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Dear intercessor,

We have set up two global 247 prayer walls, one wall is to link prayer teams, the other prayer walls is to connect individual intercessor. In the past two months, many intercessors have signed up to claim the prayer time. But because of technical issues. It can only be recorded by the administrative team. We were not able to provide you the sign up sheet that can be applied to each time zone for your reference. Now that we have overcome the technical problems, we have set up two timetables on the Internet so that individuals and teams can claim their own time. Please re-signup the time slots on the Internet . For details, please click this page: How to Sign Up the Time Slots.

In addition, a intercessor inquired about the prayer wall in a letter. Here are our replies:

  • The prayer is very long. You can’t finish in the time frame, What should you do? You can claim several time slots to finish it. If you don’t have extra time, follow the leading of the Holy Spirit and choose the most urgent thing to pray.
  • What is the difference between a personal prayer wall and a team prayer wall ?
    • The individual prayer wall is a unit of 15 minutes and the team prayer for the wall in one hour.
    • Team Wall Prayer is set up for a team that is willingness to pray at the same time even in long distance (such as telephone, Zoom, WebEx, etc.) or gathering physically together, pray referring to the prayers in the website.
  • Which kind of prayer wall should I attend ?
    • If you are a person who is willing to watch and pray, personal prayer wall is right for you.
    • If you pray with your prayer group at a fixed time, and are willing to participate in the prayer wall, and pray in agreement with the prayers, you can join the team wall prayers, ex. morning prayer team or prayer meeting or house of prayer, claim the fixed time that your team pray together under the name of your ministry.
    • If you are the person in charge of the prayer ministry, and willing to invite the intercessor connected to you to participate in the 24/7 prayer wall, you can also register your team name to participate in the prayer wall and claim all the intercessors with you. and be responsible for sharing and pass on to the next watch.
  • How do teams communicate with each other?  We will contact teams around the world and set up a communication web platform to build a global network of prophetic intercessions.


If you have any questions, please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

May God bless you!

Global 247 Prayer Wall Admin Team


我們已經設立兩個全球性的247禱告城牆一個連結各個禱告團隊的城牆,另一個禱告城牆是連結以個人身份參加的代禱者。過去將近兩個月期間,有不少代禱者認領禱告時段,只是基於技術問題,必須經由行政組紀錄各位認領的時段,無法提供時刻表適用於各個時區供大家參考。如今我們已經克服技術問題,在網上分別設立兩份時刻表,使個人及團隊可以自行認領時段。請大家重新在網上認領時段,詳情請點擊此網頁: 如何認領時刻。


  • 禱告文很長,不能一次禱告完,怎麼辦? 您可以認領幾個時段,分幾次禱告。若您沒有多餘時間,請按照聖靈感動,挑選有最緊急的事項來禱告。
  • 個人禱告城牆和團隊禱告城牆有什麼的區別?
    • 個人禱告城牆是以15分鐘為一單元而團隊禱告城牆則以一小時為基本單位,
    • 團隊城牆禱告是為願意在同一時段藉著遠距(如電話,Zoom, WebEx等軟件聯繫)或聚集,參考禱告文中的禱告事項,ㄧ起尋求的禱告同伴設立的。
  • 我應該參加那一種禱告城牆?
    • 若您是個人,願意按照禱告文守望禱告,個人禱告城牆適合您。
    • 若您已經與禱告同伴在固定時間禱告,願意參加禱告城牆,一起參考禱告文中的禱告事項禱告,您可以參加團隊城牆禱告,例如某某命定晨光禱告團隊或禱告殿,可以您的事工名義,認領您的團隊已經固定禱告的時段成為您的城牆禱告時段。
    • 若您是公信號禱告事工的負責人願意呼召與您連結的代禱者參加24/7禱告城牆,您也可以您的事工名號,註冊參加團隊禱告城牆,認領所有與您連結代禱者委身的時段,負責分享傳遞守望時的領受。
  • 團隊間如何彼此交流? 我們將儘快地聯繫全球各地的團隊禱告城牆負責人,並設立交流網頁平台,建立全球性的先知代禱網絡。