2023 Global 40 Days Fasting Prayer Summary

Dear Intercessors

Thank you for your prayers. Today is the last day of the 40 days of fasting and prayer, and we are grateful for the unity of nations who have participated in this 40-day fast and prayer.

We are grateful for the guidance and grace of God that has enabled us to complete this holy work. My house shall be called a house of prayer for all nations.  ( Is 56:7) How much God values prayer, especially prayer in unity. Restoration begins with prayer.

We are very grateful to our brothers and sisters in the nations for their prayers and watchfulness for each other. We look forward to the breakthroughs that will be experienced at various levels in all the countries involved. In particular, through the repentance of the nations, the covenant had been made with a new start. we believe God will open the windows of heaven and lead the nations into revival.

May the fire of prayer continue to burn. We will be updating our prayer items every Monday. The Global Emergency Prayer items will be updated as global changes and events continue to unfold. We encourage everyone to stand with us in prayer. We encourage each intercessor to stand with us and continue to follow the prayer bulletin and prayer direction posted on this website each day and we will be praying for two countries of the week, Israel, and for urgent prayer issues. With a strong national prayer movement, we believe that more awakening and revival will come to individuals, families, churches, and nations. Through united prayer and repentance, mountains will be moved, national disasters will be stopped, epidemics will be controlled, wars will be turned to peace and the economy will recover. The economy will recover, corruption will be swept away, racial conflicts will be reduced, politics will be stabilized, power will be turned to Jesus Christ, the gospel door will be opened, and wars will be ceased. The gospel door is open, the battle is won, the evil powers of darkness are overthrown and the captives are set free.

From 6 March 2023, we will resume publishing the weekly prayer bulletin on Mondays. We hope we can continue to pray for the unreached in these countries. We will be praying from time to time We will be praying for these countries from time to time in the Global Critical Events Prayer Area. If you have any breakthrough testimonies of this 40-day fasting and prayer or have any suggestions or feedback on the prayer text, please feel free to share them with us. (Please click here to link to us) Let’s continue to join hands and hearts in our RTOD International24/7  praise and worship and prayer journey. We sincerely invite you to join us in the RTOD International 24/7 Praise and worship and prayer movement, which will open the windows of heaven and bring a powerful visit from God to your country and bring Transformation. For more information, Pls contact Sister Sarah Say  RTOD through email at rtodinfo@gmail.com

From the RTOD Editorial Team