let them see that the Messiah has come as the Lamb of God He was slain and sacrificed, died and resurrected. Trusting in Him overcame the tribulations and persecutions of the last days and was able to go to the tree of life to eat the fruit of the tree of life.
  • Bless the body of the Messiah in Israel : Father, in the name of the Lord Yeshua, we implore You to greatly bless the body of the Messiah in Israel, and flood them with Your Holy Spirit so that they can experience You more and run in In the words of God and the power of God, He acted hard and washed his robes in an environment of persecution. Faith became more precious than gold due to refining, and led more people in the holy land to righteousness. Servant Yeshua. The gospel is prospering in the Holy Land, and the remnants who trust in the Lord Yeshua are increasing. The body of the Messiah in Israel rises and shines, becoming the mighty army of Jehovah, joining forces with the watchmen of the nations, and fighting in concert with the heavenly army led by the archangel Michael, relying on the cross of Lord Yeshua to defeat the power of darkness in the sky The two demon kings of Persia and Greece.

In the holy name of Christ Jesus, amen!

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Prayer direction for 3/14-3/20

  1. The church is truly united in love :Unity of all is the desire of God’s heart  and it is also the wonderful work of God among us through Jesus. It is a command from the Lord that His disciples love one another, for by loving one another we testify that Jesus is the Son of God who was sent into the world to perform salvation.
    • Reference Scriptures: John 13:34-35,John 17:20-23
    • # Suggested Prayer Points.a)
      • Ask the Lord to forgive us for failing to keep the command to love one another, thus losing our witness to the community and making it impossible to spread the Gospel.
      • Ask the Holy Spirit to guide us to understand the Lord’s desire for our unity and to help us to be willing to pay the price to keep our love for one another.
  2. Continue to pray for the 40-day national fast, 3/10-4/18. Pray that by his grave the Lord would pour out the Spirit of supplication to lead the church in Taiwan to true repentance and turn away from evil deeds.
  3. Please continue to pray for peace to prevail – Russia and Ukraine
  4. Bless the following nations:this week pray for Vietnam, Burma, India, and Thailand to be blessed by God .

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1. Pray for Indonesia, 2022-2024 is a very important and crucial time due to the regional,legistalative and presidential elections in 2024, pray for the unity, security and peaceful of the country are maintained, there will be no noise, lies and put each other down. Pray that Politics in Indonesia will truly bring about goodness for citizens, produce leaders with integrity and fear of God, not the people who are selfish for their own group benefits.

Berdoa untuk Indonesia, th 2022-2024 menjadi waktu yang sangat penting karena pada th 2024 Indonesia akan menyelenggarkan Pilpres, Pileg, Pilkada, agar kesatuan, keamanan dan kedamaian negara terjaga, tidak ada kegaduhan, kebohongan dan saling menjatuhkan. Berdoa agar Politik di Indonesia benar-benar dapat mewujudkan kebaikan bagi warga negara, melahirkan para pemimpin yang berintergritas dan Takut akan Tuhan, bukan orang-orang yang hanya memikirkan kebijakan untuk sekelompok orang.

2. Pray for the Government of Indonesia’s plan to start the construction of the “Nusantara” State Capital (IKN) mega-project in Penajam Paser Utara, East Kalimantan, by mid-2022, the plan to build a new capital city has received many rejections from various parties, as outlined through petitions to lawsuits for judicial review at the Constitutional Court (MK), pray that everyone is under control and God’s sovereignty is real, so that everything goes as God wants and new Indonesia is born, and the Kalimantan’s people are ready to entry the huge changes.

Berdoa bagi rencana Pemerintah Indonesia yang akan memulai pembangunan megaproyek Ibu Kota Negara (IKN) “Nusantara” di Penajam Paser Utara, Kalimantan Timur, pada pertengahan 2022, rencana pembangunan ibu kota negara baru telah menuai banyak penolakan dari berbagai pihak, yang dituangkan melalui petisi hingga gugatan pengujian undang-undang di Mahkamah Konstitusi (MK), doakan agar setiap orang terkendali dan kedaulatan Tuhan nyata, sehingga semua berjalan seperti yang dikehendaki Tuhan dan Indonesia baru dilahirkan, dan warga Kalimantan siap memasuki perubahan yang besar

3. Pray for all the spirits’ misdirection, betrayal & cheating that may cause various divisions and damage the unity of the nation. All forms of misleading information that occur in cyberspace which have great potential to trigger,cause and threaten the nation, pray that the mind of people is fulfilled with the right thoughts and in line with the God’s Word

Berdoa untuk segala bentuk roh penyesatan, pengkhianatan & kecurangan yang dapat menimbulkan berbagai perpecahan dan merusak kesatuan bangsa dipatahkan ditengah bangsa Indonesia. Segala bentuk informasi yang menyesatkan yang terjadi di dunia maya yang berpotensi besar menimbulkan dan mengancam kesatuan bangsa dipatahkan, berdoa agar pikiran setiap orang dipenuhi dengan pikiran yang benar dan sejalan dengan kebenaran Firman Tuhan

4. Pray that in this new season and era, the Indonesian Churches are able to fulfill their destiny for Indonesia, God’s power and authority will be real and many people will believe and know the Lord Jesus through the presence of the churches in Indonesia. Pray by their unity in prayer, praise and worship, the God’s presence will manifest over Indonesia and give the impact its vocation and brings the fire to the nation’s spiritual revival.

Berdoa agar di musim dan era yang baru ini, Gereja Indonesia menggenapi destinynya atas Indonesia, kuasa dan otoritas ALLAH nyata dan banyak orang menjadi Percaya dan mengenal Tuhan Yesus melalui kehadiran Gereja di Indonesia. Melalui kesatuan dan kesehatian Gereja di Indonesia di dalam Doa, pujian dan penyembahan, Hadirat Tuhan menjadi nyata atas Indonesia dan Indonesia menggenapi panggilannya dan membawa api kebangunan rohani kebangsa-bangsa

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  • Pray for the children and youth of Macau: God, we ask You to save the children and youth of Macau. Please grant Your spirit of wisdom and revelation. May Holy Spirit fill these young people, that they may come to truly know You. Transform their minds Lord, fill them with faith, hope and love of God, to become a holy generation of love, and to develop and govern this land with the love of Jesus.
  • Pray for those in Macau’s gambling industry: May God save the gang-members, drug-dealers, drug-addicts, sex-traffickers in Macau, just as God saved Hong Kong’s gang boss Teddy Hong back in the day. In the name of the Lord we declare that these people shall come into Your name and escape from blindness and deception.
  • Pray for the church of Macau: May Holy Spirit rend the heavens and come down, ignite and cleanse the Macau church, to establish united prayer altar with same heart, bring in authority in unity, and cast down the strongholds of Macau’s gambling industries. That they may be passionate for the Lord, preach the gospel widely, lead the lost to the Lord, and bring transformation to the whole of Macau.
  • Pray for the government of Macau: May God bring salvation these governmental officials. Grant them wisdom to manage Macau, to cause God’s reign and “love, righteousness and peace” of Christ to come upon Macau
  • Pray for Macau’s Chief ExecutiveHo Iat-seng: Abba Father, we ask that You visit Chief Executive Ho Iat-seng, that he may meet You in your light, that his life be transformed and never be the same. That he be drawn in by Your strong love, and that You may be shown in his life. May he seek to lead his city and people into destiny, to do Your will and to build the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ in this city, that may Christ reign.

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New Zealand

  • 2 Chronicles 7:14 I  this people who are called by my name shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.
  • Isa 42:10-12 Sing unto the LORD a new song, all that sail, and all that are in the sea, the isles of the sea, and the inhabitants thereof, and praise him from the ends of the earth. The wilderness, and the cities thereof, and the villages where the Kedarites dwell, shall lift up their voices; the inhabitants of Zerah shall shout for joy, and shout on the mountaintops. They shall give glory to the LORD, and spread his praise among the islands of the sea.
  • Isa 44:3 For I will pour out water on the thirsty, and rivers on the dry land, and I will pour out My Spirit on your descendants, and My blessings on your children.

[Background: New Zealand is located in Oceania, next to Australia, and consists of the North Island, South Island and many other subsidiary islands.
The population is mainly composed of indigenous Maori, European immigrants, and after 1980s, a large number of immigrants from all over the world moved in (especially the Asian population is increasing very fast).

New Zealand is known as the country of God (the lyrics of the national anthem show the spirit of the early Christian faith), but now the faith is declining, and many churches have fallen into religiosity and apathy. The latest survey shows that the number of non-religious people has surpassed that of Christians, approaching half of the nation, while the percentage of Christians has dropped sharply to 37.31% (citing 2019 data), but the number of other religions (Hindu, Muslim) is on the rise. The secularization movement is also lobbying the government hard to reduce the courtesy given to Christians. The New Zealand church is now facing an unprecedented trend of secularization.
The weakness of the church, coupled with the changing social climate, has led to a move toward humanism and liberalism in politics, education, and the field, which has resulted in the enactment of many ungodly laws and the further secularization of hearts against God.]


  • Pray for the spiritual revival of God’s people: pray for the grace to pour out more of the Holy Spirit of supplication on God’s people, so that hearts may truly repent. Pray for the Lord to build up His people in the church, to bring transformation and revival in the home and in all areas of the workplace, and for more churches to rise up in prayer and set up prayer tents of worship and praise.
  • Pray for the Lord’s mercy on New Zealand, where the earthquake threatened, but as a result motivated God’s people to humble themselves, pray, and seek the Lord for the healing and protection of the land
  • Pray for the indigenous Maori people: that the wind of the Lord’s Spirit would blow among them to heal the wounds of generations and release them into their calling as the firstborn of the land.
  • Pray for the salvation and renewal of the souls of the leaders in the political arena. Although the current Labor government and Parliament have a high percentage of liberals, we believe that the Lord is in power and will pour out His Spirit in the political arena so that many will be saved and the nation will be governed with justice and mercy.

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Dear Pastors, Leaders & Intercessors,

I am writing to appeal for your prayers for a serious security and safety issues happening among the Chinese community here in the UAE. In the last two years, there have been a large group of Chinese online gambling operators coming to UAE from the Philippines and Cambodia. They were Chinese originally from Mainland China and operated online gambling in those countries. They were kicked out by the governmentsthere and relocated here. They are mainly based in DIP in Dubai South and RAK. They hired many young people especially IT professionals to work for them. It is estimated that the operations have as many as 40,000 people involved. Many were deceived by high-paid job advertisements, once hired, their passports were confiscated, and they have no choice but to continue to work for the operators. Some of them escaped without passport and got into financial trouble, they tried to seek help from the Embassy or Consulate but with no result. Currently it is very difficult for them to return to China due to very high airfare and quarantine requirements.On top of that, there are many security and safety issues created among the Chinese communities here like murder, kidnapping and gang fights, etc. You don’t see this news in the local media as they have been censored. However, suchnews has been circulated in the Chinese social media and through word of mouth from those involved. The Chinese Churches have been involved in helping a few cases in terms of prayers and financial support and leading some of them to Christ.

As such, I would like to seek your participation in intercedingfor this urgent situation until we see victory and transformation happening in the Chinese communities andmany souls saved into the kingdom of God. Currently, there is only a very small percentage of Chinese Christians as low as 0.5% among a Chinese population of about 400,000.

Prayer Points

  1.  Pray that there will be transformation happening in the Chinese communities and that the illegal gambling operators cannot survive but to leave the country.
  2. Pray that the UAE government will take actions to crack down on these operations and would not turn a blind eye on it
  3. Pray that there will be spiritual revival in the Chinese communities and many souls will be saved into the kingdom
  4.  Pray that there will be bigger unity among the Chinese Churches in prayer and evangelism

Desmond Fu

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  • 但以理書2:20-22  但以理說:「神的名是應當稱頌的!從亙古直到永遠,因為智慧能力都屬乎他。他改變時候、日期,廢王,立王,將智慧賜與智慧人,將知識賜與聰明人。他顯明深奧隱秘的事,知道暗中所有的,光明也與他同居。
  • 提前2:1-3  我勸你,第一要為萬人懇求、禱告、代求、祝謝;為君王和一切在位的,也該如此,使我們可以敬虔、端正、平安無事地度日。這是好的,在神我們救主面前可蒙悅納。

  • 拜登總統
  • 貝內特總理
  • 普京總統
  • 習近平國家主席

阿爸父神,我們謝謝祢在這世代設立這幾位世界領袖。求祢拯救他們的靈魂, 向他們顯現, 求神賜給這4個國家的領袖和他的內閣成員謙卑的心,讓他們的心回轉, 與神對齊,按照神的心意,立下的國家政策,賜給他們洞察力與智慧處理所有試圖破壞國家政策的事件。天天以聖靈來充滿他們,祝福他們及他們的家人,保護他們出入都平安,身體健康,有智慧能按照神的心意治理國內外事務。恩待神的子民,保護基督教宗教自由。



  • 新政府公平利民 : 祝福新政府施政公平利民,敬虔蒙福。求神拔除腐敗的根,破除巫術邪術‘的挾制,使邪惡徹底地從這國家清除出去,釋放馬來西亞進入新的紀元 。求神賜給這任的首相智慧,勇敢和清廉的心,能按照神的心意做出公正公平的利民的政策。阿爸父,求祢賜福與他及他的家人。懇求祢袘恩拯救他,帶他進入祢光明的國度𥚃, 以真理與信實充滿他,使他有清潔的心正直的靈,行在祢的真理與公義,帶動整個國家認罪悔改,全然歸向主耶穌。求神保守祝福他和他的家人出入平安。
  • 信仰自由:為政府能堅持憲法保障信仰自由的規定,不使伊斯蘭教法意圖控制國家的企圖成功。
  • 教會合一: 教會同心合力與神對齊,被聖靈充滿,繼續改變馬來西亞的屬靈氛圍,使馬來西亞進入命定,成就神的旨意。








  • 感谢神
    1. 当我们同心向神呼求时,祂回应了我们的祷告,现在已经有了一个明朗化的异象和结构,即 “迈向新加坡24/7″。
    2. 神呼召属灵父老们,祝福和遮盖“迈向新加坡24/7”,也有一个专案小组来执行这项工作,共同为着“迈向新加坡24/7”提供方向、监督和管理。
    3. 将会有一个启动阶段,从11月28日到12月6日,包括12月6日的试运行,即2021年的光明节期间。
      你们来到主面前,也就像活石,被建造成为灵宫,作圣洁的祭司,藉着耶稣基督奉献 神所悦纳的灵祭。
  • 祷告事项
    1. 求神看顾整个过程,特别是启动阶段和12月6日的试运行。愿祂指引每一个步骤,也愿我们全都顺服祂。
    2. 求神建造祂自己的居所,聚集祂所呼召的活石,让大家各自在守望时段,为着“迈向新加坡24/7”敬拜和祷告守望。
    3. 每个被神呼召的活石,都愿意委身付出代价。愿神启示并带领每块活石,分别为圣被神使用,各就各位,各尽其职。
    4.  愿神亲自洁净每一块活石,使之成为圣洁,以便建造祂的居所。神的殿是圣洁的,我们需要像祂一样圣洁。
    5. 活石要欢喜快乐地建造神的居所!
    6. 保守“迈向新加坡24/7”的领袖、行政团队和所有的活石及其家人。
    7. 保守启动阶段的互联网连接和Zoom账户等。



為美國禱告: 興起地面部隊

編輯小記: 本篇摘自代禱領袖達區·席茲(Dutch Sheets)的「給祂15分鐘」10/13 的禱告。

時事背景:  聖靈一直帶我回到《約書亞記》。在這本書中,神改變了時間和季節,告訴約書亞:「曠野的季節已經過去了,現在你要進去得地為業的時候了。」這就是我們在美國的情況。現在是通過復興,即第三次大覺醒,在靈界奪回地土的時候了(可16:15-18),這將使我們能夠改變自然的領域,如法律、道德、政府、教育、法院等,也就是改革(太28:18-20)。如果沒有真正的復興或覺醒,我們永遠不會有改革所需的力量和動力。 詳情點閱

  • 可16:15-18  他又對他們說:你們天下福音萬民受洗必然得救定罪神蹟他們就是方言 什麼毒物受害病人病人
  • 太28:18-20  耶穌進前來,對他們說:天上地下所有權柄賜給所以你們使萬民門徒他們施洗 吩咐你們教訓他們遵守你們直到世界末了
  • 賽40:2-3  有人聲喊著說:「在曠野預備耶和華的路,在沙漠地修平我們神的道!一切山窪都要填滿,大小山岡都要削平,高高低低的要改為平坦,崎崎嶇嶇的必成為平原。耶和華的榮耀必然顯現,凡有血氣的必一同看見,因為這是耶和華親口說的。」
  • 弗6:18  靠著聖靈,隨時多方禱告祈求,並要在此警醒不倦,為眾聖徒祈求。


  • 興起地面部隊:  天父,祢曾在以賽亞書40章裡預言了施洗約翰為彌賽亞的到來預備道路,今日祢再次使用這段經文激勵我們,藉由我們的禱告和宣令,為彌賽亞耶穌基督來到美國預備道路。謝謝祢所賜下的異夢和策略,差派I-40公路祈禱之旅的代禱勇士們,親自到各地向四周的氛圍禱告宣令,使祢的旨意成就。請興起更多的地面部隊,靠著聖靈,隨時多方禱告祈求,執行祢所託付的任務,引導、保護他們,並加能力給他們,使他們的禱告成為一把大能的屬靈寶劍!
  • 我們奉耶穌基督的名宣告:
    • 美國的堅固營壘,必全部倒塌! 惡魔的權勢,必完全破除!
    • 聖靈的烈火正降下,必燃燒美國全地,復興之井正在湧溢!
    • 吸毒、色情、性交易和虐待兒童等巴力的祭壇都要被拆毀!
    • 企業將從轄制中被釋放出來,不再恐懼,美國人民將再次渴望工作。
    • 牧師和教會領袖必被喚醒,火力全開,釋放神的真理;Ekklesia教會正在興起並執行權柄,種族主義被打破,神的靈將澆灌並淨化美國全地;教會必脫離舊的方式在耶穌基督裡得著復活的生命。
    • 政府和教育系統中的邪惡,必被揭露且被清除盡淨!
    • 年輕的一代必要迎向地上前所未有、最偉大的復興! 許多浪子們必回到天父爸爸的身邊!




[背景: 印度被视为是基督徒最难生存的全球几个国家之一。敞开之门组织(Open Doors)的2021年世界观察名单(2021 World Watch List)将印度列为迫害基督徒第十名的国家。基督徒在2021年面临更严峻的迫害.印度总理莫迪竞选时曾承诺说,“若人想生活在印度,就该是个印度教徒。”他连任后到2020年12月31日之前,届时全印度将没有基督徒和伊斯兰教徒,要么皈依,要么离开,政策十分强硬。




  1. 求神继续保守所有的基督徒以及他们的家人脱离杀害,折磨歧视以及残酷的对待。求神坚固他们的信心,信靠主的心不会动摇。在风雨中紧紧抓住神。
  2. 印度基督徒的事工祷告:祷告他们都能灵巧像蛇,驯良像鸽子,藉此来分享耶稣基督的福音。
  3. 为印度信徒经历复兴祷告:天父求祢圣灵大大运行,向所有信徒吹气,求祢以祢的话和灵坚固他们,浇灌更多祢的爱在他们的心里,使他们充满信心和盼望(罗5:5),在他们面临逼迫之际,仍能靠主刚强站立,甚至牺牲生命也在所不惜,继续为主打美好的仗,如同一粒麦子,迎来属灵的大复兴!
  4. 为印度百姓得救祷告:阿爸父神:求祢施恩怜悯临到膜拜各式各样偶像假神而陷在罪中印度百姓。亲爱的圣灵,愿祢大大降临,以聖靈的大能和真理唤醒这地的百姓,触摸他们的心,让他们认识祢并接受祢成为他们的救主。
  5. 举起手为印度政府得救祷告:父神,我们祈求祢怜悯拯救印度政府及立法官员的灵魂,使他们脱离黑暗罪恶的权势的蒙蔽欺骗,赦免他们被魔鬼利用放任鼓励暴民,逼迫杀害基督徒的罪,求祢拯救并更新他们成为神赐福印度的管道,改变阶级制度的陋习及不合神心意的法令法规(特别是宗教法令),转化整个国家,带领印度走进神对印度的命定。














以色列: 2021獻殿節  – 人本主義與神本主義之戰

時事分析:從11月28日落起,至12月6日落,以色列迎來了一年八天的獻殿節或稱光明節(Chanukah),適逢新冠病毒南非變種Omicron入侵,以色列政府宣佈從11月28日起封鎖邊境14天。  詳情點閱

  • 但10:1;13-14;20-21  波斯王居魯士第三年,有事顯給稱為伯提沙撒的但以理。這事是真的,是指著大爭戰。但以理通達這事,明白這異象。……. 但波斯國的魔君攔阻我二十一日,忽然有大君中的一位米迦勒來幫助我,我就停留在波斯諸王那裡。現在我來,要使你明白本國之民日後必遭遇的事,因為這異象關乎後來許多的日子。」……. 他就說:「你知道我為何來見你嗎?現在我要回去與波斯的魔君爭戰,我去後,希臘的魔君必來。但我要將那錄在真確書上的事告訴你。除了你們的大君米迦勒之外,沒有幫助我抵擋這兩魔君的。」


  • 感謝神的啟示: 天父, 祢在巴比倫的時代就讓先知但以理看到希臘帝國的興起如豹,背上有四個翅膀,這在亞歷山大帝身上應驗了,在其身後分裂為四個國度均應驗了。祢在波斯王古列王元年,透過異象顯給但以理看到希臘帝國向四方分開後,甚至會進攻以色列的榮美之地並惱恨聖約,設立那毀壞可憎的,褻瀆聖地,巧言勾引違背聖約的人,甚至攻擊祢萬軍之耶和華,這在馬加比革命時期都應驗了。實在是天地要廢去,祢的話卻不能廢去。且在末世還會循環應驗。謝謝祢在古時就言明末後的事。
  • 賜下末世異象與眼光,警醒禱告:  主耶穌啊,誠如祢叮囑祢的門徒,「你們看見先知但以理所說的『那行毀壞可憎的』站在聖地,讀這經的人需要會意。」太24:15)。懇請祢賜給我們祢的末世異象與眼光,幫助我們警醒禱告,既不被伊朗這波斯魔君的核威脅嚇倒,也不受各式各樣的人本主羲思潮的希臘魔君所迷惑,為耶路撒冷祢的聖城、為全地的猶太百姓守望不歇息,直等到祢建立耶路撒冷成為可讚美的。
  • 以耶和華忌邪的心為心:  萬靈之父,主耶和華啊,我們懇求當年感動非尼哈的靈(數25:1-13)、感動以利亞的靈(王上18:18-40)和感動馬加比家族的靈,加倍地感動祢在以色列地親自揀選的器皿,以耶和華神祢那忌邪的心為心,敢於挑戰背棄聖約、向世界妥協的猶太百姓,不但要離棄看得見、看不見的偶像、也要從心裡除去一切人本主義的酵,獨尊主耶和華為以色列的真神。
  • 釋放敬畏耶和華的靈:  天父,懇請祢釋放敬畏耶和華的靈在以色列各階層人士心深處中,將善人和惡人,事奉耶和華的和不事奉耶和華的,分別出來。向敬畏祢的以色列人現出祢公義的日頭,彰顯袮光線的醫治之能;向狂傲和行惡不悔改的,勢如燒著的火爐燒盡枝條、碎秸。
  • 真理的光照亮:  眾光之父,懇請祢賜下真理的大光,戳穿一切謊言,詐語,照亮坐在死蔭下祢的聖地百姓,讓他們看見彌賽亞已作為神羔羊來臨,並己被殺獻祭,死而復活,信靠祂便得勝這末世的患難逼迫有餘,得以到生命樹那兒吃生命樹的果子。
  • 賜福以色列本土彌賽亞身體: 天父,我們也奉主Yeshua的名,懇請祢大大賜福在以色列本土的彌賽亞身體,以祢的聖靈大大澆灌他們,讓他們更加經歷祢,運行在神的話語與神靈的大能中,剛強行事,且在受逼迫的環境中,洗淨自己的衣袍,信心因受熬煉而變得比金子還寶貴,並引領更多聖地的百姓歸向義僕主Yeshua。福音在聖地興旺,信靠主Yeshua的餘民益發加增。以色列本土彌賽亞身體興起發光,成為耶和華大能的軍隊,與列國的守望大軍聯手,並與天上彌迦勒天使長率領的天軍協同作戰,仗著主Yeshua的十字架,戰勝空中黑暗的掌權者波斯與希臘兩魔君。


時事背景:   詳情點閱



  1. 為澳門的青少年及孩子禱告: 求神拯救澳門青少年及孩子。求賜下智慧啟示的靈,聖靈澆灌這些年輕人,讓他們真知道祢,真認識祢。更新改變他們的心思意念,充滿信心,盼望與神的愛,成為愛與聖潔的世代,以耶穌的愛來發展和治理這地。
  2. 為澳門從事博奕產業者禱告:  求神拯救澳門的幫派份子,販毒者,吸毒者,性交易者,如同神當年拯救香港黑幫老大洪漢義一樣。奉主的名宣告,這些人都要歸在主的名下脫離蒙蔽欺騙。
  3. 為澳門教會禱告: 求聖靈的火裂天而降,焚燒除淨澳門教會,同心合意,建立合一禱告祭壇,得著合一的權柄,擊破澳門賭博的堅固營壘,為主大發熱心,廣傳福音,領人歸主,帶下澳門全面的轉化。
  4. 為澳門政府禱告:求神的救恩臨到這些政府官員。賜給他們聰明智慧來智理澳門,使神的國權及基督的「仁愛、公義與公平」臨到澳門。
  5. 為澳門特首賀一禱告:  阿爸父,求祢造訪特首賀一,在祢的光中與祢相遇相見,他的生命被翻轉,不再一樣,他被祢的愛強烈所吸引,祢在他身上彰顯祢自己。他更渴望帶領國家和人民,進入命定,成就祢的旨意,在這城市建造我們主基督的國,誏基督來掌權。



  • 代下7:14這稱為我名下的子民,若是自卑、禱告、尋求我的面,轉離他們的惡行,我必從天上垂聽,赦免他們的罪,醫治他們的地。
  • 賽42:10-12航海的和海中所有的,海島和其上的居民,都當向耶和華唱新歌,從地極讚美祂。曠野和其中的城邑,並基達人居住的村莊都當揚聲;西拉的居民當歡呼,在山頂上吶喊。他們當將榮耀歸給耶和華,在海島中傳揚祂的頌讚。
  • 賽44:3因為我要將水澆灌口渴的人;將河澆灌乾旱之地,我要將我的靈澆灌你的後裔,將我的福澆灌你的子孫。





  • 為神的百姓靈性甦醒禱告:求施恩叫人懇求的聖靈更多澆灌神的百姓,使人心真實悔改。求主建立教會祂的百姓,在家庭及各職場領域帶下轉化與復興,更多教會起來禱告、設立敬拜讚美的禱告帳幕。
  • 求主施恩憐憫纽西蘭,雖有地震威脅,卻因此更加激動神百姓自卑、禱告、尋求主,使土地得醫治與保護。
  • 為原住民毛利族群禱告:求主靈風吹入他們中間,醫治累代的傷痕;釋放他們進入土地長子的呼召。
  • 為政治領域的領袖靈魂得救與更新禱告,雖然這屆工黨政府與國會議員,自由派比例極高,我們仍相信主掌權,要將祂的靈澆灌在政治領域中,使多人得救,並以公義、仁慈治理國家。




我寫信呼籲您們為阿聯酋華人社區中發生的嚴重安全和治安問題來一起祈禱。 近兩年,一大批中國在線博彩運營商從菲律賓和柬埔寨來到阿聯酋。 他們是來自中國大陸的中國人,在這些國家經營在線賭博。 他們被那裡的政府趕出並搬遷到這裡。 他們主要位於迪拜南部的 DIP和 拉絲海馬。 他們僱傭了很多年輕人,尤其是 IT 專業人士為他們工作。 據估計,這些組織涉及多達40,000人。 不少人被高薪招聘廣告矇騙,一經錄用,護照被沒收,只好繼續為經營者工作。 有些人沒有護照就逃跑了,陷入經濟困境,他們試圖向大使館或領事館尋求幫助,但沒有結果。 目前,由於機票非常貴和隔離要求非常高,他們很難返回中國。 更大的問題是,這裡的華人社區中存在許多安全和治安問題,例如謀殺、綁架和團伙打架等。 你在當地媒體上是看不到這些新聞,因為他們已經被審查了。 然而,這樣的消息已經在中國社交媒體上傳播,並通過相關人員的口口相傳。 華人教會在祈禱和經濟支持方面參與了一些幫助,並帶領其中一些人歸向基督。

因此,我想尋求您參與為這個緊急情況代禱,直到我們看到華人社區看到勝利和轉化,許多失喪靈魂得救進入上帝的國度。 目前,在阿聯酋有約40萬中國人口中,基督徒的比例僅為0.5%。


  1. 祈求阿聯酋華人社區發生轉化,非法賭博業者無法生存,只能離開這個國家。
  2. 祈求阿聯酋政府採取行動打擊這些非法行動,不要對此視而不見
  3. 祈求華人社區屬靈大復興,許多失喪靈魂得救進入天國
  4. 祈求華人教會在禱告和傳福音上有更大的合一



Pray for America: Boots On the Ground 

Editor’s Note: This article is excerpted from the 10/13 prayer of “Give Him 15 Minutes” by the intercession leader, Dutch Sheets .

Background of current events:  Holy Spirit has been taking me back to the book of Joshua. In this book God changed the time and season, telling Joshua, “The wilderness season is over, now you are going in to possess the land.” This is where we are in America. It is time to possess the land spiritually, through revival – a Third Great Awakening (Mark 16:15-18). This will enable us to change things in the natural sense: laws, morality, government, education, the courts, etc., which is reformation (Matthew 28:18-20). We will never have the strength and momentum needed to reform without a genuine revival or awakening.

God is clearly speaking to His people about praying, which is always the initial step, as well as releasing other strategies. It is important when we hear words, dreams, and messages that we act on them. They are not simply to encourage us; they are to give us direction and strategy. I certainly receive them as strategy and as I feel instructed by the Holy Spirit, do what they show me to do.

Others are doing the same. I prayed for a group of ladies a couple of months back who were going on a prayer journey to Red River Meeting House and, if my memory serves me correctly, on to Cane Ridge. They were doing so in response to Gina Gholston’s dream of the Red River Meeting House. They designed the t-shirt I’m wearing today and gave me one. These teams are serious!

Some of the most life-changing experiences I’ve had with God have come on prayer journeys. I’ve been on many, sometimes alone, other times part of a team. We can always pray wherever we are – just as we do daily on this post – but at times, God needs boots on the ground, decrees released directly into the atmosphere, or a prophetic act of obedience onsite.

In yesterday‘s post, I mentioned four ladies who are traveling along I-40 and other key places on a prayer tour, based on a series of dreams regarding this interstate. In the dreams, I-40 symbolizes Isaiah 40, yet it is clear that some of the details are to be taken literally. Praying along this interstate – from the east coast of our nation all the way to the west coast – is intended to be a prophetic act that releases the power and fire of God into America. It is incredibly inspiring to hear what these ladies, 94, 84, 71, and 69 years of age, are doing.

Yesterday, I shared a short report from them. Today, I want to share a longer account of their prayers the past couple of days:

“We left Nashville, TN, and drove to Morganton, NC. Along the way, declarations and decrees were made at the leading of Holy Spirit.

“As we left Nashville, TN, we decreed that fire is falling across this nation, that the wells of revival are overflowing; and that the breath of God and the anointing of Holy Spirit are flowing all across the land, bringing in a huge harvest as men realize their need for God.

“From Nashville, TN, to Knoxville, TN, we decreed and declared the altars of Baal – drug addiction, pornography, sex trafficking, and child abuse are brought down.

“Between Knoxville, TN, and Ashville, NC, we decreed that businesses are delivered from illogical mandates and restrictions. We bound the spirit of fear and declared people once again will desire to work.

“We declared over North Carolina that awakening is now, pornography is broken, and churches are standing up for the righteousness of God. We decreed that pastors and church leaders are awakened and on fire to feed their sheep God’s truth; that pastors who refuse to do this are removed. We declared that the ekklesia is rising up and taking authority, that racism is broken and that God is pouring out His Spirit over this region. God is cleansing this territory from its old ways to resurrection life in Jesus.

“God’s power is falling in Ashville, NC, pulpits as they are filled with fresh anointing and fire. We declared, ‘Dry bones, come alive… old wineskins are left behind as new wineskins replace them…and that God’s Word accomplishes His purposes as He watches over His Word to perform it.’

“We are so tired of this junk that is going on; we want to help God do His work. And because we want God to succeed, we will do exactly what we hear Him speak. Like Dutch said the other night, ‘see and say.’ We see with our hearts and say what He tells us to say. I guess we want to imitate our Father.”


This is what it means to put feet to our prayers. I wish we had 100 teams doing this. And even though some of you cannot do so because of jobs or family, you can pray as you drive through your cities. You can pray on the way to work, in route to the grocery store, when dropping your kids off at school. Let’s be doers of the words He gives us.

Again, I know many of you ARE doing this. And I want you to know, “It still works!” Every Spirit-led prayer and decree will bring forth fruit. They will not return to Him void, but will accomplish what He intends (Isaiah 55:11). The literal, most accurate translation of Luke 1:37 is: “For no word spoken by God is without power. When He gives you a prayer or decree to release it is filled with his power. Let’s persevere and take back this land for Him!

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為美國禱告: 興起地面部隊

編輯小記: 本篇摘自代禱領袖達區·席茲(Dutch Sheets)的「給祂15分鐘」10/13 的禱告。

時事背景:  聖靈一直帶我回到《約書亞記》。在這本書中,神改變了時間和季節,告訴約書亞:「曠野的季節已經過去了,現在你要進去得地為業的時候了。」這就是我們在美國的情況。現在是通過復興,即第三次大覺醒,在靈界奪回地土的時候了(可16:15-18),這將使我們能夠改變自然的領域,如法律、道德、政府、教育、法院等,也就是改革(太28:18-20)。如果沒有真正的復興或覺醒,我們永遠不會有改革所需的力量和動力。


其他人也在這樣做。幾個月前,我為一群女士禱告,她們要去「紅河會所,(Red River Meeting House)」禱告,如果我沒記錯的話,她們還要去肯恩嶺(Cane Ridge)。她們這樣做是為了回應吉娜.戈爾斯頓(Gina Gholston)關於「紅河會所」的夢(請點擊此處閲讀此夢內容)。我今天穿的T恤就是她們送我的,是她們自己設計的。這些團隊是很認真的!

一些改變我生命最多的神聖經歷都是來自禱告旅程。我參加過許多禱告旅程,有時單獨行動,有時和團隊一起同行。我們總是可以隨時隨地禱告 – 就像我們每天發佈帖子一樣 – 但是有時候,神需要我們親自到場,直接向四周的氛圍發佈命令,或者順服聖靈帶領,在現場做些先知性的行動。


昨天,我分享了她們的一個簡短報告,今天,我想更詳細地分享她們過去幾天的禱告 。



從田納西州的納什維爾到田納西州的諾克斯維爾市(Knoxville),我們下令並宣告巴力的祭壇 – 吸毒、色情、性交易和虐待兒童要被拆毀。









為以色列的禱告: 2021獻殿節 – 人本主義與神本主義之戰

時事分析: 從11月28日落起,至12月6日落,以色列迎來了一年八天的獻殿節或稱光明節(Chanukah),適逢新冠病毒南非變種Omicron入侵,以色列政府宣佈從11月28日起封鎖邊境14天。






希臘大帝亞歷山大(主前336-323年)33歲英年早逝後,他的國被他的四個將軍分為四國(參但以理書11:3-4)。其中一支控制了敘利亞,至安提阿古三世大帝在主前197年控制了以色列,榮美之地。(參但8章),(參但11:16) 後來靠諂媚的話篡位得國的安提阿古四世,在主前169年擄掠耶路撒冷的聖殿,在殿中駐軍,屠殺了很多猶太人,後來也聯絡悖道的猶太人。安提阿古四世還彰顯出「敵基督」的本色:於主前168年用豬血玷污耶和華的聖壇,並將其拆毀;兩個月後基斯流月25日在聖殿裡設立給異教神祗奧林帕斯宙斯的祭壇,猶太人中的虔誠人,興起反抗運動,有祭司瑪他堤亞和兒子猶大馬加比組成游擊隊。馬家比革命主前165年贏得猶大國獨立。建立了哈斯摩尼王朝,在主前165年基斯流月25日重獻聖殿和祭壇,差不多是在安提阿古世玷污耶路撒冷祭壇後的三年半。是故今天猶太人仍然在基斯流月25日一連八天慶祝獻殿節。(參但11:28-35



此外,值得一提的是,在 獻殿節的第一天,11月29,關於伊朗核問題的談判在維也納重新啓動。伊朗的目標是美國與歐盟解除對其經濟制裁為其他承認的條件。有鑒於此,以色列總理貝內特聲明,「伊朗不應該因他們的暴行而得到任何獎勵,不應該討價還價,也不應該換取減輕制裁。我呼籲全世界盟友,不要屈服於伊朗的核訛詐。」

註: (次經)

  • 馬加比一書1:43-60  以色列中也有許多人樂意遵從王的敬拜,向偶像獻祭,褻瀆安息日。 王派遣使臣往耶路撒冷和猶大諸城,親手頒發詔書,命令人遵行異於本地的習俗:要從聖所廢除燔祭、祭祀和澆酒祭;又要褻瀆安息日和節期, 污穢聖所和受聖職的人; 又築丘壇、廟宇、神龕,並用豬和不潔的牲畜作祭品; 又由得他們的兒子不去行割禮,使他們因種種不潔和褻瀆的事,而成為可憎惡的。 因此他們就忘記了律法,改變一切教規。 誰沒有按照王命去行的,必然處死。按照以上這一切的話,他把諭旨傳遍全國,又委派監察員監督所有百姓,命令猶大 城鎮獻祭,逐個城鎮都是如此。 百姓中有許多人和他們同夥,離棄了律法,在地上行惡, 因此他們迫使以色列藏身於每一處可以避難的地方。 第一百四十五年,基斯留月的第十五日,王在祭壇上造了一個行毀壞的可憎之物,人們又在猶大的各城設立丘壇, 在各家的門口和街市上燒香。 他們把找到的律法書撕碎,用火焚毀。 若哪裏查出藏有約書,或誰遵守律法的,都必按王的諭令處死他,他們以強暴對付以色列,月復一月地這樣對付在各城找到的人。在每月的二十五日,他們在燔祭壇頂端的壇上獻祭。按照諭令,他們處死那些為自己孩童行割禮的婦女。
  • 馬加比書2:49-64  瑪他提亞死期將至,就向他的兒子說:「現今驕傲得勢,後來必有懲罰;毀滅與烈怒的時候到了。孩子們!如今你們要為律法熱心,為我們列祖的盟約捨棄你們的性命。「當記念列祖在他們世代所行的,這樣你們就大得尊榮和永存的名。 亞伯拉罕豈不是因考驗而仍有信心,那才算為他的義嗎?約瑟因在患難之際謹守誡命,而成了埃及的主人。我們的祖宗非尼哈因大發熱心,而得了永為祭司的盟約。約書亞因實踐所吩咐的,而在以色列中成了士師。迦勒因在會眾中作見證,而得了土地為產業。大衛因他的慈悲,而承受了王位,直到萬世。以利亞因律法大發熱心,而被接上天去。哈拿尼亞、亞撒利亞和米沙利因着信,而從火中得了拯救。但以理因他的正直,而脫離了獅子的口。「這樣,你們要觀察,從一代到另一代,凡信靠祂的人,沒有一個會軟弱無力。不要懼怕罪人的言語,因他的榮耀要歸於糞土和蛆蟲。他今日升高,明日卻無處可尋,因他要轉回他的塵土,他的計謀歸於無有。孩子啊!你們要作大丈夫,當為律法剛強,因為律法必使你們得尊榮。