Letter From Home By Joy

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In the Glory He Changes Me

On the fourth day of our 40 days of simply seeking the Lord, at 6:00 pm on January 4, the oldest member of our family in Zion, Pastor Cornelis (Cecil) Mante, returned to his heavenly home. He had been a missionary in Taiwan for over 10 years and has a great Chinese name: 滿恩荣 (Full of GRACE and GLORY), taken from Psalm 84:11: “…the Lord will give GRACE and GLORY…“. He is faithful to his name, always with the glory of God on his face. I can still hear him thundering in perfect Taiwanese, “Thank You, Lord! Praise the Lord!” We used to call him Papa Cecil in the Zion family.

Exact scenario as the Lord did with Papa Imiel, one hour before our prayer meeting on Dec 8th 2020, the Lord called him to return home. Same with Papa Cecil an hour before our prayer meeting on Jan 4th 2022, the Lord also called him to return home. The Lord was so gracious to allow us to spend precious moments of farewell together as a family, with words of prayer and encouragement, comforting and cheering one another. 

Papa Cecil was 98 years old, lived through the 1948 Later Rain Revival, a very precious father among us. We will never forget his loud speaking in tongues and singing hallelujahs. Whenever he praised the Lord, his childlike face always glowed rosy cheek like the youth! So full of joy, he would often subconsciously let out a happy laugh: “Woo-hoo! Hallelujah, Woo-hoo!”

I remember one Sunday, I might have looked a little down. Even though I was not unhappy about anything, and was just being “normal,” putting on a “normal face” without expression. Papa Cecil walked straight toward me with a walker, with the glory of love shining in his eyes, put his hand on my head, and shouted, “Your name is Joy (my English name)! Be joyful!” Then he raised his hand in the air and gave his classic cheer: “Woo-hoo! Hallelujah!” I was immediately infected by his joy and burst out Laughing! From that time on, whenever I saw him, I would automatically start cheering with him: “Woo-hoo! Hallelujah!”

On January 8, I woke up early at 5:00 am and heard myself singing: “Let the temple be filled with His glory, Let the courts be filled with His praise….” This was the famous short song usually sung at the gathering of the Glad Tidings. And Zion still loves to sing it from time to time, while the anointing of God is always being released through this simple old song. At that moment, the strong presence of God came to my room, and I jumped up from my bed and began to worship and dance before the Lord! Suddenly in the spirit, I felt that Papa Cecil was dancing with me! In the presence of God, I was lost in the joy of the Lord! 

Mama May has been walking with Papa Cecil for many years; she said, “Not every saint who goes through a great revival can finish well. But Papa Cecil’s heart never changed; he is as strong as when he was young. Yes, many servants of the Lord were filled with the Spirit and had a great passion for God and people, but this passion may not necessarily last into old age. But Papa Cecil was a faithful servant of the Lord who lived difficult life, experienced the trauma of the death of his three wives and the pain of many betrayals and trials, yet his love and passion for the Lord remained unchanged all the way through! 

Mama May also shared a powerful saying of Papa Cecil: “Under the anointing, in the glory, He changes me!” Yes! Just immersing in His glory can change us from glory to glory! A precious scripture came to my spirit, 2 Corinthians 3:18:

We can all draw close to Him with the veil removed from our faces. And with no cover, we all become like mirrors who brightly reflect the glory of the Lord Jesus. We are being transfigured into His very image as we move from one brighter level of glory to another, who is the Spirit. (The Passion Translation)

The original Greek word for “transformation” is metamorphoō, which is the same word used for the “transfiguration” of Jesus on the mount (Mt 17:2) and the “renewal of the mind” in Romans 12:2. When we fix our eyes on the glory of Jesus, we enter into His glory! When I was with the Lord that joyful morning, He told me that the secret why Papa Cecil is forever young is that he is living in the glory! Then I asked the Lord: “How to stay in the glory?” He answered: By constantly choosing to be in praise and worship because He enthrones in the praises of the people (Psalm 22:3)! What else do we need if we are on the throne of God? I used to wonder why joy in the Holy Spirit is counted as pleasing service unto the Lord (Rom 14:17-18)? In the life of Papa Cecil, who was full of praise and joy, I have come to understand that. Although he was too old to do any specific services, his presence brought joy and changed the spiritual atmosphere around him. When one is constantly bathed or soaked in the glory of God, he is naturally transformed and renewed, from glory to glory, even without unknowing! By constantly gazing to Jesus, we shall grow into His likeness, from beholding glory to becoming glory! 

My dear friend Pastor Agnes recently received a precious word from the Lord, once again confirming that the Lord wants us to stay in His glory and allow Himself to transform our lives in preparation for the next season:

Now be focused on things I want you to focus on. Unless you concentrate on seeking My face, you cannot go deeper and see clearer. You must concentrate if I show you to seek Me regarding matters that are a priority to Me. So be careful that you heed My words. Focus. Tarry till you break through. Seek until you find, ask until you receive, then you will indeed be about My business, things I have apportioned for you to do and be part of. Focus as you seek My heart and face. Be focused in heart and mind, in the spirit. Pray in tongues, come deeper into My presence, worship till you forget about yourself. I want you to come closer and deeper so I can speak and impart into Your spirit so that some things will just come off in My presence, but you must come deeper into My glory and stay there, soak there, and be changed there. Sometimes you don’t even need to know what’s going on; just stay there and come out different. This is something you have to experience and experience regularly. This must become part of your daily life to survive difficult days. This is the way for all My people who want to be victorious gloriously.

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40 Days of Seeking Father’s Heart

Thank you family from around the world who joined us in the five-day Esther fast for our three spiritual mothers. Praise the Lord!  Here comes the good report: through the prayers of the family, all three mothers have started to stabilize and improve! Mama Grace has been released from the CCU and is stable with a normal white blood count; Mama Ke’s headache has subsided; Nicole has been released from the ICU and is getting better!  This is a critical time for mothers to go through the pain of childbirth in the spirit. Biblical spiritual births are usually accompanied by the courage and sacrifice of mothers. The enemy was trying to destroy the seed of revival that God had chosen for the generation by attacking the mothers, but did not realize these mothers have strong supporting family, and his attacks actually inspired the whole family to rise up and pray! Esther and Mordecai, seeing the fate of their nation at stake, called the entire Jewish family to fast and pray together, and experienced a miraculous turnaround! Medically, a person can only go without food and drink for three days, but with the whole family cheering each other on, it took away the limit of three days.  Praise the Lord, He is pleased with the resounding prayer of oneness from the family! We are so grateful, but also know that all three mothers are not yet fully recovered and still require a longer period of renewal and restoration. We know that the Father must have a good plan. Through praying with one accord, He has united the hearts of the family around the world, and merged the different streams of the Chinese family everywhere, till our love is no longer superficial, but we truly love each other and become a real family. 

Holy Spirit reminded me of Isaiah 22:22 as we enter into year 2022.  In the Homecoming gathering in 2012 in Hong Kong, a key with Isaiah 22:22 engraved on it was given to the Chinese family from leaders of western churches. This was the key of David’s house. How did David, who had sinned and fallen many times, become a man after God’s own heart? The Holy Spirit said to me that it is not because David behaved well or never stumbled. We all know that it is not the case. God was pleased with him because he kept repenting whenever he sinned, and kept getting up & turning to God whenever he fell. No matter how he failed or how weak he was, he had faith in the love of God and would eventually return to Him! David’s trust in God’s love was the key to unlock God’s heart; there was an open heaven within him! The key of David is to become a true and totally sold out worshipper. God is not looking for a person who doesn’t make mistakes (who can do that?). He desires a friend who can trust His love completely. And this key is not just for King David, but for his house, and for His church in tribulation in the last days, as represented by the church of Philadelphia (Rev. 3:7). For in the midst of trials she will not deny God, even with her little strength (Rev. 3:8). Therefore, says the Lord, “this church, like David, simply seek Me, love Me and trust Me. Behold, I have placed before her an open door! ”

Ten years have passed since 2012, now is no longer the time to receive the key, but the time to open new doors with it! Hallelujah! If we, the Chinese family, become the house of David that earnestly seeks the Lord, 2022 will be the year of open heaven for us!  So let us set apart the first 40 days of 2022 (1/1-2/9) as one family, keep on watching for our three mothers, and more importantly, pray that the Chinese family will become the house of David that single-heartedly seeks the heart of the Father! 

The number 40 is significant in the Bible, representing the end of the old and the beginning of a new era. Moses’ life was divided into three 40-year periods; he went to the mountain to receive the Ten Commandments twice, each time for 40 days; the Israelites wandered in the wilderness for 40 years; King Saul, King David and King Solomon each reigned for 40 years; and the flooding of the earth in Noah’s day lasted 40 days.  As we are called to be the corporate end-time John the Baptist to prepare the way of the Lord, we will need the spirit of Elijah. While under the threat of Jezebel, the turning point in Elijah’s life came when he stopped complaining and running away from God but instead he received food from the angel and walked 40 days and nights to meet God at Mount Horeb! It was then that he was freed from the orphan spirit and no longer hid away alone in a cave, but came out to reconnect with people, to anoint kings and to become a father to Elisha! Amazingly, Luke 4 records that Jesus, after fasting for 40 days and nights in the wilderness, overcame the devil’s temptation, was filled with the power of the Holy Spirit, and proclaimed Luke 4:18 anointing for the very first time (Luke 4:1-15)!

In 2022, Church of Zion, the womb of Homecoming, happens to enter into her 40th anniversary! This marks a new beginning of the journey of Homecoming. The Zion family also happens to call 40 days of fasting and prayer from 1/1 to 2/9. During these 40 days, may the Chinese family and the three mothers also enter into His rest together, so that we may experience complete healing and renewal of body, soul and spirit, deeper union with the Lord and with each other, and become a united womb of love for the end-time revival! True revival is birthed and sustained only when we have the Father’s heart!

In these 40 days, may we completely let go of our old plans, old experiences and old habits. Let us simply seek the face of the Lord, become the house of David and receive the key of David!  The enemy may have stolen our passion, love for God and our focus on Him in the pandemic in 2021, and it is time for us to return to Him. Like Elijah, let’s do two things to restore our hearts:

  1. Quickly run into the arms of our Father and spend intimate time with God daily, this is  receiving the key of David. 2 Chronicles 20:22 seems to be the secret to triumph in 2022: Our responsibility is to worship and praise, and God will send angelic ambushers to fight for us! In terms of fasting, in fact, we can fast from many things in addition to food. For me, for example, there are many things that have been stealing my hunger for the Lord: not spending enough time waiting on God, reading wechat messages first thing in the morning instead of dating with God, murmuring and complaining, paying attention to unnecessary gossips, being busy habitually, caring about what people think, and spending time on things not commanded by the Lord, etc.  Lord, help me to get up immediately whenever I fail and return to You!
  2. Quickly embrace the family He has given us to walk with. No matter how lonely and helpless you feel during the days of lockdown when the enemy tries to steal your intimacy with your family, stop complaining and rise up to love and serve them. If the Holy Spirit reminds you of a long-lost friend, give him a call. Stop indulging in self-pity and focusing on your own problems, but focus on the next generation, find your Elishas and take care of them! During these 40 days, let us battle with worship. In His presence, there will be deeper union with the Lord and closer fellowship with your family. Enjoy deeper rest and trust in Him.

The Holy Spirit led me to read Psalm 23 and 24 together for the first time. We need the “anointing of lying down” first (Psalm 23:2-3), for it is “He” who makes us lie down and rest, and it is “He” who restores and awakens our souls in green pastures and by the stream, till we can enjoy the feast prepared by the Lord and let Him anoint our heads with oil, even in the presence of our enemies (Ps 23:5)! Then we shall seek His face (Psalm 24:6) and let the glorious king come in (Psalm 24:7-10)! In 2022, we believe that as we are determined to worship and seek His face, He Himself will open up many new and glorious gates!

I thank Papa Nathaniel and the fathers for encouraging me to share what I have received with the family. In 2022, may our family become the House of David, may our church become the church of Philadelphia (originally means brotherly love), and may we all enter the open gates of heaven and encounter our Beloved Jesus face to face!

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Lord, We Need a Home!

Note: On December 27, the Lord led the fathers and mothers of the Chinese family to have a small emergency gathering to pray for the sickness of three spiritual Chinese mothers. The Holy Spirit was in our midst and stirred the family to cry out with passion and earnestness! I was awakened by the Lord around 3am and received from Him some prayers, which I released in the gathering later. I am thankful for the encouragement of the family and their help in writing the transcript, so I can put it together to share with you. May the Father’s heart be fulfilled in the Chinese! Every family member’s prayer was filled with the anointing of the Holy Spirit, because the Spirit of the Lord was upon us! (Here is the link to the prayer meeting in Chinese:)

I felt the Father say that He has waited a long time for this moment, He is waiting for this family to be formed! During this period, many tears were shed in prayer for this family, and deep repentance in the heart, because only recently have I truly shed tears for this family, which is what Father longs for.  I prayed and cried especially for Taiwan today. The Holy Spirit reminded me that when the stream of Homecoming first came to Asia, the Lord appointedPapa Nathaniel and Papa David to meet in Jerusalem. They were able to meet because of the attack of 911 and planes were grounded. The Lord said that this time He would choose Papa Chow again to bring the family to a deeper level, and through a seemingly emergency situation, like another 911, which are the birth pains of these three mothers. Each mother’s family team has tried their best, but there has been no breakthrough. It was as if they were in a difficult labor situation and we had to gather the strength of the family and go into battle together!

I sense the Lord saying, “The time has come to prepare for revival! The baptism of the Holy Spirit and fire has come! We are not fighting for three mothers, but for the destiny of the Chinese! We are now connected heart to heart, and Abba Father’s heart is delighted and satisfied. He said, “When you are together you are victorious, and you will have spiritual impact. Nicole originally wanted to fly back to the U.S. for treatment, even though she was told it was very dangerous, and even though her family in Taiwan was taking good care of her, her heart was still not at rest. But when I told her yesterday that our Chinese family was going to pray for her, her spirit was immediately at peace and she finally agreed to stay in Taiwan for treatment. Papa Nathaniel, we honor you because you are willing to stand in the position as a father to call all the Chinese sons and daughters to fight together. I believe that not only Nicole, but all three mothers and their immediate family members will feel a stronger sense of strength from the family which will break the enemy’s accusations and lies of loneliness and helplessness in the spirit.

Recently we have been talking about the spirit of Elijah. When Elijah was chased and hunted down, he experienced the love and provision of his heavenly Father in the wilderness, so that the power of the orphan spirit was removed and he no longer complained that ”I am the only one left”. If the orphan spirit is in you, you will still be afraid, but if you have the spirit of sonship, you will experience complete security. Although Elijah won a great victory, he had not prepared a home for himself, so when he was attacked by Jezebel, he had no family to stand with him. Even when breakthrough and revival came, he could not carry the revival because he thought he was alone and did not know that the Lord had prepared 7,000 people for Himself. If he had known the importance of family and had taken time to connect and build relationships with these 7,000 people on a regular basis, would he still have fled when Jezebel attacked him after the victory? !

But, these mothers are not like Elijah. They have a home and a family. Mama Grace has a strong church, Mama Ke has a strong CN team, Nicole has so many who love her, and a very prophetic IHOP home base. “Why is there still no breakthrough? ” I asked the Lord. The Lord said to me, ”Yes, they have a family, but this family needs to be elevated to become the family I long for in My heart. A strong church, a strong team, and a strong prophetic anointing are not enough to carry My next wave of revival. In this new season, I want to move from anointed ministry to ministry with authority! I will lead the body of Christ into an unprecedented level of love, unity and authority, beginning with the Chinese!” The Holy Spirit desires to promote our family into a unity and love that has never been seen before. We are longing for revival, but the Father desires a family that can carry revival, His resting place.

The Lord said to me, actually the anointing of 418 (Luke 4:18) already came long time ago, but till now there has been no family that is completely aligned with His heart to carry it. He said, “Go and see when I first proclaimed the 418 anointing, people came to praise me with excitement for a moment, but the next minute they persecuted me, even to the point of driving me out, and I had to walk straight through them and went on My way (Luke 4:30). Yes, when the Lord first released the 418 anointing, that group of people from His hometown did not receive it and carry it. Because they were full of rivalry, jealousy and doubt, and were not His true family! The Lord said, “Chinese, are you willing now? When the 911 alarm sounds again and the 418 anointing is released again, are you ready, O Chinese? Will you love one another as I have loved you? Will you lay down your lives for one another? You are waiting for revival, while I am waiting for the vessel of revival: a family of true love! This call is not a call for intercessors, the Lord wants the fathers and mothers to take their positions, to lay down everything and to love each other more deeply. James 5:14-16 promises that when the elders anoint the sick, the sick will be healed. But there are different levels of elders and fathers, from church elders to city elders to national elders. Today we are called and covered by Papa Nathaniel and Papa Gideon to be promoted together to become the fathers of the kingdom! The oil we anoint is the oil of kingdom unity, the oil of Psalm 133! By the determination of the Chinese family to love one another, great authority will come to break the power of the devil (Isa 10:27). The yoke of the Assyrian king will be completely broken by the power of the anointing oil!

As Revelation 12 points out, spiritual birth in the last days goes hand in hand with the attacks of the enemy. The dragon will not only attack the woman and the child in her womb, but also her other children (Rev. 12:17). The dragon will attack a family beginning with the mother! When the Lord said this to me, I was really surprised because that day I saw the Christmas message of Pastor Asher from Israel. He talks about how when a great revival comes, it is often a time of great persecution and even massive murders by the enemy. When Moses, the savior of Israel, was born, a generation of Jewish boys were killed (Ex 1:16); when Jesus was born, all the boys in Bethlehem were killed (Mt 2:16).

We need to protect our mothers and guard their spiritual wombs!

When we stand together as one, what we have is not authority over a locality, but the authority of the whole family! The Lord spoke loudly to us in November through Papa Fred’s last letter, and now in December He is speaking to us again through the three mothers! If one mother can’t wake us up, God is speaking to us through three mothers. This time we are not dealing with an emergency 911 situation, but becoming a true family through this. We are called by the Lord to gather, not just once, but continuously until the Father’s heart desire is fulfilled. Our family will declare from now on that we will carry the anointing of 418, we are no longer separate, and we need each other. We are one family wherever we are. The Lord will release His heart through the church. This has been His dream since before the foundation of the world: He will release the greatest authority and wisdom to His end-time church (Eph 3:9-10, Mt 16:18)!  Maybe it will start with us Chinese? Maybe it will start with the new year? When we truly recognize who we are and who our family is, we will not be the same when we are together!

Let Us Pray Together:

Lord, on 9/11/2001, You chose Papa Nathaniel in Jerusalem, You chose the Chinese, You chose this family. Thank You for choosing and choosing again, trusting and trusting again, and 20 years later You sound the 911 alarm again! We declare that this family is a real family and there is nothing we can’t lay down! There is no longer any political or religious obstacle! Lord, come and save our mothers, come and save our family! We are no longer indifferent, no longer just united superficially, we desire true oneness! Holy Spirit, reveal all the hidden agenda and reservation in us! Time is short, the night is dark! Illuminate us, where are we still not aligned with Your heart?  Reveal to us, in what ways are we still not like a true family? Lord, You deserve to have a Chinese family that is perfectly aligned with Your heart! May You be glorified in our family! May You heal the three forerunner mothers and the whole Chinese family, so that Your glory will never leave and the fire of revival will never be extinguished! Amen!

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21 Day Enter Into Rest [12/12 – 1/1]

Dear family,  I’ve always felt that the letter from home needs to be continued after Papa Fred went home to be with the Lord…… I finally obeyed the nugging of the Holy Spirit, and wrote a letter sharing my heart today, although I am a novice, just offering my little part. I believe there will be many more people that will take up the pen to follow Papa Fred and continue to write the letter together!

Despite the unpredictable storm in life, 2022 will be a holy year of rest for the people of God!

During this time, the Lord is leading us to practice a life of praise and experience His presence over all circumstances. But praise is not enough to enter His court (Psalm 100). He desires a deeper and more intimate union with Him, especially at this critical time at the end of the year when He is giving the new wine and oil of the Holy Spirit, a time to unleash His strategy, insight and direction for the new season!

For two weeks now, whenever I come to the Lord, I kept hearing Him say, “Make every effort to enter into rest”. Today, as I followed Zion’s daily Bible reading schedule, I came to the words, “Let us make every effort to enter into that rest” (Heb. 4:11), and it became clearer in my spirit that this was the Lord’s intention.  There are ten references to rest (the same word is used for “rested”) in Hebrews 3 and 4 alone. The original word for “rest” is “His rest”, not man’s rest. One English translation reads “Let us therefore strive to enter that rest” (ESV), “strive” is to encourage us to “make a strong effort, to strive” to enter God’s rest”. It’s a bit of a paradox, to enter into rest takes effort! As I pondered this, I saw a funny picture of a man who was too busy to stop working, then someone grabbed and dragged him into a room, even tied him to a chair, and commanded him to  “Rest well! This picture is a bit exaggerated, but it is really  Father’s earnest desire for this season. He can’t wait to send angels to drag us into the room one by one, because He has something to say to each of His beloved children!

The first time the word “rest” appears in the New Testament is in Acts 7:49 when Stephen quotes the famous verse from Isaiah 66:1: “Heaven is my throne, and the earth is my footstool. Where is my resting place?” The original word “rest” (No. 2663) has two meanings, one is the state: resting in peace, and the other is the place: a place of rest. Rest is the most natural state of God: our God is the God who enjoys peace in Himself!

From the beginning of creation, God actually gave mankind six days of the richest, most beautiful and tender creation, preparing us to enter with Him into the glorious day that He rested from all His works. His original intent was for us to enter into His “seventh day” of rest as soon as we were created (Heb. 4:4). Rest represents trust (Heb. 4:3), and it was Adam and Eve who lost the source of their rest: the presence of God, and the place of rest: the Garden of Eden, when they did not fully trust in the goodness of God.

The Holy Spirit continues to remind me that from December 12 to January 1, 2022, is exactly 21 days! 12 represents God’s reign and order, and as we enter into complete trust in God’s sovereignty, we can enter into complete rest, and that is the key to the New Year! When our hearts rest, God can find rest in us (Isa. 66:1, Acts 7:49)!

How earnest is the Father’s heart that we may enjoy the rest He has always reserved for God’s people (Heb. 4:9). How precious is this promise of rest, especially in these troubled last days, it is not a kind of day, but a state of life, like that of our Creator: a state of life in the rest.

On the one hand, we often cry, “I’m tired! I want to take a vacation! “But when we seriously decide to take a break from work, we realize that for most people, it is much harder to “do nothing” than to “do something”! It really takes “all our effort” to enter “that rest”.

Lord, help us! Take away the curse of the “life of toil” and enter into the destiny of heavenly rest.

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