Daily Prayer (8/22)

Date:  8/22( 22th Day ) 

 Content of Daily Prayer

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Editor’s Words
Pursuing Intimacy With God
Prayer For Repentance
Prayer For Nations
Prayer For World Leaders
Pray for Seven Mountains
Global Urgen Prayer
Prayer For Israel


Editor’s Words

Prayer Request

Please pray for those people who are involved in organizing and making this Global 40 Day Prayer And Fast movement possible.  Particularly,  please pray for the spiritual leaders, their co-workers and their family members, the behind-the-scene editorial team and their spiritual coverings, and family members.  The son of one of the main leaders got sick, vomiting blood and hospitalized for three days.  Please ask God to:

  • protect everyone involved in the global prayer and fast and their family.  May God watch their coming and going and  keep them healthy and prosperous spirit, soul and body.
  • bless the editorial team to be able to receive from God and translate it in words speedily and accurately.


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Urgent Prayer:  Muslim “Feast Of Sacrifice” Gathering For “Show Of Power” On August 21-22

[NEWS:  Muslims worldwide gather annually to sacrifice to the dark force behind Islam during the Feast of Sacrifice.  This year’s gathering will take place on August 21-22 at the Minnesota Vikings US Bank Stadium.  To celebrate the feast, Muslims usually will slaughter animals in a large scale and present them as sacrifice.  About 50,000 Muslims from all over the world are anticipated to attend this gathering of sacrifice and prayers which the Muslim leaders call “Show of Power”.   This 2-day event is being billed as “Muslim prayer” and the stadium will be filled with all kind of Muslim chanting like “Allah Akbar” which means “Allah (god) is the greatest”, which will fill the atmosphere.  The management of the Stadium has not realized the secular and spiritual ramifications of this event which will include bloodshed of numerous animals etc.
Similar events have taken place in the stadiums in England, Italy, France and Sweden.  This is the first time in the United States.  We know, every time when there is a sacrifice to the idols, it provokes God’s wrath.  This type of activities also presents tremendously negative ramifications to the country.  On the surface it is a feast of celebration; however, it is, in fact, giving the devil a foothold.  It affects every aspect of a country including spiritual control and influence, especially in the realms of politics and religion, and it speeds up the spread of Islamic rule.  England, France and other European countries are typical examples, especially England.  England used to be a Christian country.  However, at present, the country allows Muslims to own their land and have their own independent regions.  Looking at the spiritual condition of England and France, we must take warning and be alert in prayers to prevent any serious ramifications to the country and people of the United States.

Editor’s Note:  In the evening of 8/20, the Muslim organizers have stated that this Feast of Sacrifice celebration will not feature the slaughter of animals, only corporate prayers and chanting. According to what we know,

The State of Minnesota has been controlled by the Muslims for a number of years.  Two congressmen have been supporting many Somalia’s hidden programs under state’s funding and tax payers’ money.  These funds have funneled to many internal and external terrorist activities.

Usually, before the Muslim extremists launch any terrorist attacks, they will pray and chant to their false god to receive the evil power to execute their attacks.  We hereby ask all our intercessors to continue to watch, pray and declare that the schemes from the power of darkness behind the Muslims will not succeed. ]

As intercessors, we own the God-given spiritual authority and anointing in joint prayers.  We can demolish the stronghold and control from the power of darkness.  Therefore, we must pray in unity and ask God to fight for us.
As for you, you were dead in your transgressions and sins, in which you used to live when you followed the ways of this world and of the ruler of the kingdom of the air, the spirit who is now at work in those who are disobedient.  All of us also lived among them at one time, gratifying the cravings of our flesh and following its desires and thoughts. Like the rest, we were by nature deserving of wrath.  (Ephesians 2:1-3)
At the time of sacrifice, the prophet Elijah stepped forward and prayed: “LORD, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel, let it be known today that you are God in Israel and that I am Your servant and have done all these things at Your command.”  (1 Kings 18:36)
Then the fire of the LORD fell and burned up the sacrifice, the wood, the stones and the soil, and also licked up the water in the trench.  (1 Kings 18:38)
  • In the name of the LORD,we declare that this event in the US Bank Stadium in Minnesota will be completely cancelled.
  • In  the name of the LORD ,we declare the fire of the Holy Spirit will rend from heaven to burn up the activities from the power of darkness.  God, have mercy on these Muslims and save their souls.  May God disintegrate the power of darkness behind them.
  • In the name of the LORD, we declare God will deploy His archangel Michael to lead the angels and the heavenly hosts to fight for the United States and completely win this battle,  removing the curse and the influence of the curse, and disintegrating the control, rule and manipulation from the power of darkness in all areas.
  • In the name the LORD, we declare  God will turn these curses into blessings upon the United States.  May God arise, revive and watch over the United States.  God’s peace will fall upon the United States.
  • Lord, we pray that You will confuse the camp of the enemies and thwart their schemes.
  • In the name of the LORD ,we declare that the blood of Jesus Christ covers the United States, President Trump and his cabinets as well as all the people of the United States.

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Daily Prayer Declaration

Dear intercessors,

Today, the Editor’s team has received that in the next 24 days of fast and prayer, we will pray and declare the following four topics.

Ask God to save the souls of the members of Free Mason

  • In the name of Jesus, the sovereignty of the Lord of Host will replace the control and manipulation from Freemansonry in politics, economics and other areas.
  • In the name of Jesus, the Lord of Host will send Michael the Archangel and the angels to destroy the dark power from Freemansonry in politics, economics and other areas.
  • In the name of Jesus, all members that belong to Freemansonry will return and be saved.

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Ask God to save the souls of Islamic extremists

We know the danger that Islamic extremists bring to the world with their terror attacks, as well as their prayers that often become the curses toward Israel and the rest of the world.  Especially during Ramadan time, the destructive power of Islamic extremists can increase enormously (for example, the deadly suicide bomb attacks in the Indonesian city of Surabaya this year, and the Philippine City that was besieged by Islamic State-linked militants. Let us declare the following:

  • In the name of Jesus, the blessings and the peace of God will replace all the curses from Islamic extremists.
  • In the name of Jesus, all the terror attacks that Islamic extremists plan will fail and be interrupted before they even start.
  • In the name of Jesus, the salvation and grace of God will come into the lives of these Islamic extremists.

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Ask God to save the souls of the LGBT group

In addition, the trend of LGBT is actively searching its way in the schools of every nation, pushing the legalization of homosexual education and same-sex marriage. Therefore, we need to pray and declare the followings everyday:

  • In the name of Jesus, the promotion of LGBT ideology all over the world will fail, including the legalization of same-sex marriage and homosexual education.
  • In the name of Jesus, the grace of God and salvation will come to LGBT group.
  • In the name of Jesus, one husband and one wife system will be restored all over the world.
  • In the name of Jesus, young people will wake up and reject the ideology and value of same-sex marriage. They will embrace the truth and teaching of one husband and on wife system.

Ask God to keep all the nations out of the war crisis and into peace 

  • In the name of the Lord, the whole world will enter into a season of reconciliation and peace, to break away from the enemy’s division, and tricks to detonate wars, and especially ask God to preserve China-US relationship, the relationship between the United States and Russia, Taiwan’s relationship with China, and the relationships between Middle East Muslim countries and Israel.

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Colombia—A testimony of city transformation in Cali

Cali, a world famous drug city, has had all kinds of crimes you can imagine, besides the daily ever-increasing violence and corruption. And this intensified the pressure to the church.

Marcy & Randy McMillan, are a couple experienced in ministry, have had lived in Cali for more than 20 years. For at least 10 years, they have lived under the shadow of notorious drug lords of the city. They have seen devastating outcome of the ruthless drug cartels, even in their own backyard. In 1980s, drug lords with illegal drug capital flooded into Cali, buying a whole street of mansions in exclusive residential district, and moving in close to the McMillan’s. Giberto Rouriguez Crejuela’s family was the head of drug cartels in Cali. It was told that they earn an average monthly income of 500 million US dollar just from drugs trafficking, and this did not include other sources of incomes, during the time when they control Cocaine traffic in the whole nation. For years, Colombia has been the largest Cocaine exporting nation in the world, with an output of more than 1,000 tons of drugs  to the European and the US nations.

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration said Cali drug cartels is not only the largest and the richest, but also the most organized criminal syndicates in history. With billions of US dollars at hand, their influence is everywhere, especially in Cali. Drug cartels certainly controlled the economy and politics in the whole society, not to mention their religious influence over the Pope.   At the time when Cali drug dealers were the most influential in the world, people could easily lose their lives. If you drive by an armed conflict, it would be a miracle for you or for the driver to escape this deadly encounter. Randy had witnessed five people lost their lives. Fear had captured everyone passing on the road. Numerous journalists were killed for exposing the evildoing in the Colombian gangsterdom. Their important national policies were manipulated by the drug money. The influence of drug money is in every aspects of the society, with no exception.

Now people can freely walk on the streets that used to be full of fear, this  can surely testify the huge change in Cali, but how did this transformation begin?

Just as every revolutionary story starts with intercessory prayers. Ruth and Julio Ruibal, a couple with ears to hear the Spirit, responded to God’s calling in 1987 to come to Cali among the companies of brothers and sisters who set their ears to hear God’s words.  They were discouraged for the extreme darkness in the city. But Houlio firmly believed the influences of the enemy would be crashed once God’s people pray with one heart. The problem was that no one is willing to take action. The churches were divided, each pastor minding his or her own business, no one would cooperate. Out of one disagreement, Julio decided to leave this powerless pastors’ association. Later he realized his action had deepened the division. God said to Julio, “You have no right to be offended, you must forgive.” He received God’s word and realized that he would not be offended, if he truly reflected the life of Jesus. Julio returned to the pastor association immediately and asked for their forgiveness. He also pointed out that there can be no more division, in the city facing such extreme challenge like this. Chances were slim, although different international and Colombian authorities had done their best to counteract the drug cartels with little effectiveness.

Pastors were worried and started to pray, asking the Lord to teach them how to pray and understand the roots of spiritual evil forces. In order to see what God has for the city the local Church began to do spiritual mapping to exam the spiritual forces in the neighborhood.  Mike Miller began to pass out the map of the city and distribute to the district  and community according to the cities, they need to report every serious problem happened in those District.  There was one troublesome discovery which is that the city was very much engaged in witchcraft, even the drug lords were the biggest patrons of the spiritual mediums and spiritual counselors.  The drug cartels and the leading spiritual mediums were closely connected, and through that, they had gained the authority of religious leaders, and being given over them even greater power in addition to the power to have gained through money.  When they began to break the spiritual stronghold of the city, the pastors in Cali recognized that they needed to have a joint worship and prayer.  At the beginning, everybody said this would not work for nobody would come.  The voices of those who were against it were very loud, but there were the leaders who were willing to do those others who couldn’t do, because they knew this was the will of God.

In the year 1995, the leaders of the church held the first all night prayer vigil to come against the ruling power of the darkness with prayer of unity believing God will begin to move in the church,  even the mayor came and prayed in the meeting.  He declared that Cali belonged to Jesus Christ.  When the Christians heard a government leader spoke those words, it confirmed the work of the Holy Spirit.  48 hours after the prayer meeting, the headline of the newspaper stated there was no murder cases in that day, as far as anyone can remember, this is the first time in the history of Kali that there was no murder case to a city that an average of 15 murder cases in a day.  This is a great news, after these big United prayers meeting,  it began to see the effects.  10 days later the first drug lord was arrested.  God began to change the city, they, being inspired by the spiritual powers from this first all night prayer meeting.  The church leaders decided to rent the biggest place in the city to gather at the Soccer stadium that can hold 50,000 seats.  Their  faith was not in vain, over 60,000 Christians from all denominations came together to pray and worship.

In the summer of 1995 all governmental officials of Colombia declared an all-out war against drug cartel, sending 6500 Special Forces to Cali, their mission was to capture the heads of the drug cartel, and at the time there were several major drug cartels.  They had started their fasting and praying for 9 months, then there were 6 lords of the drug cartel died. The spiritual atmosphere of Cali had already been changed.

While Julio was inspired by the work of God, he was also faced with the animosity of his neighbour due to a dispute over the land ownership. The neighbour was angry with him and threatened to kill him. Julio decided to fast and pray in order to know the will of the Lord. So he started to fast. On the third day, God spoke to him. God said, “he will seriously harm you, but out of that, the revival of Cali will spread.” One day, Julio was going to a meeting for the pastor association, it was 2pm in the afternoon, and the pastors were awaiting for him. When he got off the car to walk towards the church, 2 snipers were waiting for him and killed him. His wife recalled a scripture given by the spirit of God: “for our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all (2 Corinthians  4:17).” She knew she was standing on holy ground when she got off from the car and sat besides Julio’s body. She said to the Lord, “Lord, I know You search our hearts, but still I will say my heart is willing, if this is Your will, my heart is willing to obey.”

Hundreds of Christian under extreme shock of this tragedy, they could not understanding this was the will of God, came and gathered in Julio’s funeral, including many Pastors that had stopped speaking to one aother. All the pastors came and embraced one another and made a covenant of unity, agreeing to never allow doubt to come among them. More than 200 pastors joined in this Covenant. This Covenant became the pillar for the Watchman prayer of the city. It is this Covenant that transformed the whole city. Cases of corruption and bribery were greatly reduced, organizations that were selling nicotine were greatly affected. 60000 people prayed all night asking God to continue the miraculous things He had accomplished for the last 36 months in the city. As tens and thousands of people gathered within the stadium to rejoice and worship and praise, there were more than 10,000 people who had to be sent away by the security, those who were late did not want to leave, so they formed a praise and worship team outside and began to circle around the stadium for several hours. This is a miracle. It would have had been impossible for evengelical Christians to together like this just a few years ago.

When the kingdom of God came to Cali, many have experienced life changing testimonies, resulting of the government officials to recognize the positive influences of the gospel. They not only provided the 22,000-seat soccer stadium for free, but also provided free advertisement of the sound and security system. Their open attitudes toward the gospel have had affected on many levels in the society. Now believing in God is no longer considered to be strange, and the upper-class people no longer consider it to be ridiculous, they also admitted that they needed Jesus. In the past they thought believing God was a joke and no one would talk about it. Now when they mention Jesus, they will be respected and will not stop talking about it. Many churches of different denominations all have had explosive growth, when the pastors were asked for the strategy for church growth, they replied: We don’t even have time to plan, we are just busy pulling the net into the boats. Some Churches have more than 35000 members, so they have 7 services on Sunday. It is truly an explosive growth, almost every church is growing, people are hungry for God everywhere, whether it is on the bus or on the streets.  Wherever you go, the gospel can be preached. The church leaders believe this spiritual hunger is the direct result of the earnest prayers in unity. This is a constant and continuous process of repentance and reconciliation, wiping away every hindrance for the preaching of the gospel, and people are hungry to be closer to God, this is the direct work of God.

It’s interesting that God will even have chosen Cali, a city manipulated by money laundering, drug lords, and corruption, which is the worst city of pick according to man. However, we believe that God wants the world and its leaders to know that He can change a community as long as it is willing to repent. There is nothing too hard for the Lord, even it is hard for man! We believe God will not only make new things in Cali, Colombia, but in all over the world. Let us continue to pray according to God’s guidance until His will be done in our city, in our country, and in nations! (Source: George Ortis’ Transformation Video)

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Pursuing Intimacy With God 

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Our Hearts Set on the Pilgrimage to Zion  


Psalms 84:5 “Blessed are those whose strength is in you, whose heart are set on the pilgrimage to Zion.”

Dear Abba Father, my heart thirsts for You; my whole body and soul are set on the pilgrimage to Zion, because Zion is Your dwelling place, the place of Your glory, the source of our strength, and the place of our rest. Father, today is the 22nd day of prayer and fasting, and You can see that although our spirit is willing, our flesh is getting weaker; it has become difficult to climb up the hill of Zion! Oh Father, set our hearts on fire once again for the pilgrimage to Zion and strengthen us with Your might that we may earnestly desire Your house. Father, grant us the grace of fasting that we may not give up nor step backward. Give us strength to persevere so that we can run toward You with great passion!

Thank You, Abba Father, for using the 40-day prayer and fasting to turn our lives around; You give us grace upon grace as we go from strength to strength on the pilgrimage to Zion. How blessed are those who dwell in Your house!

In the name of Jesus we pray, Amen!


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Repentance for the City 04

Then you will call, and the Lord will answer; you will cry for help, and he will say: “Here am I.”If you do away with the yoke of oppression, with the pointing finger and malicious talk, and if you spend yourselves in behalf of the hungry and satisfy the needs of the oppressed, then your light will rise in the darkness, and your night will become like the noonday. The Lord will guide you always; he will satisfy your needs in a sun-scorched land and will strengthen your frame. You will be like a well-watered garden, like a spring whose waters never fail. Your people will rebuild the ancient ruins and will raise up the age-old foundations; you will be called Repairer of Broken Walls, Restorer of Streets with Dwellings. (Isaiah 58: 9-12)

Lord, please forgive our mockery, as we have despised and thought little of bullying towards the homosexual community. Hearing some of their testimonies, their disorientation were often because they were sexually abused when they were young, as well as being mistreated and isolated by mainstream society, causing confusion in character and sexual orientation, and eventually being swallowed up by the enemy. We were then told that they turned back because there were people who loved and helped them unconditionally and patiently. Lord, please forgive our prejudice and self-righteousness. Would you shower us with your great love, so that we may have your eyes to see, to hate sin but assist with the love of Christ; and to pray for the homosexual people around us, leading them back to Christ.

Lord, please forgive us for our lack of compassion, for our indifference, powerlessness and self-centeredness. We have not showed compassion nor given much help to the orphans, widows, the poor and alien in our city; the church has failed to be a forerunner in solving these practical issues for our society. God, may You give us a heart of compassion, to love others as ourselves, and know experientially the greater blessing of giving than receiving. We pray for the raising up of resources in and outside of the Church, to provide the most effective assistance – so that let the world would see the love of Christ through our good deeds, and more souls would be brought back to you.

In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen!

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Pray For Nations

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[Editor’s note:  In these forty days, we will first pray for the countries participating in this fasting prayer.   After that, we will pray daily for the countries in the continent according to the continents of the world.  We will select three to four countries / regions and pray for them everyday.]

Jordan (the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan)

National background: Jordan is a nation in the middle east.   King: Abdullah II, Prime Minister: Omar Razzaz. It borders Syria to the north, Iraq to the east, Saudi Arabia to the south-east, Israel and Palestine to the west. Humans have established ancient civilization for thousands of years on the current land of Jordan. Jordan used to be a part of Palestine. It had been ruled under Assyria, Babylon,  Persia and Macedonia respectively. In the 7th century it was under the Arabian empire. In the 16th century it was under the Ottoman empire. It was recorded in the book of Joshua in the Old Testament that: “Moses my servant is dead. Now then, you and all these people, get ready to cross the Jordan River into the land I am about to give to them—to the Israelites.” Jericho in Jordan is called the oldest city on earth. We can see that Jordan has a very long history.
In recent years, Jordan has been the nation which has received the most refugees. Since the start of the Syrian civil war in 2011, 4.6 million refugees have been registered by the United Nations, and Jordan has received 0.6 million. At present there are about 1.3 million refugees in Jordan, with only 10% living in refugees, while the other 90% are living in the different cities, bringing massive strain upon the nation. At the outbreak of the Syria civil war, the international community had pleaded with the other neighboring nations to open their doors to refugees. Jordan has had a long history of receiving refugees: first with Palestinian refugees, the from Iraq and now from Syria. At present, millions of Syrian refugees live between the border of Syria and Jordan. The king of Jordan Abdullah II expressed that there are too many refugees  within the border of Jordan and it has reached the boiling point. The never-ending stream of refugees has ruined the local education and medical systems, hoping the leaders of the western nations can take note of the serious burden the massive burden the Syrian civil war has brought to Jordan.
Prayer topics
John3:16   “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”
  • Protect the citizens: Abba Father, thank You for the love and mercy for the people of this nation. Your heart is to bring salvation in the midst of national, political and economic instability. May You grant grace as the crown for Jordan, protect their peace and save them from war.
  • Pray for the refugees: May the Lord bring comfort to the refugees who have been displaced, heal their hearts, bodies and spirits. Send workers to do the work of the gospel in the refugee camps, that the refugees may know Jesus and have true peace in their hearts. Please grant wisdom and strategy to the governmental team that they can arrange dwelling places, to give education to the young and work to the adults. May the refugees have hearts of gratitude to live peacefully with the people of Jordan, bring development to the economy and be a blessing to this nation.
  • Visit this nation: Please bring dreams and visions to the king and governmental officials of Jordan, visit the people supernaturally especially in the entertainment and media industry. May they encounter You, turn their lives to  Jesus and be witness for the Lord. We wish to see miracles happen in this nation, that the people may experience You as the Savior and the true and faithful witness.
  • Strengthen the church: grant Your grace and strength the church in the word of God, to preach the truth, to lift high the name of Christ. May the church member worship and praise together, to share holy communion, to love one another and be filled with God’s glorious presence. That the love of God attract many more to enter into the church, and the gospel to enter into each city like waves, and revival to come upon all of Jordan.
  • Pray for the King of Jordan Abdullah II and Prime Minister: Omar Razzaz: may God’s light and conviction of the Holy Spirit bring them to repentance and to confess Christ as Lord. That they may humbly follow the Lord in the Father’s love, grant them a clean and righteous heart, to be in unity and lead the people of this nation into the will of God. May the whole nation turn from Islam towards belief in the Lord Jesus, and peace come upon this nation!
We pray in the holy name of Jesus Christ! Amen!

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The United Arab Emirates

[Background: In the 16th century, Portuguese invaded and were expelled by the Ottoman Empire.  In 1971, the former six emirates of Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Dubai, Ajman, Fujairah and Umm al-Quwain declared independence and formulated an interim constitution to form the United Arab Emirates. In 1972, the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah joined. The UAE adopts a confederation system. The Supreme Council is composed of the chiefs of the seven emirates. The UAE has a federal court system, but all chief tribes have their own secular and Islamic laws for civil, criminal and high courts.
Although the UAE is an Islamic country with 70% of its population believes in Islam, it provides more religious freedom to immigrants than that of the other Islamic countries. The number of local Christian churches has grown from twenty-four in 2005 to forty in 2015. Thousands of believers attend legal church meetings every week.   Among these churches, St. Paul’s Church opened its door in mid-2015.  It’s located in a lot of over 4,000 square meters and offers 30 services per week.  Even so, there are still some religious restrictions.   Christians are not allowed to evangelize Muslims; printing of the Bibles or spiritual publications is banned; converts from Islam to Christianity will face severe punishment.
Social Changes because of Economic Changes
Since the discovery of oil in the United Arab Emirates in 1966, the country has undergone tremendous economic changes. Over the past 10 years in Dubai, GDP has grown by 230%, of which oil revenues account for only 6%. Its development and construction are comprehensive and diversified. Tourism has become one of Dubai’s main sources of income. With a world-class seven-star Burj Al Arab Jumeirah Hotel, large shopping malls, etc., These modernization has had a tremendous impact on the society.  For example, in the past women had to be accompanied by their husbands, and now women can go shopping and stay in shopping centers by themselves. In addition to shopping centers, satellites have also radically transformed people’s deep-rooted ideas. Almost every household has a satellite receiver. Many Arab gospel programs have been widely aired; translation has been actively carried out, and online gospel programs have also received enthusiastic responses.]
  • Pray for the beli:evers and the Church in UAE May God send fire to the Church and raise the saints. May the Holy Spirit pour on the children of God so that they become fervent towards God and get equipped. With the help of the Holy Spirit, may they have wisdom and discernment to evangelize UAE tribes and ethnic groups, giving testimonies for Jesus with signs and wonders. May God cause large-scale spiritual revivals to occur that make people return to Christ. May God also ignite the fire of prayer, to move the leaders of the churches to join each other, to set up prayer altars in one accord to worship and pray together. May the Kingdom of God come down to the United Arab Emirates. May the knowledge of the glory of the Lord fill the seven Arab Emirates!
  • Pray for former Muslims who have received the Lord: May God’s heavenly protection fall upon them; may God strengthen their faith and permeate them with Your love every day and drive out their fear.   Make them rooted in Your truth and love.   Help them cultivate a true personal relationship with God so that they may stand strong and courageous for God and manifest Your glory.
  • Pray for the people of the United Arab Emirates: May God save the souls of UAE people. Stir up their hearts through commercial activities, the Internet or the gospel programs available through the satellite. Grant them the thirst to seek truth.   Open their eyes to see clearly and open their ears to hear clearly.   Sow the seeds in their hearts and allow them to germinate and grow.   Bring forth the miracles of the gospel and transform the UAE inside out.
  • Pray for the leaders of the United Arab Emirates: May God save the souls of these leaders.   May You stir them up in their comfort zone so that they may know You the Most High God.   Open their eyes and minds to agree with God’s mind.   Grant them wisdom to rule UAE. ift the restrictions that they have placed on the Christianity to embrace and allow their people to change their faith. Make the United Arab Emirates a blessed country.

Pray for World Leaders

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  • President Trump of the United State
  • Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel President
  • Putin of Russia
  • Chairman Xi Jinping of China 

Abba Father, we thank  You for setting up these world leaders at this time.  We ask you to fill them with Your Spirit daily, bless them and their family, watch their coming and going, keep them healthy and give them wisdom to govern all the domestic and international affairs according to Your will.  May they be graceful to God’s people and protect Christian religion freedom.

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Pray for President Trump:

  • May God keep him and his family safe in their coming in and going out. We pray that God break the curses from darkness through witchcraft on President Trump and his family. We declare that these spells are annihilated. In the name of the Lord, God will bless President Trump and his family abundantly.
  • In the name of the Lord, God will protect President Trump from any plans of assassination, and any attacks in health, accidents, murder and death.
  • We pray that God heal the First Lady Melanie completely, and protect the Trump’s family, that all may go well with them, even as their souls are getting along well.
  • May God bless President Trump’s marriage, lead them not into the temptation of extramarital affairs.
  • Pray for Vice President Mike Pence and all Christian government officials who are godly and loving the Lord. May God continue to keep them and their families safe and healthy, to be able to manage the affairs of the states according to God’s will and be kind to God’s people.   May they become blessings for President Trump. We declare in the name of the Lord that they will continue to protect the freedom of religion for Christians.
  • May God manifest His righteousness, to those political leaders who are not after God’s heart, who have offended God and covered up their sins, eradicating evidences by murdering witnesses, we declare in Jesus’ name that they be brought to justice.   We pray that the Lord protect the intelligence personnel who are searching the hidden evil, the journalists and witnesses who hold the evidences.   Protect their identity not to be exposed until the evil political leaders are brought to justice.


Pray for Chairman Xi Jinping

Lord! As apostle Paul urges, “that petitions, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for all people—for kings and all those in authority (1Tim 2:1),” Now, we pray in the name of Jesus to bless Chairman Xi and his officials, May You bless them with heavenly wisdom to govern China. Give them especially a heart to act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly” (Micah 6:8) with you. May You raise up Christian officials round him to help him make righteous decisions, according to the heart of God, to bring peace and blessings to Taiwan, to mainland China, and to the rest of the world.   We ask You to keep Chairman Xi strong and healthy in daily administration work.   We also pray that God grant President Xi courage and wisdom to tackle corruption in the government.

God, give him a gentle, patient, calm and stable heart to face the issue of China-US trade. Because he values the peaceful relationship between both countries above all, God will have mercy toward to China, and bless China and turn things around.

Pray for Prime Minister Netanyahu:

Lord! May You anoint Prime Minister Netanyahu.   May You be his shield to protect him with a pure heart and a clear mind.   May he be filled with heavenly insight and understanding.   May he earnestly seek the Your presence and humbly ask Your help to face every challenge for Israel.   May You manifest the salvation of Jesus Christ to him.  Jehovah, commander of the army of Israel, may You give Prime Minister Netanyahu and his officials heavenly strategies to confront the attack in Gaza so that enemy’s attacks will be turned back. In Jesus’ we declare, Amen!

Pray for President Putin

Lord!  May President Putin know and experience You so that he may seek Your face with an earnest heart. Lord, may Your presence be his covering, and give him a thirsty heart for Your words.  May You help him to find answers on how to govern such a nation from Your scriptures.   May You raise up faithful, successful, spiritual, and wise Christians among President Putin’s officials.   May they be lifted high in authority as Josef and Daniel to minister Russia according God’s will.   May You move President Putin’s heart, to embrace churches in Russia with Your love, to grant complete freedom to churches to preach the gospel and to support ministries.   We bless the relationship between President Putin and President Trump that they may fulfill the will of the Lord! In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen!

Pray for Seven Mountains

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[Background:  The 7 Mountain Strategy is a strategy for Christians to bring about the transformation of society in accordance with the values ​​of the Kingdom of God. Transforming urban countries by changing the seven most important areas that affect society and culture.   Among them, the “Seven Great Mountains” are the seven major areas.   Advocates believe that when on the “Seven Great Mountains” Christians can rise, exert influence, or even become leaders, they can change society. The seven major mountains are: Art Entertainment / Business / Religion / Media / Education / Family / Government.  For more information on the 7 mountain strategy, please see the video by Robert Heidler。We will take turns to pray for these seven hills in these 40 days. (Source:Kingdom Prayer Network)]


[Background: In the past, the American Evangelical Church, as well as the majority of churches around the world, did not encourage believers to participate in politics, which gave Satanism, Homo group and Freemasonry, opportunity to sneak in to control political field and the judiciary, and succeeded in control and manipulate national laws and legislation and the entire national policies, to the point even the church is forced to recognize the legalization of gay marriage, and prohibits Christians from entering the campus and public places for legal religious practices – such as praying on campus, Bible study, evangelism, and even praying in the sport events are prohibited. In addition, church pastors are not allowed to refuse to marry gay or lesbian on the basis of their beliefs.  As a result, Christian churches today cannot affect and balance the direction of the country and society from going toward moral corruption. These are the results of church in the past failed to capture the opportunity to invest and participate in seven major realm to bring about transformation.

Therefore, the country must be transformed, the church must rise up, to equip saints, enter into the work places on the seven mountains and possess the land. The church must equip people with talents to enter into seven mountains of government, business, family, education, media, and art to pray and to transform and testify the gospel.

  • The workplace is also a threshing floor: Ask God to raise Christians in the workplace, to pray and testify the gospel, bring God’s presence and transformation into the workplace.  In the name of the Lord, God’s presence will fill the workplace, and God’s will will to be done in the workplace, as it is in heaven,  ask the Holy Spirit to fill and anoint the five-fold ministry in the workplace.
  •  The church is in the workplace: In the name of the Lord, the church must fully support and train believers in their fields of expertise, such as politics, business, entertainment, media, economics and the arts. To be the fisher of man like Jesus, and participate in pastoral teaching, to train disciples, to equip the saints, everyone do their part, and build up the body of Christ.
  • Leaders from seven professional fields work together as one: Ask God to give the heart of Jesus Christ to spiritual leaders in all fields of expertise around the world, not take side, not be greedy and vain, and be humble, to support each other, to complete the commission of the Father in agreement. Ask God to raise up apostles in the workplace, open the door to social transformation and transferring of wealth, and circulate the resources of the kingdom of God, so that the kingdom of God can be extended to all parts of the world.
  • Establish prayer altars and fire walls everywhere: Ask God to raise prayer warriors that can stand in the gap of the family, the workplace, the city, and the nations, faithfully to watch and pray until you see the glory of God fills the earth.   Calling the watchmen who gives reverence to Your name and obey Your commands, watch and pray day and night, and blow the trumpet, so that they can issue a warning when the enemy is attacking, so that the body of Christ can unite against these attacks. Let the sound of watchman never cease.
  •  Establish a global network of prayers: Ask God to reveal and inspire the prayer altars around the world, prayer fire walls and prayer networks, to be willing to connect with each other, and build a global network of prayers that unite the prayer army of the kingdom of God and consolidate and concentrate firepower. To align with God, in accordance with the will of God, bring the revival to the whole earth, and bring the harvest of the whole earth.

Urgent Prayers for Nations

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Pray for  Afghanistan – Organized Attacks by Taliban 

[ Current Event: Taliban members have begun carrying out vicious attacks Ghazni City, the capital of Ghazni province.  The situation is desperate as local informants have reported the likelihood of the whole city falling into enemy’s hands. The current Taliban terrorist attack has already resulted in the deaths at least 80 peacekeeping forces, with the numbers of injured citizens still unknown.  Currently the military is trying to find a way to resolve the situation, however government troops are still being retained in critical bases and within government organizations. Local government officials have pointed out that apart from the police station and a few critical government buildings which are still under government control, the majority of the city has already been completely taken over by Taliban forces. A Taliban spokesperson has released a statement saying that many regions of the north part of the city have  been taken, and many government troops have already surrendered. American troops have carried out 7 air attacks on 8/12. Mike Pompeo, US Secretary of State has stressed that the US will continue to support the Afghan government in its efforts against the Taliban terrorist organization.  ]
Psalms 18:2-3
The LORD is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer; my God is my rock, in whom I take refuge, my shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold.
I called to the LORD, who is worthy of praise, and I have been saved from my enemies.
  • Prayer of repentance: We pray for the spirit of repentance to be released over Afghanistan and over the Taliban (military Islamic extremists), that You would forgive their extremist thinking, killings, and violence that have resulted in the deaths of many innocent victims, the separation of families, pain and hardship, and the feelings of instability and helplessness that have been caused. May the Lord forgive them and cleanse this land, and may He raise up leaders in the nation to lead the nation in repentance and end all war.
  • Pray for the government: Raise up righteous and just government and military officials, and may the support of America and other nations bring forth strategies and a strong offense to break the powers of the Taliban, causing them to completely surrender. Let the government be able to quickly bring help to the injured and those who have lost their families, to be able to supply medical help and a place of safety, bringing peace, calm, and joy. 。
  • Pray for Christians: Christians in Afghanistan are subject to opposition and ostracization from Muslims. Their lives are at risk. Because the Afghan Muslim government opposes all other religions, they oppress, persecute and kill Christians. Lord, your children are in such difficult situations, strengthen their hearts that they would not be shaken and would not leave You. May they be diligent in their study of the Word and in prayer, and may You use Your intense love to draw them to Yourself. Let them experience Your Presence and peace. Supply all their needs.
  • Pray for salvation: Lord, come and visit Afghanistan and the leaders of the Taliban, that they may know Jesus as the only Saviour, the only True God, the One who is yesterday, today and forever the Almighty God. Let them forsake all their wrong ideas, and turn in repentance to Jesus. In Christ, may they forsake all acts of violence and no longer kill but rather lead the nation, the people, their organizations, and follow the Lord Jesus Christ, allowing Him to reign in their land. In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen!

Pray For State of Minnesota 

[Current Event:  A Muslim Feast of Sacrifice celebration takes place in the Viking US Bank Stadium between 8/21-8/22, which is expected to draw 50,000 people together.  The  Muslim leaders has claimed that it will be the “Show of Power”.   Every year, Muslims pray and offer sacrifices to the dark power in the festival, which is also known as “Feast of Sacrifice”.   On 8/20 Evening, the Muslim organizer has stated that this Feast of Sacrifice will not feature the slaughter of animals, only corporate prayers and chanting.  However, the footholds are given to the enemies with their prayer and chanting, bringing about the control and manipulation to the United States.  Usually before the Muslim extremists launch any terrorist attacks, they will pray and chant to their false god to receive the evil power to execute their attacks.  We hereby ask all our intercessors to continue to watch, pray and declare that the schemes from the power of darkness behind the Muslims will not succeed.  It was reported that the State of Minnesota has been controlled by the Muslims for number of years.  Two congressmen have been supporting many Somalia’s hidden programs under state’s funding and tax payers’ money.  These funds have funneled to many internal and external terrorist activities.
1 Kings 18:36     At the time of sacrifice, the prophet Elijah stepped forward and prayed: “Lord, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel, let it be known today that you are God in Israel and that I am your servant and have done all these things at your command.
1 Kings 18:36   Then the fire of the Lord fell and burned up the sacrifice, the wood, the stones and the soil, and also licked up the water in the trench.
Psalm 68:1    May God arise, may his enemies be scattered;    may his foes flee before him.
  • We pray that God will forgive the congressmen who have been using tax money and State funds to secretly support the Somalian terrorist groups and any terrorist events inside or outside of the United States.   In the name of Jesus, all these crimes will be revealed and be brought to justice. All the financial support to the terrorist will be stopped, the terrorist bases in the US dissolved and events interrupted before they can begin.
  • Lord of Host, the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob, today we surround Minnesota and its cities, borders, valleys, mountains, and highways. We send angels and the army of God to destroy the gates that enemies enter through, block every illegal way and resist the plan of sneaking through their way. Lord, please scatter the enemies and frustrate their steps. We declare that the fear of the Lord will rise and scatter the enemies.
  • Lord, please forgive many ignorant government and leaders who are deceived by false reports. We also pray for mercy and forgiveness for many corruptions within them. We ask for righteous leaders to replace the corrupted, perverse and rebellious leaders. Rise up Godly leader who has passion for the country and will stand on the mountain of Government to shine for the Lord.
  • We pray for the mercy and favor of God and his intervention, that the effect of this event will become null and void
  • We declare that the churches in Minnesota will rise, take up their authorities to resist the enemies and reclaim the lands that belong to them.
  • Lord, may our prayers align with your command and victory.

Pray For Israel

Pray for overseas Jews to immigrate to Israel / Aliyah

[Background: Currently, if people with Jewish blood wish to immigrate to Israel, they would first submit an application to the Department of Interior.  After that their application will be turned over to the Jewish Agency (the Aliyah Department).  This agency would then do further background check including Goggle search for personal files.  Some of such effort can result in reports with more than 200 pages.  If a person is found to be a Messianic Jew or is affiliated with Christianity, this person’s application will be automatically rejected.  Such practice has been criticized and noted by the US State Department’s annual report: Freedom of Religion Report.  The report raised concern that this practice is only against Christianity and not against other religions such as Reform Judaism, atheism, Buddhism, Christian Science, or Hinduism.  (The above news came from “Jerusalem Post.”)]

Abba Father:

We ask You to overturn current Israel immigration policy against Messianic Jews.

  • According to Your timing, call Your people around the world to return to their homeland.  Grant them grace to hear Your call.  “In that day the Lord will extend his hand yet a second time to recover the remnant that remains of his people, from Assyria, from Egypt, from Pathros, from Cush, from Elam, from Shinar, from Hamath, and from the coast lands of the sea. He will raise a signal for the nations and will assemble the banished of Israel, and gather the dispersed of Judah from the four corners of the earth. (Isaiah 11:11-12)
  •  We ask You to release millions of Jews in America to return to their homeland.  For those in Europe, we ask You to stir their heart for Aliyah in light of rampant anti-Semitism. For those in South Africa, we ask You to stir them up for Aliyah in light of recent political and economics shakings. By the waters of Babylon, there we sat down and wept, when we remembered Zion.  How shall we sing the Lord’s song in a foreign land?” (Psalm 137: 1, 4)
  • We ask You to strengthen new immigrants with Your joy.  Help them learn Hebrew, find a way to support their family and integrate into society.
  •  Raise up people to help Jews from the nations to return to their homeland.  “Thus says the Lord God: “Behold, I will lift up my hand to the nations, and raise my signal to the peoples; and they shall bring your sons in their arms, and your daughters shall be carried on their shoulders.” (Isaiah 49:22)


Abba Father, in the name of Jesus we declare:

  • Sent Your spirit of repentance into Israel, to save the souls of Israel.
  • Holy Spirit send Your fire, to cleanse Israel, especial the heart of the people in the places and their residents where the gay parade had passed through.
  • Replace the wrong and twisted concept of same sex marriage, with the Truth of the bible and the godly marriage value, so the one husband and one wife, one man and one woman, can be fully restored in Israel!
  • Awaken the heart of the young generation, to rediscover the value of Christian family, give them a hate for the homosexual concept, and say “NO” to same sexual marriage and its behavior.
  • In the name of Jesus we declare, the fire of the Holy Spirit will rend the heaven and come down and burn down and abolish the stronghold of homosexuality in Israel, declare that our God reign, establish Your throne in Israel, revive Israel to be Your holy Kingdom.

We pray,

  • Forgiveness: Ask God to forgive the Israeli government to allow homosexual parades throughout Israel.
  • Cleansing: Ask God to cleanse the soul that has been defiled, and thoroughly cleanse and break the influence of homosexuality.
  • Blessings and Curses: Ask the Lord to let Israel commemorate the words of God’s blessings on mount Gerizim, and use the words of God’s curse on the mount Ebalto knock open their hearts, so they will have the fear of the Lord, and turn back to God.
  • The love of Jesus: The love of Jesus being released among the ultra-orthodox and liberal Jews, let the truth of God to bring them freedom. Bind the strong men who make them hate each other, give peace and unite with each other.
  • Pure and clean heart: May God restore Israel’s pure and clean heart toward Christ, and be dedicate to Christ alone.

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Praying for the turmoil of Gaza-the border

[In the news: 8/9 Hamas fired more than 150 rockets into the Israeli Gaza border residential areas; there were some injuries in Israel.  Israel also retaliated with rockets at  140 Hamas’  military locations in Gaza. The long-term cease-fire  negotiations between the two sides was interrupted. Hamas said the move was in retaliation for Israel’s assassination of its members and the blockade of the Gaza Strip. Iran has expressed its support and will do everything in its power to support Palestinian resistance to Israel. The Israeli military said that the Hamas attack on Israel is still under Iranian manipulation. Israel does not rule out retaliation against Iran.

At least 150 rockets have fallen into Israel, and the country’s “Iron Dome” anti-missile system has intercepted at least 11 incoming rockets. Although the interception rate is much lower than expected, the Israeli military said it’s big. Some rockets have fallen into the open space, so the iron scorpion anti-missile system will not intercept these targets. ]

  • Pray for the Israeli residents of the Gaza border and nearby: May God show His mercy upon the lives of the Israelites on the Gaza border and minimize the disaster.
  • Pray for the Muslim people in Gaza: Ask God’s salvation to come to the innocent people, and let them know the one true God of the supremacy.
  • Pray for the Israeli government: Pray for God to pray for the humble spirit, touch the heart of Netanyahu, and lead the people of the country to fast and pray to seek the king of Joshua, as in 20 Chronicles of the Chronicles, to lead all Israel together. To seek God’s help and salvation, to give wisdom and peace to the Israeli government, to immediately stop Hamas attacks and prevent the expansion of war.
  • Ask God to awaken the people of Gaza to rise up against Hamas – one of the evil leaders who control Gaza.
  • Ask God to cutoff  the connection of the dark power between Hamas and Iran.

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Pray For Iran – Israel’s Greatest Enemy

[Background: The state of Iran is still the archenemy of Israel, which also exert control over the Hezbollah, the Assad regime in Syria and Hamas, (and a few others). Iran is beginning a major naval exercise in the Strait of Hormuz, This channel controls access to the Persian Gulf and affects many countries outside Iran. This prompted a strong reaction between the United States and Israel.  At the same time, internal turmoil is growing in Iran due to economic problems and people’s protest riots over the regime.

In addition, when the US restarted its economic sanctions against Iran, its Iranian national currency depreciated sharply and prices soared. However, the economic turmoil has also affected the brothers and sisters of the Iranian church. The economic materials are very scarce and it is difficult to spend the day. Please pray for them. ]

We pray that God will

  • Keep Israel alert and vigilant, give them wisdom: God keep Israel alert and vigilant, and respond prudently to each action that Iran is taking. Grant wisdom to Israeli and American military leaders, so that they would be able to discern and respond sensibly to what Iran is doing and expressing in public. (Proverbs 8:14-16)
  • Shake the political leadership of Iran. Break the bow of Elam: according to God’s promise, may the bow of Elam be broken, and the kings and princes be destroyed. (Jeremiah 49:35, 38)
  • Break the links of Iran with Hezbollah and Hamas: May the Lord use internal uprisings to break the links of Iran with Hezbollah and Hamas.
  • Raising up churches in Iran: use the thriving church in Iran to cause the nation to steer away from the current evil path. (II Chronicle 7:14).
  • Awaken the people: the people will not be deceived by the evil government, they will stand up and make their voices be heard and demand the changes be made in the leadership of the government, to govern the nation with truth and righteousness, so the life of the people will be in peace and safety.
  • Strengthens the Christian brothers and sisters in Iran: Lord, we pray that the peace that transcends all understanding and pure joy in times of trials will fill them up with hope through the Holy Spirit. Cause them to know that God is sovereign and is in full control. He is in the process of shaking, demolishing and restraining. God is establishing for Himself His throne and stronghold in Iran. Pray that God supernaturally meets both the spiritual and physical needs of the brothers and sisters in Iran according to His faithfulness.
(Source: Intercessors for Israel & Pray for persecuted Church ministries )