Global 247 Prayer Wall Strategy 全球24/7 禱告城牆策略

Global 247 Prayer Wall Strategy

全球24/7 禱告城牆策略

Global 24/7 Prayer Wall Strategy

statement The strategy we propose here to connect with the global prayer wall is for reference only. If you have a better way to connect, please contact us .
What is the 24/7 wall prayer? The 24/7 prayer means ” 24 hours a day, 7 days in a row, Christians from all over the world are praying to God in their church, city, country, and for Israel and other countries without ceasing.”

Jerusalem, I set up watch in your city, and they will not be silent day and night . Call on the Lord, do not rest, and do not let him rest , until he establishes Jerusalem, making Jerusalem a praise on earth (Isaiah 62:6-7)

This global 24/7  prayer wall movement will mobilize and connect tvarious churches and regions of the country to establish a partnership prayer altar. Worship and praise God day and night and draw near to God, pray for the church pastors and different ministries, the city and country where they live, and pray for other countries and Israel.

The global 24/7 prayer wall can be conducted in two ways;

  1. Set location : in addition to regular prayer meeting, global prayer wall can be done in a set location,, brethren and sisters pray at the designated prayer center or house of prayer during the time they claim.
  2. Prayer Altars can be built everywhere: no matter where they are, as long as prayer is done at the time committed, you can pray in a place, or at home, on campus, or at work (during break time), and you can also pray during traffic hour on the road.


I am looking for a monk to rebuild the wall among them. In front of me, I stand in the country to prevent the blockage, so that I will not destroy the country, but I will not find one. (Ezekiel 22:30)

How Join the global 24/7 prayer wall?


  • Everyone can participate : we are all priests unto the Lord and rule and reign with God. Everyone is encouraged to participate, we recommend especially for the pastor to lead the whole church in prayer.  For example, Taipei Truth Lutheran Church and Bread of Life Christian Church in Shiling mobilized more than 2,000 members to establish a church’s 24/7 prayer wall.
    • For churches of more than a thousand people , only 672 people are required to cover the entire week,if each person commit to pray for 15 minutes per week,.
    • Churches of less than 500 people, churches in same cities or towns, connect together to claim shifts to watch and pray, following the same direction of prayer and strategy.  For example, there are currently more than 70 churches in the Taipei, which are linked to create a 24/7 prayer wall. They don’t just pray for their own church, they also pray for each other and pray for their city and country.  If each person commits to pray for 15 minutes, only 672 people  from the connected churches are required to cover all the hours in a week;  if each person is committed to pray for 30 minutes, only 336 people are required.
  • 15-minute unit:  24/7 prayer wall operates on 15-minute units.  Each person will commit to at least 15 minutes and is encouraged to increase to 30 minutes or longer in the future. (Each prayer wall can adjust the length of the watch time unit by themselves).
  • How to get involved : by individual or group (such as family, church, or united city prayer network, or united national prayer network, etc)
  • How to claim the time : We will continue to use the global 40-day fasting prayer official website to provide a 24/7 prayer wall claim timetable (how to register, details will be announced after September 9)
  • There is a common prayer content : The global 40-day fasting prayer official website will continue to provide the direction of prayers and prayers for global countries.  Currently we plan to provide the prayer on every Monday. We will also shift from praying for two countries daily to praying for two specific countries for seven days each week。 In addition, we will provide prayers  for the global urgent events and for Israel.
  • Prayer Content : it will be similar the 40-day daily prayer,  which includes the following:
    1. Self-cleaning – repentant prayer
    2. Pray for your pastor and church. Every intercessor prays for his own church pastor. Because when the shepherd is stricken,the sheep are scattered; that is why it is important to pray for the leader.
    3. Pray for the vision of your own church and various ministries
    4. If you connect with other churches to establish a prayer wall,pray for other churches. Pray for your own city and country.
    5. Pray for nations, global urgent events and Israel, provided by the 24/7 Prayer Website
Types of 24/7 prayer wall
  • 247 Prayer Wall for a Church , e.g. Taipei Truth Lutheran Church
  • 247 Prayer Wall for a City /state / province -based, e.g. California 247Prayer walls
  • Regional 247 Prayer Wall,e.g. the US East Coast 247 Prayer Wall
  • Nationwide 247 Prayer Wall,  e.g. Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines and Indonesia
  • Continental 247 Prayer Wall, e.g.  Asia, America, etc.
  • Global 247 Prayer Wall, e.g.  the  global prayer wall sponsored by the 40 days of prayer and fast.

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全球24/7 禱告城牆策略

聲明 我們在此建議的連結全球禱告城牆的策略,謹供參考。若您有更好的連結方式,敬請與我們聯繫
甚麼是24/7 城牆禱告 ? 24/7的禱告,意即「每天24小時、連續7天,全球列國的基督徒為自己教會, 城市,國家、及為以色列及其他國家不停止的在上帝面前守望禱告」。

耶路撒冷啊,我在你城上設立守望的,他們晝夜必不靜默。呼籲耶和華的,你們不要歇息,也不要使他歇息,直等他建立耶路撒冷,使耶路撒冷在地上成為可讚美的 (以賽亞書62:6-7)

此ㄧ全球性24/7城牆禱告運動,將會動員以及連結列國各教會、地區何國家建立合ㄧ禱告祭壇。晝夜不停的敬拜、讚美親近神、為自己的教會牧者及不同事工代禱, 自己所處的城市及國家以及為其他國家和以色列代禱。


  1. 固定的地點: 除了舊有的方式,在固定的地點, 建立247禱告祭壇,弟兄姐妹們必須在他們認領的時段到指定的禱告中心或禱告殿禱告
  2. 遍地築壇: 無論他們所在的地點在那裡,只要認領的時段到了,都可以在那個地方禱告,或 在家裡,或在 校園,或工作場所(休息時間),路上塞車時段都可以禱告。


我在他們中間尋找ㄧ人重修墻垣, 在我面前為這國站在破口防堵, 使我不滅絕這國,卻找不著ㄧ個。(以西結22:30)



  • 人人皆可參與: 人人皆祭司與神ㄧ同在地上執掌王權,鼓勵人人參加,特別建議由牧師帶領整個教會進入一個身體的禱告。如台灣真理堂及士林靈糧堂動員2000多個會友,建立教會的24/7禱告城牆。
    • 千人以上的教會, 只需要672的人數, 每人負責每周壹次15分鐘的禱告, 就能涵蓋一 周的所有時段。
    • 500人以下的教會,城市或鄉鎮裡的眾教會,ㄧ同連結、認領班次,在相同的禱告方向、爭戰策略裡守望。例如 臺灣臺北行政區目前有70多間教會,連結起來建立合壹24/7禱告祭壇。他們不只是為自己教會禱告,更是彼此代禱,為自己的城市及國家禱告。只要眾教會連結起來的人數達到672的人數, 那麼連結的教會裡,每人只需要負責每周ㄧ次15分鐘的禱告。如果每人負責每周ㄧ次半個小時的禱告, 只需要336個人就能涵蓋ㄧ周所有時段。
  • 以15分鐘為單位: 24/7是以15分鐘為單位。每人至少認領15分鐘 ,鼓勵日後增加到30分鐘或更長。  (各禱告城牆可自行調整守望時間單位的長短)。
  • 如何參與: 以個人或群體(如家庭,教會,或城市合一禱告網絡,或國家合一禱告網絡)為單位
  • 如何認領時段: 我們將繼續使用全球40天禁食禱告官方網站提供24/7禱告城牆認領時刻表(如何登記,詳情於九月九日之後公佈)
  • 有共同的禱告內容:  全球40天禁食禱告官方網站,將繼續提供列國代禱方向及禱告文,目前我們計畫,每星期一提供一篇禱告文, 我們會從目前的每天為兩個國家代禱, 到一星期7天集中火力為兩個特定的國家,為全球緊急代禱事項以及為以色列代禱。
  • 禱告內容:每一個 代禱者進入認領時段禱告時,他們禱告內容鼓勵涵蓋以下內容:
    1. 自潔- 悔改的禱告
    2. 為您的主任牧師、師母和教會代禱。 每ㄧ個代禱者先為自己的教會牧者代禱。因為牧人被擊打、羊就分散,所以為領袖禱告很重要。
    3. 為自己的教會的異象及不同事工禱告
    4. 若是連結其他教會建立合壹禱告祭壇, 要為其他教會禱告。 為自己的城市國家代禱。
    5. 為全球24/7禱告官網提供的列國代禱事項禱告
  • 教會為單位,如台灣真理堂的禱告城牆
  • 城市/ 州 / 省 為單位,如加州禱告城牆
  • 地區為單位,如美國東岸禱告城牆
  • 國家為單位,如馬來西亞,新加坡,菲律賓 及印尼一起建立合一禱告城牆
  • 為單位,如亞洲,美洲等禱告城牆
  • 全球為單位如,由全球40天禁食禱告發起的禱告城牆

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