North-South Vietnamese unification: The 1954 Geneva Agreement divided Vietnam into North and South. It was reunified in 1975. 54 ethnic minorities have their own languages, lifestyle, and cultural heritage.


Spiritual Condition: Christians are regarded as dangerous by the government. After the new religious law came into effect in 2018, the church registration has been difficult, and the media network is being controlled.  Also the Christian leaders has been monitored, and the Christian converters are being considered traitors by their families. However, the more persecution the church is facing, the more it grows; but the lack of teaching to the new believers is one of the challenges for the church. In recent years, four ethnic minorities in remote areas have been allowed to publish Bibles in their own language. Christianity accounts for 9.43% of the total population, 52.48% is Buddhism, and 23.30% is of no faith.

Caring for the Weak: With the opening of the economic policy, people’s greed and false religions have increased as well, causing social problems such as corruption, violence, drug abuse, AIDS, prostitution, and exploitation of children.

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Pray For USA: Keep the Children off ‘Puberty Blocker Treatment’

  • Romans 1:26 That’s why God abandoned them to their shameful desires. Even the women turned against the natural way to have sex and instead indulged in sex with each other. And the men, instead of having normal sexual relations with women, burned with lust for each other. Men did shameful things with other men, and as a result of this sin, they suffered within themselves the penalty they deserved.
  • 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 Don’t you realize that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, who lives in you and was given to you by God? You do not belong to yourself, for God bought you with a high price. So you must honor God with your body.

Current Event :Students across the nation soon be returning to classrooms may encounter their new-former friends whose gender is changed through either hormone therapy or undergone ‘gender change’ surgery. (Ro. 1:26-27)

Gender Identifier Drugs

Today, children as young as 8 years old are being given ‘untested experiment’ drugs to find out their gender identity, much is pushed by Gender activists and the small selected groups within the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH), but increasingly supportive from many medical establishment. Opposing medical experts claimed these drugs actually could cause heart and bone problems and stunt brain growth, and condemned it’s a form of ‘child abuse’.

‘Puberty Blockers Treatment’ Drug is given to girl child who identified as a boy to prevent her from going through the natural human process (puberty). The effects of these hormones medicines are not fully known, but some negative side effects have been widely reported. These children will turn into sex hormone-dependent. NIH (National Institute of Health) recommended kids as young as 8 years take opposite-sex hormones. NIH is strongly funded for study on mastectomies done on girls as young as 13.

‘Child Abuse’ here applies to a child cannot consent of being harmed in a medical study, or in a medical setting unaware of such harms. Transgender ‘treatments’ experiments on those could not consent because their lack of intellectual capacity or emotional maturity, nor understanding the consequences of what’s going to happen to them.

Political group (WPATH), World Professional Association for Transgender Health, is pushing on younger and younger children. Pressured guidelines to the Endocrine Society and the American Academy of Pediatrics on opposite-sex treatments (gender identity). Dr. Michael Laidlaw of the Endocrine Society is working to counter gender activists. To educate parents that puberty medicines could not stop the puberty of a boy to turn into girl and becoming a woman is not possible. (1 Cor. 6:19-20)

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Pray for The First Nation : First Nations in Turtle Island – Choctaw Seek Gathering Praise Report

【Background: We prayed for the Seek Gathering (8/2-8/3) in the Oklahoma Choctaws in the  “Weekly Prayer (2019/7/29).” (Click here for details ). Thank God, at that gathering, the Choctaws had a great breakthrough. Jennifer Gomez is an intercessor from the Choctaw Nation.  She was one of the five first people who were invited by  the East Coast family to Taiwan and Japan. She shared the praise report about the breakthroughs in the gathering.

Brian LaBounty, the first people testified about how  he aligned with God’s thought and received the blessings. We believe Brian and Jennifer’s praise reports are just the beginning of the revival among the First Nations. The greater revival is just around the corner!  Here is Jennifer’s  praise report:

The Seek Gathering was an appointed time by Holy Spirit for beginning of
transformation amongst the Choctaw People.

Resolve the Enmity of White and Black Choctaws Before the Gathering

Before we got to the meeting, the Lord was having the Choctaws, the elders, and other people deal with the disunity that was sown into the land. Prior to the meeting, the Lord spoke to me about dealing with the
Freedmen issue. The Freedmen were slaves of the Choctaws back from the 1800’s. It was said that the Choctaws were harsh to their slaves. So harsh that eventually it provoked the slaves to kill their masters. Also, the Choctaws did not want to give them land once they were free. So the government stepped into the matter gave the Freedmen land and took more from the Choctaws.

Thursday(8/1) we had a team that was Joe Donnell, a white Choctaw and a black Choctaw (Freedmen descendant), myself and we met with two elders who are full blooded Choctaw. We met at the corner of Southeast Oklahoma, the location of the history between the Choctaws and slaves. At that moment, God began to break generational curses with Choctaws and African Americans. There was a reconciliation, forgiveness, and unity to move forward. Then we celebrated about the transformation God began.

Find the True Identity  of the First Nation

By the time we make it to the meeting, Holy Spirit led us into repentance. We realized that night we were throwing all of the burden we put on ourselves. The Lord had me share the calling of the Choctaws in this hour for the First Nations People. We hold a key that unlocks healing, Unity, and Family. We will step into this if we are as One, and His Kingdom is established through the fivefold and His government will have no ending. This is the Kingdom! Then one of the Apostles of the Choctaw people asked all of us an important question, so we can ask God. He asked us to ask God, “what is my part in Your great plan?” This was very key because it has to do with identity.

That first night, we dealt with the orphan spirit and then Holy Spirit pulled us into our true identity. Most importantly we all were directed to walk in relationship with the Lord about our lives.

Correct the Status of Men and Women in the Kingdom of God

The next morning(8/3), Spirit had the men speak to women. A male teacher address the incorrect teaching about women. This was very important because in this region, the women have been devalued in God’s Kingdom. The Word does say wives submit, but it also says love your wife. Also, the word says there is no Greek, nor Jew, nor male or female. The man is supposed to love his wife to bring her up to his equal.

Spiritual Birth

That day we also dealt with some other things that were in our culture that are not Holy to the Lord and brought a spirit of death. We stepped into this together and then we had a birth during one of the settings. Actually, it was me who birthed this and one of my best friends. I felt life come forth from this time.

After that, there was a revelation that came forth in regards to tithes. In the middle of that, revelation one of the elders gets up and says that is the one thing the early missionaries never taught the First Nations People was to tithe. This tithe revelation went into how our Daddy God won’t allow the devour to touch what He’s doing. That brought a lot of insight to us about how the enemy was able to destroy our people.

More Revelation on Enemy’s Tricks

From that meeting, we received more revelation of how the enemy set up our
people and stole almost everything. The enemy uses the Word as his strategy to rob
us, and now we are seeing the traps he set up on our lands.

Choctaw’s Calling: Watchmen

One of the important words that came forth from these meetings are we are watchmen. That is a big role for the Choctaws in the Kingdom. We are being held and coming together as a family to take our watchmen positions, and we are going to help our First Nations brothers and sisters to know their position too. We are believing to see the transformation on our land and people. This meeting brought many people who have had visions and dreams of the Glory all over the land and people. It’s more than just a feeling of Oneness, but it is also to see the transformation. We have already begun to see the first fruit of those prayers that went forth.

First fruits of the Seek Gathering

Our Choctaw National Day of Prayer is September 1, and for the first time we will have the Chief from Oklahoma and the Chief from Mississippi come together to pray for the Choctaw People.

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Pray For Hong Kong: After Hong Kong Chief Executive Withdrew the Extradition Bill 

【Current Affairs:  Hong Kong people launched “Anti-Extradition Bill” demonstrations. After a series of protests, the conflict between Hong Kong police and civilians became fiercer. Nearly three months later, Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam finally announced at 6 pm  on the evening of September 4th to withdraw the Extradition Bill and proposed four major actions to respond to the “five major demands” of the public. It seems that the attitude of  Carrie Lam’s government has softened and is willing to negotiate  instead of confrontation. However, people’s organizations from all walks of life have questioned their motives, claiming that they will continue to protest, and that the five major demands are indispensable. 

At this time, religious leaders from all walks of life put forward various agendas and opinions. Some advocated a two-month “quiet period” for rethinking and preparation, and aiming at the well-being of the entire Hong Kong people to reach a consensus on the balance of all parties.

Christian leaders hold various forms of prayer meetings in different regions. On September 6, nearly 80 churches held partition prayers. Young people who love the Lord and love Hong Kong have started the 7/24 Prayer Wall for HK from September 4 to September 30 believing that He listens to prayers and hoping  to bring breakthroughs to the city. continue through 7/24 hours prayers .

Please continue to stand and pray with our Hong Kong family until God’s will is accomplished.

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Revival Testimony:The 20th-century Charismatic movement: the revival of Topeka

On January 1st, 1990, in the city of Topeka, Kansas, the Pentecostal movement started by Charles Fox Parham happened. Although 106 years has passed, the church is still with the same earnestness as the last century. The enthusiasm for missionary work and the motivation to establish churches are constantly expanding. In 1986, William J. Seymour, who was influenced by Charlie Parham, also brought this spiritual experience to Azusa Street in Los Angeles, and later became the Pentecostal movement that drew the world’s attention. Many brothers and sisters around the world who have longed for the power of the Holy Spirit had come here to receive it. Then they brought this experience back to their own church, and thus many Pentecostal churches started.

The most special feature of the Pentecostal movement of the 20th century is that when a person is filled with the Holy Spirit, there is an external manifestation of “speaking in tongues”. This emphasis was evolved from the evangelism and the holiness movement. The evangelical’s pursuit of “full sanctification”, the holiness movement’s pursuit of “the baptism of the Holy Spirit and fire”, why the later movements ended up not as “full sanctification” as two previous revival movements? It is not because they do not value holiness, but because holiness comes from the power of the Holy Spirit, not from the inner will of oneself. From this we can understand that the pursuit of holiness or sanctification cannot satisfy one’s innermost needs. Later, it was the Pentecostal movement consider the pursuit of the “Infilling of the Holy Spirit” as the most important.

Pentecostal Movement

Peter Wagner, professor of the Fuller Theological Seminary, divides the 20th century Charismatic movement into three waves. The first wave is the Traditional Pentecostal Movement that started at Topeka, Kansas. The second wave is the Charismatic Movement, which was popular in the major sects and Catholics of the Christian era in the 1960s, also named “New-pentecostalism”. The third wave is the “Vineyard Movement” initiated by Wigner himself and John Wimber, also known as the “Spiritual Movement” or “Power Evangelism”.

On December 31, 1900, in an overnight gathering in Topeka, Kansas State, Charles F. Parham (1873-1929) laid his hands on his student Ozman’s head. She began to speak Mandarin Chinese and was surrounded by brilliant lights around her head and face. Within three days, she was only able to write with a pen and could not speak in her mother tongue (English). She often wrote Mandarin Chinese characters. This event marked the beginning of the Pentecostal movement. This experience was then quickly imparted to the people in the meetings. In the following gatherings, they were able to speak 21 languages that could be confirmed by the locals: French, German, Swedish, Bohemian, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Russian, Italian, Spanish, Norwegian, etc. (The experience of this Pentecost will be explained in the next section).

Charles F. Parham (1873-1929), the father of the Pentecostal movement, was born in Muscatine, Iowa on June 4, 1873. At the age of thirteen, he accepted Jesus as his personal savior in the Anglican Church. At the age of 19, he became the acting pastor of the Methodist Church. He was influenced by the second blessings of sanctification by grace and also had personal experience. During his time as a pastor, the number of members increased and the church had to build a larger hall to accommodate all the people.

In 1985, Benjamin Hardin lrwin, a Baptist pastor, announced the establishment of the “Baptism of Fire Holiness”. He taught that after the second blessing (sanctification), there will be the third experience which he called “the Holy Spirit and the baptism of fire”. This third blessing is the infilling of the Holy Spirit, but “the baptism of fire” does not teach that speaking in tongue is the evidence of baptism of the Holy Spirit but this phenomenon is quite common among those who are baptized.” Charlie Bhahan had met with Irwin several times before the 1990s. Scholars believe that Parham may have adopted the basic idea of ​​Irwin, and was greatly influenced by him. In 1985, Parham separated himself from the evangelism (second blessing) and accepted the theological position of the Holiness (three blessings).

In 1987, the eldest son of Parham, Claude, was sick. Parham himself also was suffering from heart disease and was getting weaker and weaker. The medicine could not help him. At that time, someone asked Charlie Parham to go to pray for the sick; although he was very weak, he went to the home. As he was praying, the words in the Bible: “physician, heal yourself!” (Luke 4:23 ) suddenly appeared in Parham’s heart. The power of God touched Charlie Praham and he was healed instantly. Because of this experience, he began to preach on divine healing. A woman with edema, and the doctor originally announced that she had only three days to live. Because of Praham’s prayer, she was healed on the spot, and even the miracle of blind eyes seeing again was happening.

In order to serve more sick people seeking healing from God, in August 1998, Praham officially began the Divine healing evangelical work in Topeka, Kansas, and established the” Praham Healing Room” to heal the old and the weak. There were many testimonies, but Parham often asked the congregation to not call him a “healer.” He reminded everyone that he had no ability to heal, just like he had no ability to save, there is only one Healer and Savior and that is the Lord Jesus Christ. In addition, he also accommodated orphans and provided jobs for the unemployed. Later, in October 1900, he established the “Bethel Bible School” (in a stone building). There were forty students in the school and a room called the “Prayer Tower”. Students often gathered and prayed. Each time there was a three-hour prayer watch. Praham’s seminary was open to every pastor and believer. The only condition was they had to be willing to “abandon all things” and study the Word of God with diligence and sincerity. The students had to live by faith for their tuition, and trust the Lord to supply all their needs.

From the beginning, students were taught that every person who accepts the Lord Jesus must understand the importance of purity, the  holy life of victory and power, honoring the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, obeying the Word and the commandments of the Lord Jesus Christ, repentance and forgiveness of sins, and to be set apart to live a life dedicated to God through the dwelling power of Christ (the law of the Holy Spirit) to overcome sin.

In December 2000, Praham led students to study the main teachings of the Holy Movement, including sanctification and Divine Healing. They read the second chapter of the book of Acts and the events that took place during the Pentecost in Jerusalem, including the phenomenon of speaking in tongues. At this time, Praham had to leave the school to attend a three-day preaching engagement. Before he left, he instructed the students to study the Bible and try to find Bible evidence of being filled with the Holy Spirit. When he came back, he asked the students what their results were. He was shocked by the unanimous answer. The evidence of being filled by the Holy Spirit was speaking in tongues, which was confirmed from several events in Acts. All accompanied by the baptism of the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongue.

The following is a personal testimony of Ms. Agnes Ozman (1870-1937):

“In October 1900, I went to Topeka Bible College. During the day, we studied the Bible and at night we ministered in the city. Every day we spent a lot of time praying. Just like most people, I thought I had received the baptism of the Holy Spirit when I dedicated myself. When I learned that the Holy Spirit could be poured out more abundantly, my heart became extremely hungry and thirsty.

I often came before God hunger for the coming of the Holy Spirit. This longing was far more than the needs of the flesh. We were taught to honor the blood of Jesus Christ and to let it work in our hearts – this result gave us great peace and victory. On New Year’s Eve, we had a blessed meeting. Before the New Year come, we prayed that God’s blessings will come to us.

On the first day of 1901, God demonstrated His presence with us in a remarkable way, and spoke to our hearts: To wait on Him for greater things. In the evening, the spirit of intercession came upon us, a thought rose up in me to ask God to lay hand on my head so that I could receive the gift of the Holy Spirit, it was the 11th hour in the evening of January 1st. Soon, God’s hand covered my head, the Holy Spirit poured out and my mouth spoke in “Tongue” to praise God – God gave me multiple languages, as if the river of living water was constantly Gushing out from the depth of my heart.

Some of these students continued to pray before God because they were very eager to be filled by the Holy Spirit. On January 3rd some of the students went out to minister, and the rest remained gathered at the school to pray. God answered their prayers – His spirit was greatly poured out! One by one They started to speak in tongue and some tongue was interpreted”

In the Bible, there are several expressions of tongues. First, it may be the language of other countries, and others can understand them. Just like the second chapter of Acts, on the day of Pentecost, Holy Spirit poured out languages of at least fifteen regions (Acts 2:8-11). Second, in the meeting, tongues need to be interpreted by someone to edify the people that were present (1 Cor. 14-27-28). Third, when praying alone, the purpose of speaking in tongues is to edify oneself and strengthens one’s own faith. “For anyone who speaks in a tongue[ does not speak to people but to God. Indeed, no one understands them; they utter mysteries by the Spirit” (1 Cor. 14:2), Paul said, “I thank God, I speak more tongues than all of you” (1 Cor. 14:18)

This “Pentecost returning” news quickly caught the eye of Topeka’s newspaper (Topeka Report) published an editorial to ridicule this “speaking in tongues” event, titled: “A strange belief, strange action, believers say strange words”; Other newspapers were also been informed of this news (Kansas City World News, Cincinnati News) and were competing to report. God’s work was being advertised, and some people came to see what God was doing.

A few weeks after the blessing of the Bethel Bible School, God sent twenty students to Lawrence, Kansas, to continue the missionary work. This evangelistic enthusiasm is characterizes Pentecostal church. They rented an old theater as the meeting place. Then they went to the city to visit the family door to-door; two by two they went out to pray for the sick in people’s homes; as a result, people came to these gatherings in groups, and many people repented and were healed. Many Christians also received the baptism of the Holy Spirit—they spoke in tongues to praise God.

Praham continued to preach the baptism of the Holy Spirit throughout the country by demonstrating the power of the Holy Spirit. There were times in the meeting when he suddenly spoke in tongues. After he finished, one person in the congregation stood up and said, “My sin of rebellion has been forgiven. I just heard you recite psalm 23  in my native language. This was what my mother taught me when I was a child.” This was just one of the fascinating story of Praham’s speaking in tongues. Soon, hundreds of people began to receive this phenomenon. But at the same time, unbelievers also began to launch a lot of persecution and defamation.

A year later, Praham closed the school in Topeka and began a four-year revival whirlwind traveling. During that time, Pentecostal teachings spread throughout Kansas and Missouri. In the fall of 1855, he moved his headquarters to Houston, Texas. At the request of friends, he started a short-term Bible school to share his knowledge. Students who came to study did not have to pay tuition fees, but they must learn to live the life of faith and rely on the supply of God. They lived in a three-story mansion. The institution was called the Bible Training School. A total of 25 students received a few months of study. This was also the school where WJ Seymour, the revival movement of Assua Street, received his theological training.

When Praham was 50 years old, he suffered from severe rheumatism and almost lost his life. He died on January 29, 1929, at the age of 57. [Although there was some history, saying he later became a racist, he had a tendency to discriminate, even in 1907 when Praham was swept into several sexual scandals, led to the loss of his reputation and leadership (he did not participate in the establishment of the Assembly of God Church in 1914), but finally after the judgement of the court, he was not prosecuted. Afterwards, it was learned he was maliciously rumored and slandered by some people. The power of God continued to confirm his ministry. Thousands of people repented and accepted the baptism of the Holy Spirit and received healing in the meetings he led. Before he passed away, he heard that his two sons were willing to dedicate themselves to serve the Lord. His spirit was greatly excited. “When I face the Lord, I can’t boast what I have done, but I dare say, I have Keep the Word that the Lord has given me, and live a pure, holy life.”

(Source: Christian Revival Story Collection)

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Sharing of Words:  Timely  Instruction To The Zadok Priesthood By Bobby Conner

The Lord is looking for a people whose heart is right with Him, so that He can fully support all that they are doing (see 2 Chronicles 16:9. The Spirit of Truth is raising up leaders that will teach the people the vast difference between what is pure and what is profane (see Ezekiel 44:23). It is crucial that we walk in uprightness if we are to ascend the hill of the Lord (see Psalms. 24:3-4).

As we embrace accountability then we can be trusted with more true authority. Christ Jesus informed us that if we are faithful over little we will become ruler over much more. On the other hand if we fail to handle small things correctly even the small things are in danger of being removed. It is required of a steward that he be found faithful.

The message of the book of Jude is blasting out to this end-time Church age. The warning is all too clear,  if we do not return to the Acts of the Apostles we will continue to see the Actions of the Apostates. It is imperative that we become contenders and defenders of the faith (see Jude2-3).

In a vivid prophetic experience the Spirit of the Lord spoke these encouraging words to me.

1. Accept No Imitations!
2. Expect No Limitations!
3. Embrace Infinite Possibilities!

As we aspire to make these three areas a living reality in our life, we will see the Church being launched into a much higher level. 

Accept No Imitations!

Artificial, counterfeit, synthetic are but a few of the words that help us to grasp a better understanding of the word imitation. I once asked the president of a leading bank,  “How do you detect a counterfeit or bogus bill?”  His answer was profound, he said “the best way to expose phony money is to have someone that is so accustomed to handling the real that when they touch a fake something within them instantly sets off a warning.” This is what the Body of Christ must have true intimacy with Jesus. We must become so accustomed to His voice that we are not moved by the enticing of a stranger’s voice (see John 10:3-5). We cannot continue to spend our life for that which is worthless, everything that is wood hay and stubble must be removed from our Christian walk.

It is crucial for the Church to commence walking in true apostolic authority. However, if we are going to be trusted with a higher level of authority, resulting in true Kingdom power, it is essential for us to walk in integrity and uprightness. The writer of the book of Hebrews instructs us to pursue peace as well as purity for without it we will not see the Lord (see Hebrews 12:14). The Lord spoke these encouraging words to me, “If I can find a people without mixture, I will pour out My power without measure.” There will emerge a group of “overcomers”, walking in true kingdom power (see Revelation 3:20-22).

Three questions arise in my heart:
“If not you…  who?
If not here…  where?
If not now…   when?

Teaching The Truth

I was recently in North Dakota and it began to rain the most wonderful sweet slow rain. I asked the Lord what is this rain a sign of? In response I heard, “The substantial rainfall signified the anointed teaching that is being released through the emerging Zadok priesthood.” These anointed priests will begin to authenticate that which is holy and divulge that which is profane (see Ezekiel44:23). God is moving the Body of Christ from information to impartation.

The Spirit of Truth is seeking to establish each one of us  in truth which is our only method of sanctification. It is time to take a stand for righteousness and holiness, grace is not a license to live loose.  In our attempts to appear politically correct, have we drifted far from the calling to stand for truth and righteousness?  Only as we return to true holiness of heart can we be vessels of honor. This will allow us to be sanctified in truth and presentable to the Lord as a consecrated vessel. The Call is clear, we must present the truth in order for true freedom to reign in the hearts of man (see John 8:32). God is calling each of us to embrace the conditions of 2 Corinthians 7:1.

What is the difference between the profane and the holy? The Lord said what He called profane was anything we are doing that He did not initiate. Remember the words of Christ Jesus when He states “depart from Me you worker of iniquity, I never knew you.” These words were spoken to a person who had been very involved  in religious activity; however, not truly trusting Christ (see Matthew13-27). Christ Jesus commanded, “Sanctify them in the truth; your word is truth” (see John 17:1). As believers, we are to have upright lives which are characterized by genuine authentic lifestyles of faith. Our walk must match our talk, if we are to have a message that will legitimately change lives.

The Zadok Priesthood

The fundamental purpose of the Zadok priesthood is to minister unto the Lord as described in Ezekiel 44. 

“But the priests, the Levites, the sons of Zadok, who kept charge of My sanctuary when the children of Israel went astray from Me, they shall come near Me to minister to Me; and they shall stand before Me to offer Me the fat and the blood,” says the Lord GOD. 

“They shall enter My sanctuary, and they shall come near My table to minister to Me, and they shall keep My charge” (Ezekiel 44:15-16).

This signifies an emphasis on the five fold ministry of prophetic teachers as they prepare the Body of Christ to receive the strong prophetic and apostolic ministries yet to be truly inaugurated. 

Character Not Just Giftings

Many feel a sense of disorientation at this time, this is the result of being upon the “Potter’s” wheel. However be assured the Master Potter Himself is about to touch the soft pliable clay and soon we will bear His image. We are in a time of transition which will produce transformation. Our responsibility is to remain soft and moist, yielded upon the Master’s wheel. If we attempt to mold ourselves, or if we allow ourselves to become dry and brittle we must be broken and remolded. It is a must that we stay moist and surrendered.

Presently, these emerging leaders are in a season of sifting and pruning the refiners fire is forging their character to carry this unique anointing. They will be the leaders and counselors who will not judge by what their eyes see nor what their ears hear, but in true righteousness they will make decisions resulting in equity and justice.

The refiners fire is absolutely purifying these leaders so the anointing will not be lost nor the wineskins damaged or destroyed for lack of character. It will be a true impartation of the divine nature and holy character established in the spirit and soul of the Lord’s leadership.

Please don’t forget the wonderful promise given by The Spirit of God , “If I can find a people without mixture, I will pour out my power without measure.” Again let me impress upon each of us the mandate to embrace the promise of purity found in II Corinthians 7:1. The results of this embrace will be the identifying of us as the sons and daughters of Almighty God. What an awesome motivation for purity.

The Spirit of Truth is calling for each of us to walk as did the true Zadok priests. These priests had the responsibility of modeling and maintaining the highest standards of morality, self-control, and self-denial. They were charged with the ministry of teaching the people how to distinguish between what is Godly and ungodly (see Ezekiel 44:15-23).

There is a vast difference between deception and denial. Many today are actually walking in deception because they do not know that they have departed from the true path of righteousness. However many are also aware of their wanderings, but choose to walk in denial of the fact that they have turned away from their first love. We must face our artificial allegiance to Christ and become genuine, authentic, and unadulterated in our walk with Christ. 

Expect No Limitations

The question is posed, “Is there anything too hard for the LORD?” (Genesis 18:14). The prophet Jeremiah answers this question stating; “Ah, Lord GOD! behold, thou hast made the heaven and the earth by thy great power and stretched out arm, and there is nothing too hard for thee” (Jeremiah 32:17). The cry of our soul must be.God nothing is impossible with YOU (see Luke 1:37). If we would expect more, I am sure God would release more. According unto your faith be it unto you. Let’s pray for big faith, that moves the hand of God (see Mark 11:21-24). Now is the time to think big, God can do anything. It is time to expect more, believe for more, and ask for more. Paul the apostle reminded us that “God is able to do exceeding abundantly above all we could ask or think according to the power that is at work within each of us (see Ephesians 3:20-21). I want to share some of the faith building statements of saints.

“There are boundless possibilities for us, if we dare to act in God and dare to believe.” – Smith Wigglesworth

“The only limit to the power of God lies within the individual.” – Kathryn Kulhman

“It is when active faith dares to believe God to the point of action that something has to happen.” Kathryn Kulhman 

Embrace Infinite Possibilities

In order to embrace someone we must seek to draw near reaching forth our hand, taking hold,  bringing them near to our heart. A true embrace is heart to heart, there is no such thing as a distant embrace.  We cannot embrace this coming move of God at a distance. He is calling each of us to draw nearer to Him. It is time to come aside to know His heart. In Psalms 46:10 we are instructed to be still and know that He is the Lord. It is only as we behold His face that we are truly changed into His divine image (see II Corinthians 3:18). So I encourage you to meditate upon these promises. If we will accept no imitation and walk in unadulterated union with Christ, all the while seeking to have an indisputable relationship with Christ Jesus, then we can expect no limitations. It is time now to begin to embrace these infinite possibilities. 

(Source: Elijiah List)

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