Urgent Prayer for Typhoon in Japan

[Current events: Sept 4: Typhoon “Jebi” has been named the worst typhoon in 25 years. After landing in Tokushima, the typhoon swept across Japan, bringing severe storms to all regions in the nation. Currently the storm has resulted in 7 deaths and 300 injured persons. According to Reuters, Japan had already been making preparations for Typhoon Jebi’s arrival for some time now. However, after its arrival when winds reached speeds of up to 162km/hr, it still managed to turn the country upside down. According to the Japanese media, this was the 21st typhoon of the year hitting Japan’s Kansai airport, leading to flooding of the runway and airport facilities and destruction of the Sky Bridge. The airport is expected to remain closed Sept 6th, and it is uncertain when the Sky Bridge will be repaired. It will most likely be closed for a long time.
“Typhoon Jebi” has resulted in power outages in many areas of the country. In many regions, overturned cars, fires, and fallen trees can be seen. Flooding in the coastal regions has caused damage to houses and other buildings. Additionally, on Tuesday a freight boat close to a harbour lost control in the winds and ran into Kansai airport’s only connected bridge to outside areas. A piece of the bridge broke off and is now stuck on top of the bridge. Thankfully there were no cars on the bridge when the bridge was struck, and the bridge has now already been closed. Public broadcasting company NHK reported that later on Tuesday night, the freight boat’s 11 crew members had all escaped and not one of them was injured.
Pray for Japan
Dear Heavenly Father,
  • Repentance on behalf of the nation: We repent before You and ask that You would forgive the nation of Japan for worshiping idols and not worshiping the One True God. We have replaced You with foreign gods and our troubles have increased. Forgive our pride and disobedience against You, because You resist the proud, but give grace to the humble. Forgive us of our obstinate sins. In these recent years there have been continual disasters afflicting us, but we have not been quick to action, but instead have been hard-hearted, not coming before You in repentance and sackcloth and ashes. Lord, forgive us of all our sin, take away our wickedness, and cause us to turn back to You so that peace may come. You are the Prince of Peace.
  • God’s rescue and protection: Heavenly Father, rescue those who are suffering and give wisdom, courage and strength for those who are helping them. May all those who are facing hardship be smoothly brought to a safe place. Protect all who are in the rescue teams with peace that passes all understanding so that they can carry out the work that is needed.
  • Provide for their needs: We ask that You would provide for their daily necessities. May supernatural miracles be manifest among them, because You are Jehovah Jireh, the God who provides. Use the church and ministries in the area to become your rich channels of blessing to help provide for those affected by the disaster materially and spiritually so that each one can personally experience Your grace.
  • Provide healing and comfort: We pray for the families of those who have died as a result of the typhoon. May God’s love come to these families, and may they find comfort through God’s love int he midst of the pain. Open the eyes of their hearts to see how short and unpredictable our lives are. Let them think on the final outcome of life and may they have wisdom to to reach out to know You and turn to You in repentance. Heal those who are injured, and let them come to experience Your miracles and know that there is a real God. Jesus Christ turn them to You.
  • Pray for brothers and sisters in the churches: We ask that You give them love for one another and a heart of unity. Let them raise their hands together and pray earnestly for their nation. May revival fall upon Japan, transforming and changing the nation, and causing Japan to enter into God’s destiny and calling for her.
  • Pray for the rebuilding process after the disaster: Lord God, who can help them to repair the broken places? Only You, O Lord our God. We pray that You would give wisdom to all those helping in the rebuilding process. Give them a heart to lean on You to repair the broken areas quickly, especially Kansai Airport. We pray that You would cause the airport to be repaired and reopened soon