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Editorial 編輯區 Due to the urgency of the USA Election, we ask nations to intercede for USA every day before 11/3, that God’s will may be done for America! 由於美國選情緊急,我們呼求列國,在11月大選前,每天為美國迫切代禱,使神的旨意成就在美國!

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English Prayer Points 中文代禱事項

Editorial 編輯區

Prayer Points For All Prayer Groups:

Here’s the reminders from one of the leaders:

Good morning, family members. This morning I discern that this international united prayer network need to pray for protection and unity for all the National leaders and their co-workers who join this prayer network . We also want to pray for their family too free from evil and virus infection, be physically and mentally healthy, walk with God, and complete God’s entrusted assignment in time . God bless you all .

I have ministered to the co-workers of the different United Prayer Network, and found that not many understands the attacks and challenges faced by their children, marriage, and family members and not all Intercessors are encouraged to pray for them. I personally understand that in addition to praying for the emergency prayer items of the nations, I discern that we need to pray for protection for the prayer leaders here, their co-workers and their families. Intercession for less than two minutes a day will bring the loving covering of God’s upon them . God bless all of you.

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家人們,早安。 今早我有感動這國際合一禱告網絡要為這裡的各國禱告領袖和他們的同工和他們的家人出入平安,脫離兇惡以及病毒感染,身心靈健壯,與神同行,完成神託付代禱。

我曾服侍過合一禱告網絡的同工, 發現他們婚姻家庭孩子服侍禾場經歷的攻擊以及挑戰是無人能了解, 也不是所有代禱事項有涵蓋為他們代禱。 我個人領受除了為列國緊急代禱事項禱告, 也需要為這裡的禱告領袖和他們同工以及他們的家屬代禱。 每天不到兩分鐘的代禱會帶來神愛的遮蓋。祝福你們。


Prayer Points for Nations 列國代禱事項


Identification Prayer of Repentance: Lord Jesus, please forgive us for the sin of corruption of those in power in our country, for the sin of idolatry。 P lease forgive us for participating in human trafficking, for the church’s lacking of unity and for being lukewarm and afraid of preaching the gospel to nonbelievers. Please revive us, cleanse us , and turn our hearts back to you. We pray in the name of the Lord Jesus. Amen!

We declare in the name of the Lord Jesus that God is in power during the outbreak in Malaysia:

  • God’s almighty power shall protect Malaysia and stop the spread of the Covid-19 in Jesus name.
  • God will keep those who are infected and quarantined in Malaysia and heal them completely.
  • God’s Glory will protect the high-risk groups of people in Malaysia, cover all medical staffs and researchers , all elderly homes, work areas and public areas from infection.’
  • God will help the Malaysian government and decision-makers to wisely lead the country to solve the pandemic problem and all the boarders nearby Philippines, Indonesia and Kedah state shall be closed for stopping the spread of pandemic.

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United States of America

We Declare in the Name of Jesus :

  • God Reigns in America: 
    • The name of God must be exalted in the United States, and God’s will must be carried out in the administration, legislation, and justice.
    • When America enters the call and destiny of God, it will also bring the nations into the destiny!
    • Ekklecia is rising, taking up the authority of unity, and bringing the great revival of the whole earth.
    • Any task to overthrow or abolish the election results will be cancelled, and any attempt to influence the election results will fail. Any riots or riots after the election must be quickly stopped. The election results must be announced in time without delay. The peace of God and the rule of law will come to America.
    • More evils are exposed to the world, American citizens must see the truth clearly, and support for President Trump will continue to increase.
  • Restoring Law and Order :
    • God will help America, “You heavens above, rain down my righteousness;  let the clouds shower it down. Let the earth open wide,  let salvation spring up, let righteousness flourish with it;  I, the Lord, have created it.( Isaiah 45:8 ), justice and fair laws are re-established, and the law and order of American society are restored!
    • The rights of freedom of speech, freedom of worship, and freedom of assembly must be guaranteed.
    • The hearts of federal judges at all levels are in God’s hands like water in a ditch. Allowing Jehovah God to turn around and judge the case according to God’s will. Any decree that does not conform to God’s will is promptly revoked, abolished, and eliminated.
    • The perpetrators are brought to justice and fall into the pits they dug.
  • The Rise of Righteous Media and Social Platforms :
    • The spirit of truth will enter the media and the press, and the voice of righteousness will come out replacing all lies, distortions and deceptions.
    • God is raising up an army of media missions making good use of new media to preach missions, and give a righteous voice to this generation.
    • God reigns over the media, and the voices over the air. Channels and media on the earth must be aligned with the holiness and justice of the Lord. The name of the Lord will be exalted, and the mouths of the media will cheer God!
  • Declaration for President Trump :
    • God will protect President Trump and his family and cabinet members. The blood of Jesus covers President Trump and resists any witchcraft and curses imposed on him.
    • Any instrument created to attack President Trump must not be used! Any instrument destined to attack the United States must not be used!
    • The seven spirits of God are manifested in President Trump’s life ( Isaiah 11:1-3 ), giving President Trump strength and wisdom.
    • God has given President Trump the power to restore the rule of law in the United States, and has given his cabinet the power to handle domestic and foreign affairs strategically and with one heart.

Proclaim in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen!

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Hong Kong

  • We pray to our Lord to forgive the sins of rebellion committed by our generation, including the sins of celebrating “Halloween” on October 31. “We have sinned and done wrong. We have been wicked and have rebelled; we have turned away from your commands and laws.” (Daniel 9:5). Our hearts must truly repent and cry to our Lord, “Lord! Lord! Have mercy on us sinners!”, let our Lord uproot our rebellion from our hearts, cleanse our hearts, and be connected with the Lord. Amen!
  • We pray to our Lord to revive the prayer meetings of the churches in Hong Kong, the prayer meetings where the glorious presence of God is restored, the prayer meetings where we meet with our God, the prayer meetings where heaven is near, and the prayer meetings for revival in Hong Kong. The powerful prayer meetings of churches will shake the hand of our Heavenly Abba Father and transform the spiritual atmosphere of Hong Kong. More miracles will happen in Hong Kong, and the souls of more Hong Kong people will easily wake up. We pray that the time for the great revival of Hong Kong to come soon! Amen!
  • We pray to our Lord to take back the children’s hearts of this generation from the enemy. We pray to our Lord to bless the children of this generation, reveal His will to them, lead and equip them with all His spiritual gifts because they are important generals in the end time. We thank the Lord for supernaturally intervening in the lives of the children, guide them to learn the truth of our Lord and walking with our Lord, to finish our Lord’s mission of revival in the end time. Thank and praise the Lord Jesus! In the mighty name of our Lord Jesus Christ! Amen!
  • (Maggie Tsang)

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  • The Spirit of the Lord is on me, because he has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor.
    He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind, to set the oppressed free, to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor. (Luke 4:18-19)

Since Taiwan opened up cross-strait visits to relatives in 1987 with China, cross-strait non-governmental economic and trade, sightseeing, marriage, and education interaction have become more frequent and closer.

  • Pray for the Lord to help us gain new insight and understanding in Christ, knowing that in God’s beautiful plan of salvation, when in the past God allowed the separation and reunion of the two sides of the strait in history that caused the migration, movement and interaction of the people, all these were meant to lead Taiwan and China The mainland, Hong Kong and Macau to seek God and to know God.
  • Although the people of the two sides of the strait and the four places were created by God, they deliberately did not acknowledge Him, but worshiped all kind of creatures as god, and refused to receive the salvation of the Lord Jesus Christ. We repent that Christians in this four places did not seize the opportunity to preach the gospel and to lead people to Christ Jesus.
  • We pray for the Lord to start work in the four places across the strait to remove all political or cultural obstacles that hinder the spread of the gospel, so that the gospel can be spread freely.
  • We pray that the Lord will send many gospel workers to Taiwan, Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Macau to share the good news of the gospel, the captives will be released, the blind will receive their sight, the oppressed will be freed, and to proclaim the year of God’s favor to the people.
  • In the name of the Lord, we declare that the two sides of the strait will enter into the season of the great harvest of the souls, many many people will turn their hearts to the Lord, and the knowledge of God’s glory will fill the whole earth, just as water cover the sea.

(Antonia Liao)

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Urgency to pray for Indonesia:

  • Pray for the political situation in Indonesia to be avoided from disunity
  • Pray that God’s wisdom exists for every leader in Indonesia
  • Pray that the church in Indonesia remain enthusiastic about sharing the good news

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  • CHURCH: PLS. PRAY FOR STRONGER UNITY AMONG SPIRITUAL FATHERS. Last week, we have organized the “Elders of the Nation”, composed of united national apostolic leaders in the Philippines in pursuit of our prophetic destiny. We start with 12 leaders that include myself, Bishop Dan Balais, of the Intercessors for the Philippines-(IFP); Bishop Eddie Villanueva of Jesus Is Lord Church (JIL); Bishop Leo Alconga for Philippines for Jesus Movement- (PJM) & Bishop Noel Pantoja (Philippines Council of Evangelical Chur hes- PCEC) among others. Foundation for unity had been laid 10 years ago during our 490th Jubilee year since the cross was planted on our shores that made the Philippines, the 1st Christian nation in Asia ( March 16, 1521). We had a annual Bishops & Leaders Summit to build covenant relationship among chur h leaders across denominational lines (Psalm 133: 1-3; Matt 16:18-19).
  • PRAYER MOVEMENT– PLS. PRAY FOR REVIVAL, OUTPOURING OF THE HOLY SPIRIT & THE GLORY OF GOD TO FILL THE NATION. We, in IFP, launched the “Philippines, Arise in Worship!” (PAW) last Aug 10, A nationwide wave of thanksgiving & praise throughout the nation fr9m Batanes ( northernmost island) to Tawitawi (southernmost island). It will culminate on Sept 18 Rosh Hashanah & Feast of Trumpets. All the 7,000 churches in the prayer network are involved. Our declaration: The Lord is good and His mercy endures forever!!! (I Chron 16:34)
    To date, we have 217,396 confirmed cases; 157,403 recoveries and 3,520 deaths.
    We have the highest no. of confirmed cases in Southeast Asia. Our economy was worst hit contracting to -16.5% from one of the best economic performers in d last decade with an average of 6.5% GDP even up to last year 2019. PLS PRAY FOR THE HARVEST OF SOULS WHILE IN THE MIDST OF THESE CRISIS (Isa 26:9)
  • GOVERNMENT– PRAY FOR THE FEAR OF THE LORD FOR OUR PRESIDENT, HIS CABINET; THE LEGISLATURE& THE JUDICIARY. The Lord is dealing with all the abominations that has characterized this administration- i.e. shedding of innocent blood (bloody govt. anti- illegal drug campaign & extra judicial killings); corruption; arrogance; evil tongue; political & regional division; injustices & evil laws. (Prov 6:16-19). Corrupt politicians & political dynasties manipulate & bribe our people (especially the poor) every election.
    Please help us CONTEND!!!

T- To
E- Enforce the
N- Nation’s
D- Destiny

Thanks to all the brethren in the network!!! Shalom!!!

– Bishop Dan A. Balais
National Chairman, Intercessors for the Philippines (IFP)
Senior Pastor, Christ, the Living Stone Fellowship (CLSF)

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New Zealand

All the ends of the earth will remember and turn to the Lord, and all the families of the nations will bow down before him for dominion belongs to the Lord and he rules over the nations. (Psalm 22:27-28)

  • Thank God for keeping the New Zealand parliamentary election completed safely.
  • Election result: The current Labor Party government is re-elected and the parliamentary seat has passed half of the first time, but the proportion of homosexual parliamentarians has reached a new high, even surpassing the United Kingdom to become the world’s first. Since the Labor Party has more than half of its seats, many unfavorable bills may be enacted and implemented.
  • Asking the Lord to forgive us who was once a country that seek God, but now we have fallen into the secularization and pursuit of wrong human rights and freedom.
  • Even so, we will continue to watch and pray for New Zealand with hope and faith in our hearts, to see the kingdom of God manifest here, and the people will honor the Lord’s name.

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  • Pray for the preservation, protection and persistency of those churches involve in the 20 hours prayer chain that we will remain faithful to our calling and have the burden to intercede for the church and this nation.
  • Pray for the church to be released from the captivity of worldliness, laziness and complacency that we will not be a lukewarm church but continue to abide in Him – available and be refined in the Lord.
  • Pray for the salvation of the different people groups in this nation that they will encounter and accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.

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替代性認罪悔改: 主耶穌,求祢赦免我們國家在上掌權者的貪汙腐敗,拜偶像,求祢赦免我們參與人口販賣的罪,教會不夠合一,並且因懼怕而不敢向某些非信徒傳福音的罪;求祢赦免我們不冷不熱的罪。求祢復興我們,潔淨我們,使我們的心回轉歸祢。奉主耶穌的名求。阿們


  • 神的大能必保守馬來西亞,新冠病毒必停止蔓延。
  • 在這危機時刻神必將興起教會積極傳福音。神的救恩必臨到全馬失喪的靈魂。
  • 神必保守馬來西亞受感染和被隔離的人,使他們完全得醫治。
  • 神的榮耀覆庇遮蓋保護馬來西亞高危險羣的人包括保守醫護人員和研究人員,不受感染。特別求主預備足夠醫護人員給沙巴醫院。
  • 神必賜智慧給馬來西亞政府和決策者,領導國家解決疫情問題。並嚴格管制邊界出入境情況。




  • 神必保守法官的心,與神對齊,不受利誘、恐嚇或威脅, 在每起訴訟中,都能做出公正的裁決,並證明川普總統得勝。
  • 神必賜給川普總統律師團隊智慧,能蒐集到所有制敵致勝的證據,將所有作奸犯科者繩之以法。
  • 神必保守這些參與訴訟的律師或吹哨人免受邪靈或人身的攻擊,賜下平安、光明、真理和法治。
  • 神必使搖擺州選票重新審核確實無誤,以主耶穌的寶血破除任何針對訴訟程序所施的巫術或咒語,所有操控電腦和選票的行為都必被揭露和糾正,使川普總統、共和黨參眾議員得到極大支持,並大獲全勝。


  • 爭戰得勝在乎耶和華!神必為川普總統伸冤,取得突破性的進展,勝選臨到正義之方!
  • 川普總統必要連任,他必作美國的父。神必將大衛家的鑰匙放在他的肩頭上,他開,無人能關;他關,無人能開。神必使川普總統安穩,像釘子釘在堅固處。(賽22:22-23)
  • 神必以耶穌的寶血覆蓋川普總統、他的幕僚、律師團隊和他們的家人,破除所有攻擊他們的巫術和咒詛,拯救他們脫離任何暗殺計畫,保守他們出入平安。(賽54:17)
  • 釋放混亂的靈進入反川普陣營,使他們彼此相攻,彼此爆料、速速滅亡!作惡之人,心必如蠟消化;使舞弊者大大驚恐、恐懼顫驚,及時悔改自首,並使其陰謀曝光,完全失敗。(詩55:5)
  • 神的審判要臨到那些深層政府的首腦爪牙,將他們一網打盡!使他們所有的權勢要癱瘓瓦解,他們的財務也陷入癱瘓失敗, 惡人的財富要轉移到義人的手中!(箴13:22)
  • 釋放更多真理的大光進入美國,聖靈澆灌在美國全地,屬靈的大覺醒臨到美國!使矇蔽的不再被矇蔽,瞎眼的不再眼瞎!




  •  我們求主赦免我們這一代所犯的叛逆的罪,包括去慶祝10月31日的“萬聖節”的罪。”我們犯罪作孽,行惡叛逆,偏離你的誡命典章,”(但以理書9:5)。我們的心靈要真實悔改向我們的主呼求”主啊!主啊!求祢憐憫我們這些罪人!“,讓主將我們的叛逆從我們的心靈連根拔起,清除乾淨我們的心靈,能與主相連。阿們!
  • 我們求主復興香港眾教會的祈禱會,恢復神榮耀同在的祈禱會,我們與神相遇的祈禱會,接近天堂的祈禱會,復興香港的祈禱會。強而有能力的眾教會祈禱會搖動阿爸天父的恩手,轉換香港屬靈的天空, 更多的神蹟在香港發生,更多香港人的靈魂很容易甦醒過來。我們求主成就香港大復興的時間快來!阿們!
  • 我們求主從仇敵的手中奪回這世代的小孩子們的心靈. 我們求主祝福這世代的小孩子們,向小孩子們顯明祂的心意, 帶領及裝備他們各項的恩賜因為他們是末世的重要將領. 我們感謝主超自然的介入小孩子們的生命,學習主的真理並與主同行, 將來完成主在末世的復興使命.感謝讚美主耶穌!奉主耶穌基督得勝的聖名求!阿們!

(Maggie Tsang)





  • 求主幫助我們能在基督裡得著新的眼光與理解,知道在神美好的救恩計畫中,歷史中兩岸的分與合所帶來人民的遷徙與互動,全都是為了引導台灣、中國大陸、香港和澳門尋求神,認識神。
  • 兩岸四地的人民雖是神所造,卻故意不認識祂,反倒崇拜各樣受造之物為神,拒絕領受主耶穌基督的救恩。我們也為兩岸四地的基督徒沒有抓緊機會傳揚福音,領人歸主,向神悔改。
  • 求主在兩岸四地動工,挪除一切在政治上或文化上攔阻福音廣傳的障礙,好叫福音得以自由傳開。
  • 求主差遣大群福音工人到台灣、中國大陸、香港、澳門的各族各民各方報告好消息:被擄的得釋放,瞎眼的得看見,叫那受壓制的得自由,報告神悅納人的禧年。
  • 奉主名宣告,兩岸四地要進入福音大收割的季節,大批大批人要歸向主,認識神榮耀的知識要充滿全地,就像水充滿洋海一樣。

(Antonia Liao)



  •  禱告印尼目前的政治的局勢,不會造成分裂。
  •  禱告印尼的國家每一個領袖都有來自神的智慧
  • 禱告印尼的教會會繼續滿有熱誠去傳福音


  • 爲教會禱告: 爲着屬靈父老有更強的合一禱告。上個禮拜,我們舉辦由菲律賓全國聯合使徒性領袖組成的”國家的長老”一起追求我們的先知性的命定。一開始我們有12 個領袖,當中包括我,Bishop Dan Balais, 代表菲律賓的代禱者(IFP), Bishop Eddie Villanueva 代表耶穌是主教會(JIL) 的, Bishop Leo Alconga 代表菲律賓耶穌運動(PJM)和 菲律賓福音公會(PCEC) 的 Bishop Noel Pantoja 。我們在十年前, 在慶祝自從十字架被種植在菲律賓的岸上,成爲亞洲第一個基督徒國家(1521年3月16號)的第490屆喜年,已經開始了鋪陳合一的基礎。我們每年都有主教和領袖高峯聚會來建立衆教會不同宗派的盟約關係。(Psalm 133: 1-3; Matt 16:18-19).
  • 禱告運動 – 請爲國家的復興,聖靈的澆灌和神的榮耀充滿整個國家禱告。在上個月, 八月十號, 我們菲律賓的代禱者(IFP) 發動 “菲律賓, 興起,敬拜!” (PAW) 全國性的感恩和敬拜浪潮,從 Batanes ( 最北部的海島) 到 Tawitawi (最南部的海島), 一直到九月18 猶太人新年& 吹角節. 所有在禱告網的 7,000 教會都參與。我們的宣告: 耶和華本爲善和他的慈愛永遠常存!!! (歷代志上 16:34)
  • 國家– 爲這土地從新冠疫情得醫治,爲因疫情導致六個月的封城(由始以來最久的一次)所造成的經濟蕭條代禱。
    至今,我們有217,396 確診; 157,403 在康復中 和 3,520 死亡案例。
    我們的確診案例在東南亞是指數最高的。我們的經濟嚴重受影響。請禱告在這樣的危機當中我們能夠有靈魂的收割。 (以賽亞書 26:9)
  • 政府– 禱告我們的總統,國會,立法和司法會敬畏神, 神在對付所有在行政上不討神喜悅的性質,比如- 流無辜人的血(血腥政治, 反毒品活動和額外的司法殺戮); 貪污; 高傲; 惡毒的話; 政治和區域的分裂; 不公和邪惡的法律 (箴言書 6:16-19). 在每次選舉裏,貪污的執政 和執政王朝的操控和賄賂人民 (特別是貧窮人)


C-Cry 哭求
O-Out 出來
N-Now 現在
T- To 去
E- Enforce the 實現
N- Nation’s 國家
D- Destiny 命定


– Bishop Dan A. Balais
國度主席, 菲律賓的代禱者(IFP)
主任牧師,基督, 生命石聯誼 (CLSF)



地的四極都要想念耶和華,並且歸順祂,列國的萬族都要在祢面前敬拜,因為國權是耶和華的;祂是管理萬國的。(詩篇 22:27-28)

  • 感謝神保守纽西蘭國会大選平安完成。
  • 選舉結果:現任工黨政府連任且國会席次首度過半,但同性戀議員比例創新高,甚至超越英國,成為全球第一。由於工黨的席次過半,許多不合神心意的法案都可能付諸立法,並加以執行。
  • 求主赦免我們曾是追求尋求神的國家,如今卻落入世俗化與追求錯誤的人權自由思想中。
  • 雖然如此我們仍將心存盼望信心,持續守望纽西蘭,要看見神的國行在這地,百姓都尊主的名為聖。

(Jasmine Tseng)



  • 請為所有參與汶萊國家20/7 連鎖禱告的教會代禱, 求神保守他們委身並持續進入連鎖祈禱,我們參與了20小時的禱告鏈,為我們代禱能忠於自己的禱告呼召,並有責任為教會和這個國家持續代禱。
  • 祈求神幫助教會從世俗,懶惰和自滿的囚禁中被釋放出來,使我們不會成為不冷不熱的教會,而是繼續住在他裡面-在主裡可以得著煉淨。
  • 為這個國家的不同民族的救贖禱告,他們將遇到並接受耶穌為他們的主和救主。