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Prayer Points For All Prayer Groups:

Here’s the reminders from one of the leaders:

Good morning, family members. This morning I discern that this international united prayer network need to pray for protection and unity for all the National leaders and their co-workers who join this prayer network . We also want to pray for their family too free from evil and virus infection, be physically and mentally healthy, walk with God, and complete God’s entrusted assignment in time . God bless you all .

I have ministered to the co-workers of the different United Prayer Network, and found that not many understands the attacks and challenges faced by their children, marriage, and family members and not all Intercessors are encouraged to pray for them. I personally understand that in addition to praying for the emergency prayer items of the nations, I discern that we need to pray for protection for the prayer leaders here, their co-workers and their families. Intercession for less than two minutes a day will bring the loving covering of God’s upon them . God bless all of you.

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家人們,早安。 今早我有感動這國際合一禱告網絡要為這裡的各國禱告領袖和他們的同工和他們的家人出入平安,脫離兇惡以及病毒感染,身心靈健壯,與神同行,完成神託付代禱。

我曾服侍過合一禱告網絡的同工, 發現他們婚姻家庭孩子服侍禾場經歷的攻擊以及挑戰是無人能了解, 也不是所有代禱事項有涵蓋為他們代禱。 我個人領受除了為列國緊急代禱事項禱告, 也需要為這裡的禱告領袖和他們同工以及他們的家屬代禱。 每天不到兩分鐘的代禱會帶來神愛的遮蓋。祝福你們。


Prayer Points for Nations 列國代禱事項


Pray for the Sabah State Election in Malaysia:

  •  Let us seek the Lord’s face together that a just and fair government will be elected to office.
  • God would raise a new breed of politicians without greed, that is radically against corruption. And all things that are injustice.
  • We pray for a strong turnout for the coming election in spite of C-19 so that the mandate of the people will be clear and strong.
  • That Sabahans would not succumb to worry, fear, or defeat, especially during Election, they will exercise their right and vote according to the leading of the Holy Spirit.
  • We proclaim
    • Psalms 146:10 : “The LORD shall reign forever— Your God, O Zion, to all generations. Praise the LORD!”
    • Psalms 145:13  “Your kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, And Your dominion endures throughout all generations.” 

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United States of America

We declare in the name of Jesus Christ:

  • Presidential Election
    • All conspiracy attempts to manipulate the presidential election especially the “mail-in voting” will fail and be dismantled, and the power behind it will be dismantled and ineffective!
    • God will guard the entire process of this year’s presidential election, and the results of the election will be announced on the day.  God will move against any force that would seek to create chaos and unrest on Election Day and days afterwards.  Everything will be accomplished in accordance with God’s will!
    • Politicians who abuse political orders and try to manipulate election results through election policies must be cut off and cannot succeed.  
    • Anyone who illegally undermines the fairness of elections and attempts to cheat must be brought to justice.
    • The rise of Melchizedek priesthood to pray in one accord, so the call of God on the United States will be accomplished!
  • President Trump’s Safety
    • God keeps Trump and his family safe and blessed coming in and going out, no witchcraft spells or curses released from the Dark forces be fulfilled.
    • God will watch over and protect President Trump from any assassination plan, including attacks on health, disease, traffic accidents, murder and death.
  • West Coast Wildfires
    • God will arise and shower down grace to stop the fire in the land!
    • God will perform miracles to protect disaster relief personnel and innocent people, and minimize disasters.
    • God’s mercy, kindness, peace, and blessings come to the fire zone on the West Coast of the United States.
    • Those who deliberately set fire will be arrested and brought to justice!
    • The blood of Jesus penetrates the United States and saves and heals the lost and broken.
    • The power of the Holy Spirit is moving greatly, turning people’s hearts and the West Coast of the United States back to the living God Jehovah.

In the name of Jesus Christ!

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Hong Kong

  • The unemployment rate in Hong Kong remains at 6.1%. The government estimates that the unemployment rate will continue to rise in the future. We ask the Lord to grant revelations and strategies to all Hong Kong employers to create business miracles under the epidemic environment and rely on our Lord Jesus Christ. We ask the Lord to lead Hong Kong employers to act justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with God. (Micah 6:8)
  • In recent years, there have been many commercial fraud cases in Hong Kong society, including many telephone scams and money laundering. These are the enemy’s tricks to send money into the enemy’s world. We ask the Lord to reveal the enemy’s strategy and cut off the enemy’s source of funds. We pray that the Lord to transfer the clean funds from an upright channel to the kingdom of God and bless the great plan on the salvation for the kingdom of God.
  • The Hong Kong Day of Prayer will be the 5th year this year. It will be held on October 1. The whole city will be moved to worship and pray on that day. People will be raised to pray in the mountains, family altars will also be raised, and Facebook live broadcasts will be available throughout the whole day. Pray that the Lord God will do great work and let more churches participate in the promotion. We ask the Holy Spirit to fill the worshipers of the Hong Kong churches so that the worshipers will be close to the heartbeats of God to offer their worship, letting the children of God feel the deep love of Abba Heavenly Father, and release our spirits to freedom and filled with peace and joy, individual life will be changed and entered into revival. Therefore, we ask the Lord to bless and elevate the worship culture of the churches in Hong Kong.

(Maggie Tsang)

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  • The visit of the Under Secretary of the US State Department to Taiwan has aroused strong dissatisfaction in China, which has made the diplomatic and military confrontation between the two sides of the Taiwan Strait increasingly fierce. Ask God to have control over the situation, give both side of the leadership the heart to pursue peace, and lead them to make right decision.
  • Also ask God to open way, for both side to have talk, and enter into an agreement that will beneficial to both sides, so that people of both sides will have peaceable interaction.
  •  Ask God to lead Taiwan Church into deeper unity, unity among tribes, among two genders, and generations walking together, united in prayer and in expanding the gospel.

(Antonia Liao)

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  • The radical groups who want to overthrow the current presidential government.
  •  Pandemic of Covid19

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  • CHURCH: PLS. PRAY FOR STRONGER UNITY AMONG SPIRITUAL FATHERS. Last week, we have organized the “Elders of the Nation”, composed of united national apostolic leaders in the Philippines in pursuit of our prophetic destiny. We start with 12 leaders that include myself, Bishop Dan Balais, of the Intercessors for the Philippines-(IFP); Bishop Eddie Villanueva of Jesus Is Lord Church (JIL); Bishop Leo Alconga for Philippines for Jesus Movement- (PJM) & Bishop Noel Pantoja (Philippines Council of Evangelical Chur hes- PCEC) among others. Foundation for unity had been laid 10 years ago during our 490th Jubilee year since the cross was planted on our shores that made the Philippines, the 1st Christian nation in Asia ( March 16, 1521). We had a annual Bishops & Leaders Summit to build covenant relationship among chur h leaders across denominational lines (Psalm 133: 1-3; Matt 16:18-19).
  • PRAYER MOVEMENT– PLS. PRAY FOR REVIVAL, OUTPOURING OF THE HOLY SPIRIT & THE GLORY OF GOD TO FILL THE NATION. We, in IFP, launched the “Philippines, Arise in Worship!” (PAW) last Aug 10, A nationwide wave of thanksgiving & praise throughout the nation fr9m Batanes ( northernmost island) to Tawitawi (southernmost island). It will culminate on Sept 18 Rosh Hashanah & Feast of Trumpets. All the 7,000 churches in the prayer network are involved. Our declaration: The Lord is good and His mercy endures forever!!! (I Chron 16:34)
    To date, we have 217,396 confirmed cases; 157,403 recoveries and 3,520 deaths.
    We have the highest no. of confirmed cases in Southeast Asia. Our economy was worst hit contracting to -16.5% from one of the best economic performers in d last decade with an average of 6.5% GDP even up to last year 2019. PLS PRAY FOR THE HARVEST OF SOULS WHILE IN THE MIDST OF THESE CRISIS (Isa 26:9)
  • GOVERNMENT– PRAY FOR THE FEAR OF THE LORD FOR OUR PRESIDENT, HIS CABINET; THE LEGISLATURE& THE JUDICIARY. The Lord is dealing with all the abominations that has characterized this administration- i.e. shedding of innocent blood (bloody govt. anti- illegal drug campaign & extra judicial killings); corruption; arrogance; evil tongue; political & regional division; injustices & evil laws. (Prov 6:16-19). Corrupt politicians & political dynasties manipulate & bribe our people (especially the poor) every election.
    Please help us CONTEND!!!

T- To
E- Enforce the
N- Nation’s
D- Destiny

Thanks to all the brethren in the network!!! Shalom!!!

– Bishop Dan A. Balais
National Chairman, Intercessors for the Philippines (IFP)
Senior Pastor, Christ, the Living Stone Fellowship (CLSF)

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New Zealand

【Event: New Zealand was a christian nation, and was one of the highest missionaries sending nation in past.  However, all these years since parliament approved of bringing in Quran, buddhist scriptures, and others pagan scriptures, even in parliamentary meeting, it is not allow to pray in Jesus Christ name.  Click to Read More

  1. Churches will awaken and arise to watch and pray, that the veil over eyes will be removed, and people will make wise decision over the referendum。
  2. God’s great power will intervene in every political party, so that candidates who fit God’s will be seen and heard, and smaller parties that fit God’s will can enter Congress to speak for the people.
  3. Declare God’s glory will reveal in coming October 17th election and referendum. God’s will prevail over any man’s manipulation and control.

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  • Pray for the preservation, protection and persistency of those churches involve in the 20 hours prayer chain that we will remain faithful to our calling and have the burden to intercede for the church and this nation.
  • Pray for the church to be released from the captivity of worldliness, laziness and complacency that we will not be a lukewarm church but continue to abide in Him – available and be refined in the Lord.
  • Pray for the salvation of the different people groups in this nation that they will encounter and accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.

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  • 讓我們一起尋求主的面,求主讓一個正義公正的政府當選。
  • 主會興起無私,沒有貪念,廉潔,徹底反對腐敗和反對所有一切不公不義的事的一羣新的政治家。
  • 我們禱告求主,儘管在有新冠肺炎C-19在沙巴某些地區蔓延,但即將到來的選舉仍具有強勁的投票率,這樣人民能夠清晰有力的表達他們的要求。
  • 沙巴人特別是在選舉的時期,不會屈服於擔心,懼怕,受挫,他們會使用他們的權利,按照聖靈的帶領投票。
  • 我們宣告:
    • 詩146:10  “耶和華要作王,直到永遠。錫安哪,你的神要作王,直到萬代。你們要讚美耶和華。” 
    • 詩145:13″ 你的國是永遠的國,你執掌的權柄,存到萬代。” 




  • 總統大選
    • 一切試圖操縱總統大選的陰謀尤其是「郵寄投票」的陷阱和陰謀必失敗,背後的權勢必被瓦解,無有功效!
    • 神必保守今年的總統大選整個過程,選舉結果當日必揭曉,神必攔阻任何試圖在選舉時期及之後製造混亂不安的黑暗權勢,一切皆按照神的心意成就!
    • 濫用政治命令,試圖藉著選舉政策來操縱選舉結果的政客必被剪除,不能得逞。
    • 非法破壞選舉公正性,企圖欺詐者必被繩之以法。
    • 神保守美國2020年的選舉,必有可信度的結果。
  • 川普總統的安危:
    • 神保守川普以及他的全家出入平安,所有黑暗權勢發出的巫術邪術咒語都完全不能成就。
    • 神必保守川普總統脫離任何暗殺的計劃,包括健康,疾病,交通意外,兇殺以及死亡的攻擊
  • 西岸山火
    • 神必興起,降下恩雨,止息那地的火災!
    • 神必行神蹟保守救災人員及無辜百姓,將災害減到最低。
    • 神的憐憫、恩慈、平安、祝福臨到美國西岸山火災區。
    • 蓄意縱火者必遭逮捕,被繩之以法!
    • 耶穌的寶血滲透美國,拯救醫治失喪者與傷心破碎者。
    • 聖靈的能力大大地運行,翻轉人心,使美國西岸變天回轉歸向永生真神耶和華。




  • 香港失業率维持6.1%,政府估計未來失業率仍然有上升壓力。我們求主睗下啟示和謀略給所有香港僱主在疫情環境下創造生意神蹟,倚靠我們主耶穌基督。我們求主帶領香港僱主行公義,好憐憫,存謙卑的心,與神同行。(彌迦書6:8)
  • 香港社會近幾年多了不少商業詐騙案包括很多電話騙局及洗黑錢, 這些都是仇敵的詭計將錢流入仇敵的世界.我們求主顯示仇敵的計謀,並切斷仇敵的資金來源.我們求主将清潔的資金從正直的途徑轉入神的國度,祝福神國度的復興大計劃.
  • 香港祈禱日今年是第5年舉辦,在10月1日進行,起動全城在當天敬拜禱告,興起人上山禱告,興起家庭祭壇,全天可參與臉書直播。禱告主神大大工作,讓更多教會參與推動。我們求聖靈充滿香港教會的敬拜者,使敬拜者貼近神的心跳的律獻上敬拜,讓神的孩子們感受阿爸天父深深的愛,釋放我們的心靈得著自由,得著平安和喜樂,生命得著改變,進入復興。因此我們求主祝福並提升香港教會的敬拜文化。
  • (Maggie Tsang)



  • 因美國國務院次卿訪台,引發中國強烈不滿,使得台海兩岸在外交及軍事上對峙的態勢,越來越白熱化。求主掌權局勢,將竭力追求和睦的心賜給兩岸的領導人,引導他們做正確的決定。
  • 也求賜通達的道路,使兩岸能進入平等互惠的對談,取得共識,讓兩岸人民得以進行和平的交流。
  • 求主引導台灣教會能進入更深更廣的合一,族群合一、兩性合一、世代同行,既同心禱告,也能同心興旺福音。

(Antonia Liao)



  • 爲要推翻現任總統政府的極端分子禱告。
  •  為新冠肺炎疫情禱告。


  • 爲教會禱告: 爲着屬靈父老有更強的合一禱告。上個禮拜,我們舉辦由菲律賓全國聯合使徒性領袖組成的”國家的長老”一起追求我們的先知性的命定。一開始我們有12 個領袖,當中包括我,Bishop Dan Balais, 代表菲律賓的代禱者(IFP), Bishop Eddie Villanueva 代表耶穌是主教會(JIL) 的, Bishop Leo Alconga 代表菲律賓耶穌運動(PJM)和 菲律賓福音公會(PCEC) 的 Bishop Noel Pantoja 。我們在十年前, 在慶祝自從十字架被種植在菲律賓的岸上,成爲亞洲第一個基督徒國家(1521年3月16號)的第490屆喜年,已經開始了鋪陳合一的基礎。我們每年都有主教和領袖高峯聚會來建立衆教會不同宗派的盟約關係。(Psalm 133: 1-3; Matt 16:18-19).
  • 禱告運動 – 請爲國家的復興,聖靈的澆灌和神的榮耀充滿整個國家禱告。在上個月, 八月十號, 我們菲律賓的代禱者(IFP) 發動 “菲律賓, 興起,敬拜!” (PAW) 全國性的感恩和敬拜浪潮,從 Batanes ( 最北部的海島) 到 Tawitawi (最南部的海島), 一直到九月18 猶太人新年& 吹角節. 所有在禱告網的 7,000 教會都參與。我們的宣告: 耶和華本爲善和他的慈愛永遠常存!!! (歷代志上 16:34)
  • 國家– 爲這土地從新冠疫情得醫治,爲因疫情導致六個月的封城(由始以來最久的一次)所造成的經濟蕭條代禱。
    至今,我們有217,396 確診; 157,403 在康復中 和 3,520 死亡案例。
    我們的確診案例在東南亞是指數最高的。我們的經濟嚴重受影響。請禱告在這樣的危機當中我們能夠有靈魂的收割。 (以賽亞書 26:9)
  • 政府– 禱告我們的總統,國會,立法和司法會敬畏神, 神在對付所有在行政上不討神喜悅的性質,比如- 流無辜人的血(血腥政治, 反毒品活動和額外的司法殺戮); 貪污; 高傲; 惡毒的話; 政治和區域的分裂; 不公和邪惡的法律 (箴言書 6:16-19). 在每次選舉裏,貪污的執政 和執政王朝的操控和賄賂人民 (特別是貧窮人)


C-Cry 哭求
O-Out 出來
N-Now 現在
T- To 去
E- Enforce the 實現
N- Nation’s 國家
D- Destiny 命定


– Bishop Dan A. Balais
國度主席, 菲律賓的代禱者(IFP)
主任牧師,基督, 生命石聯誼 (CLSF)



【時事: 紐西蘭過去是基督教國家,也曾經是差派宣教士比例最高的國家。但這些年來在國會引進可蘭經、佛經⋯等異教經典。詳情點閱

  1. 教會甦醒起來禱告,使蒙蔽人心的帕子被揭去,在公投法案上做出合神心意的決定。
  2. 主的大能大力介入每一個政黨,使合神心意的候選人被人看見、聽見,合神心意的小政黨能跨越門檻,進入國會為民發聲。
  3. 宣告神榮耀彰顯在10月17日國會大選及公投案中,神的旨意勝過人的操縱與掌控。

(Jasmine Tseng)



  • 請為所有參與汶萊國家20/7 連鎖禱告的教會代禱, 求神保守他們委身並持續進入連鎖祈禱,我們參與了20小時的禱告鏈,為我們代禱能忠於自己的禱告呼召,並有責任為教會和這個國家持續代禱。
  • 祈求神幫助教會從世俗,懶惰和自滿的囚禁中被釋放出來,使我們不會成為不冷不熱的教會,而是繼續住在他裡面-在主裡可以得著煉淨。
  • 為這個國家的不同民族的救贖禱告,他們將遇到並接受耶穌為他們的主和救主。


Related Events 相關時事

New Zealand

  • Psalm 47:8-9   God reign over nations. God is seated on His Holy throne.The nobles of the nations assemble as the people of the God of Abraham, for the kings of the earth belong to God; he is greatly exalted.
  • Proverbs 29:2   When the righteous thrive, the people rejoice; when the wicked rule, the people groan.

New Zealand was a christian nation, and was one of the highest missionaries sending nation in past.
However, all these years since parliament approved of bringing in Quran, Buddhist scriptures, and others pagan scriptures, even in parliamentary meeting, it is not allow to pray in Jesus Christ name. Now, New Zealand is no longer categorized as Christian nation.

New Zealand parliament is also New Zealand supreme legislature, it is make up of 120 members.

Among them, 71 of them are elected by voters in each constituency, the restare filled up according to the party’s share of the party’s votes. Prime minister role is elected according to the majority in parliament, or the leader of the largest party in the coalition government.
The original schedule national general election and 2 referendum on September, was postponed to October 17th due to new waves of covid 19 pandemic spread. The current ruling Labour Party is in leading of all the other political parties in polls. However, during the ruling of Kabour Party, they indirectly led legislation to relax abortion laws, and support the End of Life Choice Bill and Cannabis Legalisation and Control Bill referendum that will be held in conjunction with the general election. Currently the end of life choice bill has passed the third reading in parliament, once the referendum result is passed, it will be implemented。But the referendum on cannabis legalisation and control bill is the opposite:even if public opinion oppose or approve, parliament still has the right to refuse to implement the results of the referendum。Therefore, the new parliament members will be responsible for the legislation.

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  • 詩47:8-9  神作王治理萬國;神坐在祂的聖寶座上。列邦的君王聚集,要作亞伯拉罕之神的民,因為世界的盾牌是屬神的,祂為至高。
  • 箴29:2  義人增多,民就喜樂;惡人掌權,民就嘆息。



原定於9月舉行的國會大選及兩項公投法案,由於新冠疫情捲土重来,大選日將推遲至10月17日。目前執政者工黨民調領先各政黨,但工黨執政期間接連主導立法放寬墮胎法,及支持將與大選同時進行公投的安樂死法案(The End of Life Choice Bill)和大麻合法化和控制法案(Cannabis Legalisation and Control Bill)。目前安樂死法案已通過國會三讀,一旦公投結果若通過就付諸實行。但大麻合法化問题的公投則相反:即便民意選擇反對或贊成,國會依然有權拒絕執行公投結果。因此新一屆的國會議員將身負立法與否的大任。